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Heavy Chevy II
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Default Re: MRI results

Likely due to repetitive motion, date the other arm once in a while

Good luck, stick with the PT and you will be fine
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Outlaw Bill
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Default Re: MRI results

Do EXACTLY has the doctor and PT says and you will return to what ever condition the doctor thinks is possible. My surgery was last August and I'm basically 100% now a year later except for a few exercises. I also have 100% range of motion but I was off work till the week of Thanksgiving. My surgery was due to a tendon ripped off the bone so that basically is the best case for a 100% return. The pain the first night after the nerve block wore off was horrible so don't think you will he man this without pain killers.
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Pullin gears
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Default Re: MRI results

G'day, I was supposed to have my left shoulder done but have been putting it off. Because of the stroke I had I can only sleep on my left side so they aren't really sure what can be done. Now that I have to have a heart valve replaced that takes precedence over the shoulder. I guess I should have a good chance of surviving before they fix the shoulder. At my age and health either surgery will probably mean the end of my working career.
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Default Re: MRI results

Originally Posted by BIGBALDGUY View Post
After the surgery and PT ( pain& torture) is done I hope you understand anything you do can tear it again. Back to square one...
Ha! Thatís what my wife accused me of doing to her. I helped her do her PT for quite a while. She sometimes thought I was forcing her arm up over her head only to open her eyes and see I had only maybe lifted it about a foot off the bed.

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Default Re: MRI results

Originally Posted by JJB View Post
If you had any kind of a smart Rehab therapy guy, he would have told you that was not a smart thing to do.
You can do lots of shit the same day as your surgery because the good drugs have not worn off.

And as far as working the arm after surgery, there is a reason why you are suppose to do what they tell you.

If you try to prove you are Joe "he-man" , your therapy guy should have told you that you are a dumb shit and are just asking to fuck up your surgeons work.

Doing too much before it is healed properly is a sure fire way of insuring you will be back getting the surgery done all over because you didn't allow the tendons to have a chance to heal.

My physical therapy guy chewed my ass out for trying to more than what he told me to do, and do it in a faster time.

You need to listen to the people that are properly trained in how to do the recovery. They have a bit more knowledge about the right and wrong ways to recover, than the yahoo's getting operated on.
Never tried to be He-Man,,it just hurt like hell NOT to move it!!

I didn't do PT, Doc told me what to do , how to do it and I did and was back to trowing drywall buckets and 5 gal paint bucket in 2 months.

I am Blessed, I Heal VERY quickly..At 6 month check up, Doc said all looked good.
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