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I don't have a go-pro, but I've had a Replay XD for a while. Only real complaint about it I have is that audio is tempermental, requires some adjusting the gain sometimes, and battery life is decent. I like about it, is that it's very low profile, and works good for putting on the outside of the car, and is less likely to get blown backwards like a go-pro does if using a suction mount.

I bought some bar mounts, and put it inside the race car, that's where the audio gain comment came from (with a weldon electric pump in the rear (underside of the car), it almost blew all the audio out until I turned the gain down). With the bar mounts it took a little time getting things aligned good and getting the card in/out of the back of the camera were the only real issues I've had.

With only a suction mount on the rear hatch of a car that tagged the wall (back in 2014), the camera was rock solid and didn't go flying off or anything.

Video of the crash from my camera:
Rest in peace Dad 6/15/09