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I respect and always do respect the racers but not the organization not that one anyways
I may not be a corporate c********* like yourself but those are my thoughts and that's it so why do you complain why do you say you have to read why don't you just get off this forum

The stupidity You released to me in your follow-up to my post truly does signify you're an idiotic Trump supporter
You've lost you're mind. I've never supported that chump. I don't know who you think I am, but I assure you I'm not. Put the crack pipe down.

You're such a goddamned dumbass that's all you've got.... You're a Trump supporter like it's suppose to hurt somebody. Lmao. Not when you just randomly call people whose reply you don't agree with that bullshit. Just stop.

Next time you wanna talk shit, actually talk shit. Don't try to use that played out bullshit on somebody has has never even supported that fat piece of shit.

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