: Top Drive Truck

09-19-2015, 03:51 PM
Converted a 1995 gm pickup into a top drive last year, all worked as planned except two flaws that I need help on. 1st one should have been simple, got drawing of ignition wiring on the steering column, just like GM has done for years, Red, Pinks and purple wires going thru plug into factory column/switch. So after ignition comes out of column I took it to a continous duty solenoid 50 amp, and then back into wiring harness, I also took from +12v going into column attached to that intermitent solenoid and back to Purple wire for starter. The plan was you would have to turn key on in cab for security reasons and could start from up top or in cab. Twice in less than 2 months using it, the starter solenoid smoked and once the continous solenoid ????

09-19-2015, 03:59 PM
Also looking for input on steering conversion, I made it simple, clamped plate to factory steering wheel , shaft up thru truck cab and made it rigid with the cab and let it float up a the dirvers station. I dont like the feel of it moving around, and it moves around more than I though it would ( cab vs Bed deflection and mounts ) . So im looking at options to mount top half of shft to top unit so its solid when driving and making something between the two shafts just above truck roof. Ive thought about Small car front axle with CV joint, Small tractor PTO shaft or maybe just the good all 12" Heavy Duty steel reinforced Hydraulic hose with some bolt thru clamps. ( with many spares in the truck)