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1959-1969 circa I would say pulling valve covers, adjusting-checking the valves, changing-inspecting spark plugs, changing the oil.. sometimes at the track.. These were the days of iron blocks and heads, 6-71 blowers, single vertex mags, and smaller pumps. even though the pumps were ahead of there time back then, the single vertex could'nt burn enough fuel to take advantage of the volume at the time. Again these were the days when a 354-392 Chrysler may have had stock block, maybe some 4-bolt caps or a girdle. stock cranks, heads, rocker arms and shafts, a set of Forged True pistons, some Dons "boxed" rods or early Ansen alumn. rods, and a Howard-Engle or Isky flat tappet cam, wet-sump with modified stock or totally stock oil pans, a pete jackson gear drive and a Hilborn 4-port with maybe 4 #47 nozzeles, later 8 in hat. Circa early 1970s Donovan block in 72, KB billet cranks came first and then late hemi blocks by mid 70's with bigger pumps more fuel volume, and Super-Mags, pulling the heads was starting to get mandatory, burnt pistons, etc. some between round rings and bearings. by the mid to late 1970's KB'a JP-1's, Milodons. etc. TF/FC pulling down the bottom end was getting common if it was a bad run, lots of teams only if real bad dropped cylinders or lean outs, backfires. 1980's up full on tear down between rounds.

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