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After having it at a restaurant....a rather tiny portion for about $17...

I made Salmon Spread..

8oz cream cheese.
8-12 oz can of sockeye salmon (i left out any gross slimy pieces, bone, etc...) I like around 11 oz.
1.5 teaspoons of dill

3 good dashes of Worstersher
2 squirts of a bbq sauce for a "smoke" flavor
1 teaspoon of parsley
Squirt of lemon juice
A dash of something that has pickle flavor (capers, diced pickels, olives)
fresh red onion chopped as fine as posible

we devoured this on grilled pita bread... insane.
2 questions.....

I made this to be in the fridge overnight, diced up the salmon and, added it to the spread.

1-- Did you make up the spread and simply add salmon slices to the top?

2-- When you say dill, do you mean fresh dill sprig's, dry dill leave's or, dill seed?