2011 YellowBullet.com Nationals - The Event

2011 YellowBullet Nationals - The Event

   For 2011 one of the most talked about races online has been the Yellowbullet Nationals. Once again held at Cecil County dragway in Rising Sun Maryland.

   Some track updates were done for this upcoming event to help with the overflow of racers and fans that were starting to fill up the pits early Friday morning. The pits were packed from front to back, on both sides of the track, with more racers trying to find a place to park for the weekend. The headline class of this event was outlaw 10.5. Over the past 2 years some have said outlaw 10.5 is dead and they can’t get cars to show up, but the northeast has turned things back around for the outlaws. With all the hype around who all was coming, some of the “keyboard racers” got the drama going when Tim Lynch and crew said they would not be at Cecil but at Indy for the US Nationals helping out R2B2 racing with their new twin turbo pro mod Mustang.

   With Lynch out the picture, the net was buzzing on who would run their way right to the top of the pack and have a chance at taking the outlaw 10.5 record away from the GA boys. With the record being set back in April at the Holcomb Motorsports Civil Wars race held at Rockingham Dragway, Lynch along with Petty, set the bar at 4.14 and the stakes are getting high for the racers trying to get around that number. Coming into this race the man everyone was looking at was Richard Sexton behind the wheel of the  Mobley/Sexton screw blown hemi GTO. With only around 25 runs on this new combo Sexton put down a great [email protected] in first round of qualifying Friday night! And let me tell you in the cool fall air those numbers are going to drop on the ET side and climb on the mph ladder. Also in the Mobley camp Chuck Ulsch made his return to outlaw racing in the newly rebuilt 2002 Camaro. Some easy runs down the track made way to the car running [email protected] to put him in number 3. Right in the middle of the Screws was Anthony Disomma driving Big Willie and Opie’s big block twin turbo Camaro from New York also running a [email protected] We will get you back to the action at the end of this story.

   Also putting up some good numbers was Paul Major in outlaw radial. Major would run the best ET he has ever been with a [email protected] Major and crew would work hard on getting the car back out for the rest of the weekend after a contact with the wall almost ending their weekend. The New York crew worked all weekend to patch things up for first round where he got a bye. 2nd round would also be an easy pass down the track when Vinny Fiore went red in his 69 Camaro. But Majors weekend would come to a end when Jesse Lambert left the line first and stayed out front the whole time for the win running [email protected] Majors [email protected] Alex Vettros who also races out of the DMC camp with Major was making his way through the pack running [email protected] in the 3rd round taking the win. Steve Jackson made the haul from Georgia running a [email protected] over record holder Kevin Fiscus. This would make for a north vs south final with Vettros and Jackson facing off in a turbo vs blower battle. Just like the ending of the civil war 146 years ago the north got the win with Vettros running [email protected] over Jackson’s [email protected]

   275 radial had 51 cars show up for the big show and Jon Rittenhouse from Virginia would sit on top of the pack with his nitrous small block ford Mustang running [email protected] The top 5 cars ran in the 4’s and Lewis Jones would sit on the bump spot with a [email protected] in 32nd. All eyes were on Justin Smith to see if he could be the first 275 car in the 4.80’s at Cecil County, but it wouldn’t happen on this weekend. Rich Bruder has been running good all year at Cecil with the help of mustang Mike behind the keyboard doing the tuning. And by saying “keyboard” he is NOT one of the “keyboard racers”! Long time racer Richie Stine was on hand driving Ricky Fox’s 275 car. Stine would make it past the first round with an easy win and then run 5.06 in the 2nd round. The Bruder’s would keep up their winning at Cecil going 5.00 to move into round 3. Bruder would face off with Chris Evans and it was a chance to see a pair of 4 second runs out of these 2 procharged fords. Bruder would get the win running [email protected] to Evans troubled run. Stine laid down a 5.02 for the quickest nitrous car of the round. Bruder would run Pete Harrell in the Vader turbo mustang with the blown car getting the win going [email protected] Stine and Ron Rhodes would make a Ford vs Chevy, Mustang vs Camaro showing with the Fulton powered Mustang taking the win running [email protected] making for a great final of 2 different power adders. Stine was dead late while Bruder stayed out front with both cars running 4.99!

   The big tire class has always been a great class to watch from way back in the quick 8 heavy street days of the past. This past season at Cecil Sam Gottier has been on a roll with his big heavy Chevelle! With power coming from famed nitrous efi master Scotty G the big Chevy runs into the 4.40’s at over 160 mph on almost every run. Another heavy hitter in the class has always been the bad Monte Carlo of Mitch George. Think back a few years to the finals at the Shakedown in Heavy Street where George went onto the roof in the finals. After having the car fixed and nicer than ever, George was looking for big things out of this race. Gottier got a bye in the first round running [email protected] while George would also run [email protected] getting around Ford racer Don Murray in his 64 ford. Gottier would get a 2nd round win over long time racer Geneva Williams in her 68 Camaro running [email protected] to Williams [email protected] George picked up a bye and made a easy pass. In the semis George would sit beside John Cerbone in his Camaro but problems would keep Cerbone from making the run and George went down with a [email protected] Gottier put out Chris Malec with a [email protected]  while Malec went red. In the final run of the weekend for the heavy weights Mitch George would get the jump at the tree and go [email protected] to a slowing Gottier running [email protected]

   Top sportsman has been one of the quickest growing classes in all of drag racing over the past few years. With lots of ex pro mod and pro stock cars being bought as rollers and fitted with very consistent et’s with a lot of cars running well into the 6 second range. Yes it’s bracket racing but lets face it if it wasn’t for T/S cars we wouldn’t have pro mod or nitrous technology which took off from this class in the mid 80’s! But no matter what they run the “keyboard cowboys” with no cars seem to never give them the respect on the bullet. The baddest man on the grounds was in T/S and that was none other then Joe Dunne. Dunne was shooting for the 5’s in the last round on Saturday night but a [email protected] would have to do. He would run [email protected] in the 1/8th on that pass. Yep, just a slow bracket car right? Steve Drummond was also on hand with his twin turbo Mustang running [email protected] lifting way early. T/S standout Todd Fontana would run easy 6.70’s. Fontana would go all the way to the finals to face off with another hitter in NHRA DIV 1 with that being Mike Kaufman behind the wheel of his 63 Vette. Fontana would dial 6.78 while Kaufman dialed 6.93. Kaufman picked up the win running 6.89 while Fontana also broke out running 6.74 on his 6.78 in the double break out final.

   The 8.50 index racers would bring 51 cars to the race and Cecil racer Harry Gerb was on top of the pack with a 8.501. With the bump in the 32 car field being 8.60 this was looking to be anyone’s race and there just might be a first time winner in 8.50 here. Long time 8.50 racer Adam Sailor, also known as Guppy, was moving his way through the pack of cars with his Mopar. Guppy would get a hole shot win over Delon Pleasants in the 2nd round while Gerb also moves on down the pack. Mike Romeo was another driver to watch out for and he would take out Mike Pyott in the 3rd round and also picking up wins in the 3rd round were Guppy and Gerb. Gerb went .000 on the light to get the win running 8.54 to Mike 0’Suillvan’s closer 8.51. Gerbs luck would run out next to Romeo with both cars running 8.55. Guppy broke out going 8.49 but got lucky when Mike Good went red. Guppy would face off with good friend Romeo in the final and got the lead at the tree going .011 to Romeos .015. Guppy goes 8.67 to Romeos 8.68.

   Now back to the outlaws. Kenny Doak put his blown hemi out of the XTF Chevelle into the never run 69 Camaro built by Steve Posserina. On the 3rdpass ever on this car, Doak set the beautiful machine down the track lighting up the score boards with a [email protected]! Mo Hall would make the nitrous crowd very happy with a [email protected]!  Disomma would set top mph of the race running 197 mph but some people were saying it didn’t happen so the crew said its gonna be time to back it up come the next race. Maybe a 200 mph run is next?

   First round was to be run in the heat so the big numbers were going to be hard to pull off. Tony Johnson who would go down every pass on Saturday had problems in round 1 showing that the track may be a little tricky with the hotter weather. Michael Martin better known as “Burt” would go [email protected] in the heat showing the nitrous cars were not giving up just yet. Doug Harris ran a career best with a [email protected] getting past Steve Gorman. Disomma would get a first round win over Tommy Mauro but almost got into the wall doing so at the finish line. Buck Jarvis got into the wall and came as close as one can to hitting the other car when he came across the track almost hitting Brian Penna. Penna moved on while Jarvis gets out the car unhurt and will be back soon.

   Ulsch takes a bye run with Zubler was broke and couldn’t make the call and sends the blown camaro down with a [email protected]  Sexton also with a bye run laid the law down with a [email protected] making it look easy. The 2 baddest nitrous cars at this race would face off with Hall getting the win over Burt’s 4.31 while Hall runs 4.38 with a hole shot win. Disomma would have a turbo break and that gave the win to Harris. Larry Wood picked up the win over Ulsch after he spun the tires. Charlie Dolbin tried holding off the blown GTO of Sexton but the 4.32 was too much for Dolbins 4.43. Mo Hall blows the tires off while Wood goes red in the Vette moving Hall into the semis. Nate Prichett is getting his new car to start to come around and in this round he picked up the win over the always fast Jason Enos. The best race of the round was Harris vs Virginia racer Billy Gordon. Harris gets the lead with a .058 light to Gordons .088. Harris held off the turbo Mustang going [email protected] to Gordons [email protected]  Sexton would once again show the heat won’t slow him down running [email protected] taking out Tom Kasper’s troubled 4.93 run.

   After getting the car worked out for the first time all year, Harris ended his day when the car started leaking soon after the burnout which moved Hall into the finals running [email protected] Prichett had nothing to lose and went for in against Sexton. Best run ever For Nate going [email protected] while Sexton has his ride on cruise control going [email protected]  Hall would turn the wick up and shoot for the 4.20’s again but got a bit out of shape just before the 330 and that was all Sexton needed with his bracket car like et’s of [email protected] for the win.

   Every event has its highlighted moment, be it records being set or an amazing 1/8 mile wheel stand. Although those types of highlights are always an amazing part of drag racing our moment goes beyond that. As many members know the YB.com family lost a special member, Dawn Romps, just 2 weeks before this event. Members showed great support through kind words and donations. YB.com was collecting donations as well as putting together a 50/50 with Cecil County dragway. When Monty Mikho was called to the tower to pull the 50/50 winning number he was handed over $670.00. The winning ticket number was called over the PA and moments later Erica and David Coleman made their way to the tower. Erica had obviously won this 50/50 just a few weeks before when Lee Sebring said "wow you won again?". A few seconds later Erica said "well, you guys know what to do". Erica had donated 100% of her winnings back to, Dawn Romps daughter, Renee. She had done this exact same thing just a few weeks prior for another cause. What an amazing family and to make a good weekend into a great weekend is, David Coleman took the win in Pro Street. David said this was his first win in the class. If this is not a true testament to "Good things happen to good people" nothing is!! Congradulations to David Coleman and a big thank you from everyone on YellowBullet.com for everything you do!!  

   Let's not forget those outrageous golf carts that entered the Outlaw Golf Cart race Sunday night. 8 golf carts entered with each given 2 qualifying rounds. Just when everyone thought a 6.00 run to the 330' was amazing, the finals proved different with a 5.5x to a winning 5.7x on a hole shot win. Before anyone askes... Yes there will be another Outlaw Golf Cart race for 2012. 

   Monty is quick to thank the following people who made the 2nd YellowBullet Nationals a bigger and better show than last year. Mickey Thompson, RacePak, Induction Solutions, Moran Racing Engines, Pro Torque, Speed Wire, Probe Industries, Davis Technologies, Precision Turbo, Racingjunk.com, TEK Headers, BigMoneyDragraces.com, MSD, Firecore, Hyperaktive, Yukon gear & axle, Gonedragracing.com, Fastmover Motorsports, Diamond Pistons, Chiseled Performance, TRZ, Racecraft, Tim McAmis Race Cars, DMC Racing, VP Racing Fuels, Thrifty-Way Auto Body and Torqued Tools.

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