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Hey guys/gals, although most everyone seems to be honest, we will sometimes run into some low life who wants your hard earned money. What can be done?

You can file a claim in the Negative seller/buyer feedback section to alert others on the board

You should also file a claim with to make the alert more widespread. Please read that board as it has a lot of useful information.

Last you can file a claim with who works with the FBI and National White Collar Crime Center. Claims can be files on behalf of someone or as a group if needed.

When buying or selling anything please collect as much information from the person on the other end as possible. Things like home address (No PO boxes), phone number, full name and also check in the feedback section and with other members on their experiences. This will save a lot of headaches!!! will not stand for the bullshit that has happened in a couple of instances. I will provide all information to the authorities. The buck stops at and we will not back down to any low life scumbag!!!!!
Well Monty & said it, lets see it.

I'm new here, but I have been in this industry for a long time.
I try to treat all my customer the best I can, but sometimes thing happen. That's when a good business stands behind their work and makes it right. Parker said he has shared the documents, I'd like to see Steve share his thoughts.

Or would you guys rather have the documents public?

Steve, I am sure you have seen these comments. Why don't you share your side with Chris as Parker has shared his side.
This does not have to be public, as long as a "un-bias" mediator is involved.