News Item: Outlaw 10.5! Then, now and possible future
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Posted by MontyMikho
Thursday 14 April 2011 - 23:45:43

   When you think of outlaw 10.5 what drivers come to mind? Tim Lynch, Chuck Ulsch, Mo Hall, Danny Lowry just to name a few right? Well get a good look at these drivers names now because some say with how the rules are going these are just some of the drivers who will be stepping away from the class!
   Outlaw 10.5 is nothing new to the sport of heads up racing and has seen its up and downs over the past 15 years. Starting out with 29x10.5’s the cars first made for wild wheels up racing at southern tracks in GA, SC and NC. Macon and Brainerd were packed full in the pits with cars on these little tires and when I say packed I mean 40-60 cars were showing up to some of these events. Names like Terry Robbins, Chad Warner, Sambo Price, Alan Dudley, Stacey Macintyre, Steve Kirk and Jack Barfield were.... Click here to read more

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