Default Cage certs

Alright guys, so I’m working with a typical mustang, stock suspension deal, all team z or UPR front to back. In the south east specifically. I see a lot of stupid fast cars (5.00’s and faster) that still run basic 8.50 cages, and I see a lot of trucks that have ‘25.5 cages’ except the down bars don’t go from the main hoop (top) through the window/ top of cab, to the tear frame rails and they don’t/aren’t cert. where do you draw the line between “certified/safe drag car’ and ‘it’s a basic Georgia/flordia/Carolinas grudge car. Which is what I hear a lot. Iv even seen 8.50 cages that just have a funny car add on but no floor bracing. I see a few 4.70-4.90 cars still running 8.50 cages in mustangs. What is the line in the sand??? As far as Orlando, macon, peadmont, that don’t really tech cars per say. Is it HONESTLY worth it to go 25.5 cage on the street or just stay 8.50 cage???? Back story on the car is, not going after a ‘record’. But maybe going after ‘top 5 fastest 2v mod motors in the country’. HOWEVER THE CAR WILL BE DRIVEN ON THE STREET.....There is 2v mod motors in the 7.xx range. Is it worth is to do a 7.50 cage or go 8.50 for street comfort??? Again, this car will see about 4-5 backwoods grudge tracks EVER and some street racing and that’s it. No NHRA events. What’s your recommendations as far as cages? I’m gonna assume never going over 1200-1300rwhp EVER in the car on this engine. It’s a ‘street style grudge car’ if that’s what you wanna call it. Any input is HIGHLY appreciated as far as cages.