Default Re: 88 Mustang Notch Twin Turbo LS Build

Also jumped completely off the cliff in the engine department.. I scored a set of Gibtec Custom Billet pistons from a friend for dirt cheap that have 6 passes and dyno time on them for 4.125" boreX4.00" stroke so 427 Inch turbo engine it is. Figure ill pick a Dart LSnext block up and use Brodix BR7 LS7 style heads since that is what the pistons were made for. The pistons were swaped for higher compression since he switched to methanol. It will put me at 10.5-10.6:1 static so with E85 and meth injection I feel it will be in good shape. Pretty damn excited now though. Came with 2 brand new spare pistons just in case. The used slugs look brand new hardly any scuffing on the skirts at all and no marks or dings on the domes. The engine these came out of was Spec'd and built by Billy Briggs..