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Posted by MontyMikho
Sunday 24 April 2011 - 22:04:54

It seems in the past 3 years the 275 class has seen it's ups and downs along the way. Combos change and so do rules but where is it all going? What happened to the class from the start and where it is at now? Lots of people were jumping in the waters but when the sharks started to bite the waters turned bloody and the sharks are to lurking. These questions are straight forward and nothing will be held back. This will make some happy and others not so happy but the truth is within and the future of the class is also to be determined! John Sears was one of the guys who started to push the class outside of what groups such as the PSCA and WCHRA have been doing for some time now. John brought his ideas to VMP and MIR and the rest is history as they say.

Tim: John give us a little background on yourself and how long you been into drag racing.

JOHN: Well Tim at 45 years old I've been around drag racing for about 25 years and racing for 20 years. Back then I was working on a sprint car crew in Texas for my wife's uncle and bought some stuff from a bunch of those guys and put the parts in my 69 chevelle street car running a solid roller on the street back in 1989. Racing some in the streets and at Houston Raceway Park was a blast back then and really what hooked me on small blocks and this type of racing. We moved to Florida in the early 90's and just continued to race locally and.. click here to read more

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