2019 Dates and times

Wednesday August 28th, 2019 - Early Bird Testing – ($200 – Testing only)
NOTE:All racers/crew entering Wednesday MUST PURCHASE Event Credentials & tech card for testing (tech card for testing can be used for Wednesday or Thursday test session)
Gates open 9am
Testing 10am-6pm
Gates closed and locked 10pm

Thursday August 29th – Testing – (Testing $200 – Testing and parking open @ 9:00am)
NOTE: All racers entering Thursday MUST PURCHASE event credentials
Gates open 9am
Testing 10am -8pm
Gates closed and locked 10pm

Friday August 30th - Testing and Qualifying - (Testing $100– Testing and parking open @ 8am)
Gates open 8am 
Testing 9am-2pm             
Sportsman Qualifier #1 @ 4pm             
Pro Qualifier #1 @ 5pm             
Gates closed at midnight

Saturday August 31st - Final Qualifying             
Gates open 8am             
Sportsman Qualifier #2 @ 9am             
Pro Qualifier #2 @ 10am             
Followed by Sportsman Qualifier #3             
Followed by Pro Qualifier #3

Sportsman Run Order - Super Pro Street, 10.00 Index, Pro Dial 
Pro Run Order - 8.50, Top Sportsman, Warriors, Outlaw 10.5, Pro Mod, X275, Ultra Street

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