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I use a 4 post Cole Hersee switch. 1000 amp intermittent and 125 amp continuous, with 20 amp small contacts. The large posts only handle starting loads and whatever current is required to maintain the battery. The smaller posts actually shutdown the car at the ignition.

I used 2 gauge welding cable when I wired my car years ago and didn't know any better. If I were to do it again, I'd probably use 1/0 cable. The 2 gauge has never given me any problems, but I attribute that to it being a small block with strart retard and a PMGR starter.
i had XS Power fine wire 2 gauge in it and over the weekend it started to smoke while trying to start the truck. so i cut the cable and ran it straight to the battery. the truck started 10x better then it ever has. now i dont know if thats from the wire being to small or the master swtch. but it needs to be addressed before the next event.