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I can get the nova to hook no problem..even when i ran it at TNT at the track temp was 114. I know they got a new prep guy, so we will see if i can get the camaro to hook. Dont get me wrong, norwalk is a fantastic track...just hard to tune a radial for it. Thompson is finally starting to prep for radials cause OLS runs there and are trying to get a bigger car count for the series im running in the camaro. So it should hook there. If my buddys 2500hp car can hook at Thompson, i think i should lol
Yeah, that's always a good measuring stick. If the really fast cars can get down the track, then I should have no excuses when only running 9s. Also, this year I am going to be running a powerglide. I've always been using a TH350, so switching to a powerglide should actually make things easier on me to get into the 8s. 3.89 rear with a 1.80 first gear running 8s should be way easier than 4.56 rear with a 2.52 first gear running 10.5s or 3.89 rear with 2.52 running 9.8s.
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