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The current stock bottom end record is 12.38 so my goal is 12.37 or quicker. lol He ran that with 265whp on a 125 wet shot on VP-110 at 2410lbs. I'm making ~305whp at 14psi on pump 93 at about 2550lbs. His redline is 7,000rpm and mine is 7,800rpm. He has a 3.82 gear with 23" tires and I have a 4.06 gear with 24.5" tires so roll out is about the same. My top end charge with the turbo is a good bit stronger than his with the nitrous.

My Focus has ~68,000 miles of which ~49,000 are boosted miles.
I hope you get that goal man. It sounds like youre right there with it, so i wish you the best! Make sure you keep us posted!

* Team Blankenship/Barran ttfmfrs!!*

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