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Op - I've completely stopped using the 2 step on the transbrake. I use a VSC circuit which is like a dump valve to temporarily loosen the converter, then turn it off at a set amount of boost. I let the engine rpm go where ever it goes and set how hard the car leaves by the target boost alone. In my car the rpm initially flares to 4300 then comes back down to 3800 or so as the VSC recovers.

Because I use drag radials this has worked better for me then using the 2 step since it doesn't hit the tires quite as hard. If you hit a drag radial too hard and break it lose the run is virtually over. This method doesn't seem to affect my 60ft much.
I'm not on a radial. And I mentioned that I use a dump valve.
I have had an incident 20+ years ago where doing some testing on asphalt with the trans brake and my finger slipped off. I can tell you that the car will move 20' faster than you ever thought possible. I only do it on stands now.