Default Re: The Mintons Revolution Racing Turkey Bash 2k19 October 25th and 26th !

News-4-U....Turkey BASH update...7/22/19


Mintons Revolution Racing BASH at the Valley-
JR. DRAGSTER currently has no sponsor or presenting sponsor. They will race and we will pay them.
We would cut small tire before we cut the kids out. Thank you in advance to all the parents who continue to support.
Anyone interested in racing please remember its free entry and the rules are the same as any other Jr. Dragster race so any drama that could accompany will be dealt with accordingly.
Please remember your kids are watching and so are everyone elses.

The best policy for dealing with any drama over your childs learning experience will be "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

Ohio Valley Dragway
__________________ LS Fest,Street Car Takeover, and The Mintons Revolution Racing Turkey Bash

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