Thumbs down Re: Anyone make anything good lately?

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100% chance indeed............I'm surprised I haven't heard an alert from the national delicious service come across my cars radio like the weather alerts.

Nice........I'll bet a conch fritter or something of the sort would be a nice addition ( like the bread) as well..

Ever heard of a hoe cake?........similar to a corn fritter.

My bride likes me to add jumbo lump crabmeat to the mixture, she is not a fan of the conch fritter, but loves the crab fritter.......I think the whole slimy conch deal freaks her out a little.

You probably know this, but the term hoe cake came from the workers grinding up corn meal , making a batter and sitting the flat part of their gardening type hoe over the fire close enough so that it would cook up a couple of fritters of the cornmeal mixture for lunch.
Very popular term amongst the Gullah cuisine folks in the low country of SC........a style of food that I love.

Never heard of the term "hoe cake" but it a big world out there. Something I have been meaning to do is pick up a couple of cookbooks to learn more about SC low country food. With my background in Cajun food it may be pretty easy for me to pick up.