Default Question on 3 link with wishbone

Question for rear suspension design. Currently I have a 4 link setup with poly bushing ends and a watts link. Looking at dropping the truck more and redoing the rear suspension. The truck is 3200lbs with me and ran quickest of 12.23 seconds. Looking to get to break into the 11s and be street driven. Mainly street miles.
The 4 link is all jacked up way too much antisquat and way too low of instant center. I can't adjust the top bar up due to exhaust clearance issues.

If I was to keep my bottom bars and build my top bars into a wishbone making a 3 link I would have better clearance for adjustment and more clearance to upsize to 3" tail pipes. Thinking of something like I attached. It's ran on the street I just don't know how it will behave on the strip.

BTW it's a 4 speed tranny.

Thank you

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