Default The Mintons Revolution Racing Turkey Bash 2k19 October 25th and 26th

The Mintons Revolution Racing Turkey Bash 2k19!

The Kentucky original...... Back! Fall 2019.

Charlie Bennett (BRWP)-
We have signed with a title sponsor for the 2019 Turkey Bash 2k19 at Ohio Valley Raceway!
Welcome Joe Minton, his family, and team as the title sponsor of The Mintons Revolution Racing Turkey Bash 2k19!

Turkey Bash 2019 will be October 25th and 26th at Ohio Valley Raceway in Louisville, Ky.Current classes and groups im looking to have at Turkey Bash this year.
Sorry if you dont think you fit anything. I try to have a variety but theres only so much you can squeeze into 2 days.

No Prep Night

Big Tire
Small Tire
Hard Tire
Jr 13 under
Jr 13 up
No prep Street Invitational

Saturdays Prepped groups

X275 (tentative)
Dxp235 (tentative)
Small tire N/T
Big Tire N/T

We will for the 1st time in Turkey Bash history turn the clocks on Saturday for X275 and DXP235 with the grandfather's permission.

By popular demand I will add N/T 26s back to the list of possible groups to be ran at Turkey Bash.
Same as the rest, we will run the groups that obtain sponsorship primarily.
Anything else may be on its own if I include them. I feel we have room for 6 groups on Friday night and 8-10 on Saturday.

Turkey Bash 2k19 sponsorship package list is ready send out. If you would like the list please send me your email address so you may review the info!

Ohio Valley Dragway

The BASH AT the Valley....

Charlie Bennett (BRWP)- @ 270-312-0691 or
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