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Trash Or Be Trashed

Where the weak are killed and eaten!!!! Vulgar language and nudity may be enclosed!! NWS
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Let's Talk Drag Racing

Talk about drag racing with censorship...
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Build Threads

A section to post all of your builds and projects.
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Pro Modified

Talk about Pro-Mod racing with censorship...
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Outlaw 10.5

Talk about Outlaw 10.5 racing with censorship...
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Ultra Street/X275/Outlaw 275/Outlaw Drag Radial

Talk about radial racing with censorship...
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Grudge, No ET and No Prep Racing

Talk about Grudge and No ET racing. Trash talk is allowed. Use common sense when posting..
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Hot Rod - Nostalgia - Gasser

Talk about Hot Rod/Nostalgia/Gassers. Trash talk is allowed. Use common sense when posting..
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Top Sportsman/Top Dragster

Talk about Top Sportsman and Top Dragster racing with censorship...
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Racing on two wheels

Talk about motorcycles with censorship
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The Political Corner

We will hash out political, religious and current events in this section.... Keep it constructive when posting!!
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The Bullet ~ Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns

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Cook of the weak

Grilling, Smoking, Slow Cookers, Dutch Ovens and other forms of cooking!!!
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The Kill!!

Hunting and Fishing
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Racing Organizations
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Maryland Int'l Raceway - Budds Creek

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Ohio Valley Outlaw Shootout

Heads Up 1/8 Mile Drag Racing
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NMCA/NMRA - America’s fastest street car organization
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Windsor Shootout

Windsor Shootout
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The YellowBullet Nationals

The YellowBullet Nationals News & Information
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Point and shoot, SLR, 35mm or any other photography chat here
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The Photo and Video Store

All video and photo views are free of charge. No late fees!!! Post your favorite racing photos and videos here...
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Drag Racing Videos

Post your drag racing videos you have for sale here.
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Technical Section

Tech Questions - Monson Racing

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Nitrous - Induction Solutions

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Stock Suspension

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Chassis and Suspension

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Tires - Mickey Thompson Tires

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Racing Fuels

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Auto Body and Paint

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LSX, Mod Motor and Gen III Hemi Tech

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Diesel Power

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Talk about trailers, upgrades, goodies and towing
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Drive Shafts

Sponsored by:Precision Shaft Technologies
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General Discussion

Upcoming Events

Post upcoming events here
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Site Feedback and Technical Issues

If you experience a problem with the website please report it here. Thank You for your time and energy in making it a better place.
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Classifieds Feedback

Negative seller/buyer feedback

This section is designed to keep everyone informed on bad experiences when buying and selling parts.
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Positive seller/buyer feedback

This section is designed to give props to buyers and sellers.
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  • 1.7M Vendor MarketPlace

Vendor Deals

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Altronics Inc.

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Modular Mustang Racing

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The dAMBest

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