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I know it's hard to tell from these videos. My wife's phone has the slowmotion setting on her phone which really helps. Wish it would post to anything besides her phone like that. From the slow motion video. I can see exactly when the tires broke loose and it's the video where i launched at a lower RPM as soon as I hit full extension on the front., the tires blew off and the rear settled back down fast after its extension . Im gonna try a better camera angle and a full slick vs. My nitto drag radials. I know the bias plys can be more forgiving.

Install Quicktime on your laptop and download the video to the laptop. Bring up the video and play it frame by frame once the bottom bulb is lit or the tire just starts to rotate. I have some slo-mo vid of several cars at launch and it's a shitshow of ugly on how tires, springs, shocks and axle housings are not playing on the same team.