News Item: 2011 Nationals - The Event
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Posted by MontyMikho
Sunday 11 September 2011 - 18:01:06

   For 2011 one of the most talked about races online has been the Yellowbullet Nationals. Once again held at Cecil County dragway in Rising Sun Maryland.

     Some track updates were done for this upcoming event to help with the overflow of racers and fans that were starting to fill up the pits early Friday morning. The pits were packed from front to back, on both sides of the track, with more racers trying to find a place to park for the weekend. The headline class of this event was outlaw 10.5. Over the past 2 years some have said outlaw 10.5 is dead and they can’t get cars to show up, but the northeast has turned things back around for the outlaws. With all the hype around who all was coming, some of the “keyboard racers” got the drama going when Tim Lynch and crew said they would not be at Cecil but at Indy for the US Nationals helping out R2B2 racing with their new twin turbo pro mod Mustang.

 With Lynch out the picture, the net was buzzing on who would run their way right to the top of the pack and have a chance at taking the outlaw 10.5 record away from the GA boys. With the record being set back in April at the Holcomb Motorsports Civil Wars race held at Rockingham Dragway, Lynch along with Petty, set the bar at 4.14 and the stakes are getting high for the racers trying to get around that number. Coming into this race the man everyone was looking at was Richard Sexton behind the wheel of the .... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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