Default Re: Should diesel 4x4s be big tire or small tire?

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Its outlaw racing. If you have to start making up BS rules its no longer outlaw.

I say let them run in small tire. One truck is not enough to change the rules. If a group of 4-5 of them start dominating then the conversation can start. Otherwise id tell the ones crying to figure out how to beat a damn diesel truck.
I agree, unfortunately it has already started turning against us. The No Prep that Ryan Martin and Mike Murrillo had in Edinburg would not allow 4x4s/Awd, and the "Big End" race here in San Antonio has done the same, they are making us run in big tire because a group is complaining, so the squeaky wheel gets the grease...

I dont think it is everyone in small tire, just a small percentage as usual, but diesel guys arent much for complaining on the internet, so there isnt much of a voice for us when the rules are being made.