Default Wild Mushroom Soup

I've known a guy that hunts for wild mushrooms >>> specifically Hen of the Woods; and I ended up with a ton of it in my back yard last year. It grows at the base of mighty Oak Trees . Unfortunately I missed it; and the frost got them before I did. This year I was on it; but due to the dry conditions this fall, only one grew. So; I grabbed it yesterday and set to cleaning and preparing it up. I brought a bunch to my Uncle to vacuum pack, and kept the stuff that was "stalkier" and the other little bits of the head and commenced to making Mushroom Soup. Tasted pretty good and one hour in I can still feel my toes and I have not died. Had a very distinct nutty taste like cashews almost. Melted butter with EVOO and then threw them in the pot with sliced onions. Sautéed them for about 1/2 hour and then threw in some flour and then some chicken broth. I let that sit for 20 min and then hit it with an immersion blender. let it sit some more and then added heavy cream.

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