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How do you know? You're privy to their financial records every year? Likely, it was the least profitable. You don't just quit your biggest moneymaker. You quit the biggest money loser. Which appears to be drag racing.

Have you ever even ran a racetrack? Do you have any clue what it takes to turn a profit at a place like that? I'm guessing you don't.

Good friends with one of the local circle track owners, have been for 20 years.... had these discussions many times. Best thing a place like that, or in his case a circle track for comparison sake it's all the same is a successful attendance to your big events and good concession stand sales during these.

They needed a big event once or twice a month that would bring crowds. These days that's small tire stuff, big no prep events with some purses enough to attract the crowds of racers people wanna see... a lot of legwork and involvement and the $ is made at those..... not having hardly any of that stuff is a major reason that track didn't clear $ and that's all on the people running it. Sorry to say you need to be a promoter of your facility and have lots of big events.... all there is to it.
They didn't want to put in the work, that from my shoes, is root cause.