Default AEM Electronics Engine Position Module 30-3251

I have a AEM engine position module that has been used for startup. I have gone to a separate cam and crank sensor. $150

These AEM Electronics Engine Position Modules replace an engine's distributor and allow for the use of coil-on-plug or wasted-park ignition systems on popular V8 and Honda® B, D, H, and F-series race engines. They provide precise engine positioning using dual zero-speed optical sensors, which offer the advantage of immediate signal generation regardless of engine speed. The AEM Electronics Engine Position Modules easily adapt to any positive-drive, half-engine speed device such as a cam or distributor drive. They can be used with any aftermarket engine management system that recognizes the common 24-tooth crank and 1-tooth cam pattern per engine cycle, for accurate timing and easy setup. Their unique, shock-absorbing elastomer drive system eliminates the potential for ignition timing deviation and protects them from vibration
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