Default traction issues still relevant

OK so I have made 7 passes with the new engine combo and haven't made one clean pass. First 4 passes where all made with a sever flat spot off the line best 60 ft. was a 1.67

I fixed the carb issues and now I got traction issues. Im sure this time around its my tires. I have nitto drag radials BUT.... I wanna say track prep last weekend was not in my favor.

Current suspension is tubular uppers and lowers in the front with .90 tall upper ball joints and 80/20 afcos with 66 6cyl. A body front springs. IN the rear I have QA1 single adjustable and had them set to 5 clicks from 0 with 442 rear springs , SSM lift bars , adjustable uppers with pinion angle being -3 degrees.

In the first video its a bit more sever as I launched at about 1700 RPM It hit the tires much harder . In the 2nd video I launched at about 2500 RPM and spun but not nearly as bad. IM leaning towards tires and im having my hoosiers mounted this week. Any advice is appreciated.

1st vid

2nd vid

This is a video of my best pass the first outing it was a 12.10 with a 1.67 60 ft. and it had a flat spot off the line and I short shifted the 1-2 shift really bad.

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