News Item: The Shakedown - Interview with David Hance
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Posted by MontyMikho
Sunday 12 June 2011 - 15:54:55

Tim: So Dave, for the people who don’t know your background in drag racing fill in the readers.  

Dave: Like many drag racers, I got my start street racing in Brooklyn & Queens. I started racing street bikes. I lived in the era of the Ninja & GSX bikes, and it was an exciting time.  When the bike scene started to quiet down in the early 90's, I got into racing fast street cars. One day I got smart and decided to simply "take it to the track" where it was safer with no risk of going to jail. Of course we had lots to learn but over time we got the hang of track drag racing.  

    I attended the Orlando World Street Nationals and some other fastest street car stuff as a crew guy and really learned a lot. In early 2000 we entered 10.5 with a Chevy-2 Nova and spent three years getting our butt kicked.  We then purchased our first turbo charged Mustang from Chuck Fest of Tampa, Florida and the turbo era began.  At that time there were not many turbo cars  .....  Click here to read more

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