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No first hand experience, but this is what I have heard as well.

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Front engines covered a lot of time.

In the early days on gas, a guy would own a junkyard or have access to one. They'd pull every late model engine like whatever they were running & fill it full of cement, take the intake & cam out & stuff it in the trailer.

They had a good cam/lifters & blower setup. They'd make a pass & if it blew up they'd swap longblocks. Guys would have 2 or 3 in the trailer.

Later on as it got more "professional", they would look at the plugs & pull the pan to ck the bearings... If everything looked good they'd button it up.... If not they'd replace the engine if they had one.

LOTSA guys didn't & I saw some crazy repairs on wounded shit get run. Some of it hauled ass too.
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