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How about you find 1 positive thing I ever posted about Obama, or a policy of his I agreed with ? Find just one.

How about this, for every Negative post I can put up about Obama I posted for the 8 years he was POTUS, you stay out of this section for 1 week. How about we do that ?
If we did that, you'd be out of this section until well after the 2020 election. You stupid fuck.

With all the other shit you don't Get, how in the fuck did you get that correct ? Because it sure the hell isn't beyond you to make-up shit about my view of and "support" of The Swamp and Establishment Republicans to name just two. You're flat out either blind to what my views are or you just make it up. Here's an FYI for you... the disdain I have for for that low-life POS Greg for his making up shit about race ( that you just recognized) I hold hold you in the same exact regard because of your bullshit on The Swamp and Establishment Republicans. You want to argue with me about shit, I'm your huckleberry, and I'll hand you ample rocks to throw back at me. I'll give you enough of them that you don't need to make shit up.

God hates: A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

How many times have you done just that ?

My game is pointing out yours ( all you Trumpborgs) hypocrisy and Pack/Herd mentality. You're another one who should watch the original "Lord of the Flies" and figure out what tribe you'd be a member of.

I don't need a Tribe ... I'm not a follower, I don't need the support of the Pack. That should be obvious to you by now. I'm hated by the Trumpborg bots ( like you) and the Leftist fucking idiots like Horner. And I'm fine with it. I don't need to be part of the Collective, as so many of you do. My game ? .... my game is pointing it out and rubbing your nose in it. That's my game.

So there actually is some redeeming value in you. I damn near missed it.

because some 92%+ of my life's actions/thoughts aren't driven by race. I'm driven by Policy. I stay out of the race batting shit in here ( from both sides) in-part because there are stupid fucks like that shit eater Greg who only think about race. Then as soon as 1 thing pops up that I post about that has not a damn thing to do with race ... " Oh you're a black ... blah, blah, blah ......." Exactly the type of shit the tapeworm Greg does. What the fuck was posted earlier in this thread that had anything to do with race ? Nothing. But that's what he is driven on. It gets old.

Talk about getting old....You still taking all those MBE handouts lmfao

Oh, that hawaii