YellowBullet is now accepting sponsors for the 2019 YellowBullet Nationals!!

     YellowBullet.com along with Cecil County Dragway is proud to announce the 10th Annual YellowBullet.com Nationals.  After 9 successful events our decision to have a tenth event was made easy. Our 2018 event brought in 575 race cars and 12,000+ spectators over the course of the event. Spectator and racer turnouts have been the largest Cecil County Dragway has ever seen. Additionally, the feedback from racers, fans and manufactures has been all positive and we look forward to continuing this successful format for the racing community and our sponsors. This high energy, entertaining event will once again be held at Cecil Country Dragway, Rising Sun, Maryland on August 30th – September 1st  (Labor Day Weekend).  This event has captured the attention of racers, fans and manufacturers from around the world. In addition, the event will provide a fair-like atmosphere for all who attend, from racers to children of all ages, all weekend long. It is our intention to host an event to satisfy the majority in attendance and build a bigger drag racing community for years to come. 

     With that said, we would like to offer you the opportunity to be a part of this exceptional event.  Sponsorship of the YellowBullet.com Nationals provides a great marketing prospect for your company.  In addition there will be a large spectator presence and on-site media attention throughout this event. This is a great opportunity for your company to gain positive exposure to many new customers. This event will attract thousands of spectators over the course of the event. Additionally, we will host this event using live streaming video which will reach thousands of fans and potential customers worldwide. The video feed will be hosted free of charge to viewers around the world so our sponsors gain maximum exposure internationally.

YellowBullet.com is a massive internet community hosting over 100,000 members and growing each day. We have dominated the annual polls at CompetitionPlus.com 7 years (2007-2013) in a row, by a large margin, for the best message board of the year awards. The site spans worldwide and has been called the Mecca of heads-up racing by racers, fans and manufacturers. We have been live on the internet for over 9 years and consistently growing each day. Our main focus is to promote the sport, encourage growth, and help racers move forward with their hobby.

     Our main focus is to promote you, the sponsor, to give you what you deserve. It’s impossible to host an event of this caliber without the support of sponsors like you. We plan to give you added value for your sponsorship dollars. We will do this by investing your sponsorship proceeds into promoting your company. Our track record with the website and our past events has proven this and our commitments will not change for this event. Depending on sponsorship level, this can include logos on the event t-shirt, clickable banner for 2019 on the forum, press releases for new products, banners at the event and much more. We are also open to any suggestions you may have. We have several ideas that will market your company in different ways. 

Please contact us at the e-mail address below to request a copy of our sponsorship proposal. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your company be a part of this event.

E-mail Address : [email protected]

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2011 YellowBullet.com Nationals - The Event

   For 2011 one of the most talked about races online has been the Yellowbullet Nationals. Once again held at Cecil County dragway in Rising Sun Maryland.

     Some track updates were done for this upcoming event to help with the overflow of racers and fans that were starting to fill up the pits early Friday morning. The pits were packed from front to back, on both sides of the track, with more racers trying to find a place to park for the weekend. The headline class of this event was outlaw 10.5. Over the past 2 years some have said outlaw 10.5 is dead and they can’t get cars to show up, but the northeast has turned things back around for the outlaws. With all the hype around who all was coming, some of the “keyboard racers” got the drama going when Tim Lynch and crew said they would not be at Cecil but at Indy for the US Nationals helping out R2B2 racing with their new twin turbo pro mod Mustang.

 With Lynch out the picture, the net was buzzing on who would run their way right to the top of the pack and have a chance at taking the outlaw 10.5 record away from the GA boys. With the record being set back in April at the Holcomb Motorsports Civil Wars race held at Rockingham Dragway, Lynch along with Petty, set the bar at 4.14 and the stakes are getting high for the racers trying to get around that number. Coming into this race the man everyone was looking at was Richard Sexton behind the wheel of the .... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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Tim McAmis Performance Parts to Sponsor the YellowBullet Nationals

(08-10-2011) HAWK POINT, MO - In an effort to further its support of hardcore drag racing, Tim McAmis Performance Parts (TMPP) will be attending the 2011 YellowBullet Nationals, September 2-4 at Cecil County Dragway. The highly anticipated event is a product of the ever-popular YellowBullet.com; an online community dedicated to heads-up drag racing.

   Tim McAmis Performance Parts will be offering a bonus to winners of five different classes including $250 certificates in Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw Drag Radial, and Top Sportsman as well as $100 certificates in X-275 and 8.50 index. The fun-filled event also features an "Outlaw" golf cart race in which TMPP will be awarding the winner with a Pingel aluminum tow strap."We're really excited to be able to attend the YellowBullet Nationals this year," TMPP associate Justin Spencer stated. "YellowBullet.com is a group of people with a passion for heads....  Click here to read more 

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The Shakedown - Interview with David Hance

Tim: So Dave, for the people who don’t know your background in drag racing fill in the readers.  

Dave: Like many drag racers, I got my start street racing in Brooklyn & Queens. I started racing street bikes. I lived in the era of the Ninja & GSX bikes, and it was an exciting time.  When the bike scene started to quiet down in the early 90's, I got into racing fast street cars. One day I got smart and decided to simply "take it to the track" where it was safer with no risk of going to jail. Of course we had lots to learn but over time we got the hang of track drag racing.  

    I attended the Orlando World Street Nationals and some other fastest street car stuff as a crew guy and really learned a lot. In early 2000 we entered 10.5 with a Chevy-2 Nova and spent three years getting our butt kicked.  We then purchased our first turbo charged Mustang from Chuck Fest of Tampa, Florida and the turbo era began.  At that time there were not many turbo cars  .....  Click here to read more

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Ultimate Outlaws - Interview with Nate Pritchett

  With a number of new people and groups starting up what seems new heads up series 3-4 times a year some last but most dont. Its a hard thing to pull off even in the best of times but these days with how the economy is trying to get a race off and making it worth your wild and making the racers and fans happy is harder than ever. Starting with the 1320X series in 2008 the Pritchett brothers have had a good thing going and coming into the 3rd year doing it some things have changed. Heres Nate's story on what the deal is for 2011 and beyond.... Click here to read more
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X275 - John Sears Unedited!!

It seems in the past 3 years the 275 class has seen it's ups and downs along the way. Combos change and so do rules but where is it all going? What happened to the class from the start and where it is at now? Lots of people were jumping in the waters but when the sharks started to bite the waters turned bloody and the sharks are to lurking. These questions are straight forward and nothing will be held back. This will make some happy and others not so happy but the truth is within and the future of the class is also to be determined! John Sears was one of the guys who started to push the class outside of what groups such as the PSCA and WCHRA have been doing for some time now. John brought his ideas to VMP and MIR and the rest is history as they say.

Tim: John give us a little background on yourself and how long you been into drag racing.

JOHN: Well Tim at 45 years old I've been around drag racing for about 25 years and racing for 20 years. Back then I was working on a sprint car crew in Texas for my wife's uncle and bought some stuff from a bunch of those guys and put the parts in my 69 chevelle street car running a solid roller on the street back in 1989. Racing some in the streets and at Houston Raceway Park was a blast back then and really what hooked me on small blocks and this type of racing. We moved to Florida in the early 90's and just continued to race locally and.. click here to read more

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Know your tires!!

  • What are the things to look for when you're trying to determine the general health of a drag slick?
  • What does the tread surface tell you, and are there things to look for in the sidewall?

The tire can give a pretty good account of its life and health in several ways. One of the first things we recommend is to determine the manufacturing date found in the serial code on the tire. Generally it's the last four digits and represents the week and year of manufacture.  Knowing the date is not the only key, but it establishes the lifeline of the product. A visual inspection of the bead area is strongly recommended to insure there has been no damage due to mounting, movement of the tire on the wheel, or improperly installed wheels screws.  The tread can be a strong indicator.  Inspect the entire tread looking for any cuts or potential punctures. Older tires tend to be "dryer" than those that are new.  This is not to suggest the tire's condition is unfavorable, but can be a factor if the tires were stored improperly.  Also, a close inspection of the tread and shoulder .. Click here to read more

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2011 YellowBullet.com Nationals

   I don’t think I have to tell anyone on this site that the YB nationals was one of the most fun times I’ve had at a race in some time. The racing was great and so was the weather. Traffic getting there on the other hand was a bit of a mess but that’s beside the point. Monty came up with the idea of doing this race to give back to the members of the site and to the fans of heads up drag racing. Lets face it, this site has a cult following and to some I think Monty has become a Jim Jones type of guy lol. 
    2010 saw some up’s and downs in the racing world and with the talk of this race from the first day it was posted on the site there was a buzz about the event all the way up to the day the gates opened on that Friday for testing. Lynch, Ulsch, Dissoma, Zubler were just a few to hit the track to test on Friday.... Click here to read more   

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Outlaw 10.5! Then, now and possible future

   When you think of outlaw 10.5 what drivers come to mind? Tim Lynch, Chuck Ulsch, Mo Hall, Danny Lowry just to name a few right? Well get a good look at these drivers names now because some say with how the rules are going these are just some of the drivers who will be stepping away from the class!
   Outlaw 10.5 is nothing new to the sport of heads up racing and has seen its up and downs over the past 15 years. Starting out with 29x10.5’s the cars first made for wild wheels up racing at southern tracks in GA, SC and NC. Macon and Brainerd were packed full in the pits with cars on these little tires and when I say packed I mean 40-60 cars were showing up to some of these events. Names like Terry Robbins, Chad Warner, Sambo Price, Alan Dudley, Stacey Macintyre, Steve Kirk and Jack Barfield were.... Click here to read more

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Thanks to our current YB.com Nationals sponsors

YellowBullet.com would like to thank Mickey Thompson, RacePak, Probe Industries, Induction Solutions, SpeedWire Systems and Davis Technologies as returning sponsors of the 2011 YellowBullet.com Nationals.

We would also like to thank and welcome Moran Motorsports and Pro Torque Converters as our newest sponsors for this event.

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