Default Re: A Couple Of Conveniently Left-Out Gun Violence Facts

Over the past 10 years, AR15s have murdered 173 people.
That averages out to 17 people killed by the evil scary black gun.

In that time - how many people have died as a direct result of opioids, or heroin, or drunk driving or cell phones?
Or how about stabbing, drownings, fist fights, or medical malpractice or negligence?

Banning AR15s is all about control over the population’s ability to counter government overreach and tyranny.....because it’s painfully obvious that any actual “public safety” issue is an exaggerated bullshit charge.
A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined,
but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition
to maintain a status of independence from any who
might attempt to abuse them,
which would include their own government.

The best defense against evil men,
are good men who are skilled at violence.