Default Re: The Mintons Revolution Racing Turkey Bash 2k19 October 25th and 26th !

Charlie Bennett (BRWP)-
Sent out the last of the sponsorship agreements this morning I think. Thank you to all involved this year.
Ill be making the last changes today and we gonna turn it up to 5011! May go live this evening... dunno. No way I could feel that cute

Charlie Bennett (BRWP)-
There will be powerwheel races for kids of all sizes (including persons classified by law as adults) this year at The Mintons Revolution Racing Turkey Bash 2K19.
Lets not go overboard with the kids rides. Absolutely no gas motor swaps. No more than 2 batteries please.
Lets not build anything that would affect the track surface and everyone must wear helmets with no exceptions please.... remember the terrible crash we had last year ()
We abused Bill Hoskinson format last year and will do so again this year. Thanks Bill.

Edit: After little thought this could be the most epic conglomeration of fail possible. Adults will be on Friday night only and I stress helmets again.

Ohio Valley Dragway

Mintons Revolution Racing BASH at the Valley

Charlie Bennett (BRWP)-
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