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We went out last Saturday to Great Lakes Dragaway . It was HOT ! 85 degrees and we had a slight crosswind. I tried to make a pass with the drag radials after setting the rear shocks to 2 clicks from 0 and my first pass was not bad 12.15 @ 111 MPH with a 1.77 60 ft. spun pretty bad. Second pass was even worse !

Now keep in mind during the week I played with the carb and got it running pretty well now as far as pump shot goes.

3rd pass I put the 28 x 10 hoosiers ( bias ply) on and went and made a pass after putting them on . I ran a 12.03 @ 110 MPH with a 1.66 60 ft. still feel I got a little tire spin but that could be not being used to the bias plys and not used to a decent pass. haha. tires where set at 15 PSI.

4th pass I dropped PSI down to 12 felt like I got a lot less tire spin than pass 3 ran another 12.03 @ 110 MPH with a 1.69 60ft.
not too bad.

5th pass We cooled down the intake., with 12 psi in the tires ran a 12.01 @ 110 MPH with a 1.67 60 ft. I still feel I got some tire spin.

6th pass I decided to dump the open 2.5 in. x pipe and put on my header extensions. It really leaned up the engine and the flat spot off the line came back BUT the car felt like it hooked up great ( as the flat spot took some shock load from the tire ) Ran an 11.89 @ 111 with a 1.63 60 ft.

The only changes I made was going to a full slick and went to 2 clicks from 0 vs 5 clicks. I had not changed the front shocks . I brought my 3 way adjustables but didn't get a chance to make the swap .

sadly I was completely solo for my 1st 3 runs until my wife and best friend showed up

I don't know if what im thinking is tire spin is some of the movement bias plys have or should I say instability from what many have told me ( first time ever running a bias ply ). Seems like the front end isn't moving as fast as before but im thinking the bias plys soften the hit a little but as well. although I have a little over 5.5 inches of front end travel it seems like I still have more than I should ?

Any suggestions and advice is appreciated.

this would have been pass #4

Pass #5

pass #6

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