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That quick burndown looks to be the result of fuel lines being ruptured during the intitial backfire and the fuel pumps running and pouring fuel into the engine compartment..nitrous is non-flammable however just like oxygen it accelerates combusion when a fuel is present... Pumps need to be shut off first IMHO...then the nitrous shut off via 1/4 turn ball valves etc...For a better safety system a 12v
solenoid could be plumbed in line for nitrous supply and immediately shut off if needed with the push of a button or flip of a switch..........
Will you guys please stop repeating the misinformation that nitrous is non-flammable, because it most certainly is. Nitrous does not need any other combustible to release a large amount of heat.

In fact, nitrous oxide is used in rocketry as a mono-propellant because it needs no other fuel or oxidizer to sustain a self-perpetuating exothermic (heat releasing) reaction with the energy release equal to 40% an equal weight of TNT.

The nitrous dissociation reaction is not combustion in the common understanding of the word 'combustion', in fact it is the opposite, the atoms in a molecule are separated, instead of combined, but in the case of nitrous oxide the dissociation releases heat.

The N2O molecule dissociates (splits apart) when subject to temperature above about 575 F and releases as heat the bond energy that holds the N and O together.

When N2O acts as an oxidizer, the exothermic molecular dissociation reaction occurs first, releasing heat and freeing the Oxygen atom from the Nitrogen atoms, the free Oxygen then is available to combust with available combustibles and release more heat.

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