Default With the "tanker attacks off Iran" Has President TRUMPs big push on NATO members made

any difference in allied nations picking up the tab and paying their fare share vs Uncle Sam protecting the world?

---------Get a load of this savvy reporting----
Diplomats said the assessment of the damage to the four vessels and chemical analysis of the debris recovered revealed "it was highly likely that limpet mines were deployed."
In a printed statement describing the conclusions, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Norway said the attacks required trained divers and explosive charges placed under the waterline, near the enginesso as to not sink the ships or detonate their cargoes, which indicated a knowledge of the design of the targeted ships. The countries say rapid withdrawal of the plotters by fast boats indicated understanding of the geographic area.

JMHO: Oh I get it the tankers engines are positioned in the middle of the fuel tanks so that they don't have to spend a lot of money on fuel lines!............... There's no fucking engines where that ship's burning from. The engines are typically under the exhaust stacks.