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  • aksawy ·
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    tim220225 ·
    looking for upper shock mounts like yours for coilover conversion. Can you share the fabricators information with me?

    J Carter ·
    are u still wanting to do doors for the malibu I just got home from NMCA, I drove to yb flew home today & going back thurs then off to adrl I have a mold for my hood I would like to do the nose maybe give me a call tommorow 816-716-3017 thanks Jason
    565z28 ·
    looking for a pair of doors for a 69 camaro, but they would need to have functional windows. is this something you can do? thanx for your time bill meier
    chevelle racer ·
    just curious if u make hoods for 69 chevelle's and if u do how much? i need to buy one but tryin to avoid shipping so i could pick it up thru you :--) I live close enough
    turbo kid ·
    Hi, would you please tell me what the offset is on your rear wheels ? I read that they are 10 inches wide with a 275/60/15 but would like to know the offset. I am notching the frame on my grand national and want it to sit and fit the rear tires just like your car. Thanks Dan
    [email protected]
    JYMotorsports ·
    Did a little scrounging around. Came up with 10" Autodrags (ford pattern) 3" BS and 12" Weld Draglites (both patterns) 4" BS. I have several more sheds to check in.
    I may need to keep the Welds if I buy your ET Streets though?
    Looking at the cross section of your ET Streets its 12". with these Welds I just found, they might fit, but stick out a couple of inches
    What is your bolt Regal pattern? Im assuming GM 5 on 4-3/4", but you chebby boys change to 9inchers sometimes :)
    Looking at the cross section of your ET Streets its 12". with these Welds I just found, they might fit, but stick out a couple of inches
    TrickTransAm ·
    About your Isuzu diesel post... We have had a fleet of truck with the 3.9L Turbo Diesel engines in them. They don't get real good mileage if you run them hard (about 10 mpg or so) but if you keep it under 60mph they will do better of course. We quit using them several years back but our newest truck was about a 1993 model. We did good maintenance on them but they do have a major weak link! The rods tend to break at just over 100k miles...we had at least 6 of them expire over the years! I don't know what the rods cost, but doing an "in-frame" overhaul is super easy. We could do ours in less than a day with only basic tools and a cherry picker to lift the head/turbo assembly off in one unit. That is about everything I know...good luck! MT
    sbregal ·
    I was lookin at your parts and saw your regal, i also have a 78, if i knew how to send pics i would. you see a lot of mid 80's but not many 78-79's!!!.....fred
    78buickregal ·
    I used 7" QA-1 250lb springs, although some taller, lighter 10" spring might be my next choice. The shocks are Strange units and they were their second shortest ones available. I believe the fully extended dimension was 12-3/4"? But I do not remember the part number.

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