Default Re: Double pumper Holley leaking from under the squirter

I had a similar issue here is what my issues where.

I have a 750 HP. I changed squirters and was doing some pump shot tuning. I snugged down the nozzles like usual. What I neglected to realize was that the threads where damaged. They are superfine and pull out real easy. I was chasing a lean stumble I couldn't figure out.... I eventually decided to do a full rebuild on the carb ( I got it used from a good source) This is when I I pulled the screw out with the threads.

This explained a few things I always dismissed . 1 the puddling under the nozzle 2 the steaming after shut down and the drop in the fuel psi quickly after shut down. 3 my weak pump shot.

This may not be your issue but what I did was I used a torx m6 (metric) bolt with a slightly courser thread. it fills the whole opening of the shooter so clearancing it for proper flow is a must. I made this repair and my carb changed significantly. The lean spot was gone and my fuel shot looked normal. The lack of proper bite caused my leak and at idle it wouldn't puddle up. Only on shut down or heavy throttle use.

To be exact I used a latch bolt/screw from a mazda., since I work in a body shop this kind of hardware is normal. I did lots of measuring to get this right as far as clearances go. Just fwiw