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X275 win and # 1 qualifier -Dean Marinis AMS2000 NITROUS( GATS )
Limited drag radial runner up -Scott Husted AMS2000 BOOST ( GATS )
Nitrous x Win and #1 qualifier in X and Ultra -Shawn Pevlor / Jason Waterman AMS2000 NITROUS
Ultra win -Joel Greathouse / KBX Performance AMS2000 BOOST
Small block shootout win -Stephen Barnett / Themo Diaz /Kenny Hubbard AMS2000 NITROUS

Brad Edwards goes his personal best!
Jeff and Kim Naiser- 3.77 Nitrous in Radial! PB!!
I know there is more Im missing so congrats to all our customers!!

"First time using your ams 2000 Nos controller. Bad ass. Never worked on a nos car before but it was a breeze. Car owners best time till this weekend was 4.62. We started there and made probably 8 hits with a best of 4.49!- John Kolivas / KBX Performance

"Just when I thought the AMS couldn't get any better along came the GATS. You can feel it working in the car ...making each pass smoother and it for sure gave me more and more confidence to keep my foot planted to the floor the every run. Once the AMS starts packing my parachutes I'll be all set.+ - Scott Husted

The 1st layer of GATS system is the GATS graph. This graph is for forward acceleration during the run. You make a run and record it. Overlay your acceleration curve on this graph and plot your points to it. Then make corrections as in lifting areas of the graph where you feel more acceleration is needed. The controller uses 3 timed sections which allows separate adjustments to make corrections. The corrections will be used to drive your actual Gmeter reading to the target programmed.

The 2nd layer of the GATS system is what we refer to as LIFT Acceleration . It allows another programmable time vs Acceleration graph for the user. Programmed correctly the GATS system will adjust your boost , nitrous to maximize ET. You program a graph based on a good pass. Adjust the target above the pass data you just made. If it passes this target it uses correction limits you program to adjust your power to reduce these G's back down to the target you set. So within the GATS software you have 2 separate target graphs that serve different purposes. 1 for acceleration going forward and the other for acceleration not going forward Easy to program and easy to net results.

This system requires V2 Hardware which was just released 2 months ago on the turbo side. The system design makes it easy to go faster quicker by making changes to your pass while your going down the track. Set correctly it will maximize acceleration thru the pass and assist with those pesky power wheelies. Does a turbo car respond? Scott Husted's limited drag radial car went to the finals with it assisting. Dean Marinis and his nitrous car won the event using it as well. Ill put some graphs and screen shots shortly.

Manufacture of the AMS-2000 Management System for BOOST and NITROUS