: Twist and Wtf

08-18-2016, 02:55 PM
90 fox body hatch, 10point cage AJE crossmember, no motor plate or front tubes, 565 BBC glide 4:10 gears, goes 9.55 @ 143 , air altitude 8500 average,
This car has been a race car since 06 , I am starting to get a buckle in the firewall, just to the right of the master cylinder above the left frame rail, it started as a slight dip now it's buckling. Looking for suggestions & pics as to what your set ups are like, all original strut towers, aprons and rails are still there . Don't wanna break the bank, but in super pro and SST don't want something popping/breaking and being the cause or issue for anyone, or myself . Is there any pre bent front hoop bars, that go around or thru the strut towers?
This car goes straight and is consultant as hell, 2900 lbs with me in it,
Thank you in advance

08-26-2016, 01:06 AM
Well guys ? No pics? no input ?

08-26-2016, 02:48 AM
http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p17/geo351/Mobile%20Uploads/image_12.jpg (http://s124.photobucket.com/user/geo351/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_12.jpg.html)

08-26-2016, 06:23 AM
Try posting in a tech section, not a build section.

08-26-2016, 10:37 PM
Try posting in a tech section, not a build section.

Well it's gonna be a build I hope ? Motor plate front hoop? I appreciate it through !