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  1. Why is it OK..
  2. ATTN: 666 the legend
  3. Our economy
  4. 59 reasons why Bush sucks!!!
  5. Drugs do we really want them to go away?
  6. Abortion..
  7. Powell: U.S. was too blustery before Iraq war
  8. Bush tries everything but conservation
  9. Today's Domino Theory
  10. Why Liberals Should Just.....
  11. anybody see the new stats for Iraq?
  12. Look at Monty's Poll on "Trashed"....He hates Bush
  13. Am I a liberal or conservative??
  14. Racism, is it really gone?
  15. Immigration, does it need to stop?
  16. Was Hitler Wrong???
  17. We need $200 each..
  18. Do you think that the media was biased in the 2004 election?
  19. Religion (narrow minded people please keep out)
  20. Join the Military!! Why not??
  21. PRAYER
  22. Sorry Mike
  23. Is cussing/cursing a sin?
  24. Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years
  25. Innocent till proven guilty?
  26. Man I gonna buy all you Repulicans..
  27. Sudan: Time to catch the criminals
  28. Exit Strategy Rhetoric-a look at Clinton's Iraq aka Kosovo
  29. "We have proof...
  30. Barbabus, How come no one names their kids that?
  31. Note to all readers...
  32. Ahhh it's back.....more sleepless nights in the future
  33. Global Warming
  34. Man am I pissed
  35. * May not be suited for thin skins*
  36. April 15th
  37. What our Government should be doing
  38. Moussaoui Seeks Guilty Plea in Terror Conspiracy
  39. Anybody see the Rita Cosby story on Oklahoma City Bombing?
  40. Davinci Code
  41. In Mob Sweep, Feds Hope to Send Up the Clown
  42. Just Saw a Piece on the News that Abe Lincoln was Gay
  43. Record losses..
  44. Is David Copperfield Jesus?
  45. Air America
  46. Bush truly is an idiot!!!
  47. The best Presidential debate ever!!
  48. Screwed up people!!
  49. You Liberal's Still don't get it!!!
  50. Passion of the Christ
  51. I GOT MIXED WITH Chevy's ans Fords
  52. Liberal's got the Smokers Tax in.........
  53. Why is it when a Conservative talks about....
  54. Why do people say its God who saved..
  55. Saw a banner at a College....
  56. Take This Quiz, Liberal or Conservative
  57. Towers
  58. The plan of God put into perspective. The Roman Road.
  59. Newsweek lie's.......again
  60. Open Letter to Newsweek
  62. Jane Fonda.....traitor bitch
  63. Have you sold your soul?
  64. I would die for freedom!!
  65. This was Pat Lynch's Favorite Section
  66. Where Did All The Flags Go?
  67. Doctors?
  68. Monty.........
  69. Stem cell research on human embryos
  70. Economy Booming?
  71. Whatever happened to..
  72. Why do people say this is the best country..
  73. Flush a Koran down the toilet..........Blow up 20 Muslims
  74. You Be The Judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. Feels good to be back!!!!!
  76. Things that make you say "What the flock?"
  77. Federal Judges.....Should they have a life long job???
  78. WMD's in Iraq????
  79. People with out a D/L & no insurance
  81. Was Jesus a pot head? (Do not enter with a closed mind!!!)
  82. For Christians and non-Christians alike, the issue of Satan
  83. Monty vs. God!!! Who will win???
  84. Jesus?? Unanswered questions!!
  85. Aruba.....Yea I'm goin there on Vaca
  86. So, who..........
  87. Landgrabber gets his!
  88. Fuel Prices - WTF???!
  89. "National Treasure"......Propaganda for Masonry???
  90. Back to the fun and games....Hey DJ can you play a new song?
  91. Are the Dems going to fight the Supreme Court Nominations?
  92. London under Attack......NOW
  94. Why is it if your Black or Hispanic
  95. US Schooling system?
  97. for the christian members
  98. Social Security.......a few tidbits a friend sent me
  99. What would you do?
  100. Tow Rigs and the Law
  101. Where is Bin Laden?
  102. Why is it We have the biggest Housing Boom in History
  103. Thought this may spark some interesting debate
  104. Jihad Jane
  105. News......not all the same
  106. America
  108. 207,000 New Jobs in July
  109. Morgan-Stanley just predicted a 5%
  110. Where is all the right wing..
  111. Dear Abby letter.
  112. 9/11 the reason....slowly coming out
  113. Another Letter
  114. Save Willow Grove
  115. Christian roll call.....
  116. To all the liberals
  117. Are you a good person?
  118. Question about World War 2 -LONG-
  119. A question for the church-goers....
  120. You stupid Americans!!!
  121. looting
  122. The money is pouring in from previous Tsunami victims
  123. Why are a lot of people saying..
  124. Hey, Gun Control Folks...
  125. A Michael Moore Letter
  126. Haliburton
  127. Thank you Kuwait.......Quatar
  128. Here's some stuff from a Sheriff's Deputy in LA
  129. LMFAO bumper sticker!!
  130. Blogging
  131. This Guy Beat Me To It, Writing Down My Thoughts...
  132. Biggs Commission Katrina Report in
  133. the F word on FOX News
  134. Where is everyones props..
  135. Keep Blaming bush for being slow after Katrina-liberals
  136. Boycott ARUBA
  137. Everyone talks about Bush
  138. Louisiana death toll reaches...
  139. Here is the story from National Geographic..
  140. N.O. News
  141. Why is it that
  142. On Corporal Punishment...
  143. the Story of Two Cows
  144. $60 Million missing in N.O.
  145. Lord Of War
  146. Thanks God Karl Rove..
  147. So, a few years ago Im out on my sail boat on vacation
  148. Why is it Liberals
  149. ASSWIPE Mayor of New Orleans
  150. Weapons of Mass Destruction...
  151. 2nd Hurricane.. (religion)
  152. A New and Creative Way to Scam Your Identity
  153. Jesse Jackson has issues
  154. Next time Bush call for a question..
  155. Gas Prices
  156. Welfare
  157. Our Dear Barbra Streisand looks like fool
  158. Cows, Constitution and The Ten Commandments
  159. Bush = Freedom??
  160. Can someone please tell the liberals
  161. Great video..
  162. Tragedy?
  163. Nursery Rhyme NOT for PETA
  164. I was Googling terrorist sites came up with this
  165. BUSH Lied.....a few items from Fact Check
  166. Something for the Anti Gun Crowd to Think About...
  167. For you Libs
  168. Andy Rooney Speaks.....don't know if its him
  169. Can anyone Explain what happened in Toledo
  170. China
  171. CNN won't hire smokers
  172. hey there's a new Moderator here
  173. Children
  174. You may think I wrote this
  175. A Little Harsh, But Thought Provoking
  176. The Atheist
  177. A hip hip to 50 Cent.......speaking up against Kanye West
  178. Philly Eagles Tra Thomas gets National News
  179. Boy Scouts
  180. Time to Boycott Aruba
  181. This just Sucks
  182. Jimmy Carter....still our Buthead
  183. To all you Bush nut huggers..
  184. For Your Entertainment...
  185. 72 Virgins
  186. Bird Flu Alert from the CDC
  187. Here's a good read
  188. Here's a Video for ya!!!...out of the Liberal's Mouths!!!
  189. RANT
  190. More News al Zarqawi Killed in Iraq?
  191. CNN X marks the VP
  192. anybody know any Pro Life PETA People?
  193. John Kerry gets Elected!!!
  194. Jacko mixed up again......He's the one thats doin the suckin
  195. Quick History Test
  196. Speech Bush needs to give ASAP
  197. Now if this was reversed....Libs would be screamin
  198. NBC why cover this up??
  199. Detroit Mayor's Election
  200. Nobody came to see Cindy
  201. Supreme Court comin apart
  203. Europe Trying to Help As Usual
  204. Change Needed on this Forum
  205. Pick on someone your own size..
  206. LMFAO!!
  207. Terrorism
  208. Saddam and Bin Laden
  209. Why should we go to church on Sundays
  210. Why all Christians are hypocrites, By HellBent
  211. Phucking San Francisco Mayor and His PC Police
  212. how sad is this
  213. I hope you're happy.....
  214. Closing Churches on Christmas ??????
  215. Here's a good FEMA story
  216. Why does Hollywood say a Murderer is innocent
  217. Saw this Iraqi Lady today cursing Monty on Fox News
  218. Don King......took the words right otta my mouth
  219. Interesting Read
  220. Tookie Execution Party
  221. Tomorrow night...History Channel...Afghan vs. Soviets
  222. History made yesterday
  223. Bush end of year Speech
  224. Why Christians are like Fords
  226. Here's another BS Reporter gone
  227. For All Our New York Friends...
  228. Here we go again......
  229. I watched most of the Judge Alito
  230. Ted Kennedy......a True Asswipe
  231. Attn. ALGORE
  232. Book Report
  233. New Navy Carrier
  234. Three Wishes
  235. Ted Kennedy's "Love Child" exposed
  236. So it wasn't just women and children
  237. The Mirror
  238. Bin Laden's new threat..
  239. Canadian Election
  240. Patrick Leahy
  242. Conspiracy theory or true? Hegalian Dialectics
  243. The Trolls are Grumbling
  244. crazy arabs
  245. Religious challenge..
  246. I watched the state of the union speech
  247. New Jersey Residents & Employees Take It Up the Ass Agai
  248. Next President?
  249. Contribution request for Clinton Statue
  250. ABC News holding tapes
  251. Where is the doom and gloom Demos on the economy and jobs?
  252. A Certain Individual Had Written Several Letters to the...
  253. True ISLAM being hurled at Europe!!!!
  254. Julian Bond: Will The Real Racist Please Stand Up
  255. Jesus LOVES the hell out of you
  256. Why go crazy over a cartoon
  257. Pictures from Iraq that are too shocking for the Media
  258. Ass Kicking
  259. This could get badddd
  260. The Train Ride
  261. State of the Union
  262. Outraged Muslims OH MY!
  263. The Bronze Rat
  264. Oil falls below $60 a barrel
  265. What me and Chaney have in common..
  266. Barbers Don't Exist
  267. Media at it Again
  268. Recent Nor'easter was Bush's fault
  269. Why Isn't This All Over The News???
  270. Subject: On Corruption
  271. I'll say it
  272. Do you get IT?
  273. Bush needs to go
  274. Looks like the Olympic Team selection process needs to be reviewed
  275. Interesting read from an Arab Women
  276. a good Bin Laden read
  277. Something you will never see on CNN
  278. WOW Didn't see this coming
  279. MySpace.com
  280. What's 34 and 18??
  281. To kill an american!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  282. Heres a good one for Americans to remember.
  283. ATTN Liberals
  284. Sen. Robt.KKK Byrd (D) on Mining
  285. Food for Thought
  286. House vote: Last bar to Patriot Act renewal
  287. Why the Phuck!!!
  288. Bush stated..
  289. Be careful what you wish for......
  290. Wooooopoosie
  291. Justices Uphold Campus Military Recruiting
  292. What exactly is A BILLION
  293. DeLay wins Texas GOP nomination
  294. Top Bush administration officials warn Iran
  295. become the canadian liberal leader
  296. Interesting video.
  297. NBA OR NFL?
  298. Democrates and Republicans
  299. Dubai to give up control of U.S. ports
  300. American hostage killed in Iraq
  301. Hilary.....New York loves you
  302. I thought he was GOP
  303. the real story
  304. World Series Game Six
  305. Humans and Chimps..
  306. Stem cell..
  307. Here's the start of the Dubai fallout
  308. Algore......still outta touch
  309. Israel thinkin of bombing Iran
  310. Newspaper as we know it.....DEAD
  311. IRS video.. Anyone seen this yet?
  312. The mafia.. Now the government..
  313. Joke
  314. Airlines to charge extra for isle seats
  315. Took the words right outta my mouth
  316. A True Measure of How things are Going For The Left
  317. Important question
  318. Soul for sale!!
  319. Stupid Michigan Politicians
  320. Did anyone ever notice..
  321. Republicans happier then Democrats
  322. Evolution of math
  323. Tired of Bush????
  324. Crowds light at anti war protests
  325. A Question for those with Differing Opinions
  326. Take this test
  328. ENRAGED beyond words over this......
  329. The duck and the devil
  331. IRS
  332. I asked the Heavens for a sign
  333. Russia and Iraq......Whoops
  334. America defeted by terrorist
  335. No control of life? Come to a dead end? Need a pick me up?
  336. This war is for real!
  337. T Shirt designs
  338. What will it accomplish?
  339. Great quoate from Cheney
  340. God, the racist!!
  341. All bullshit aside!!
  342. US new weapon to fight weapons
  343. Clinton....Do as I say not as I do
  344. Any problem's with a guilty verdict?
  345. is this racism, extremism, intollerance?
  346. Spanish Media behind Nationwide protests
  347. Congresswoman Punches Cop
  348. Where Is The Blue Collar Liberal Outcry
  349. War with Canada is imminent.......
  350. Why no press?: FBI's Mueller: Hezbollah Busted in Mexican Smuggling Operation
  351. more on that Congresswoman
  352. A Case where prison might be to easy
  353. and we have a right not to go to your Movies
  354. Real indian pride!
  355. Homeland security official caught in child porn sting
  356. Democrats Show Lack of Support For Their Own
  357. Video Interview With Congresswoman McKinney and US Capitol Chief of Police
  358. I LIKE this Political Ad...
  359. NBC News Race Baiting?
  360. Fun For All People Give me a politician with some guts... PLEASE
  361. mexicans
  362. Phuck my stocks are finally..
  363. Good for Em
  364. Rice: ‘Strong steps’ may be needed to stop Iran
  365. Union Shop
  366. One lucky Marine
  367. If you have doubts about Iran read this...
  368. Thank You
  369. Interesting words of wisdom.
  370. How do Canibal's think?
  371. Cable News Race
  372. Why must my life be controlled..
  373. You probably won't see this on ABC, CBS or NBC
  374. Number of millionaires hits new record
  375. Palestinians Struggle To Survive After Aid is Cut
  376. Windfall profit tax?
  377. Will She Ever Learn To Shut Her Big Fat Yap ?
  378. Finally....a liberal with imagination.
  379. Five Surgeons Discussing...
  380. More on Stem Cell Research
  381. How they Vote in the UN
  382. Bush names Tony Snow of Fox News to Press Secretary
  383. Loose Change
  384. Know Your State Motto
  385. Musoui Not To Face The Death Penalty
  386. What's Your definition.........
  387. The New U.S. Bill of Rights
  388. Oil Prices Falling
  389. California Dreamin'
  390. for all you Fox News Haters
  391. Are you a Democrat, Republican or Southerner?
  392. Texans.....Ya gotta Lovem
  393. Sheriff Joe....he's what we need
  394. Tax Cuts WAA HOO
  395. Caller ID
  396. Stats on the Illegal Immigrant Demo from Retailers
  397. Tony Snow on the Job!!!
  398. Dem's get busted......again!!!
  399. Huh . . . Another Bush Poll
  400. Proof that God exists!!!
  401. GOD Speaks to Teddy Kennedy
  402. Bush going prime time,lol
  403. First Lady: 'I Don't Believe George's Low Ratings'
  404. Eric Shawn: UN Sabotaging US Dangerous
  405. Duke Rape Case
  406. Oil Minister: Don't Bank on High Growth
  407. A few thoughts.....
  409. AAA: Memorial Day Travel to Rise Slightly
  410. My Thinking Problem...
  411. Bend over, Congress is in Action again
  412. Thank You Delaware
  413. Algore....oldie but goodie
  414. Bush "No child left behind" Program
  415. OOOPs
  416. Democrat Governor McGreeve Tell All Gayness Book
  417. John Glen
  418. enron
  419. I Can't Help It, This Is Too Funny Not To Post...
  420. Everyone Chime In.......
  421. Immagration
  422. How bad is jealousy and envy?
  425. Dont Know If you have seen this..
  426. Smoking ban....
  427. this guy is on Drugs
  429. New York Senator Uninjured in Air Crash
  430. the Athiest and the Bear
  431. Vet sues Michael Moore
  432. Iraqi vet seek's revenge against Moore
  433. Lying piece of Crap
  434. More from Algore
  435. What is the mission?
  436. Absolute truth?
  437. They just can't stop lying ...the real reason
  438. Could 06-06-06 be a symbolic day?
  439. Home grown terrorism
  440. Protests banned at SOME Military funerals
  441. Baghdad ER
  442. Stuck on Stupid
  443. Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Dies in Bombing Attack
  444. You've gotta be friggin' kidding me!
  445. Official Announcement
  446. Spinning Themselves Right Into Defeat
  447. Dubya Quotes
  448. It's just not right...
  449. Bush in Bagdad....... NOW!!!
  450. Not PC,,,,
  451. Way to go US legislators...
  452. Illegal Immigration Problem Solved...
  453. Bush speaks to the Troops in Iraq 6/13/06
  454. FEMA not giving enough.....
  455. Support Geno's In Philly
  456. Senator John Kerry is a Saint
  457. Flag Day
  458. U.S. Senators who voted to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits
  459. another OOOPS for you Liberals
  460. Another Solution for New Orleans...
  461. Redneck Statistics
  462. Dem's '06 Plan Out
  463. Dirka Dirka Hadji Girl......Video
  464. and it goes on
  465. I'll be go to hell
  466. Even Lib's aren't safe from Lib's
  467. Palosi And Democratic House Divided Over Money Scandals
  468. I love this girl
  469. Ann Coulter
  470. Alla or Jesus ? PC Anyone
  471. Border patrol
  472. NewsMax Survey on Ann Coulter
  473. Dixie Chicks Bash Patriotism
  474. Just in... Saddam is still a free man..
  475. When you need a good laugh
  476. What goes around....... Goodby Dan
  477. The Preambles of all 50 States...
  478. Could It Be True
  479. Why we should end Welfare and all other entitlements
  480. Its now time to get out
  481. Too much on the US plate..
  482. Where the phuck are the naysayers now?
  483. Close Gitmo???
  484. what do you all think about this?
  485. anybody see on the News about WMD in Iraq?
  486. A little fun...
  487. Democrats Defeat Themselves; Again Over Iraq Withdrawl
  488. DeVinci Code
  489. This is funny
  490. Miami Terrorists
  491. isn't this just sad...
  492. Talk about a hard way to win a lawsuit
  493. Bla Bla Bla
  494. Time to bomb Cairo Egypt!!!
  495. Music Video for Monty
  496. Who's the War Mongers now?????
  497. Rush Limbaugh ..STIFF Radio.....
  498. Sick
  499. Mrs Biggs
  500. so why isn't smoking banned?
  501. Serious Test. Be Honest With Yourself...
  502. noah
  503. Israeli's Take It To Hamas Rebels In Gaza
  504. Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Indians ?
  505. Pretty Cool
  506. Hecklers at Military Funerals
  508. Brothers pictures.. Thanks to Jason..
  509. New Jersey You Voted For Them, You Got Em
  510. Where Are We?
  511. North Korea
  512. Ken Lay of ENRON Dies
  513. Who cares???
  514. Lost somewhere in Milan
  515. the Rush transcrips
  517. Time for the World to wake up
  518. Women!!
  519. Wonder if you see this on CNN? I doubt it
  520. Monty For Governor
  521. Robin Williams Plan
  522. USS New Jersey, USS Missouri Battleships
  523. Easy solve for North Korea
  524. CNN Announces
  525. HONESTLY............
  526. E85 Marketing
  527. Well Bush was right!!
  528. Is democracy and our laws better?
  529. Sign in Canadian Store Window
  530. 72 virgins that Allah promised!
  531. I'm watching the evacuee's from Lebanan
  532. How to test a Missile
  533. Step up to the plate BITCHES!!
  534. This is what Liberal Judges do
  535. Qustion about politics and health care.
  536. More stemcell stuff..
  537. Why John Boy isn't the Prez
  538. OH Geeze say a Prayer
  539. No# 3 tryin to get ratings
  540. Pro's and Con's of adopting in the U.S
  541. Whats wrong with this picture??????
  542. I have a plan
  544. Possibly a solution for the middle east
  545. Conservatives can't say this
  546. so who says illegals dont cost us money??
  547. Interesting view piont from Iran....
  548. Something we should do here
  549. Cable News Ratings July 24
  550. check this out
  551. When will they learn not to mess with Isreal???
  552. We're off to see the Wizard!
  553. Ooh-rah!
  554. lebanese canadians
  556. jews and chinese
  557. interesting stuff in here
  558. Georgia woke up
  559. this Murtha Phucker goin down
  560. the corporate states of america
  561. Prayer in the Middle East!
  562. Who Knew?
  563. Criminal's Beware
  564. hezbolla photo propaganda
  565. Dixie Chicks -ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha
  566. The US to occupy Iraq for 12 more years..
  567. New Video from Monty
  568. Do as I say .......Algore
  569. France uneffected by latest terror threat
  570. 2 arrested in Ohio
  571. Didn't we discuss this hear??
  572. Hey Monty you explain something to us
  573. Is America Watching a Different War?
  574. Taste of reality!!! Call it what you will...
  575. *No you'll be in jail...... and your ugly too!!
  576. Taxes on Interstates? What Next?
  577. Thank You Tony Blair and George Bush
  578. Let say Thanks
  579. Whoops 40 arrested in Italy
  580. Lets all say a little prayer for Cindy
  581. Hey Wes, what's up with this? LOL
  582. Bringing a baseball bat to a gunfight
  583. Carl (Gunny) these are for you....
  584. Howard Stern and Free Speech
  585. I'm sure that this is just a misunderstanding....
  586. A Pretty serious friggin problem
  587. Just in ARABS firing missles
  588. Why can't the US do this???
  589. Just Wonderful
  590. It's Far From Over In Connecticut
  591. Cheap Labor?
  592. BS Promises time is here again
  593. Tax Break for Nevada Illegals
  594. another do as I say Liberal
  595. Cable News Numbers Aug 14th
  596. 226 arrests .... one guy
  597. Monty - are these subtitles correct?
  598. Here's something to think about
  599. I guess we'll never win.......WTF!!!!
  600. and I thought Algore was an idiot
  601. OK so he lives in my hood
  602. 60 Miuntes - Sunday 13th August
  603. North Korea Nuke Test?
  604. Gun Cam of a AC-130 Gunship
  605. Disturbing
  606. Riverside NJ
  607. You'll get a kick outta this
  608. Andy Rooney speaks the truth.
  609. Duct Tape an AARAB to the wall on Tuesday
  610. 100 years of Global Warming ???
  611. 10.5 showdown
  612. Interesting Survey of 45,000 Americans
  613. Islam in America
  614. perhaps abortion is OK
  615. Terrorist Surprise!
  616. More of this is gonna happen
  617. This really pisses me off
  618. On CNN now
  619. Possible photo fraud?
  620. another AAARAB issue
  621. Please help me better understand!!
  622. Mayor Nagin Just Can't Keep His Foot Out of His Mouth
  623. Another Great Edit job from both sides
  624. Global Warming now growing Glaciers??
  625. Someone has to explain this to me.....WTF
  626. FOX News' 2 reporters released
  627. Thanks UN
  628. Well, what do you know!
  629. Why don't we follow suit???
  630. I wonder if they could have came up with a better name for this article?
  631. Rumsfeld
  632. National Geographic Channel tonight at 9
  634. Perhaps maybe I'll watch CNN
  635. Why we cannot save Louisiana
  636. New Survivor Show Race Based???
  637. Liberals never stop dreaming
  638. what do you think?
  639. Don't miss the 2008 Democratic Convention!
  640. Not front page worthy????? hhmmmm
  641. Hats off to Jim Leyland!
  642. Got it Right Daun Undeh...
  643. this is phucking sick
  644. When it all began in the middle east.
  645. coming to a post office near you.......
  646. who says squids can handle a rifle?
  647. Liberal Reporter gets Snowed
  648. What If I Broke Into Your House?
  649. I love war!!!
  650. Mitt Romney - a governer with some balls!!
  651. Military Quotes
  652. Truth hurts Liberals again
  653. Attn Liberal New Yorkers
  654. Even the Fish in DC are cross dressing
  655. Iraq in bed with Bin Laden??..but that's not what Monty taught me!
  656. WMD's in Iraq?...No way!!
  657. Bin Laden What If...
  658. Be a man Monty....
  659. Food for Thought
  660. For you Clinton Lovers
  661. Yea Man
  662. Whoops
  663. For those who claim to be Christians today on 9/11
  664. Hey Katie
  665. More For Clinton Lovers!!!
  667. Your Killin me here
  668. If Katie went down like her ratings
  669. This angers me.....
  670. Exodus Decoded
  671. ??????????????????????????????
  672. From a Romainian Newspaper Columnist
  673. I'm pretty sure Monty is a sheep....
  674. The Christians cast a religious war on the world!!!
  675. Look what the fish in San Francisco can do...
  676. Target ?
  677. Monty you think you have it bad????
  678. Then Why do we need ID to get on an Airplane?
  679. the entire US needs to do this
  680. Possible sad News on Binny
  681. Clinton Pissed Video
  682. Bizarre Sex Sting in NY
  683. More to come........ he he
  684. Even Bob Hope knew......
  685. Ancient skeleton
  686. Long read .... well worth it
  687. LIBERALS They just don't stop
  688. Where are all the Americans?
  689. Outta Control ...... We should just cut and run
  690. Gore on Smokers!
  691. Where's Gunny been????
  692. Suggestion to Reduce Our Oil Consumption
  693. Stemcell information for repairing spinal cord injuries
  694. Hillary Changes Name
  695. A new beginning.. I see the light...
  696. Let's really ge it hot in here
  697. The truth about Satan and his preachers.
  698. Religion????? Big business or?????
  699. citgo
  700. Radical Muslims are waging an "intifada" against Police
  701. George Sr Speaks
  702. Could This Have Been W?
  703. Where's the logic?
  704. All this talk of Unions and Companies....
  705. WMD's moved to Syria??...no way!!
  706. Granholm vs Devos
  707. Great Video
  708. Lets see where you stand
  709. What did they say?? Culture of Corruption
  710. Whats this a picture of??
  711. How did I miss this
  712. another Dingy Harry Story
  713. Do as I say ....... AH Liberals
  714. Katie my dear..... what happened??
  715. No worries Fellow Christians.
  716. Charlie Rangel on “so-called terrorists”
  717. Translation=Dems are setting up for loss
  718. Typical Democrat
  719. What is truly the gauge.......
  720. We wonder we are becoming...
  721. Just in .......... Democratic Convention Schedule
  722. Obsession the Movie...An interesting review
  723. This is sad
  724. You CNN loving asswipes
  725. Are we ready?
  726. Funny or Justice?
  727. I thought of you Jimmy
  728. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached a new low.
  729. Now this is strange...... I guess to PC to check people
  730. Do as I say not as I do Part 2
  731. simply amazing
  732. Must be a heated campaign battle.....
  733. Very Interesting Article....Read all of it..
  734. John Kerry on the war in Iraq
  735. Jihad
  736. Is there to much emphasis on race?
  737. Test your awareness
  738. Dear John....
  739. Where's Monty been hiding???
  740. Stem cell info we don't hear about...
  741. Another Adult Stem Cell Story
  742. America is speaking............
  743. Sneak peak at Dems planned agenda for 07-08
  744. Semper Fi
  745. Funny Glen Beck Videos
  746. Terrorist are speaking
  747. Saturday - Veteran's Day
  748. this is why Americans Phucked up
  749. are there any republicans that criticize bush and dems that criticize clinton?
  750. Please Remember Them
  751. a disturbing sign of the times....
  752. What turning point..
  753. Inflatable doll
  754. NFL or NBA
  755. An Open Letter to Our President and the Incoming Legislators...
  756. America is speaking II
  757. American car companies???
  758. Billions
  759. Watch Glen Beck Today
  760. More Clinton fun!
  761. The Top Dog in Iraq speaks before Congress...
  762. its coming to Michigan
  763. one for the troops
  764. presidents IQ ratings who had the highest and who had the lowest? read to find out!
  765. A view from the left coast
  766. An interesting article
  767. Here's how Democrats operate
  768. if Borat was not a "Hit" would this be happening?
  769. You've got to be kidding me....
  770. What You Get For Five Bucks...
  771. A video after my own heart NWS
  772. I thought going into..
  773. The Buckeyes win again...WTF!!!
  774. Time appears to be running out for the United Kingdom
  775. C.A.I.R is ticked off about this spot on SNL
  776. anybody see this
  777. Teach your kids this!!!! Or learn it yourself.....
  778. I decided to be a treehugger
  779. Washington D.C. six years after Clinton...
  780. Conceal carry
  781. A Political Statement...
  782. Separation of church and state
  783. Palestine: Peace not Apartheid
  784. What should be done?
  785. Banning the N-word???
  786. Outsourcing Hits Christmas...
  787. Interesting Books CCWs may want to look at...
  788. BREAKING NEWS........
  789. Isn't taking the Dems long to start breaking promises
  790. Discrimination videos MUST SEE
  791. black bush video!!!
  792. this is bull sh**
  793. Phuck Em
  794. Warren Buffet interview from CNBC.
  795. Bong hits 4 Jesus
  796. OK then stay there
  797. I smell a Rat
  798. Why isn't this making the nightly news?
  799. Look who THEY ARE BASHING
  800. This is why we must wake up
  801. corrupt countries
  802. This is Funny
  803. History Summary
  804. Some Pretty Good Quotes
  805. CNN and I agree on something
  806. Katrina Fraud Tops $1,000,000,000
  807. Whoops Penutman
  808. Why does it take so long to report this?
  809. A Picture Worth Million Words.
  810. A Picture Worth Million Words.
  811. HMMM
  812. Screw this Jew ....... is that PC to say ???
  813. New Intel Guy don't have any
  815. This should explain it for some of you
  816. AMEN
  817. so no to happy holidays
  818. Which is better: Smarter or Harder?
  819. Two Proposals worth Considering
  820. Uplifting story, just not sure I believe it
  821. A way to combat AIF mortars and rocket's
  822. What Do you Think?
  823. You're all infidels....
  824. Sandy Burgler
  825. The true word of God....
  826. Hispanic groups call for moratorium on work raids
  827. Al Qaeda Sends a Message to Democrats
  828. Christmas Story to Blow Your Mind. I posted this in 2001 on 1 of my boards
  829. Remember Me
  830. Taxes
  831. Funny, but serious
  832. Merry Christmas
  833. Ethiopians....WTF?
  834. Good news, bad news
  835. Strike up the band
  836. Now I have read it all
  837. run your own country
  838. The teenage Islams are smart.....
  839. Aggressive, but not very smart NWS
  840. A surge of stupidity
  841. Look at this stuff
  842. New Orleans Rebuilding & Katrina Fraud
  843. What do ya think about this???
  844. Where's PETA when ya need em???
  845. Your favorite conspiracy theories
  846. Look here they got Liberals in Iraq
  847. After reading this, my resolution is definitely safe now
  848. Serious Effort or Just Show?
  849. LMAO
  850. I got an issue with our Government
  851. Thomas Jefferson's Koran
  852. Robot Bartender
  853. OOPS What goes around....
  854. Drive free cars.
  855. How to drive free cars!!
  857. National Guard Cut and run on border
  858. Israel to Nuke Iran
  859. Southern Justice
  860. Interesting...........
  861. Never coming to a broadcast near you....
  862. The House is taking Monday off for a college football game????
  863. So now what are they going to do?
  864. Wars are different these days
  865. Things you just don't do
  866. US Air Strikes in Africa TODAY
  867. Maybe this what they are doing....
  868. Hooray for Little Old Ladies
  869. ACLU are they really helping Americans?
  870. Kudo's to Minnesota
  871. Troop surge?????????
  872. some light humor
  873. Something to piss some of you off
  874. Where does it stop???
  875. Where was this guy at when...
  876. this is what Democrats do for us
  877. Kids kicked off of Bus,,for speaking ENGLISH
  878. Thank you, but.......
  879. Might have took 8 years but we got one of them
  880. Taser for the Home
  881. Its good to see NYC getting back to normal after 9/11
  882. Winning the war in Iraq
  883. Time to start packin iron at work!!!
  884. Alex Jones
  885. CNN finally reveals the truth
  886. Find out where you fit politically
  887. Why doesn't the Arab League say anything about their own killing their own??
  888. FOX on top..... again
  889. Dem's doin what they do best
  890. Drive By Terrorist attack?
  892. troop time extensions ???
  893. a "New Direction"
  894. Tax cuts don't work???
  895. congress passes the "randall duke cunningham" bill in a bipartison effort!
  896. Solid Plan
  897. It's Official, Marine Cpl awarded the Medal of Honor
  898. a Note to Jesse Jackson
  900. Why should we drill for oil in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico?
  901. Interesting Interview with Gerald Ford former Pres. of the U.S
  902. US Economy Update
  903. Saddams Brother leaves us
  904. 60-Minute interview
  905. Interesting Perspective on Iraq War. A look back in history...
  906. Minumum wage increase discussion.
  907. Ut Oh... Senate Dems trash Pelosi's Ethics reform bill
  908. Gen Casey speaks
  909. Not Good
  910. Fidel checking out???
  911. Business as usual
  913. Shouldn't Bush be held responsible for this?
  914. Oil For Food UN Head Charged
  915. Iran shoots down US Plane
  916. Californians
  917. Good Read out in paperback TODAY
  918. Saudi Troops to Iraq????
  919. Global Business outlook at 5 year high
  920. something else to anger you.....
  921. 8 Arab Countries support Bush
  922. Political Correctness Defined
  923. Here we go again
  924. Dem Chairman FOR the escalation ... until Bush proposed it...
  925. Global Warming Terrorists
  926. Jimmy is a little pissed
  927. Media has to much time on their hands
  928. One more thing our solders do...
  929. Ear for snipers
  930. Jimmy's Morning Report
  931. Breaking...
  932. Two Proposals Worth Consideration
  933. Do you think......
  934. Corrupt Republicans.......What are we gonna do with them?
  935. Let the mudslinging begin
  936. Ethics for lawyer/politicians written by the same.
  937. 2 reasons to not vote for Obama
  938. Corrupt Republicans2........:Caution, this will sting:
  939. Another anti american company
  940. Australia ..... lets see how this pans out
  941. A new Assoc. Press poll
  942. Is George Klass gay?
  943. This forum has been jumping, simply awesome
  944. Al queda in Iraq planned US attack
  945. Father Daughter Talk
  946. Hey Purpleplymoth...FOX NEWS
  947. Congressional Family Members in Iraq
  948. Operation Return to Sender
  949. Kind of sad
  950. funny
  951. SOTU on now.
  952. Civilian Reserve Corps
  953. Jimmy Carter is certifiably insane
  954. Kerry Cut and Runs from Presidential Race
  955. What the Hell was Nancy Pelosi doing
  956. bush honestly did a good job leveling with the united states.
  957. What Daddy Does For a Living
  958. Liberal Purge
  959. One Down
  960. This is very Interesting
  961. Think Alaska is worried about global warming now?
  962. Gun Crime Increase in UK
  963. New U.N. Secretary General, Same Old U.N.?
  964. Aussie point if view
  965. Sucide Bomber Article
  966. National Right To Carry Senate Bill
  967. Good News for me
  968. Patriot John Kerry........
  969. The Peaceful Majority
  970. Dems seem to quiet on this
  971. Little by little......
  972. Carl gave us a ride in town
  973. Computer OS + Big Brother = Vista.
  974. Can't poop facing Mecca if you're a convict....
  975. I don't phuckin' believe this!
  976. Are you a...............
  977. 10 commandments
  978. Iraq General Interview WMD's
  979. Is it just me......
  980. U.S. plans hike in immigration, citizenship fees
  981. At the Verge of WAR with Iran!
  982. something to think seriously about !!!
  983. OMG.......Anybody surprised at this?
  984. Hillary for President
  985. aqua teen hunger force
  986. AH the French
  987. the new parts yards
  988. this don't sound good
  989. screw Algore Rush gets nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  990. Left or right, up or down
  991. Military shows off new ray gun.
  992. Allies today.. Enemies tomorrow..
  993. AWOL Senators
  994. I break into your Home
  995. Is this for real???
  996. Video- Real Face of Islam
  997. Video of John Edwards....
  998. Before or After 9-11
  999. What do ya think of this???
  1000. Rudy 08
  1001. Monday
  1002. A different take on Global Warming
  1003. Damn free spending Democrats
  1004. Global Warming
  1005. What Senator John Glenn Said
  1006. if your a Republican they DEMAND a Liberal they ask
  1007. How much is that again?
  1008. Why we need a timeline in Iraq
  1009. Denzel Washington
  1010. EXXON
  1011. Vote for Hillary
  1012. President Bush its time for you to act
  1013. Happy BDay Ron
  1014. Anyone ever thought.....
  1015. George, you ever been to Mississippi?
  1016. Funny what happens if ya don't tow the line
  1017. Paying taxes
  1018. Bremer on the hot seat
  1019. For Sale
  1020. Ben Stein on Oil Companies
  1021. Andy Rooney for President!!!!!
  1022. Changing Times
  1023. RIDDLE
  1024. lost us money
  1025. Roosevelt 1907
  1026. Hillary and the Kids
  1027. Close your ears tomorrow..
  1028. Some more stem cell info
  1029. saving some money
  1030. Who do you want to believe?
  1031. Good Story
  1032. The price of meat just went up
  1033. this will open your eyes
  1034. Minimum wage increase seeing results!
  1035. Boys will be boys!
  1036. great quote!
  1037. 5 Grammys Mark Dixie Chicks' Comeback?????
  1038. Why?
  1039. And you wonder
  1040. Scooter Libby trial
  1041. Tet Offensive in Iraq?
  1042. Gen. Pace, gonna be in trouble now...
  1043. Funny Greeting Card
  1044. Reagan's Last Words
  1045. credit cards for illegals
  1046. He He He
  1047. Will you give this to my Daddy???
  1048. president bush's speach
  1049. Former Iraqi Prison commander fires at turncoat politico's
  1050. Saudi Al queda wants to hit US oil suppliers
  1051. How was your day?
  1052. Do you remember . . .
  1053. Marines catch HVT in Fallujah
  1054. Presidential Candidate Survey
  1055. Nugent on hunting...
  1056. Gunny Will Apreciate This...
  1057. Heres a bunch to deport
  1058. Neo Cons dream, or why we are in Iraq
  1059. Looks like Sutton has bagged another good guy in Texas
  1060. Scooter
  1061. Something really strange in Iraq
  1062. Extent of Islamic Activity in US TV Tonite
  1063. Tancredo Slams NFL for Border Patrol Ban
  1064. Oliver North
  1065. july 6, 1775
  1066. Not Yours to Give!
  1067. Happy President's Day
  1068. The Left
  1069. If the surge fails, then what?
  1070. The Cost of "Cheap Labor"
  1071. Kind of like the sound of this guy...
  1072. and while we still screw around in Iraq...
  1073. Iraq War
  1074. What the hell is wrong with this country?
  1075. McCain blasts Rumsfeld
  1076. Here's the future
  1077. Sunni's and Shia working together thanks to Marines
  1078. I thought the Economy was in trouble?
  1079. Very sad!!
  1080. Islamic-Mein-Kamph vid.
  1081. Interesting Point of View on the Middle East Situation
  1082. HMMM
  1083. Oil production
  1084. Back-sliding, back-stabbing, happening on both sides of the isle
  1085. Chlorine Gas attacks in Iraq! Hmm?
  1086. Did he really say that?
  1087. Religeous Discussion in Trashed section
  1088. Let's hear it for the old guys!
  1089. How?
  1090. ACLU ex-president charged in child-porn case
  1091. What A Gesture By The State Of Va.
  1092. regardless what the dems and liberals say, the economy is prosperous!
  1093. Care to tackle this one....
  1094. Cheney's world, where down is up
  1095. Government job
  1096. Time to get tough on illegal aliens
  1097. a Truth not on the network news
  1098. When we were kids.....
  1099. Putting the Iraq war aside..
  1100. U.S. patrols still unable to tell friend from foe
  1101. Eleven days till Baghdad
  1102. Easter is canceled.
  1103. The Democrat fisherman
  1104. Breaking News DOW Drops 500 points......
  1105. Check the Nightly News for this
  1106. Hollywood Heros
  1107. Bush-Closet Democrat?
  1108. Why I love the government
  1109. Bagdad Summit
  1110. Another Political Pawn
  1111. Pepole's republic of seattle
  1112. YB hazardous to your health!!
  1113. Illegal "Aliens"
  1114. More aliens
  1115. Hillary Quotes (Documented)
  1116. Why
  1117. I wonder if Jesus smoked pot with his son Judah
  1118. Welcome home soldiers!
  1119. Dear God... I think George will like this one
  1120. Refuting Ossurary Story of Tomb of James.
  1121. Iraq... Hmmmmmmm
  1122. Not Good......... at all
  1123. If They
  1124. Why is it?
  1125. What would Thomas Jefferson think of our Judiciary today?
  1126. Welfare In Mexico...
  1127. Remember: Don't Forget to Pay Your Taxes...
  1128. Protect your right to Rebuild, Race, and Modify your car
  1129. Time to bomb Buena Park
  1130. Well after watching Discovery the other night....
  1131. joke for ya
  1132. How businesses in the U.S......
  1133. How big is this guys house???
  1134. Guilty
  1135. How do you spell corruption......?
  1136. Well business as usual
  1137. Walter Reed Cartoon Link!
  1138. Hillary developes southern accent
  1139. Remember the Alamo
  1140. Federal judge: Parents don't have right to dictate curriculum
  1141. Monty
  1142. Insurgents using Youtube
  1143. Meet My Next Wife
  1144. What a Joke of a Mess!
  1145. who is causing global warming on Mars?
  1146. Halliburton, again
  1147. I'm rich!!
  1148. He He He
  1149. a note from Bill OReilly.com
  1150. hmmm
  1151. Newt the Hypocrite
  1152. Iraq divided by 3 =
  1153. It's ALL about OIL.
  1154. Financial Advice
  1155. Liberals just don't get it
  1156. Discovery Whoops
  1157. Brain washed!!!
  1158. A huge 2nd amendment victory
  1159. another reason to build a fence
  1160. Why is it wrong if your White?
  1161. caralina
  1162. Went to the tax man today
  1163. Erosion of Constitutional Laws and Justice in America
  1164. Breaking NEWS .... Hillary on Crack
  1165. Are we as a people shedding responsibility?
  1166. Interesting Animated Maps of War-Religion--good!
  1167. This guy is wacked..... or needs to be wacked
  1168. Halliburton news
  1169. Computer Geek or Serial killer
  1170. insight for the day
  1171. funny but true
  1172. Illinois is trying the assault rifle ban
  1173. Number of Ribs
  1174. They gotta be shitten me
  1175. Our Planet Earth...
  1176. General Pace refuses to be Politically Correct.
  1177. I didn't know Monty was a congressman
  1178. Presidential election in 2008
  1179. You've Read About Carbon Offsets, Now Here's Another...
  1180. Not on the front page
  1181. can you believe this shit???
  1182. the devil mad me do it
  1183. How's that mental masturbation thing going?
  1184. howard dean-kerry gaining foreign support for the dems
  1185. Now, here's a surprise
  1186. Understanding or Tolerable?
  1187. "Nothing to Fear"
  1188. Global Warming Nuts Attack Another Tradition
  1189. Ya gotta Believe GOD has a cense of Humor
  1190. Fanaticism at the White House
  1191. Alawi's Story. Dateline Iraq.
  1192. Hard Core 7 Yo Criminal Handcuffed.
  1193. Hard Core Porn on regular TV newscast.
  1194. Toxic Gas kills 8
  1195. ‘We didn’t lose the war in Vietnam’
  1196. This guy cracks me up
  1197. **WARNING** National Media DO NOT READ!!!
  1198. TV Ad
  1199. I small a Rat. Too convienient
  1200. and they get wacky-er
  1201. Lets watch this story
  1202. Soowie Pigs. Pork-Pork-more Pork & Bribes
  1203. Finally some good news out of Louisiana
  1204. A very clear message by the Dems
  1205. Look Here Democrats
  1206. anybody have a 28,000sf House??
  1207. Did you know???
  1208. The Hot Air Tour
  1209. Iraq Analysis
  1210. algore!
  1211. Free dialysis!
  1212. lock and load gunny!
  1213. Senator Fred Thompson
  1214. the get even wackier
  1215. Another Nightmare brewing
  1216. Hey Al
  1217. Bush Statement
  1218. Firing of the U.S. attorneys
  1219. BA BOOOOM
  1220. Bill Gates wants more immigration
  1221. John Edwards drops out of race....OOPS Stays in
  1222. a Twist on "PC" Laws
  1223. Sick...........Twisted Family
  1224. DC I love it
  1225. Nancy whats goin on????
  1226. the "PC" group is starting on Vacations
  1227. Iran is at it again....
  1228. Home Sales???
  1229. Carl please explain
  1231. Whitehouse stealing the Edward's thunder???
  1232. Speaking of homes check this out
  1233. Deployment - the real numbers
  1234. some 6th graders are thinkers
  1235. Stock Market this week
  1236. Thank You USS John F. Kennedy
  1237. Now it's the Officers in Afghanistan turn
  1238. Question about the Pet Food poisoning
  1239. Iraq last Wednesday
  1240. Yea I'm sure they admitted that to ya
  1241. More on Illegals
  1242. Iran going to try British Marines and Soilders for Espionage
  1243. *and You Liberals say the US doesn't have Freedom
  1244. The United States of North America
  1245. 1973
  1246. watch how you act iran!
  1247. Bush Opens Our Border To Mexican Trucks
  1248. ???????????
  1250. For George!
  1251. Citigroup may cut 15,000 jobs
  1252. New Home Sales Drop
  1253. Intel to build $2.5B Chip Plant in China
  1254. more immigration
  1255. More passing of the buck
  1256. New Poll
  1257. Carl ya know this Guy??
  1258. To Our Defenders In Battle And At Home,
  1259. hell may be freezing over.
  1260. Things must be going OK...
  1261. State Constitutions
  1262. America is safe now since 9/11
  1263. Phillipine situation
  1264. one more reason Why I hate Liberals
  1265. a song about my 3rd Wife
  1266. Iranians Part Duh
  1267. Overwhelming Force
  1268. Great news from Illinois!
  1269. Bla bla bla- blah
  1270. Rosie O'donnell..the current Fonda?
  1271. Keep buying foreign. YOur pets will thank you!
  1272. Name Rank & Serial Number?
  1273. USS Carl Vincent finds a new home
  1274. Am I wrong or is this BS??
  1275. 3/29 Cable Ratings
  1276. One more straw to add to the pile
  1277. Backed into corner. How will he get out?
  1278. A very small step in the right direction.
  1279. Lou Dobbs
  1280. Do not be mislead
  1281. What is a
  1282. WoW
  1283. Fuck Citco
  1284. more chavez madness
  1285. Russia says the US will attack
  1286. Dumb Beooch..... Rupert is a Liberal
  1287. Newt
  1288. Thou Shalt Not Kill?
  1289. another brite idea........ fails
  1290. This is coming here
  1291. Voted for Democrats in 06 ?????
  1292. What is wrong with this picture
  1293. Attn Algore please read
  1294. Democrats get Nuttier
  1295. Iran to free Brits
  1296. Obama - Watch out Hillary
  1297. Global Warming strikes outside of the Globe
  1298. Snoop vs Bill O'reilly Very Funny (NWS)
  1299. Loose Change III
  1300. History 101..forward this!!
  1301. Oscar Goodman for President!
  1302. Nancy has Issues
  1303. Church ladies with typewriters
  1304. So Much for the US Oil winfall in Iraq
  1305. Religous stupidity.
  1306. Unemployement down to 4.4%
  1307. Easter is not a Christian holiday
  1308. Always knew Al Gore was full of chit!
  1309. Illegals pay their "Fare Share of Taxes" NOT
  1310. Who is "DON IMUS"? What an idot...
  1311. List of Senators that voted for SS for Illegals
  1312. Senators that voted against English as Official Language
  1313. A sad day LOL
  1314. Cindy my dear they lied to ya
  1315. A little boys letter to God
  1316. Peace Out .....................well in Crawford anyway
  1317. God Bless America!!
  1318. How can people do research that refuse to read?
  1319. pope benedict XVI say that "nothing positive is happening in iraq"
  1320. UMR to Missouri Science and Technology
  1321. sports....
  1322. Interesting Perspective from an Iraqi author
  1323. Letters home from the Fallen in Iraq
  1324. Great news! For US Military Veterans & Kallita Charters
  1325. God Bless America- Ed's version
  1326. a Christmas Story writer killed by DUI Illegal Alien
  1327. Even the British press is phucked up
  1328. Global Warming Article by MIT Scientist
  1329. Guess the Edwards only like the poor
  1330. More on Nancy's Trip
  1331. Just for George...
  1332. Just when you are really hatin America
  1333. I know things like this always fail..
  1334. My feelings on America!!! By Monty Mikho
  1335. Jihad Watch
  1336. Quick E-85/Bio-Diesel Update
  1337. Kentucky National Guard on the Border
  1338. O' Boy (NOT). Talk about Big Brother :(
  1339. It's a woman's fault.
  1340. Who Earned Your Desk For You? Show This to Your Kids...
  1341. Maybe FoMoCo Deserves The Kick In The Nuts They Are Getting In The Market
  1342. Interesting read
  1343. Just got this. True? I'm not doubting
  1344. At least the banks are doing well
  1345. Let's hear if for Maryland
  1346. More on Ms. Pelosi
  1347. Safest place in all of Iraq BOMBED
  1348. Imus fireing
  1349. Would they say this if they were Black???
  1350. Do as I say not as I do Liberal gets bit in the A$$
  1351. what is compassionate conservatism in relationship to the holy christian bible?
  1352. Paul Wolfowitz is failing (again)
  1353. german army new training vices! there is no more prejudice towards blacks! lol
  1355. N Word OK for some
  1356. Let the game begin, Sharpton receives death threat
  1357. 22 dead: VA Tech Shooting
  1358. A clue for the clueless
  1359. Does anyone even care about this? Should you vote?
  1360. Sent to me. What ya think??
  1361. Self defense in todays world
  1362. O'Reilly tonight
  1363. Jersey Govenors SUV
  1364. Another new Name for Americans
  1365. Mayor of Nagasaki Shot and Killed
  1366. We knew this was coming
  1367. Profiling
  1368. Trash Talking In Sports
  1369. Some stats!!!
  1370. Nuttjob VT Killer sent NBC Package
  1371. How Ironic
  1372. Video of would be VT shooter
  1373. This guy should be thrown out of AMERICA
  1374. Nice speach Fred.
  1375. long but good reading!
  1376. Ted Nugent's perspective on gun free zones
  1378. Panhadling: Full Disclosure
  1379. Border Control
  1380. Mergers going on all over
  1381. the Wall
  1382. More Evidence for No Global Warming
  1383. Earh Day
  1384. Opinions: Americanism puppeting Nazism?
  1385. The trouble with Islam
  1386. Algore is in
  1387. Gun bans don't deter killers
  1388. Support the Troops Country Video NWS
  1389. OH Katie
  1390. Something for Carl
  1391. Liberals have wrecked this country!!
  1392. Another Border Guard Charged with Murder
  1393. Soldier speaks out on VT Killings
  1394. Thank You Monty for the Extra Posts
  1395. Congress "micro-managing" the war
  1396. George dropped me an EMail
  1397. Ironies of the Iraq war
  1398. Dow hits 13,000
  1399. Why We're there
  1400. Jimmy dropped me an email
  1401. Russell Simmons on O'Reilly
  1402. This doesn't make any sense
  1403. OOOOOOOOp's
  1404. Sen. Joe Liberman Speech
  1406. What do ya think of Mitt Romney ????
  1407. all the "Green" Democrats flew Private Jets to debate
  1408. no "PC Police" in Poland
  1409. Saudi Arabia arrests 172 Terrorists
  1410. Fuzzy math out of Baghdad
  1411. Film at 11:00
  1412. The Great Toyota
  1413. Not a good sign
  1414. bush's foreign aid head caught up in a sex sting, more ammunition for the liberals!
  1415. so OK its back to personal lives again
  1416. Free Trade With South Korea?
  1417. Another Blow to the conspiracy nuts
  1418. You think we have political troubles? Look at this.
  1419. Interesting Poll on Mexicans, Illegals and Money
  1420. D.C. Madam Case
  1421. Mexicans Trucks are rolling
  1422. Here's some exciting news....
  1423. Illegals
  1424. Why do you support your party?
  1425. Our future??
  1426. No habla Englis
  1427. A SOLUTION?
  1428. FRED SAID.... he's the man.
  1429. NRA opposes bill to stop the sales of firearms to suspected terrorists!
  1430. Anyone here know anything about this?
  1431. A British man comments on Islam
  1432. France elections
  1433. Where is Silver when you need him?
  1434. WTFWTFWTFWTF????!!!
  1435. Jihad
  1437. 10,000 Dead ???
  1438. Democrats & Republicans working together
  1439. my choice.....
  1440. If only it were real and they had listened...
  1441. Students Striking....... LOL They don't even work
  1442. Click the signs....
  1443. Fort Dix
  1444. IS THIS TRUE?
  1445. compassionate conservative christians who are you going to vote in 08' if rudy gets..
  1446. If we had it to do over again...
  1447. $3000
  1448. Liberal Eutopia
  1449. Power of the vote, eat your heart out George Klass
  1450. CBS sends more shock jocks home
  1451. Imagine the money
  1452. Why he won't be President
  1453. Katie what happened???
  1454. It's all a matter of priorities
  1455. business sign
  1456. Kansas and Missouri deny illegal imigrants income tax refunds
  1457. Trouble in paradise
  1458. John Cox for President
  1459. 6 Day War by Russia?????
  1460. What about Ron Paul?
  1461. Another case of DNA proving innocence
  1462. Stop the War Vote
  1463. Amnesty is.............
  1464. It gets better
  1465. Ann Coulter what you won't see on the News
  1466. Illegal Imigrants Complaining Already
  1468. lets really discuss the 2nd amendment and our rights to bear arms
  1469. The Conspiracy that just won't go away
  1470. Mayor Bloomberg has got to be an idiot
  1471. Welfare
  1472. Pot this is kettle calling
  1473. What is your call on this one???
  1474. Government employees denied welfare?
  1475. Brits Gonna Stay?
  1476. joke
  1477. Rosie: Out of control
  1479. Animals more important then our Security
  1480. Dumb like a fox
  1481. $3.20 a gallon gasoline
  1482. I just love Democrats
  1483. Why our Boys and Girls are getting killed
  1484. Voters Vote get screwed by a Judge
  1485. No Backbone
  1486. lying corrupt NEWS
  1487. Habitat for Humanity
  1488. Constitutional Re-Write
  1489. 1 in 4 Muslims living in the USA feel . . .
  1490. What is Oprah stunned by?
  1491. $3.14 this morning. $3.49 this afternoon
  1492. New Iraq Plan
  1493. A lesson learned, again
  1494. D.C Madam
  1495. They are just hard working peaceful people
  1496. Piece of Shit???
  1497. 14 Illegals busted while working for U.S. Forestry Service
  1498. U.S Marine Commandant ticked at Army commanders
  1499. Cheney's a grandfather again
  1500. Everybody's fault but his own!
  1501. May the Blue Bird of Happiness crap on you
  1502. Can we use this against Washington???
  1503. Deck of Weasels
  1504. Rosie Al Quaida
  1505. Why She won't be President
  1506. Nobody wants it, but....
  1508. POA
  1509. Brilliant doctors
  1510. WOW!!!!!!!
  1511. Good Riddance Attention Whore
  1512. and Hollywood backs this guy
  1513. Michigan has $$$ problems.....
  1514. the path to socialism
  1515. Another crazed mother
  1516. Interesting Clinton Read
  1517. GO FRED!!!!!
  1518. Amnesty for the law breakers
  1519. Joke
  1520. Cost of illegals.....cont.
  1521. I'm lookin for a job that I get paid great for poor ratings
  1522. The Republican Fisherman
  1523. Whats going on in the Middle East:
  1524. Your Choice!!!!
  1525. Right to Carry Convert
  1526. Fun idea.
  1527. What happened??
  1528. Corporate armies
  1529. Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage
  1530. He is back! Dr. Death returns
  1531. more good news for Michigan..puke
  1532. It's about time
  1533. Fred facts.........
  1534. why she SHOULDN'T be president
  1535. Plot to blow up JFK Airport sqaushed
  1536. This can't be good.
  1537. Latest poll taken in California
  1538. War on Terror=Bumper Sticker??
  1539. Shit gonna hit the political fan
  1540. GUILTY! Detainee gets all charges dropped.
  1541. Jimmy! sumpin' from your girl!
  1542. In their own words video
  1543. Voters have NO SAY
  1544. Here's what I'm tryin to say
  1545. A new hillary
  1546. interesting read about new orleans
  1547. I'm with Fred!!!!
  1548. Anybody Notice Politicians are NOT
  1549. A date in history
  1550. Check this out. Working for America..........
  1551. Politics Explained
  1552. Another interesting read
  1553. WHOOPS
  1555. Whats wrong with this Picture???
  1557. The Libby deal
  1558. There are truely some wonderful people in the world!
  1559. quick joke
  1560. Republican punches a democrat...
  1561. This Grips my Butt
  1562. Hey we sent some crap back to em
  1563. and this is a story???
  1564. Well Joe Liberman is gonna get thrown outta the Democratic Party FURSUR
  1566. Whatya think???
  1567. France comin around???
  1569. Your Social Security
  1570. Change your status to illegal and SAVE!
  1571. Why is Membership Down??
  1572. great stuff!
  1573. Sounds like a friendly place
  1574. WTF?!
  1575. Reality
  1576. MORE FRED..............
  1577. Immigration gumballs
  1578. Quote of the Century:
  1579. Good News???
  1580. Illegal Immagration, for business
  1581. Gay Bomb????
  1582. Secret Service making poop in pants?
  1583. Dem's now on board to bomb Iran
  1584. So, how is Pres. Bush doing this week?
  1585. Most governors lower flag for troops
  1586. Quote of the century
  1587. Shopping Walmart funds Terrorists
  1588. Happy birthday M. L.
  1589. Ron Paul
  1590. Retirement Fun
  1591. Kick backs from N. Korea?
  1592. Good definition??
  1593. Bush borrowed more than all the 42 previous Presidents combined?
  1594. Nifong ........what say you???
  1595. VOID Citgo / PETRO EXPRESS
  1596. I wanna be Illegal
  1597. Open your eyes people.
  1598. &+#@!W$^T*&%F
  1599. OH Great
  1600. This shows what kind of people they are
  1601. New Preamble to the Constitution
  1603. We're not the bad guys anymore
  1604. Detroit should take notice.
  1605. This ought to help recruitment
  1606. Body Armor
  1607. another way to illegally get in to the U.S.
  1608. Free Speech "progressive" liberals,,,oh kayyy,,,,
  1609. Some More on Global Warming....
  1610. Another Great Government Idea
  1611. Fair and Balanced
  1612. The Great Hoax
  1613. Someone isn't happy!!
  1614. Oklahoma and Illegals
  1615. Voting - What do you vote 'on'.
  1616. The most dangerous man in America
  1617. Fair & Balanced
  1618. VP Power like none before. VP Cheney. Long Post
  1619. Fred Thompson
  1620. Drawing a line
  1621. Immigration Vote
  1622. Who really shows hate for people?
  1623. Want cheaper gas?
  1624. Somebody give this sheriff an award
  1625. New way to catch Illegals
  1626. How do you spell "cor-rup-tion"?
  1627. Immigration Bill just defeated
  1628. Can a muslim be a good american???
  1629. More Moore
  1630. Clinton....that SOB
  1631. Independence history
  1632. Military Justice. Gi's charged with Murder of Iraq's
  1633. Chris Farely lives
  1634. Bush showing his true colors again
  1635. Clintons Pardons for you LIBERAL ASSWIPES
  1636. Bush Pardons
  1637. here's some fun for you!
  1638. Where should one draw the line..???
  1639. Arizona Getting Tougher On Businesses
  1640. Independence Day
  1641. Deterent or just more aware
  1642. a little American history. Our anthem
  1643. Power
  1644. Al Gores son got popped
  1645. Good vids.
  1646. Bill Cosby speaks
  1647. Scooter
  1648. Whatdayathink
  1649. How to NOT hire quality American workers.
  1650. ICE
  1651. Profiling
  1652. Not front page News?
  1653. Why do JEWS vote for Democrats??
  1654. Some Fred Thompson History
  1655. More proof
  1656. Homeland Security
  1657. China Excutes Former Food and Drug Chief
  1658. What, no pardon?
  1659. But, it's good for the economy.
  1660. Two sets of rules?
  1661. Story of Two Houses
  1662. Executive Privilege
  1663. A Little Light At The End Of The Tunnel?
  1664. Media filters at CNN malfunction:
  1665. Oklahoma takes their own stance on Illegals
  1666. For George Klass
  1667. From a naval officer
  1668. The end may be coming...
  1669. Interesting insight
  1670. Hold him to this and bring the boys home:
  1671. how long do we have?
  1672. Our "friends" in the middle east
  1673. Iran wanting payment in Yen
  1674. Jimmy Carter: The father of Modern Jihadism (long)
  1675. Who get's credit for this:
  1676. Bush's new strategy
  1677. Iranian Poll
  1678. Kids today are lost
  1679. Damm Jim Mitchell passed
  1680. American Hiroshima
  1681. Nothing to worry about...
  1682. Yeah, i think the Dem's got the right idea
  1683. A little something for the minds to ponder.
  1684. just saving the planet.......
  1685. U.S.: Senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader held
  1686. And Now a word from our President
  1687. **For those with Pre Schoolers
  1688. Our troops in Iraq
  1689. Our tax $$ hard at work
  1690. what REALLY happened in with the illegals
  1691. Why does a commander have to beg for time????
  1692. us ambassador says that we're buying time in iraq at the cost of sodiers lives
  1693. Results of the colonoscopy are in!
  1694. ?? USA. captures N. Korean ships with nuke materials
  1695. Seen this??
  1696. More Good news out of Ramadi, sorry George Klass
  1697. The patients are controlling the asylum . . . .
  1698. iraq war veterens file class action law suit against VA head
  1699. More on Taxes
  1700. Arab woman on the war
  1701. More interesting "propaganda" from Baghdad
  1702. Who watched the U Tube debate last night?
  1703. The Problem in Iraq is'nt the Iraqi's
  1704. Another of George Klass' classic quotes takes a big hit
  1705. immigration by the numbers
  1706. A depressing statistic
  1707. New Terror Threat out right now
  1708. General Patton's new speech
  1709. George S. Patton is Alive . . .
  1710. thereligionofpease.com
  1711. A former Jihdist's perspective
  1712. Business as usual
  1713. this is one sick bastard
  1714. Sheriff Joe Arpaio for PREZ
  1715. Our Boys in Action
  1716. Want to be a Martyr for Islam?
  1717. Illegal is illegal
  1718. Hillary
  1719. bush wants to veto extra border security
  1720. Did he lie, or did he lie?
  1721. How to prolong a war...
  1722. Are we getting the real story?
  1723. The Catholic church wont stand alone!!
  1724. Where is Saddam when we need him?
  1725. Liberals try to bring down FOX
  1726. This CEO got slammed at least
  1727. this should piss off the Arabs
  1728. Learned something this morning
  1729. What would the Isrealis do?
  1730. Us & Them . . . . . .
  1731. Why talking/saunctions with Iran won't work
  1732. The power of the pharmaceutical/med lobby
  1733. Ken Pollack on Iraq surge
  1734. Bank of America's Double Standard
  1735. Senator Ted Stevens home raided by FBI
  1736. If I was Prez, what I would have done in Iraq
  1737. My Giant Daughter at Quarry
  1738. I have a few questions about religion
  1739. Qur'an Inconsitancies
  1740. Where's the fence????
  1741. interesting site
  1742. A pole for every church
  1744. What did they call the new game show for priest only
  1745. Another naive (at best) politician unsurping the power of the executive office
  1746. Oil firms' buybacks pump up criticism
  1747. YB youtube presidential debate questions?
  1748. Just like killing roaches
  1749. Where are all of the Americans......
  1750. Could Iran's justice system be smarter than ours?
  1751. another roach?
  1752. is this guy going to get off?
  1753. More bad news for the Dem's and US media
  1754. Renewable Energy
  1755. Edwards....Hypocrit or?
  1756. Thought for the day
  1757. Okay someone has some splainin to do
  1758. Sentanced to 110 yrs for Crimes in Iraq.
  1759. Barry Bonds?
  1760. Have these people not found out what causes this condition yet???
  1761. Legal immigration and its benefits
  1762. Did anyone see this in the news?
  1763. How does this make you Americans feel?
  1764. Why didn't this make the headlines???
  1765. Camp Striker better than Vegas
  1766. A Brit's view on Islam
  1767. Do you know what happens every Friday morning in the Pentagon?
  1768. heres one way to get rid of illegals
  1769. geee, no wonder things have gotten shitty around here
  1770. John Dingell...is he for real?
  1772. Talk about a rock and a hard place!
  1773. All right! One for the good guys!
  1774. Crackdown of the border?
  1775. And just what the hell happened over here?
  1776. Men of principal are often misunderstood
  1777. Man without a party
  1778. 100,000 illegal Russian assault rifles headed to Iraq
  1779. Repork Card
  1780. Teddy Roosevelt on immigration
  1781. A History Lesson
  1782. karl Rove resigns August 31
  1783. Dog's know best.......
  1784. HUH??
  1785. Patriotic Rap
  1786. food for thought... it's comin' bitches
  1787. Dave Bandt
  1788. I think we need to bring back the Gadsden!
  1789. WHen your Dick Ceheney I guess you can Flip Flop all day long
  1790. A bit of history from my local friend
  1791. Mayor reaches out to Chavez
  1792. troops as lobbyist?
  1793. Global Warming before Algore
  1794. ftc looking out for walmart now???
  1795. Hilarious interview
  1796. Can the moral fiber of our leaders get any lower?
  1797. Newt's "reality" speach
  1798. Here's a real strong Christian
  1799. a little bit of hope
  1800. economy
  1801. Fed's listening to cell phones and tracking us?
  1802. Hillary's experience
  1803. this pisses me off....... but Justice is coming
  1804. This guy is a little vague
  1805. The plot thickens
  1806. LAPD and illegal immagration
  1807. Political Humor
  1808. George W. Bush
  1809. John Edwards the Asswipe
  1810. Is he or isn't he?
  1811. immagrints ans social security
  1812. Question about gridlock
  1813. Why does our Media do this to us???
  1814. Isn't this nice?
  1815. What happened to the GOP?
  1816. please check out this video clip on april, 15 1994 about iraq, how revelant today!
  1817. tell me this wouldn't wreck your day!
  1818. Just another corporate meeting
  1819. If I opened a Public Christian School would it get media coverage??
  1820. Cheney denies supercorridor
  1821. wages on the rise for foriegn born latino workers
  1822. Bank of america well wetback
  1823. California budget approved
  1824. i just dont get it??
  1825. Toyota to sponsor US Olympic Team?
  1826. the new PC term for illegal alien's
  1827. Belching Moose adds to Global Warming
  1828. Something to contemplate
  1829. Never before
  1830. u.s. officials rethinks hopes for iraq democracy plans
  1831. Kwame's a real tool.
  1832. Warner's message to Bush
  1833. National Intelligence Report
  1834. "300"
  1835. Not on the Nightly News
  1836. Jimmy, Carl, do not read this
  1837. Jimmy, Carl, don't read this one either
  1838. Try doing this in the US
  1839. more news from china
  1840. New Political Correct Terminology for 2007
  1841. Here you have it...A man's life force is in his nuts....
  1842. So its about the $$$
  1843. Republican Women Versus Dimocrat Women
  1844. Quitting time
  1845. Arabic-Themed Public School in Brooklyn
  1846. My kind of Senator
  1847. Damm, the good guys are winning
  1848. French are having a change of face
  1849. Our Politicians: the best money can buy!
  1850. has anybody else seen this?
  1851. Direct from the Drudge Report
  1852. Just a friendly reminder.....
  1853. Might as well, it's only money........
  1854. Memo to Alberto Gonzales
  1855. I'm sure glad
  1856. Soliciting sex
  1857. PA Business Signs......AMEN BRO!!!
  1858. interesting read
  1859. George Klass, do not read hate for you to drop dead
  1860. Shit hittin the fan on Hillary
  1861. Whooops George don't read this
  1862. Now I did it
  1863. Iraqie WMD's found at UN in NY
  1864. Fred at 4:30
  1865. The senator from Idaho
  1866. Breaking from the YB News desk...... Bipartisan shelling in Iraq
  1867. Bird feeder
  1868. Lets see if this grows legs Nationally
  1869. Dirty Harry changing Tune???
  1870. Getto Handbook
  1871. this Sex Stuff doesn't end
  1872. Tony Snow leaving
  1873. 22 way to be a Great Democrat
  1874. Why speak English, probably a repost
  1875. Pharmacology
  1876. Clinton fundraiser is spending Labor Day in the clink
  1877. The Real Truth On The War
  1878. Marketing the war
  1879. Rep. Tancredo on New Orleans
  1880. More sex stuff. the Good kind!
  1881. Mexican Trucks to roll next week
  1882. this is funny
  1883. Gas prices....
  1884. Green ICE cars
  1885. Iraq vacation over
  1886. for all of us boycotting Citgo and Chavez...
  1887. Petraeus hints at U.S. troop cuts in Iraq
  1888. GOP Presidential debate on Fox tonight at 9 PM
  1889. Things that make you go Hmmmmm
  1890. Thinker's Anonomous
  1891. My "Foray" into the political section (Vid included)
  1892. Don't worry about the terrorists over here
  1893. Craziest Stuff i've seen in a while
  1894. mexico says this..lol
  1895. Whats up with this.
  1896. And now a word from Cruz Reynoso, California Sumpreme Court Justice
  1897. Looks like Fred is in...
  1898. what i would do to stop d.u.i's
  1899. I'm not so happy right now....
  1900. More reality, from a military report
  1901. Corruption in New Jersey
  1902. street racing not a big threat to life
  1903. HELLO Hillary, Obama, and all DNC Nutthuggers
  1904. Series of Articles called "Ghosts of Anbar"
  1905. All tanned and rested... he's back!
  1906. What the Jones Report really says....
  1907. Putin's Saber rattling just got lost in the backround noise
  1908. World's smalles political quiz
  1909. We finally got what we wanted...
  1910. Australia threatens to throw radical Muslims out of country
  1911. George Carlin.......right on as usual
  1912. Well that explains the difference!
  1913. Could the pandering get any worse?
  1914. Speak out with your political donation
  1915. The complete transcript of OBL speech
  1916. Can't believe no one has said anything yet,
  1917. north carolina the first state to issue nau id and dl cards
  1918. Salt Water as Fuel?
  1919. 9/11 lawsuits
  1920. The complete transcript of OBL speech
  1921. Bail out.
  1923. new political forum
  1924. nafta super highway?
  1925. Its the Arab/Muslims turn..
  1926. Ahh yes, tax time
  1927. War, Psychology and Time - long but good
  1928. The situation in Iraq
  1929. I hope we wake-up and see what our threat really is....
  1930. school bans the American flag....
  1931. The Bear is rattling sabers again
  1932. general petraeus admits that not knowing if iraq war will make us safer! wtf?
  1933. Miracle drug for election anxiety
  1934. Anbar province
  1936. uncle jay explains congress recess
  1937. What Kind of Person Calls Himself 'Progressive'?
  1938. 7 years after Bill Cilinton left
  1939. Now here's a surprise
  1940. See George, we(Marines that is) can admit mistakes
  1941. Cruel and unusual punishment
  1942. The pot calling the kettle black
  1943. What do you all make out of this?
  1944. More amnesty!
  1945. Not recent...but a pisser.
  1946. surge is working
  1947. When will this hit the news......
  1948. alan greenspan is a bad bad boy. did he say that the primary reason for iraq is oil?
  1949. The French!!
  1950. French war with Iran?
  1951. fuck this bitch!!!!
  1952. another kind of cruel and unusual punishment
  1953. for the Christian Men, with sons.
  1954. Serenity
  1955. this is a good interview with ron paul
  1956. What do you think of this?
  1957. spin
  1958. Tell me again about....
  1959. student tazered at ucf
  1960. Blackwater possibly out of Iraq
  1961. Nice: Chemical Weapons in Syria . .
  1962. Arizona and Oklahoma have the right idea
  1963. Iceland pulls Troop out of Iraq
  1964. Great Article on Capitalism, and our Economy
  1965. more black on black crime?
  1966. It's getting ugly out there
  1967. Another link from Drudge Report
  1968. Hey Hillary check this out
  1969. if bush want americans to exhibit more patience on iraq, he should not give speeches!
  1970. Any Takers??????
  1971. My girl has a new book out
  1972. Bush has it backwards
  1973. 10 Steps to Fascism
  1974. The People are Speaking, are YOU Listening Government?
  1975. Can you pass the 8th Grade?
  1976. Bill & Hillary Clinton: Their Secret Life - #01 of 12
  1977. Canadas Illegal Alien Problem?
  1978. Pick your canidate
  1979. Politician suggest 7 year marriages
  1980. The best Idea from a politition Ive ever heard
  1981. Runaroud Hsu
  1982. Us business interests hostage to China
  1983. Just smoke and mirrors
  1984. A little comment on our leaders in Congress
  1985. Who wants to work this hard??
  1986. NY Officials have Forgotten 9/11/2001
  1987. One of our Global Warming alarmist early days...
  1988. School 1970-2007
  1989. FREE SPEECH??
  1990. 14 Characteristics of Fascism
  1991. Know your enemy . . . .
  1992. Imajerkndope live link now
  1993. Where is the "War on Drowning"
  1994. Kiss freedom goodbye...
  1995. Bush working for Hillary
  1996. Liberals have no backbone
  1997. another good book from a babe
  1998. Would one World Government be a good thing?
  1999. Chuck Norris goes to Iraq
  2000. Some nifty shirts...
  2001. Who is our strongest military force?
  2002. Can the English Language Survive Bush?
  2003. no surprize here
  2004. Katie this is why you have shit ratings
  2005. Feed the kitty
  2006. Why we are where we are......
  2007. Hey Dan it was a fake document
  2008. Here's what your Democrats really want for Global Warming
  2009. Excellent police work
  2010. idea for welfare
  2011. WOOPSIE
  2012. SPECIAL MESSAGE for you leftie Anti War nuts
  2014. long, but very educating article
  2015. demographic characteristics of US military recruits before and after 9/11
  2016. Attn: flying public and those easily duped by the MSM
  2017. Nice Job Gov
  2018. a true leader in the civil rights movement
  2019. what is wrong with people!!!
  2020. Another cockroach exterminated
  2021. Now this stinks
  2022. william (bill) jefferson clinton must have been the worst president if .........
  2023. hillary clintons health care for all bill or is it?
  2024. Dem's Atack on Limbaugh
  2025. The war in Iraq, who's idea was it?
  2026. This guy is a real phuckin dreamer........
  2027. Who would Jesus vote for?
  2028. Looks like attorneys for the Blind
  2029. Free healthcare.
  2030. Harry Reid Fails ........ AGAIN
  2031. great quot about hillary
  2032. From the "Beyond Belief" files
  2033. Illegal Immigrants to raise Floridas clout
  2034. Democrat Convention Schedule Released
  2035. veteran takes care of business
  2036. Pissed off vet cuts down flag...good for him!
  2037. recent polls clinton vs. giuliani in head to head presidential race
  2038. if ya think the Limbaugh/O'Reilly was a BS story
  2039. Joke of the Week
  2040. Success in Iraq, American style
  2041. I'm posting this just for Jimmy....
  2042. Here's another one for Jimmy
  2043. this is awesome!!!
  2044. Coming Oct 15....... FOX Business
  2045. OH No whats goin on now...........
  2046. Used Neocons for sale
  2047. Billary
  2048. We own the night
  2049. **Things ya don't see on CNN & MSNBC
  2050. Here's what the Dem's do when Good News comes out of Iraq
  2051. al qaeda most serious and dangerous threat to U.S. it won't work this time neoCONS!!!
  2052. Media reporting Al Queda trying hardest ever to get terrorist here in the US
  2053. I pulled this off the Drudge Report
  2054. Hey Chris
  2055. California city bans smoking in some homes
  2056. Anybody see this?
  2057. Just one more little problem for us....
  2058. oops! it went off prematurely
  2059. CNBC and MSNBC Ratings Spike to all time high
  2060. OK Ya Gotta agree on this ....... WTF its a tie
  2061. Fruits and Veggies..
  2062. Ontario Referendum
  2063. i like this..lol...
  2064. Whats your take on this..........
  2065. Now the Afghani's are kicking out...
  2066. Jaw Dropper of the Day
  2067. who was worse- GW or Slick Willy
  2068. Open mouth, insert foot
  2069. Al Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize!!!
  2070. Al Gore and the UN have saved us
  2071. Breaking....... Rush Limbaugh
  2072. Found the Problem...............
  2073. Are you ready for this one?
  2074. Trick or Treat
  2075. An honest military assesment of Iraq war
  2076. Who are we fighting? and why?
  2077. NASCAR is bad for you...According to the good Rep. from MS
  2078. Lewis Black - Homeland Security
  2079. Interesting video about the beast.
  2080. Found this interesting
  2081. Hey Jimmy Biggs?
  2082. Bush!! yet another power trip... from FOX for you right wing nut huggers
  2083. The quick breakdown on the fight on terror
  2085. The word PHUCK
  2086. He`s back
  2087. Ted on 2nd Amendment
  2088. Lets get some of this wonderful British Healthcare ..
  2089. Oil
  2090. Neo-Con
  2091. War and insurance: great commentary
  2092. Im wondering
  2093. Rush Limbaugh on FOX and FRIENDS Tuesday AM
  2094. Mark this date.........
  2095. Ann Coulter will be at Fun Ford Weekend in Fontana
  2096. Kiss of death for Romney?
  2097. Giuliani "i'm a republican mayor but i'm really not" according to his self" huh!!!lol
  2098. What kind of politics is this? Canadian style.
  2099. I'm livin' large now
  2100. I've got some questions
  2101. This could be bad....Dollar is "overvalued"?
  2102. Holy Crap look at this
  2103. Whats your take on the Nuclear Power Industry???
  2104. Monty
  2105. Just Saw This Hillary Ad...
  2106. Georgie lookin out for us all
  2107. this angers me!!!
  2108. Maybe there is hope for Louisiana after all...
  2109. Does ANY of this sound familiar????
  2110. Turkey as a Regional Power
  2111. Are you honest?
  2112. The Train, the Soldier, and the Poodle
  2113. What Professors Should Be Teaching Our Kids At College
  2114. Bush to visit California
  2115. Heres what the Democrats have comin for ya
  2116. anyone here NOT agree with this guy?
  2117. The WAR on PBS
  2118. oh yeah
  2119. Messages from God
  2120. Judeo / Christian faith attacked again
  2121. Republicans and Democrats........
  2122. VIDEO Hillary doesn't want you to see "HILARY UNCENSORED"
  2123. Nazi reference HOLY CRAP!
  2124. arnold schwarzenegger says marijuana is a leaf, not a drug lol
  2125. Monty.....got a calander
  2126. OK for Blackwater, not OK for our military
  2127. "Don't Taze Me Bro!" Update
  2128. On the ball as usual.
  2129. $8,000 per man, woman, & child in US, not including an attack on Iran
  2130. Veterans burial services
  2131. Take the 160 million an never darken our doorway again
  2132. News Anchor or Porn Star?
  2133. 4 Doctors.......
  2134. Obama won't put hand over heart during pledge of allegiance!
  2135. Interesting
  2136. Ben Stein wrote.......
  2137. "We got him" the person who was responsible for the bad intelligence on WMD's in iraq
  2138. Ron Paul video clip reasoning of 9/11, war in iraq, iran and war propaganda
  2139. George don't quote Google this week.....
  2140. Serj Tankian, and the first Amendment
  2141. All the Kings Men, the Movie
  2142. I don't mean to be goddless
  2143. Jackson Mississsippi
  2144. Southern Michigan Correctional Facility
  2145. Rock and Roll Jesus
  2146. The Proper Method of Blowing People Off in Person
  2147. Dirt
  2148. A war on fear
  2149. hillery's lookin out for us
  2150. Gun Control
  2151. How is it???
  2152. abc news poll (sorry i know its not FOX) on the government and the public sentiment
  2153. Great News for you Exxon Haters
  2154. Another oxymoron, "Consumer protection"
  2155. Smoking Ban in HOMES Spread........
  2156. Could someone here please define religion?
  2157. "A friend and a voice of moderation"
  2158. Top Liberal News Papers taking big loses in readership
  2159. Homeland Security
  2160. Simply Awesome...
  2161. Clinton Machine still running good
  2162. Who ya gonna believe
  2163. LMAO......... and Democrats will fall for it
  2164. No Mas Carona
  2166. now here's the pot calling the kettle balck
  2167. OK Looks like we're gonna open a Comedy Section
  2168. Ron Paul Revolution Nov. 5th Results
  2169. YB members at Ron Paul Stop In Columbia
  2170. Great News
  2171. Pat Robertson supports Guiliani
  2172. WHOOOOPS
  2173. Well it worked in Pakastan
  2174. Deep Survey Results
  2175. Michigan info.
  2176. For those of you who think there is No GOD
  2177. America takes care of it's vets
  2178. Nothin' to worry about
  2179. Overzealous cop
  2180. who's the worst president and what historians are saying about george w bush
  2181. Ray...Canadian War Story
  2182. Something is wrong with this picture
  2183. a good dem video
  2184. Ron Paul on Leno
  2185. How Spin Is Done
  2186. Tom DeLay afraid that Hillary will be next president if the GOP does not rise lol:-)
  2187. Just a reminder
  2188. How dangerous is China?
  2189. Non negative messages about Muslim Extremists
  2190. LOL Spanish King tells Chavez to "Shut Up"
  2191. The media
  2192. I never got this kind of treatment in high schol
  2193. Investments for 2008
  2194. Can anyone speak Chinese?
  2195. deputy secretary of state richard armitage admits being "foolish" in interview
  2196. violence is down tremendously in iraq, lets get the government together and come home
  2197. Coincedence or Omen?
  2198. How well does our government work?
  2199. I've gotten religion
  2200. Things to wonder about
  2201. Take a stand and drink a beer against terrorism
  2202. why are the republicans crying about all the air time that liberals are getting?
  2203. its good to see this was shot down
  2204. How come nobody mentioned this one yet?
  2205. who say we've lesislated religion out of govenment
  2206. Mormons Get Owned!!!
  2207. This case should prove interesting
  2208. Incident
  2209. More PC insanity
  2210. Hillery's secret is out
  2211. This guy pisses me off
  2213. And they wonder why we want to keep tabs on them.
  2214. Islam/Muslim question
  2215. are you kidding me?
  2216. Where are the N.O.W. Gang now????
  2217. Why dont all the democratic canidates
  2218. another BS Story
  2219. Could this be why?
  2220. Sure the church needs a tax exemption
  2221. Just how much does cheep fruits and vegetables
  2222. Dedicated to Carl
  2223. So, how's the economy doing?
  2224. Saudi justice
  2225. The all-volunteer army
  2226. Do I hear the words "Flip-Flop"?
  2227. karl rove says the GOP will lose in '08 unless they have a positive vision and agenda
  2228. I feel sorry for the next president..
  2229. AMERICANS live above their means
  2230. Name changing Companies
  2231. Go Shep
  2232. USMC Sniper
  2233. A Conundrum
  2234. what are we celebrating again????
  2235. FOX News and Rush Limbaugh to broadcast together
  2236. Attention all sheep........
  2237. Letter from Laura
  2238. america's poverty rate keeps growing
  2239. Oil: Dollar vs Euro
  2240. What are we?
  2241. Can you believe this?
  2242. Ann Coulter's new book
  2243. Why Democrats are going crazy in DC........ also look who printed it
  2244. They've moved on to Global Warming
  2245. An preview of what's to come?
  2246. Old School Sesame Street not for kids?
  2247. What's this, lying from the White House?
  2248. If things went different for Bush.
  2249. Help with ideas on Electric Cars.
  2250. The planet is safe!
  2251. the Flying Imams......... what say you???
  2253. What Countries have you been too??
  2254. Good News from the Washington Post??? LIBERALS CLAMERING
  2255. THANK YOU
  2256. Jewish people
  2257. We need this guy here
  2258. "Try Fox News"
  2259. Are We Really Losing More Soldiers To Operation Iraqi Freedom ???
  2260. Pensions-How Much?
  2261. 2 good stories from France in one day
  2262. Tell Me it ain't so
  2263. NYC murder rate is at a 40 year low. Rudy Giuliani will be the RNC nominee
  2264. Has anyone noticed?......
  2265. Liberal wins Down Under
  2266. More Bad News for Democrats..........
  2267. Haliburton
  2268. Could Chaves have gone to far?
  2269. kids do what the phuck they want!
  2270. We'll keep an eye on this
  2271. Annapolis
  2272. Anybody seen this?
  2273. Dem's get nervous about Bill I mean Hill
  2274. new Game Show....... don't know if it will Fly
  2275. OH GEE WIZ
  2276. Why we need to secure the border
  2277. how many of yall vote in your precinct elections?
  2278. Goodbye you POS.
  2279. Fred Thompson and FOX
  2280. Follow the money
  2281. Hillary's latest poll numbers don't look good
  2282. Michigan trying to penalize Detroit
  2283. OK lets talk about last week
  2284. California is way out there.
  2285. Free Speech
  2286. Nice try Rudy
  2287. Some things you never hear about
  2288. America's largest bank...
  2289. More Hillary in the Barrel...
  2290. On Line Sales for Monday
  2291. An interesting piece....
  2292. Planet Cooling Off?
  2293. A Quote From the Hero of Chappaquiddick
  2294. Fox News blows it again
  2295. Get in the lifeboats....
  2296. GOP campaign manager
  2297. China running on empty
  2298. Another one bites the dust!
  2299. more news from caracas
  2300. I thought America was the best...
  2301. the Clinton News Network Attacks
  2302. First Stroker Cranks, now Airplanes!
  2303. Economic indicator?
  2304. Now for a bit of good news from the UK
  2305. Speaking of Texas....
  2306. Big Surprise! Teacher Guilty declares Sudan Judge.
  2307. Canadian Beer Drinkers Causing Global Warming
  2308. And you want me to believe CNN isnt liberal?
  2309. Stars and Bars Rebel Flag
  2310. They got the wrong guy
  2311. Atheists
  2312. Ingenius New way to increase fuel economy
  2313. Savage suing C.A.I.R.
  2314. The surge is working!
  2315. Fly as Queer & save 10% on tickets
  2316. Death is not good enough
  2317. Business as usual
  2318. Why bother?
  2319. Mohammed Teddy Bear Teacher Pardoned!
  2320. Slaves
  2321. Is this what it's really about?
  2322. L.A. Times calls CNN Corrupt News Network
  2323. National Debt
  2324. Venezuela rejects bid by Chávez to amend charter
  2325. Border Agent Appeal
  2326. do any of you guys read or subscribe to this newsletter
  2327. Pinchin it for peace
  2328. wow! Times have changed!
  2329. Why RRRAAAYYY is a Christian-Pretty Long
  2330. Disconnect from reality
  2331. this is pretty twisted
  2332. this cat is only republican in name only
  2333. Mike Huckabee - An honest answer about Faith
  2334. Hey Canadian Beer Drinkers
  2335. It's time for a female president
  2336. 10 things to make you think
  2337. fill in the blanks...
  2338. Great Democrat video
  2339. Is Mitt Romney Christian enough for U?
  2340. I wonder if our border problems will get this bad . . .
  2341. We're Screwed
  2342. Nativity Scene in DC
  2343. Tea Party 2007
  2344. How could anyone vote for this SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2345. OORAH!
  2346. good stuff today
  2347. O'Bama and Huck, leading Iowa
  2348. religious priests ???
  2349. Iran stops taking Dollar for Oil
  2350. the truth?
  2351. This may bring Obama Victory
  2352. Obama for president
  2353. The real issues for '08
  2354. What else was Rev. Ted into?
  2355. Merry Tossmass!
  2356. Some wisdom from the past
  2357. The New Official Government Seal
  2358. Global Warming!!!
  2359. My take on it all!!!!!
  2360. Bush's pardone list
  2361. Comming elections and what not. Good Reading.
  2362. John Wayne would not have drank a latte.
  2363. The "Euro" preferred in New York!?
  2364. Top 10 Greenest Hypocrites of 2007
  2365. What is a Christian?
  2366. A word from Boston
  2367. "Political Correctness" defined
  2368. Feminists to the rescue!
  2369. UT Oh!!! Rev. Al!!!
  2370. We don't need no stinkin' laws
  2371. The Holiday Party at work.....
  2372. George Carlin maybe right.
  2373. Do you know how badly people are screwing insurance companys?
  2374. A new direction on the War......
  2375. General Hawley
  2376. Lets try this One more Time
  2377. More on Al Sharton
  2378. north american union?
  2379. Time to vent
  2380. More Great News from Iraq
  2381. I'm opening a Library
  2382. Puton has great ideas for LIBERALS
  2383. Ron Paul Tea Party
  2384. So long, it's been good to know ya
  2385. Here's a good thing
  2386. Blame Global Warming??
  2387. right to bare arms
  2388. Is this really necessary?
  2389. No more illegals after Jan 1?
  2390. John Edwards Scandal....................
  2391. Romney Scandal...............
  2392. Henseforth the Penis shall be called --->
  2393. Best Wishes!!!!!!!!
  2394. Where do you stand?
  2395. Select your candidate for 2008
  2396. Putin named Times Man of the Year
  2397. Castro assumes room temp
  2398. The Huckster is closing in
  2399. Waterboarding
  2400. Pope on the rope
  2401. Mr. Clinton "has not blocked the release of a single document."
  2402. What has happened in America
  2403. Congress Christmas Gifts
  2404. McCain Scandel?
  2405. Another side of JC
  2406. More on Global Warming
  2407. Unided Airlines Outsources maintenance to China
  2408. Bush team not voting for the Huckster?
  2409. First it was Morgan Stanley....
  2410. Who be doin the Consumin ???
  2411. Another Flip-Flopper
  2412. First lbj, then bush now we have something
  2413. Bracero Treaty
  2414. at least they're not killing people
  2415. XMAS - Retail pillage or real holiday ?
  2416. Crisis may make 1929 look a 'walk in the park'
  2417. Investing Advice
  2418. Illegal immigrant's "self deport"as woes mount
  2419. Income tax
  2420. A Shepherd's Christmass
  2421. How's this for a retirement plan
  2422. $29 BILLION in Gift Cards
  2423. Charlie Wilson's war
  2424. Looks like Oprah hasn't helped...
  2425. 2000 Iraqie Christians
  2426. ESPN,Speed channel Sucks
  2427. Australian Immigration Survey
  2428. Attn Bush Haters
  2429. Housing Bust worst since Great Depression
  2430. Bhuto Assinated in Pakistan
  2431. Huckaluia!
  2432. Lawmakers worried about Pats game
  2433. No relief from high gas prices
  2434. Trouble in Paradise?
  2435. Yes let's go with Gov't Managed Heathcare....Japanese woman dies being refused care
  2436. Faith Intolerance & Christianity
  2437. Has anyone heard of the "Strawman" clause....????
  2438. Ron Paul on Pakistan
  2439. I'm callin this BULLSHIT......... What say you
  2440. This is what I hate, This is what I loathe.
  2441. Quarterbacking
  2442. an Act of God
  2443. One Nation at a time
  2445. If she was reading the Koran would same have happened?
  2446. 2007 Dallas Morning News....... Man of the Year
  2447. 1 1/2" more on Global Warming
  2448. Huckabee is toast.....you just can't mock bush for not reading the N.I.E. in 4yrs
  2449. Edwards, the guy you don't hear about...
  2450. Big Daddy Don G. Supports Ron Paul!
  2451. Obama's church want to go ?
  2452. Ok you Political Junkies- Put your money where your mouth is
  2453. Veterans for Ron Paul Live Now
  2454. President for sale.
  2455. Huckster is now on Leno Show on TV.
  2456. Cool political test-See how you rate.....
  2457. Economy off to a great start in '08
  2458. The Bush countdown to Deliverance
  2459. Is it time to reinstall Tariffs
  2460. Iowa Caucuses started
  2461. A little Hillary Innuendo
  2462. Here's how the Republicans can win the white house in '08:
  2463. It's the Neocon test
  2464. and the bush/brain game
  2465. The greatest generation.
  2466. Crude (Oil) Awakening
  2467. Welfare in San Diego
  2468. Banned from the Buffet.
  2469. Ron Paul on Leno
  2470. Jackie Mason Vlogs
  2471. An interesting little tidbit
  2472. Hillary calling it quits?
  2473. If your hard drive could talk...
  2474. Your next President?
  2475. Highschool girls want maternity leave!
  2477. What do you guys think?
  2478. Sad but true about immagration
  2479. ron paul and the fox debate?
  2480. We didn't start the fire
  2481. New Bill of Rights
  2482. Chicago lawyer needs a tune up
  2483. Ron Paul...
  2484. Health care
  2485. McCain carrying New Hampshire. News Break.
  2486. Glen Beck today???
  2487. Hillary projected winner in N.H.
  2488. The North America Union and Guiliani..
  2489. If I had it to do all over again...
  2490. And I needn't even comment.......
  2491. George Bush on Global Warming
  2492. Ron Paul in
  2493. Dennis Kucinich
  2494. Guiliani supports flat tax- Forbes to support
  2495. USA Loses again in confrontation from Iran.
  2496. Gee, here's a surprise....
  2497. NEW ORLEENS !!!!
  2498. Budget deficit, first quarter of 2008
  2499. Dennis Miller
  2500. re-posted from Hardcore50.com
  2501. This is funny
  2502. FBI wiretaps disconnected by phones companies due to $66,000 in unpaid phone bills!!!
  2503. NAU well on its way!!!
  2504. RON PAUL on FOX NEWS LIVE now 9pm
  2505. We used to make fun of the Russians for this kid of SH!T
  2506. Drag Racing in Canada...ending?
  2507. Fox News in the news. Fox vandalized
  2508. No politics but a nice drive
  2509. Did i miss the discussion about this??
  2510. The economy is picking up...
  2511. O'Bama really a Muslim or wrongly accused?
  2512. Where do they stand on the issues?
  2513. California wants to control the temp in houses
  2514. NRA Wins Big in California State Court of Appeals
  2515. OK I'm burning down cities and Killing people
  2516. Who "owns" America?
  2517. Pranksters???
  2518. 10 year Anniversery of Monica going down
  2520. On a lighter note
  2521. Elections 2008
  2522. more foreign investing
  2523. Chinamobile, coming soon
  2524. Hillary's New Deal!
  2525. Great News!!!
  2526. The selloff continues....
  2527. What positive things
  2528. Please give me a reason...
  2529. Dow Jones Timelines
  2530. ACLU to the Rescue
  2531. Pelosi finally making changes
  2532. Anybody remember these?
  2533. Memo to the President and Congress
  2534. Why is it that.......
  2535. Federal Gas tax..
  2536. The New York Post.....
  2537. how many of you all remember this??
  2538. more corruption in the ranks
  2539. Terrorists funded by US Politicians x-Representatives. 1st posted by Ray
  2540. Evel Knievel accepted Jesus Christ
  2541. Tom Cruise and folks
  2542. More good economic news
  2543. New housing starts drops 25% in 2007
  2544. anyone see this??
  2545. do i deserve to vote ?
  2546. Sorry Billary
  2547. I have an American-given right to protect my property,"
  2548. A Canadian's view on those running for pres
  2549. Where do the politicians get their money?
  2550. Star Wars Guide to the Candidates
  2551. GOD has sense of Humor
  2552. Como se bitcho
  2553. Illegal Immigration Eye Opener
  2554. Why is it......
  2555. damn anyone see this about Planet X??
  2556. humans really an alien race??
  2557. GE leaving Indiana
  2558. Scientology......
  2559. boosting the economy
  2560. Clinton's get back some of what they dish out
  2561. Subprime Splained
  2562. Monty Mikho Accepts Christ
  2563. RON PAUL 2nd Place in Nevada!!!
  2564. Border Agent Killed by Vehicle that entered Illegally
  2565. Rudy Guiliani kept America safe on 9/11, why he's not getting any love from America?
  2566. What's the deal with post counts?
  2567. FOX News update by John Edwards
  2568. Hillary Picture
  2569. Clinton vs Obama in Nevada
  2571. MLK
  2572. A few thoughts on barack HUSSAIN obama
  2573. take a pick...quick poll
  2574. Oh Lovely
  2575. deathrow inmates file suit because executioner has record
  2576. General Butt Naked
  2577. the US isn't the only place they BS the people to get elected
  2578. something I havn't seen before
  2579. Dont know if this is a repost,But interesting to say the least
  2580. Michigan cracking down on illegals?
  2581. Prescription Drug Cost - Mexico vs U.S.A.
  2582. Iraq government gets something accomplished!
  2583. The Election
  2584. Douchebag Clintons
  2585. Another Stripper Tax
  2586. Ta Daaaaa!
  2587. How is "the surge" working?
  2588. Hildabeast joke
  2589. Here we go again...
  2590. Statistics
  2591. 14th amendment vs. anchor babies
  2592. I fail to see the logic!!!
  2593. once again the GOP is trying to push Ron Paul out
  2594. Man Made Global Warming
  2595. Here's a wonderful idea...
  2596. Why is it that...
  2597. Mitt&Bill at the barbers
  2598. social security and the dems
  2599. Hispaniacs are leaving Oklahoma. New Law
  2600. A quote for the times we live in?
  2601. Freedom from Religion
  2602. Zeitgeist movie
  2603. Kennedy's endorse O Bama
  2604. Hillaryland is hell
  2605. Hillary as an Independent?
  2606. A soldier's perspective on the middle east.
  2607. USS Liberty and John McCain
  2608. Am I the only one that just heard this....
  2609. Prediction-McCain will win the Repub nomination
  2610. Big Scam Alert!
  2611. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Mine Cave-In
  2612. Michigan State of the State Address
  2613. McCain vs Romney in Fl
  2614. Kenneny's embrace & Endorse Hillary Clinton
  2615. Rudy's out...
  2616. Whew, Obama going to "end Global Warming"
  2617. understanding the tax system
  2618. John Edwards dropping out now also.
  2619. Suspend vs Quit
  2620. FED RATE Cut coming in minutes
  2621. I thought Obama Wanted Change
  2622. Democrats want to be friends with this guy
  2623. "Pimpin' for Paul"
  2624. A real Republican is Interviewed.
  2625. Ron Paul Girl
  2626. Bush's 2009 budget
  2627. **Vote for Hilary**
  2629. Hannity and Colmes Thursday Night with Ann Coulter
  2630. Isn't this just ducky?
  2631. Dem Debate and censorship
  2632. For all of you that dont have a clue about fuel prices
  2633. Loony Leftists Really hating True American Heros!
  2634. Gun control
  2635. What's wrong with the Bush administration?
  2636. A sign of the times...
  2637. Good grief
  2638. TX Gov Perry endorses McCain
  2639. The Riddle
  2640. Here comes your Hillary Care
  2641. Bush's new budget
  2642. Do You Remember?
  2643. Low interest mortgage rates
  2644. one more tatic of control of the people by its goverment
  2645. Want to Hang Out in the Women's Bathroom? Come to Gainesville
  2646. Ben & Jerrys ice cream
  2647. Seriously tell me how and why as an independent i should cast my vote in november
  2648. Hey everyone, it's super tuesday...
  2649. well looky here!!
  2650. Election day thoughts
  2651. England to take back USA (Joke)
  2652. McCain must take Huckabee for VP
  2653. Saudi America
  2654. more great stuff from Mexico
  2655. republican fisherman
  2656. $$$ + Influence = Clintons
  2657. Thing that make ya go hmmm....
  2658. Wow! Romney is out!
  2659. Global warming and John Kerry
  2660. New Hilary Fund "KEEP HER IN IT SO WE CAN WIN IT"
  2661. Sign of the times, book II
  2662. Jena six
  2663. more from the Euro
  2664. Hey Biggs - Please help me understand something.
  2665. Democrats and Social Security
  2666. ...with God on their side!
  2667. Newspapers in Deep Do Do
  2668. Obama wants Hillary to show tax returns
  2669. Rebate check are coming
  2670. never deny someone their freedom of speech, or this could happen to you
  2671. Civil War? Georgia vs Tenn
  2672. OH NO its Global Cooling............
  2673. Bush on climate change and greenhouse gases in state of the union address
  2674. our we on a course that will lead to loosing our allies?
  2675. Interesting article on George & Jeb Bush
  2676. Trouble in Hillary's camp?
  2677. Same day different story
  2678. Russians do a flyover
  2679. GM offers buyouts to entire hourly workforce
  2680. Final slap in the face
  2681. Here's an interesting statistic
  2682. Obama is whipping Hillary
  2683. Venezuela Halts Selling Oil to Exxon-Mobil
  2684. Thank you Denmark
  2685. Congressional testimony
  2686. Mary Matalin and James Carville
  2687. Oboy, a cutting edge country like england
  2688. Interest rates to be cut.....again
  2689. i got this via email today
  2690. LA Senate agrees to give up freebies
  2692. Uncle Bens stimulus Plan
  2693. did the credit card companies write this
  2694. Bush is going to Africa
  2695. Ron Paul on Morten Downey-1988 GOOD STUFF!!!
  2696. Bush Blasted Spying on everybody's Phone Calls
  2697. When in Rome
  2698. Bush Bashing Oil Thread Here
  2699. Top psychiatrist concludes liberals are nuts!
  2700. Evilution
  2701. Obama for president!!
  2702. Clinton Inc Busted
  2703. Now we know why obama don't like the american flag.
  2704. Something To Ponder
  2705. I challenge you to watch this video...
  2706. obama video have you seen this??
  2707. I challenge you to watch this video..........
  2708. You want to know how dumb the government and media wants you to be??
  2709. Cali LIBERALS on the warpath
  2710. Tax Rebate
  2711. Chinese drugs and the FDA
  2712. somthing to ponder, seriously!!
  2713. Pretty Matter of Fact Here:
  2714. FairTax.org
  2715. Ben and Jerry endorse Obama
  2716. The economy....
  2717. Another little chip at the 1st Amendment
  2718. trouble in paradise
  2719. Castro to step down
  2720. Economics
  2721. More Clinton Inc in Action
  2722. Oil futures above $100
  2723. Black!!
  2724. Obama the crack head?
  2725. Which one are you?
  2726. Canadian Brain Surgery
  2727. Sometimes the truth hurts
  2728. Sign
  2729. Sign
  2730. US to shoot down spy satellite
  2731. fyi
  2732. I did not have sex with that woman...
  2733. Scientists and Their Gods
  2734. Science at its Best- and a Cure for George
  2735. What can one little man do?
  2736. Nanny state?
  2737. Monte what with the avatar?
  2738. I find this a skosh on the pricey side
  2739. PC GONE WILD
  2740. The american flag fights back
  2741. It's OK for us but not for them?
  2742. Do you believe in God?
  2743. Do you believe in organized religion?
  2744. Condi Rice taking VP Job
  2745. Who is paying for this mess?
  2746. Interesting Read
  2747. I have a question, answer it honestly
  2748. A SLAP OF REALITY!!!!!!
  2749. Engine displacement tax!!!
  2750. blacks want answers from Obama?
  2751. Ralph Nader will run as a third-party cadidate
  2752. Republicans, Democrats and Religion....
  2754. Canadian Troops in US Cities??
  2755. Here is Bush and McCain's answer to....
  2756. It was only a matter of time
  2757. Global Warming is coming...
  2758. The Angry White Man
  2759. Since no one likes the candidates, then who?
  2760. Does anyone in Wahington....
  2761. big suprise here?
  2762. hope this isnt a repost
  2763. Interesting Take on Malpractice Rates
  2764. One for the Dems!
  2765. General Casey speaks to Congress
  2766. i love this website
  2767. Here comes Obama saving the World with your money- S.2433
  2768. Gee whiz, this is a surprise
  2769. Here's another surprise...
  2770. Hey Dick, Where's your Emails???
  2771. Boyd Coddington's death
  2772. I just paid 3.50 a gallon for diesel.....
  2773. Evolution and the premise of No God.
  2774. Can McCain even be President?
  2775. My Living Will
  2776. after 30 months, its good to see the victims of katrina trying to help themselves!!!!
  2777. Lou Dobbs- NAFTA superhighway
  2778. A Hillary Fan
  2779. Has anyone noticed?
  2780. Can you name 1 thing Obama has done?
  2781. Bin Laden not responsible for 9/11????
  2782. Evolution and the premise I am not God.
  2783. Made in the USA
  2784. Earth to Bush, earth to Bush...
  2785. Iraq courts work better than ours
  2786. OBAMA!
  2787. Interesting...
  2788. Fighting inflation or stimulating growth..
  2789. gas
  2791. well, i guess we can see McCain is in favor for the NAU and NAFTA
  2793. Let's be friends
  2794. Recession, who are ya gonna believe?
  2795. Monica
  2796. Bill and Hillary
  2797. do all soldiers deserve our respect?
  2798. War in South America?
  2799. Ah, yes, "Iraq assesment needed"
  2800. Seems like Bush finally gets it
  2801. wooo-hooo, just got back from voting
  2802. Government Manipulation of trade and economy
  2803. Open up Anwar
  2804. McCains VP
  2805. the nail in McCains coffin
  2806. Was Moses a druggie?
  2807. If the republicans want to win why don't they just vote for clinton since mccain win?
  2808. Did the Devil make you do it?
  2809. And I was complaining about paying $3.19
  2810. New Drug....
  2811. Kids
  2812. Day Of Silence
  2813. More peace and happiness from Islam.
  2814. Married 3 Times (joke)
  2815. Walking Eagle
  2816. A leader for Texas 22nd
  2817. Oblama, the new king of fundraising
  2818. gonna get more ugly!
  2819. Bush says the economy "might be slowing"
  2821. Sounds like Osama errrrr Obama wants to disarm America!
  2822. I'm quiting and going on Welfare
  2823. Hillary Campaign Worker in Amish Country
  2824. Obama close friends with terrorist
  2825. Who's getting the money?
  2826. Ford's answer to the UAW
  2827. Pope-a-lute has a chat with the big guy
  2828. Global Incident Map
  2829. CNN Breaking News Spitzer linked to prostitution ring!!!!
  2830. TAKE THAT DEMOCRATS we're gettin a Black and a Women V.P. ALL IN ONE
  2831. God's law is being violated.....
  2832. welfare ain't what it used to be
  2833. Recession or depression on the horizon
  2834. This ought to set George Klass off!
  2835. ADM Fallon stepping down.
  2837. Did Spitzer "take one for the team"?
  2838. From the "hanging chad" state...
  2839. Our "leaders" at work
  2840. Lee Iacocca
  2841. Depression? OH yeah...
  2842. Spitzer: You Cant Fix Stupid
  2843. You Cant Use the "N" Word Unless .........
  2844. Don't Shoot...I'm just passing it on
  2845. ***Shocking news***
  2846. 1.85/gal gas.
  2847. A Yellowbullet kind of girl..
  2848. No Voters Showed up
  2849. uummm...here's one for the masses
  2850. Soooo, it really is about population control
  2851. Something must be in the air, Party down Iranians !
  2852. More benifits of illegals
  2853. Entitlement programs
  2854. From the LA Times - Immigration
  2855. Jesse Back?????
  2856. My hero, Bill Gates
  2857. Buy this man a beer!
  2858. A school board with some gonads
  2859. Charlie Reese speaks and I totally agree
  2860. We don't need no stinkin' border!
  2861. Obama's Preacher helping out.
  2862. Glen Beck 9pm and midnight tonight
  2863. OBAMA just on FOX ....... Pastor leaves campain
  2864. Its getting nasty in the DNC
  2865. For those who think a depression is not possible in this day and age.....
  2866. Cable News Stats 3-13-08
  2867. HEY BOOSTEDL!!!
  2868. Just What Has OBAMA DONE???
  2869. Its getting worse for Al.
  2870. Hero of the day. (no not Metallica)
  2871. Where do your tax dollars go?
  2872. Would you do this?
  2873. Its not size...... its who you screw
  2874. Selling off America to the biggest buyer.
  2875. Great! Walmart now catering to specific groups
  2876. Well I'm accusing all of you being Racists!
  2877. Sunday Deal on Wall St
  2878. Holly Crappolli this ain't PC
  2879. Democrat Convention
  2880. WHOOPS more Dirt from the Garden State
  2881. Our Government Defined!!!
  2882. We have failed!!
  2883. More Sunday Business..... Feds drop another 1/4 point
  2884. Take a moment to read this.......unbelievable
  2885. Abort Black Babies????
  2887. How does the current economic slump resolve?
  2889. Well its a Start
  2890. This tops Spitzer's mess.
  2891. More march madness
  2892. interesting article
  2893. Bears and Stearns ?
  2894. Tired of the price of gas? Time to step up
  2896. That blip in GDP
  2897. "The war is worth it"
  2898. If 'Broken Arrow' (the lost H-bomb in Savanna Georgia) be found by terrorists first?
  2899. Since November 2006, Well, you wanted change...
  2900. Why we can't have Peace with these Folks
  2901. question for the investors among us
  2902. New political party?
  2903. Break Through On Bio-Fuels
  2904. for you manufacturing guys
  2905. PA: Ruling: English-only sign at Philadelphia cheesesteak shop not discriminatory
  2906. DEATH TO BIN LADEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2907. "I am Legend"
  2908. Paranoid or justified???
  2909. The economics of bail outs
  2910. Why in the hell are we buying Middle East oil?
  2911. tax refund check
  2912. Report: Money can Buy YOU Happiness
  2913. Funny shirt I've found
  2914. Experience counts............
  2915. Gold standard
  2916. another Global Warming OOOOOOOOOPS
  2917. Pope Baptizes Muslim
  2918. turmoil at fox news?
  2919. the Fairness Doctrine
  2920. Truckers Strike April 1st
  2921. OBAMA: "Don't call me a LIBERAL"
  2922. 4000 and counting
  2923. MORE Bad News for the Democrats
  2924. FLAME GOIN OUT???
  2925. Gas Prices
  2926. MORE Bad News for EVERYBODY!
  2927. Ohio.... 1 in 10 gets Food Stamps
  2928. All you Republicans can thank the Democrats now!!
  2929. McCain suffering from Alzheimer's??
  2930. the Democratic Party
  2931. OK I'm gonna make a call for November
  2932. 80 atheist quotes...
  2933. Hillary in Bosnia video
  2934. the Internet and NEWS
  2935. Worst Decline Ever - Thanks Repubs!!
  2936. Are You
  2937. Of Legal Age To........
  2938. No wonder the govt' is the way it is...
  2939. Need opinions
  2940. Outta Line
  2941. PC Police at it again........
  2942. "I misspoke"
  2943. What is a "Flip-Flop"?
  2944. Should anyone be surprised?
  2945. Perfect description of the clinton's
  2946. another reason not to vote for OBAMA or Hillary
  2947. Remember the Time you got shot at???
  2948. Interesting story- Eisenhower&dauchau
  2949. TaTa to buy Ford brands
  2950. Words from Six Soldiers
  2951. who did you vote for in the primaries??
  2952. bush at his peek
  2953. Is this liberal or conservative censorship
  2954. for all those republican congress lovers
  2955. Bushisms
  2956. door to door gun seaching in washington
  2957. Over-state sales tax??
  2958. supreme court schools bush on constitution...
  2959. California real estate
  2960. Hillary Foo Paa's
  2961. Just intime for election season!
  2962. PA show car legislation
  2963. Dont judge the Candidates on the surface
  2964. Here's a Big Shocker
  2965. Texas, the hot place to live
  2966. recession, stagnation, or growth??
  2967. No Good American Workers
  2968. interesting article
  2969. McCain breaking away from bush??
  2970. Practical Man's Example of Evolution
  2971. And the hits just keep on coming....
  2972. From “Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau
  2973. Are they serious?
  2974. If you young guys are smart......
  2975. Okay..now they've gone too far....
  2976. Clinton Inc starts to work
  2977. Would this be an issue if it was about the Bible or JESUS???
  2978. Algore Again............
  2979. Right to Privacy and Public Library
  2980. Why doesnt Hillary mention this?
  2981. Trinity United takes care of its workers!
  2983. Stimulus Plan to Create 600,000 jobs
  2984. "POP" goes the gold balloon
  2985. OHIO No Balls
  2986. An interesting read
  2987. mccains got no heat for this...why no coverage?
  2988. article on obama bin laden
  2989. Muslims outnumber Catholics
  2990. Nationalize the banks????
  2991. Stock holders, brace yourselves
  2992. Are you a wild pig? Oh yes.... you are.
  2994. more good news out of iraq
  2995. History lesson on Liberals and Conservatives
  2996. This ought to be good
  2997. irq cost in realtime
  2998. hmmmmmmmmm?
  2999. Hillary is broke
  3000. Get them while they last....
  3001. a short list of gods video...nws: audio language
  3002. Mike Pence in McCain out!!!
  3003. 5 minute video
  3004. Lane choice, does it really matter?
  3005. We are on our way.....
  3006. Us to invade China?
  3007. "Planned abortionhood"
  3008. and George says our kids are stupid....
  3009. Obama Photo Op
  3010. anyone on here own a gas station?
  3011. It's official. I'm a blogger
  3012. I agree with McCain
  3013. Ya Lie Ya Die
  3014. Communism at it's best.
  3015. Clinton speaking right now!
  3016. April fools, one day late
  3017. soybean shortage?
  3018. Pig Pork Pet Book
  3019. Congress is doing their part to control spending...
  3020. is this suppose to make us fell better?
  3021. Obama Article
  3022. Whats your say on this
  3023. How about this
  3024. you pro-border security guys will love this one
  3025. the 3 choices we have and this man is the nutjob...
  3026. Hey Jimmy, seven years.....
  3027. Nice Folks here
  3028. OK which way we going here?
  3029. Oil affordability
  3030. The Love Stroy of Mark and Ray
  3031. Made in the USA.
  3032. Good times had by all
  3033. For you global warming LEMMINGS.
  3034. Gray Goose is looking pretty good
  3035. Clintons just released Income
  3036. What we spend $$$ other then the War
  3037. Why is da chimp pissin' off the Ruskies???
  3038. Article on Oil and ANWR
  3039. Mission statement
  3040. thanks to our leaders
  3041. Thoughts on this ?
  3042. For some reason, this annoy's me.
  3043. Waco II
  3044. Hillary caught lying again
  3045. looks like Paul may run as a independant
  3046. sean hannity, pastors, and associations
  3047. Peoples views on the war in Iraq
  3048. Just in OBAMA inside memo on Iraq
  3049. China's stock market not doing so hot
  3050. Federal Tax Rebate
  3051. Was America in better shape before the war, or Quagmire, or after?
  3052. Are women better looking now or before the War?
  3053. Which country and why?
  3054. Morgage bill on floor for dicussion now
  3055. Will the real Jimmy Biggs please stand up?
  3056. It may seem comical but serious question:
  3057. OK the Iraq issue is on LIVE from DC right now
  3058. Hillary
  3059. Stem Cell Research
  3060. Vehicle ban in Baghdad
  3061. CBS to consider outsourcing newsgathering to CNN
  3062. another California idea
  3063. What should be done in Iraq?
  3064. More on Class Envy
  3065. So once again who wanted NAFTA?
  3066. For those who think we still aren't in a recession....
  3067. Random Thoughts by Thomas Sowell
  3068. Carter the Commi
  3069. More Monty relatives!!!
  3070. The Bullshitting of America by LIBERALS
  3071. RIP w/Virgins
  3072. Well, what's it going to be Americans?
  3073. largest construction project ever in north america?
  3074. Message from Fallujah
  3075. Minnesota Taxpayers' Madrassa
  3076. for you GWB jr lovers out there
  3077. Hello Oprah
  3078. Obama - Hillary Ticket
  3079. Where are all the LIBERALS on this one???
  3080. 4.8/08 Cable News numbers
  3081. American Airlines
  3082. Trooper White, let me explain how the fight started....
  3083. The real Clinton record
  3084. How low can he go...?
  3085. Oil Question
  3086. Why not nuke?
  3087. Is Jimmy Biggs becoming a Liberal?
  3088. Should we send Monty back to the Homeland?
  3089. Stress Management Technique
  3090. Wannabe Dictator obama ..........
  3091. Does anyone else feel emission testing a scam?
  3092. No where to run
  3093. Mass deportations coming for jailed illegal immigrants
  3094. I am steamin' mad
  3095. Muslim terrorists and the U.S.A.- A different spin on the war in Iraq
  3096. Naked woman in Cheneys sunglasses?
  3097. Ratings question?
  3098. Cheap Pistons.
  3099. bush's taxes for last year
  3100. put your money where your mouth is bill?
  3101. illegals and the border fence
  3102. asshole who killed pregnant marine
  3103. obama= insert dick in mouth- AGAIN!
  3104. whose the liberal here?
  3105. New Beer Tax????
  3106. The American Dollar.....
  3107. Human Events.com
  3108. freedom of religion
  3109. Machine shops going under.
  3110. Rachel Lucas on taxes....
  3111. Bush now believes in global warming
  3112. Just Funny...
  3113. Thomas Jefferson Quote
  3114. On taxes...
  3115. jesse ventura interview
  3116. philadelphia gun laws
  3117. Gee, here's a novel idea
  3118. Thank goodness. Glad to hear that...
  3119. From the "What next?" files
  3120. To vote or not to vote
  3121. Inflation
  3122. Looking to save 3 cents a mile?
  3123. Hey McCain wants to give a day of no taxes on gas.....
  3124. Why is this supposed to be shocking ???
  3125. for you obama and hilliary lovers
  3126. Veterans
  3127. Gives ya a nice warm fuzzy feeling
  3128. Why we cannot compete with China
  3129. Article by barock obamas father surfaces
  3130. Hillbilly?
  3131. Tactics to avoid hiring US workers
  3132. Are you kidding me???
  3133. Listen to this shit
  3134. The Pope is here, yipee.
  3135. Another Iraq success story
  3136. TED talks, Good Videos
  3137. Are you better off now then you were..
  3138. Pilgrims Pride Immigration Raid
  3139. History Mystery
  3140. Water fuel car on FOX NEWS!!!!!
  3141. Hillary wasn't lying about sniper's
  3142. Garfield on the oil crisis
  3143. For you "bitter small town Americans"
  3144. this is the kind of shit you only see in movies
  3145. good stuff
  3146. McDonalds, Human rights in Canada
  3147. Obama giving the Finger to us all?
  3148. Treason?
  3149. More on Taxes
  3150. Citizens at Work
  3151. Oblama's plan for hope and change
  3152. Just say no to Bio Fuels!!
  3153. Cat selling well outside US
  3154. Are we better off?
  3155. At least the parents called the police
  3156. And then there's this frightening news
  3157. Why don't we hear anything about this prick Jawboning the Price of Oil up????
  3158. The Fuel Cell Folly.
  3159. Dear Abby
  3160. Hardly a surprise I guess
  3161. We're not just fighting the terrorists..
  3162. Attention BofA stock holders..
  3163. First the gas pumps, now this?
  3164. Fun reading
  3165. Interesting
  3166. Carter seems a little confused
  3167. The new economy
  3168. This would be great news
  3169. Another irresponsible "blame it on somebody else" story.....
  3170. recruiting must be getting slow...
  3171. more north american union news...
  3172. Bush/ Halliburton/Big Oil/Corruption.
  3173. Beating a horse to death
  3174. lou dobbs on illegal immigration...
  3175. Dedication to Hillary ??
  3176. So is Israel a friend?
  3177. Nancy and Newt team up
  3178. Here is a thought......
  3179. more on NAFTA
  3181. Must be Clinton's fault, or maybe Carter's
  3182. Is this the end of the V8's?
  3183. i have to give it to bush, he earned this one...
  3184. We dont need no phucking fence
  3185. Grab your parkas BRRRRR!!!
  3186. Operation Chaos ....... workin away
  3187. From a Danish Associate on our Election
  3188. freakin bulllshit from Dish Network
  3189. When is this insanity gonna end.
  3190. Two different articals
  3191. when the shoe is on the other foot its national news
  3192. Will you neocons explain to liberals how Clintons recession was worst than this one?
  3193. This could be good news for Oil...
  3194. Looks like your safe George....
  3195. Oil Prices, Dollar vs Euro
  3196. Biodiesel from algae
  3197. Why?
  3198. Arab oil embargo
  3199. What I would like to know.....
  3200. Speaking of news
  3201. Since I'm on a roll, rant on.....
  3202. Los Angeles - Comedy Central
  3203. A Bush with a Brain????
  3204. Mexican Diplomat Caught Stealing Blackberries
  3205. little Obama video for ya'll
  3206. nailed again.......
  3207. Olympic news
  3208. Oil prices
  3209. Okay Monte, where will this take us...
  3210. Fast Money?
  3211. For all the whiners...
  3212. Flip flopper?
  3213. Look's like a tough night ahead.....
  3214. US ship fires on Iranian ship
  3215. Out of Control Fraud
  3216. who do i vote for ?
  3217. Farmers and Politicians
  3218. i cant wait to see the spin...
  3219. Chinesse Knock-offs....
  3220. An interesting perspective on everything now.
  3221. A question for the "conservatives"
  3222. a November to remember
  3223. This is one brave lady but I am afraid she has signed her own death warrant
  3224. Politics
  3225. trouble in Nevada?
  3226. Jon Stossel
  3227. I wonder if congress will investigate this as well
  3228. Something to think about..
  3229. Dems to cut sub
  3230. are you fucking kidding me?
  3231. Starve this fat bastard
  3232. Price of crude in Euro's
  3233. Go get 'em!
  3234. online loan sharking
  3235. Supreme Court gets it right!!!
  3236. obama swore in on koran for senate
  3237. This is how it's done.
  3238. Chinese children sold into slavory
  3239. Obama's former Pastor
  3240. How true this is !!!!
  3241. Government spending, alas...
  3242. A shortage of shit?
  3243. The "surge" is working
  3245. Facts-News-Reports against O'Bama.
  3246. Facts-News-Reports Postive for O'Bama.
  3247. i found this to be a very informative article on bio-fuel's and the economy
  3248. Save the polar bears!
  3249. Late Night Political Satire
  3250. pretty staggering numbers here
  3251. i wonder if she had clinton's name in her little black book?
  3252. Freedom
  3253. Obama's Books
  3254. If this was a Democrat's idea...
  3255. Anybody gonna be there??
  3256. Just when you think.....
  3257. What the smart money is doing in this economy.
  3258. Bush has the highest disapproval rating than any other president in history
  3259. Gas Tax Holiday
  3260. I had to Post It
  3261. Could this be Jeremy J's......
  3262. Presidents on a sinking ship.
  3263. Great, now they'll blame alternative fuels for the rise in orange prices...
  3264. Is it just me?
  3265. Bush '08.........Bush hurts McCain more than Wright hurts Obama
  3266. Neanderthals no kin to us.....
  3267. Oh oh, here comes the fallout
  3268. Dollar BILL
  3269. Dems and small towns...
  3270. Pastor problem for McCain?
  3271. I love this guy!
  3272. Illegals beware!
  3273. Don't bring a knife to a gunfight
  3274. Ben Stein: Expelled
  3275. mccain para presidente
  3276. Do as I say
  3277. News Paper Article from my Home Town... What a bunch of B.S.
  3278. Danish immigration laws changed
  3279. The economy is picking up...
  3280. Shut up sit down Al
  3281. Obama
  3283. Why is this???
  3284. Politically Correct
  3285. What if?
  3286. I don't know why....
  3287. 19 years... and now my buddy gets shafted.
  3288. What "FREE SPEECH" Democrats will do for us
  3289. Next Reason for Gas Price Hike
  3290. Al Sharpton arrested
  3291. Is there anything that can be done?
  3292. What say you???????
  3293. Congress wants STEEL PENNIES as in WW II!
  3294. "White People Like Me"
  3295. Could THIS be the October Surprise, that being whispered about?
  3296. A picture is worth a thousand words......Unfortunately!
  3297. Think this would be FRONT PAGE if it were a Rush, Hannity, Levin, Savage, etc.?
  3298. "Democrats will not compromise..."
  3299. Sign of the Summer?
  3301. My eyes are bleeding! WTF, over!
  3302. Who ya gonna blame?
  3303. another great example of what Dictatorships do
  3304. Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act
  3305. China Build-Up
  3306. Oh My, Rev. Al has some BIG trouble now!
  3308. The Religious Left.
  3309. great read....
  3310. Freedom!
  3311. Environmental Hysteria Exemplified
  3312. Obama to Us: UN To Disarm Americans!!!!
  3313. Al Gore STILL pushing Global warming!
  3314. China jumbo jets
  3315. How does it feel.....?
  3316. Race in America....
  3317. I take it that he isn't voting for Senator Obama!
  3318. This should prove interesting...
  3319. Arnold Schwarzenegger for President
  3320. "Pigamist" Clarification ?
  3322. It's all in the name....
  3323. Shake-up in China
  3324. O'Reilly worked for Inside Edition LOL
  3325. Hacking Democracy
  3326. Bob Barr for Prez
  3327. Business news.....
  3328. Gitmo Problem
  3329. Cool news about Global Warming??
  3330. How could they recognize corruption?
  3331. More illegals nabbed
  3332. Sometimes we can laugh at politics!
  3333. Angry White Man
  3334. An opinion, worthy of some thought?
  3335. 70 trillion dollars!!!!!!
  3336. McCain on climate change
  3337. Responses???
  3338. Energy reality
  3339. Will Algore Become a Pariah?
  3340. The answer
  3341. Albert Einstein
  3342. Looks Like Fat Ass Roly-Poly Michael Moore Has Gotta Stock His Fridge Again
  3343. We forgot to celebrate.
  3344. Iowa, It's a start in the right direction
  3345. There he goes again.
  3346. Obama has been busy. Visited 57 states.
  3347. Global Warming for Dummies
  3348. McLame TOUGHER then I thought!
  3349. Anybody notice this?
  3350. The beginning of the end? or.....
  3351. Approval of U.S. Congress ties record lows
  3352. Racist calls Obama a chimp !!!
  3353. So, is it going to be Obama-Edwards?
  3354. kids these days.....
  3355. Muslims......
  3356. Are Repulicans dog food in '08?
  3357. Are they for real?
  3358. obama seeks to solidify the black vote
  3359. Homeland Security Threat Level
  3360. Obama scares me....
  3361. McCain envisions first term
  3362. Not all the news is bad
  3363. Interview with CEO of EXXON...
  3364. They did it to themselves...
  3365. Dirty Rotten Underhanded Plot..
  3366. Voice your opinion?
  3367. India......
  3368. LMAO!!!!!
  3369. An "unnatural" disaster
  3370. Convicted for a malfunction?
  3371. Where are the absolutes?
  3372. Recall vote
  3373. Memo to Republicans
  3374. The Saudi's say there is no oil shortage.
  3375. Keith Olbermann Puts it to BUSH Last Night
  3376. Another Olbermann clip....
  3377. Typical Obama poster on political website?
  3378. Jesse Ventura may run against Al Franken for Senate seat!
  3379. The price of RICE NOSEDIVED today! Signs that oil may not be far behind?
  3380. A nuclear GOP?
  3381. If the Repubs were smart......
  3382. Why is the government involved?
  3383. Another job we did that wasn't followed through on!
  3384. Hillary's BALLS are showing!
  3385. U.N. racism investigator to visit U.S. from Monday
  3386. WE'RE GONERS
  3387. On a lighter matter, who's your choice for the best looking news babe?
  3388. Alaska Experiment
  3389. oil prices,,house of cards
  3390. Qur'an used for Target Practice. in Iraq by US Soldier
  3391. Food as a weapon??
  3392. obama (jimma carter clone) speaks
  3393. Lay of my bitch, sez obama
  3394. I can't wait!
  3395. This is insane
  3396. Food For Thought
  3397. Serious question
  3398. Pump your own oil...
  3399. UK scientists get green light for half animal, half human embryos...
  3400. Obama The Dummy - Brzezinski The Ventriloquist
  3401. Anybody drive the PA Turnpike? You've just been PLUCKED!
  3402. The Empire Strikes Barack!!!
  3403. More from Obama
  3404. If the education system sucks, just change the grading system!!
  3405. Obama scares the old folks!
  3406. Warmonger or are we about to invade.
  3407. Another speaks out again global warming
  3408. Today will be a good day.
  3409. It's busy at Home Depot....
  3410. Ted Kennedy has a brain Tumor!!!!
  3411. grow your own food?
  3412. The MEDIA controlling the presidential Race!!!
  3413. Alternative Fuel for 85 Cents a Gallon Draws Lines
  3414. They are trying it again!!!!!
  3416. This Guy Obama.... is Out Of His Phuckin Mind!!!
  3417. Burn Grass [not pot] instead of Corn.
  3418. hello Amero
  3419. i give in
  3420. House passes bill to sue OPEC over oil prices
  3421. So what's it going to be? Pick your poison.
  3422. If this guy is right....
  3423. John McCain Forum
  3424. US$132 a fucking barrel !!!!
  3425. Widow of HPD sues killers employer
  3426. O.C. White is our Black Marine rep.
  3427. Price Of Oi And Gasoline - CSPAN Nowl
  3428. Birds of a feather...
  3429. Kids say the darndest things.
  3430. meet the neocons
  3431. Thoughts?
  3432. Facts on OBAMA..... SCARY
  3433. Bush and the war in Iraq
  3434. Visualize $6/gal gasoline
  3435. Bill Cosby on Rev. Wrong
  3436. OIL NEWS
  3437. The Price We Pay at the Pump
  3438. Smartest Man In the Untied States of America
  3439. The Obama Doctrine
  3440. Maxine Waters (D) wants to SOCIALIZE the OIL Cos.
  3441. This is the final straw...
  3442. OK lets start a list of what the US Government has done right
  3443. Rehabilitation really works
  3444. Why Electric and NOT Oil??
  3445. The New Govt. coins
  3446. 10 Signs That You Are An Unquestioning Christian:
  3447. OK Why do you want Our Government
  3448. Rant about RiceBoy
  3449. " Whan-ica" Patrick
  3450. The holocaust was the act of the holy GOD according to Rev. John Hagee........
  3451. Obamination NEWS not readily covered by the DRIVE BYE Media!
  3452. Bush protects oceans from drilling
  3453. Anybody watch Recount on HBO???
  3454. Memorial Day
  3455. US Reportedly Bombs Somalia
  3456. Sounds like a good policy??
  3457. From this movie, I can see why some fold think like they do about 9/11
  3458. Something you dont read alot about
  3459. Germany to call for ban on oil speculation!
  3460. Our current campaign process and how it relates to the candidate pool
  3461. Mexico has a small problem!
  3462. Bill Clinton says wife is victim of a ‘cover up’
  3463. Carter says Israel has 150 nukes.
  3464. 31,000 Scientists Can't be Wrong
  3465. The insanity of Democrats and oil
  3466. Wake Forrest says standardized tests are biased against poor and minority students??
  3467. Barack Obama supporter accuses Jewish lobby members of McCarthyism!
  3468. O' Canada what are they teaching up there?
  3469. Got this off another site.... What say you???
  3470. Liberal = Socialist???!!!
  3471. Al Qaeda Supporters' Tape to Call for Use of WMDs!
  3472. Another enthusiastic Bush supporter
  3473. ex white house press sec. says bush misled the u.s.
  3474. Just another rant......
  3475. Global Warming Skeptics Plot 'Carbon Belch Day'
  3476. Just Say No to Climate Alarmism
  3477. Insurgent Owned!
  3478. Al Queada discusses losing Iraq.
  3479. Warning To All Freedom Loving Americans!
  3480. Sure thing there buddy.....
  3481. If A Candidate Said:
  3482. Where does it end?
  3483. South American Union Born last Friday
  3484. Veterans History Project
  3486. A letter from the Clinton's
  3487. Barry Obama, war monger?
  3488. A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama
  3489. New World Government contols the weather?? Haarp
  3490. another WHOOOPSIE
  3491. NBA or NFL? Which one is it?
  3492. Time to get the razor blades out....
  3493. Church of the non- believers
  3494. Petition, Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less
  3495. How about that! Oil dropped like a rock today!!!!
  3497. Question for George Klass:
  3498. 38 Of Obama's 'Not Exactly' Statements!
  3499. DNCrefuses to meet with obama's GAY LOVER?? VIDEO!!
  3500. fuck pfleger!
  3501. Wal-Mart puts the squeeze on food costs!
  3502. My brother sent me this
  3503. Cutting out the Middleman
  3504. McCain supports the troops
  3505. Think gas prices are high now? Get a load of this
  3506. Import vs Domestic Question
  3507. "Service" Defined
  3508. Fuel Costs and Democrats
  3509. Don't Ask Don't Tell
  3510. Feds six months deep into probe of oil speculators!
  3511. Chances dim for climate-change Legislation!
  3512. The Obomination RESIGNS from his CHURCH!!!!!!
  3513. Rules and Bylaws Committee
  3514. Warner-Lieberman bill could raise gas prices!
  3515. Bill's not around, one HAPPY PUSSY!!!!
  3516. How Obama Has Used Technicalities to Eliminate Opponents
  3517. Corn Fed Venison - It Looked Good On Paper!
  3518. George's NEW RIDE impresses the ladies!
  3519. Why you don't buy an ECONOMY car!
  3520. Read the names in this story....... and see if you want them running the country
  3522. Buy American. But Where?
  3523. Quote of the Week
  3524. Bill Clinton, out of control personally and consumed by “cavernous narcissism.”
  3526. Corner Gas
  3527. I see Dead People
  3528. Maybe it is safer in Iraq
  3529. Post Turtle
  3530. Who Will Do the Most Harm If Elected
  3531. Obama on his church
  3532. Of coarse : Taxes imagine that ??
  3533. ** BREAKING** Kennedy Brain Surgery Complications
  3534. Environmentalists Pick Up Where Communists Left Off!!!!
  3535. A Billion???
  3536. Ahmedinijoke says Israel is going to be no more.
  3537. U.S. oil versus foreign oil
  3539. Cheney had got to be about the most ignorant dumbass ever.
  3540. Matt Drudge ......Liberal or Conservative???
  3541. Hulk Hogan knows best
  3542. Thank you, Patriot Act
  3543. Government power gone CRAZY!!!!!
  3544. A Video Portrait of Barack Hussein Obama
  3545. Hitlary about to fold it up?
  3546. Singularity... will it happen
  3547. WWII, the last war that the US won
  3548. Michelle Obama 'Hate Whitey' Tape Is Imminent
  3549. Judge cancels convictions of 3 Islamic leaders
  3550. Pfleger Canned
  3551. HILLARY 9:49pm Tuesday
  3552. Al Qaeda wonders how it lost Iraq!
  3553. Bill and Hill just won't go away!!!
  3554. Hillary's New Theme Song
  3555. High Fuel Prices...... Not just a problem in AMERICA
  3556. The Dwarfs and Obama
  3557. Remember the Golden Rule
  3558. The GOP and the religious right wing
  3559. Change
  3560. "Americanize" his name
  3561. Jay Leno Thoughts
  3562. what do you think??
  3563. OK its TIME
  3564. Jewish People
  3565. Energy NON Crisis
  3566. Liberals versus Conservatives
  3567. Why is this STOPPED
  3568. Support Hillary
  3569. Tony Rezko ........ OBAMA's Financial Buddy
  3570. Look how misguided people are
  3571. Once you go Barack......
  3572. Al Qaeda moving to Gaza
  3573. How Can This Be?
  3574. Chinese Get Oil From USA
  3575. First new refinery in decades
  3576. Fox News has it finger on the pluse
  3577. Sub Prime Loans
  3578. Algae Biodiesel, NEAT!
  3579. He watches too much American TV
  3580. PC over rides First amendment
  3581. We have the same amount of water here as we did a 1,000 years ago
  3582. 51st state?
  3583. "RESPECT KNUCKLES" for the Obomonation!
  3584. PEW POLL 6/5/08
  3585. Well Alrighty then
  3586. Look who is paying for the DNC's Denver Convention Party
  3587. It's all about what you call it.
  3588. Why new Fords are being built in Mexico
  3589. Just in.. MORE OBAMA GARBAGE!!!
  3590. Video portrait of Barack Hussein Obama, the man who wants to lead OUR country
  3591. Moron Global Warming
  3592. Pray Less Work More.............
  3593. First Political Payback
  3594. the OBAMA Stock Market Crash
  3595. Tons of Campaign Vids o Bama- McCain -Clinton- Others
  3596. what a complete duffus....
  3597. God will f*** you up!... hilarious video
  3598. Attention home owners
  3599. Hil and Barack meeting right now
  3600. It's all over now...
  3601. Looks Like our Junk is workin OK
  3602. Israel getting impatient.
  3603. BREAKING ..... Global Warming Bill
  3604. Israel attack on Iran Unavoidable
  3605. Unemployment take a record jump up.
  3606. More Stolen Rights
  3607. January 2007
  3608. Why did "we" go into Iraq?
  3609. The Fuher to speak on the Economy at 1:50pm
  3610. Now, here's a good idea
  3611. What homeland security? The Childrens Investment Fund? BS!
  3612. Did Obama just flip-flop at AIPAC?
  3613. Banned Songs
  3614. Sooooo, what's everybody doing before the end of the world?
  3615. USA Wake Up! Very Profound to ponder.
  3616. srael-Arab-Palestine. Fact & Myth
  3617. BEST VIDEO OF THE DAY ~ 4- 2000Lb. Bombs on the Taliban!
  3618. U.S. Cites Big Gains Against Al-Qaeda!
  3619. Judge removed for faulty judgement!
  3621. Seems I have heard this somewhere
  3622. Anybody OLD like me and into early 50's-early 60's Rock & Roll?
  3623. The FIRST of many Obomanation posters!
  3624. I guess population control is under control
  3625. Did the Prejudiced thread jdisappear
  3626. War bill helps Iraqis, may ignore Katrina victims
  3627. Air Force Purge Shows Brzezinski's TLC Rules DC!
  3628. Stem cells apparently cure boy's fatal disease!
  3629. Obama Campaign Homosexual Body Count?
  3630. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Mike Brandl on gas prices and their effect on the economy
  3631. Who "sent" Obama?
  3632. House & Senate Congressional Bills
  3633. Gas Prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3634. Obama and his potties
  3635. Curious
  3636. Here comes the terminator!
  3637. tiger woods: terrorist fist jabber?
  3638. Housing Bill Creates National Fingerprint Registry
  3639. Pull out of Iraq????
  3640. illegal immigrants taking all the jobs?
  3641. Democracy or Republic
  3642. Since LBJ's "Great Society"
  3643. Why are people so concerned about...
  3644. How did we get to this point?
  3645. Progress
  3646. Obama looking at ex-miltary for VP?
  3647. Not on the Nightly NEWS
  3648. Do as I say Not as I do LIBERALS
  3649. NHRA..whats the real deal ?
  3650. Party Unity, My Ass group shows Obama's fight ahead
  3651. Will Others Have the Same Courage
  3652. Got fired and sue NASCAR.
  3653. Drugs more valuable than life??
  3654. Is Obama's candidacy constitutional?
  3655. No Earmarks
  3656. The Obamanation files! A day to day listing!
  3657. President Reagan had it "SPOT ON"!!!!
  3658. Looking Foward to the DNC Convention
  3659. What do they smoke in CA?
  3660. If anybody knows somebody thats outta touch its this guy
  3661. Howie Dean Breakfast
  3662. Windfall profit tax
  3663. Gotta find video clip....... NOW HERE
  3664. Bush and the economy
  3665. Government employees
  3666. Child Hood Memories
  3667. 1st one down
  3668. Just doing the crime Americans won't
  3669. Obama Camp Scared:”Internet War Room” Starts Internet Smear!
  3670. The Obamanation KOOL-AID RECIPE
  3671. Fight the Smears
  3672. Jobs Americans won't do?
  3673. More nanny state BS
  3674. Party bashing
  3675. Third Rebuke of an Overreaching President
  3677. Who's to Blame for High Gas Prices?
  3678. Captain Kirk for President.
  3679. Smoking hot and super smart!
  3680. Obama/McCain which candidate would "Do the right thing"?
  3681. Separated at birth?
  3682. "It's Getting Crowded Under Obama's Bus" - American thinker
  3683. Nice to see some DEMOCRATIC YOUTH have come to their senses!
  3684. How to "WIN OVER" Hillary supporters!!!
  3685. It's all about "Change!"
  3686. Where is the financial aid from the other countries?
  3687. A house divided?
  3688. Left Wing Buffoons Stupider Than You Thought
  3689. Exxon to sell off gas stations
  3690. I'm Voting Republican
  3691. Gotta Love the Media
  3692. Tim Russert dead at 58...
  3693. The Obamanation makes a SHOCKING CONFESSION, and FLIP-FLOPS!!!
  3694. At the Official Obama Site: Support for Cop Killers!!
  3695. typical Obama supporter?
  3696. Hillary Supporters for McCain: Forrest Gump Explains Why Nobama!
  3697. Hillary Supporters for McCain: Forrest Gump Explains Why Nobama!
  3698. Malik Obama confirms his half-brother Barack grew up a Muslim!!!!
  3699. latest Kool-Aid convert: Colin Powell!!!!
  3700. Stirring the pot.
  3701. Welcome to TakeBackDemocrats.org!
  3702. Help I have fallen..........
  3703. It's awfully quiet in here.... hour and a half and no Roy??????
  3704. Obama's Lead Shrinking Since Hillary Suspended Campaign, Hillary Supporters Shifting
  3705. New Energy Plan from our Congress
  3706. New Energy Plan from our Congress
  3707. It's much clearer now....
  3708. Traitor or Hero?
  3709. 24 Tons of World Trade Center Twin Towers scrap metal.
  3710. A NEW video from the Hillary supporters against the ESTABLISHMENT Democrats!!!
  3711. "Obama sock puppet called racist"!!!!
  3712. G8 vs OPEC . Never knew of G8 before.
  3713. McSame Quiz
  3714. President Obama Quiz
  3715. Lack of funds for DNC Convention?
  3716. Irish against the EU
  3717. Murder the witness and go free????
  3718. Media control at it's best
  3719. “Paul situation.”
  3720. Gas in Mexico
  3721. Warren Buffet may save the day at Bud
  3722. incredible mcCain girl
  3723. Here is what's wrong with corporate America.
  3724. Pelosi's first 100 days in office!
  3725. Lieberman irks Democrats by criticizing Obama!
  3726. may be a repost
  3727. St. Peter meets Obama
  3728. Obama's Fathers Day speech
  3729. The Real Barak Obama
  3730. How Pure?
  3731. A word to the wise....
  3732. And you wonder why Ford is moving to Mexico?
  3733. China Is Now World's Largest CO2 Emitter!!!
  3734. Michelle Obama takes another LONG DUMP on America!
  3735. Thoughts?
  3736. Tomatoes
  3737. Obama gets endorsed by the Green Weenie.
  3738. Pull the troops out of Iraq
  3739. Tennessee Dem Party Leaders: "Obama May Be Terrorist Connected!"
  3740. Any coffee drinkers here?
  3741. From the man who should have been US President.
  3742. Unlimited oil exploration in U.S.
  3743. Global Warming and the Price of a Gallon of Gas
  3744. Rev. Al Extortion??????
  3745. Nancy Pelosi in a Bikini
  3746. This guy is scary, and what is scarier ist hat he is not stupid.
  3747. Good editorial in USA today
  3748. A steaming plate of insanity
  3749. The one promise of the Klinton Adminstration
  3750. Haditha charges dropped against top Marine officer!
  3751. Al Gore, what a FAKE, PHONEY, FRAUD!!!
  3752. Damn! that's a long swim!
  3753. Who to blame for oil prices....
  3754. This is gonna be good!!!
  3755. O'Bama WTF Blogspot. (that is what it says).
  3756. Free speech? right to assemble?
  3757. What ever happend to "curveball"?
  3758. What cost: illegal immigration?
  3759. government promoting religion or not?
  3760. Larry Sinclair press conference today! Obama camp desparate!
  3761. "Democrats continue to make fools of themselves" (CFP) Canadian Opinion
  3762. Mid West Flood, Rising Food Prices.. There is a silver lining
  3763. Iraq Oil???
  3764. Democrats=Dictators
  3765. Its gettin real good now
  3766. What you don't know can hurt you
  3767. Change??? WTF!!!!!!!
  3768. new campaign poster
  3769. Give me a half tanker of iron, and I will give you an ice age
  3770. Well, looky here...
  3771. Jobs Americans aren't allowed to do?
  3772. Enforce the law; catch shit.
  3773. Relying on off-shore labor
  3774. OBAMA gets new theme song (sign language for the hearing impaired)
  3775. Another gas price thread
  3776. More demand for gasoline huh?
  3777. Is it just me?
  3779. Democratic Primary Summed up in 8 Minutes
  3780. Chinese is the new Black???
  3781. Wasn't me I wanted to kill him
  3782. Something to consider......... Sue Opec ?
  3783. Sometimes, Somene actually gets it!
  3784. Question for Mark O'Neal
  3785. See ya cunts!!
  3786. It's about time! Haditha Marine prepares to sue Murtha over smear!
  3787. OMG, Liberals WORST nightmare!
  3788. GOOD NEWS
  3789. You asked for toe stepping here is some
  3790. Exxon, BP and Shell sign deal with Baghdad govt for oil
  3791. The NEXT Obamanation Scandal video!
  3792. More global warming.....
  3793. Obama @ The Pearly Gates
  3794. China raises fuel prices
  3795. Israel war game - practice for Iran
  3796. EU lifts Cuban sanctions
  3797. Democrats and Countrywide SCANDAL
  3798. Asisted suicide/ right to Die
  3799. I Don't Carry a Gun to Kill People
  3801. Kid suing Dad and won.
  3802. More "Big Business" out to phuk people.
  3803. OK, I've got a question.
  3804. I don't get it.
  3805. He Never Did What!
  3806. Gasoline Prices and Usage
  3807. Obamas truths
  3808. A picture for Jeremy J.
  3809. check this out.....drug trafficing MEXICANS
  3810. It's the end of the world, film at 11:00
  3811. AOL presidential straw poll!
  3812. Obama's voting record and bills enacted!
  3813. how and where to buy gas
  3814. I was wrong, America is stealing Iraqs oil
  3815. George Carlin dead at 71
  3816. I'm Voting Republican
  3817. Just wondering where they are?
  3818. Maybe it isnt supply and demand
  3819. Obama would ban free speech!
  3820. America's Intelligence Agencies
  3822. Supreme Court gives Bush a maor victory on the Border Fence
  3823. Allready, Change from oblama
  3824. YB Political section Check this out
  3825. Who is paying for this?
  3826. WTF?
  3827. YB Political section Check this out II
  3828. common sense
  3829. Hey George, You Twit, here is some of that instability
  3830. http://www.globalclimatescam.com/
  3831. IMUS getting SHARPTONED again for a racial remark!
  3832. High valued targets in Afghanistan not captured because a lack of funding?...........
  3833. Someone Needs to Explain this to me.
  3834. Those of you with bad hearts do not read
  3835. This should piss off the Infedel Liberals
  3836. O'Bama pulls new seal.
  3837. Operation: Rhode Island - R.I. Lawmaker switches party to lead ’Democrats for McCain’
  3838. ROTFLMFAO!!!!! The HILDERBEAST BEGS for money!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  3839. Lt. Col Allen West, African American candidate for Congress to Mr. Obama:
  3840. Death and destruction, that's what Republicans want.
  3841. More bad news for LIBERALS, Commies & Socialist
  3842. Off-shore drillling
  3843. NASA scientist, just another liberal
  3844. another Wack Job gettin in on Algores Action
  3845. This irritates the hell out of me.
  3846. things may be catching up with carl rove
  3847. We need more of this
  3848. The Bob Barr and the Ralf Nader effect.............
  3849. Algore Carbon Credits
  3851. Lou Dobbs
  3852. Countrywides many friends....Yep Democrats
  3854. Nice ratings
  3855. Supreme Court blew it
  3856. Proof of the "change"
  3857. Amazing Fossil
  3858. To Start the Fight
  3859. Indian group asks Hindu monkey god to lead Obama to election triumph
  3860. You Can't Fuel All Of The People All Of The Time
  3861. American fear coming to a TV near you..
  3862. Damn, 1000 posts in a month!
  3863. The Mindless Menace of Violence
  3864. Gaddafi is angry with Obama ~ Says Obama is a Muslim!
  3865. Bush lifts sanctions against N Korea
  3866. We are being watched!
  3867. 42,000 deaths in 2007
  3868. Supreme Court ~ EVERYONE go get a gun!
  3869. Obama's Alternative (Energy) Reality
  3870. JamesDav says it well
  3871. New Pew poll, 92% of Americans believe in god
  3872. Jason Whitlock on Imus and the MSM
  3873. Glenn Beck has it right
  3874. New Oblama Hussein Oblaba alibaba ads
  3875. Great site comparing the most important issues between McCain and Obama
  3876. Now here's something to Celebrate
  3877. Jon Stewart on NObama!
  3878. George, was this your idea?
  3879. With the tactics of mob control, Democrats ty to control K street
  3880. I TOLD YOU DUMB CUNTS!!!!!
  3881. That moment right befor the PAIN begins
  3882. SEMA Looking out for us
  3883. Self contradicting Libs...
  3884. Bush did get one thing done...
  3885. Obama's flip-flop on DC gun ban
  3886. I'm thinking Boening won't be declaring...
  3887. Dr. James David Manning on Michelle Obama
  3888. A silver lining in the price of oil?
  3889. Ever wonder what has happened to all those Ron Paul supporters?
  3890. A DEMOCRATS answer to Ed Rendell's new group HOUND!
  3891. John McLAME'S new web ad ~ Dr. NObama!
  3892. What happens to campaign funds ?
  3893. Surprise! Obama's PEOPLE are BILL CLINTON'S PEOPLE! Video
  3895. BJ Clinton says Obama must "KISS MY ASS" to get his support!
  3897. Talk BS Politics People turn you off
  3898. f'n chinese light bulbs!!!
  3899. The armys admits, no plan for Iraq
  3900. ROCK on FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!
  3901. The " say something nice about George Bush " thread
  3902. Definition of covert has changed:
  3903. Well take the gloves off then and let go. It's must be an election year.
  3904. repost? for Roy
  3905. McCain does Streisand
  3906. Confidence in Congress at record low!!
  3907. The wood spider
  3908. Agree/disagree?
  3909. Couldn't help but NOTICE
  3910. Sooooo..... who's going to win the Cup next year?
  3911. The Wonder of Islam
  3912. Biased reporting from the MSM
  3913. Hyper mileage
  3914. Gas Prices
  3915. Treason
  3916. 34FFF Girl Says Titties Too Small!
  3917. The end of YB is near.
  3918. NOT for LIBERALS
  3919. Speculators
  3920. Was it really about WMD's or whatever reasons or "BIG OIL"?
  3921. Bush administration awarded no bid oil contracts in Iraq to western companies?
  3922. Coalition of the Drilling
  3923. Bush burning up another US$400M
  3924. Careful what you wish
  3925. Don't this just warm your heart!
  3926. Canadians: Run for your lives!
  3927. The WTF? moment of the day
  3928. Score ONE for the good guys!
  3929. California leads the way....
  3930. Democratic Party official accused in satanic rape, kidnap
  3931. The good Lord giveth...
  3932. warm heart, or chapped ass?
  3933. Another treasonous bastard!
  3934. Iraq, finally over the hump
  3935. George's Disease
  3936. One More
  3937. Holy S--t I cannot believe this
  3938. What Happen To The Party of Acceptance
  3939. Look at this Blooming Idiot
  3940. Sign to petition
  3941. Why Should we be drilling???
  3942. Muslims should die
  3943. The big lie?
  3944. Could this be the reason....
  3945. Newt!! On energy indepedence.
  3946. Garfield on the oil crisis
  3947. Student finds way to decompose plastic bags in months
  3948. How to take care of a Palestinian terrorist
  3949. Interesting article about disasters
  3950. I bet she won't be asked to sing again
  3951. Rush and CLEAR CHANNEL CUT a DEAL!!!!!
  3952. I'm now fan of bangers' but here's 2 cops that need to die
  3953. THE TRUTH
  3954. How to get a real deal on a Mortgage
  3955. Lets Drop in on Algore and see what he's up to
  3956. FEED People SHIT and they stop buying
  3957. stock market
  3958. One for my buddy roysvet!
  3959. Here's a good story from Oct 2001
  3960. SoCal Homes not Selling??
  3961. What onions teach us about the oil market
  3962. Hunting for oil villians
  3963. The Federal Reserve
  3964. Fresh off Drudge
  3965. Well, here's a surprise
  3966. Gull Island and gas prices.
  3967. Coal makes use sick, oil makes us sick, Harry Reid make us sick!!!!
  3968. The Obomanation puts the BRAKES ON in Iraq troop witdrawl! Liberals PISSED!
  3969. Charlotte temperature hits 123-year low
  3970. Obama Voters Protest His Switch on Telecom Immunity
  3971. Bill O'Reilly on America
  3972. Holy Shit OBAMA's PROLIFE Now
  3973. An AOL Poll: Is Obama a RUTHLESS person!
  3974. NoBama Comes In All Shapes, Sizes, Religions, Races, and Genders!
  3975. Why wont the US manufacturers give us diesel passenger cars?
  3976. A quote and an answer from a black man from another political sight
  3977. Blogger admits Obama birth certificate a forgery!!!!!
  3978. Lieberman, Warner To Push Nuclear Energy In Carbon Bill
  3979. who says old timers dont know their politics...
  3980. OK, video Critique time!
  3981. Biofuels suck!!!
  3982. Quote from another old timer
  3983. How long before this comes here???
  3984. Oh no!!!! Not again
  3985. Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah
  3987. Why is everybody afraid to say it....?
  3988. Oil reserves on the North Slope of Alaska
  3989. Thanks AMERICA......
  3990. This never gets old!!!
  3991. Sen Jesse Helms Dead at 86
  3992. Flat-Screen TV Gas 'a Climate Time Bomb'
  3993. To our Forefathers
  3994. Coming to a NASCAR race near you!
  3995. If you fear big brother, watch what you watch!
  3996. Bush's mouthpiece
  3997. Managers Arrested over Illegals....
  3998. O.C. White How many DUI's
  3999. More good newa... don't die
  4000. One for the "Bucket List"?
  4001. Interesting take on Independence Day
  4002. I haven't seen anything about this 550 tons of Yellowcake taken out of Iraq!!!!!!!
  4003. Hey ProTruck70
  4004. And you wonder why we harp on safety belts
  4005. Part II of George Klass do not read
  4006. Thank our Intel Agencies
  4007. Has ayone else watched this?
  4008. Breaking News- 550tons of Urianum in Iraq
  4009. If being a Conservative is Soooo Bad
  4010. The REAL reason we went to war
  4011. I am out to make a change
  4012. JOHN KERRY This guy needs to go away
  4013. Twelve Step Program...for illegal aliens
  4014. Huge energy discount...
  4015. BREAKING NEWS; Obama's plane is making a forced landing due to mech. issues!
  4016. stupid kids=Democrats forever?
  4017. This make Iraq worth it
  4018. Map showing gas prices
  4019. Just where are we?
  4020. Kalitta Air crashes another 747
  4021. US talkin about Drilling
  4022. Mike Vick's Dogs Given Second Chance
  4023. Missile games
  4024. Could Pelosi have OVERSTEPPED her powers?
  4025. Can Cindy Sheehan beat "The Mouthpiece" Nancy Pelosi?
  4026. Thank God for our Founding Fathers' courage to leave!
  4027. Leftists DO NOT OPEN!
  4028. Sneaking over to enemy territory, I picked up this bit of STARTLING news.......
  4029. Dems vs Rep
  4030. Oregon Firefighters Lose Jobs Because of Language
  4031. The nerve of this guy
  4032. DHS Wants Taser Bracelets On All Air Passengers - Want some torture with your peanuts
  4033. Well, this ought to be amusing.......
  4034. My Fellow Americans
  4035. Obama Will Stop This
  4036. Another slap in the face...
  4037. Why Arabs throw rocks......
  4038. And George Klass Speaks About Bush's Approval Ratings ???
  4039. Breaking News!! Certain people do prefer McCain!
  4040. Does abortion increase crime rate?
  4041. How come they're bigger
  4042. BULL SEMEN???
  4043. Anybody heard of T. Boone Pickens Plan?
  4044. More good news out of Klassifornia!
  4045. shot in her car
  4046. Bush thinks he's GOD
  4047. Like Father Like Son
  4048. Russia mad about Missile Shield
  4049. Shell cancels plans to build new refinery
  4050. Free Tickets
  4051. For you Pelosi haters
  4052. Liquidate GM now!
  4053. FISA bill passed! NObama vote YES!! Socialists KILL THEMSELVES! NObama flips AGAIN!!!
  4054. So Jesse Jackson wants To Cut Off Obama'a Nutts For Talking Down To Black Folk
  4055. Typical N.O.P.D. BS....
  4056. US condemns Iran.
  4057. 75% ownership of Chrysler building sold to Abu Dhabi investment group
  4058. This is the U.S. on drugs
  4059. George Carlin
  4060. Limbaugh Begins Second Phase of 'Chaos'!
  4061. Economy in the shitter or not.......
  4062. interesting opinion
  4063. Tony, Whats up with Jindal?
  4064. Barack Hussein Obama
  4065. Will wonders never cease?
  4066. Two income families / Family morals and values
  4067. Pickens Plan
  4068. Government controlled banks
  4069. Should of had a YB member photoshop it
  4070. William "Bill" Phillips on Gas in the U.S.
  4071. Home run or out in left field?
  4072. Some day the truth will be told
  4073. Marine bites part of Soldiers ear off
  4074. Damn Oil Speculators
  4075. i am glad this has been cleared up
  4076. Another Obama home run?
  4077. McCain seems not to get a break from liberals
  4078. Rove has nothing to hide
  4079. watch this video link of these lifelong democrats who will vote republican lol
  4080. Cosby Speaks to Packed House in Hartford
  4081. Closure for 2 More Families
  4082. Liberal Hypocrite-POS Kennedy
  4083. McCain's advisors
  4084. FOX Noise
  4085. Obama to Sponsor Sprint Cup Car
  4086. Only in Louisiana
  4087. What would you do?
  4088. Interesting Letter to the editor
  4089. Why No Shame?
  4090. Getting closer?????
  4091. Nozzle Rage
  4092. Testing Georges Theory.....
  4093. IndyMac Bank- L.A. Fails
  4094. Iranian Smoke and Mirrors...
  4095. More doom and gloom
  4096. Proof Bush is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4097. MORE PROOF!!!
  4098. Tony Snow Passes
  4099. How about these stats?
  4100. Thread About the NOPD that Nimrods Wont Think is About Katrina
  4101. Some excerpts from Lee Iacoccas new book
  4102. Congrats tree huggers on being a hypocrite
  4103. Congressman admits Democrats "stretched the facts
  4104. I'm Voting Democrat!
  4105. Pakistan won't let us hunt for bin Laden...
  4106. Missing in Action!
  4107. Awesome video... pay attention Roy!!!
  4108. Joe Kline wants to kill your AC
  4109. Iran condemns McCain for cigarette joke
  4110. Globalization and the FAA
  4111. Who says this is a 2 party system?!?!
  4112. An Argument against NObama's Tax Plan!
  4113. Had the war in Iraq NOT been started......
  4114. Your children should speak Spanish!
  4116. Ahh,The Good Old Days
  4117. Iran: McCain cigarette joke, disturbing! They have NO sense of humor!
  4118. Bud sold to InBev
  4119. New Yorker Magazine for July 21 an OFFENSIVE COVER?
  4120. The Patriot Act is Bullshit
  4121. A good reason to avoid Wall Street
  4122. ventura back in politics?
  4123. Is this guy stupid or what?
  4124. This Canadian chick has got it!
  4125. Has anyone considered......
  4126. Failed banks
  4127. Just another Email
  4128. Executive ban lifted
  4129. I bet La Raza is pissed!
  4130. Obama in Orange County, CA
  4131. The $5.7 trillion dollar myth
  4132. Barack "Royale with Cheese" Obama doesn't speak a second language
  4133. Impeachment Proceedings
  4134. ROTFLMFAO!!! ANOTHER LIE! Book forces Obama to admit he is illegitimate!!!!
  4135. More and more about blacks in America
  4136. Leno on public education
  4137. Video link of another potential VP pick for McCain making a bad gaffe..........
  4138. Whatsa matter Roy?
  4139. Dollar hits new low vs Euro
  4140. More Dems getting upset with Obama?
  4141. Which will help? Ideals or reality?
  4142. Bushs List
  4143. Meaning of Flag Draped Coffin
  4144. Capitol One Bank Debit Cards No Longer......
  4145. Obama: No joke!
  4146. If I say it's OK, it's OK
  4147. Do thwy think we're stupid or what?
  4148. Makes you wonder.....
  4149. More La Raza goodness
  4150. Illegal hires illegals and we should feel sorry
  4151. Unphuckingbelievable!
  4152. Jimmy Biggs get a new landscaper!
  4153. Confused McCain defending Czekslovakia? He's just too confused! video link
  4154. Could Obama be confused like McCain.......
  4155. Anybody see 'The Body' on Larry King last night?
  4156. This is what would happen if
  4157. BUSH Bitch Slaps Stupid Reporters
  4158. Anybody watch the OBAMA Speech this morning???
  4160. Less than 4 month to go and Obama is still in the lead, how can it be?
  4161. Just how bad are things at the Big 3?
  4162. Confused McCain defends Czekslovakia AGAIN in 2 days!!!!!!!
  4163. McCain confused on who is Al Qaeda AGAIN..........
  4164. Time for some campaigning - Jib Jab is back
  4165. Bush next????
  4166. Pickens Plan
  4167. Midwest Flood Victims on Govt Tit
  4168. If they did nothing wrong.......
  4169. Why do people make things difficult?
  4170. Obama Ducks Peace Lovers
  4171. Hmmm Ya Think The DNC Is Up To No Good ???
  4172. Oil Drops $10 in 2 days
  4173. Check out this billboard down in Florida.
  4174. Check out this hilarious Jib Jab video poking fun at Obama and McCain!!!!
  4175. Don't look now....
  4176. Presidential Poll
  4177. Capitalone can kiss my ass!
  4178. Barack Obama's surrogate senator Kirk Watson's bad gaffe video clip
  4179. Helium3- The equivalent of oil at $7/bbl.
  4180. A Good Laugh For Both Sides of Politics
  4181. The Official DNC Playbook - Strategies Used to Demonize & Discredit Those against OB!
  4182. Dick Morris on O'Reilly Says Obama needs a Teleprompter
  4183. What else did Jesse Jerkoff say on those FOX tapes?
  4184. "Mass. Senate votes to let out-of-state gays marry"
  4185. How about that global warming?
  4186. A little bit of Jesus history....
  4187. Titanic Neo-Con Mistakes...
  4188. What? This Doesn't Happen in Iowa
  4189. Morning Air Show
  4190. A Pilot's perspective on Obama
  4191. Babs Boxers response to "Drill, Drill, Drill"
  4192. One more reason to patrol the borders
  4193. Wachovia troubles increasing...
  4194. Well there you have it !!!
  4195. Oil down another $4...
  4196. McDonalds Franchise Fined $1 Million over Illegals
  4197. Mark your calendars Aug. 5
  4199. So is Oil Really a Fossil Fuel?
  4200. 50,000 Scientists Call BS to Global Warming
  4201. Sub-Human Celebration!!!
  4202. R&D Tax Credit in Limbo
  4203. petition for the US congress to act immediately to lower fuel $
  4204. Can Hussien legally be president?
  4205. Andy Dick arrested, what's YB's punishment?
  4206. OH This is Gonna be Soooooo Good
  4207. We're Footin the Bill
  4208. It's a start.....
  4209. What is a Dumb Beoch??
  4210. I'd be Proud to have my name on this place
  4211. NOPD Cop Gone Wild
  4212. The Pot calling the Kettle Black
  4213. Report from inside the loonie bin
  4214. Glenn Beck Last Night
  4215. Pilots lie!
  4216. Democracy vs. Capitalism
  4217. Hey George
  4218. Oil headed to a $100 a barrel?
  4219. Bush legacy in San Francisco
  4220. Political test-Where do y'all stand?
  4221. Amputee fails to make olympic team...
  4222. the house of cards is starting to fall
  4223. Media Bias Self Survey
  4224. Obama drops in for a visit
  4225. Penn & Teller Callout Al Gore
  4226. Is your candidate running a clean campaign so far as promised?
  4227. Jimmy Biggs awarded huge contract
  4228. New Calender
  4229. Americans see liberal media bias on TV news according to rasmussen polls.............
  4230. Who would you pick for next
  4231. Smart politics
  4232. I'm excited
  4233. How About Another $.10 Tax a Gallon On Gas???
  4234. House Speaker Pelosi calls Bush ‘a total failure’
  4235. Nation of Oilslam
  4236. Interesting takeon conservation...
  4237. Election reform
  4238. Citizen Test
  4239. McCain needs to confront the "race" issue head on.
  4240. Real men vote for John McLame!
  4241. Senator Walking Eagle
  4242. Republicans always complaining about airtime Obama's getting........
  4243. Just watched Iraq for sale
  4244. For China's Olypics, Bar owners ordered NOT to serve Blacks and Mongolians!
  4245. Pelosi Is Covering Up for `Money-Changers in the Temple'
  4246. Joe Biden back trackin on OBAMA ??
  4247. How tough is it to get on the internet?
  4248. McLame Challenges NObama to See Success of Surge in Iraq!
  4249. Anyone notice SOMETHING ODD about this video?
  4250. 10 Cars That Could Keep GM Afloat
  4251. No seat foor the New yorker on Messiah 1
  4252. Senate Democrats looking at raising Gas Tax
  4253. good article on who pays what in taxes
  4254. OBAMA'S Health Care Plan
  4255. Just need 100 more to follow
  4256. More in the Tank Proof
  4257. GOTCHA MUTHAFUCKER!!!!!!!!!
  4258. New Movie
  4259. Illegal Hospital Care Cost
  4260. fox owner admits manipulation...
  4261. Attn: George Klass
  4262. A little Obomanation news for the day, perhaps everyday!
  4263. NObama thinks "A BOMB FELL ON PEARL HARBOR!!!"
  4264. Did you know?
  4265. So why won't McCain back the GI Bill?
  4266. John McCain-Lost in Space
  4267. John McCain-I thought only Democrats loved NAFTA
  4268. John McCain in never never land
  4269. John McCain-WAKE UP!!!
  4270. John McCain-Does he really support our troops?
  4271. John McCain-Is he REALLY taking care of illegal immigration?
  4272. John McCain-Lost in Space II
  4273. John McCain-The truth from behind the scenes
  4274. 11 reasons America is a new socialist economy
  4275. John McCain-Vietnam Vets Against Teflon John
  4276. John McCain-POW's Against Teflon John
  4277. John McCain and the Enron Loophole
  4278. Cat got Roy's tongue?
  4279. Discontent among the young Repubs
  4280. "General Time Horizon for meeting Aspirational Goals"
  4281. Show support for your candidate...
  4282. Fun reading (If slitting your wrist is fun)
  4283. Who's next?
  4284. Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae
  4285. Not so good news when people are tapped out.....
  4286. This Brotha is keepin' it real!!
  4287. US Govt Revenue Form LA
  4288. I'll just have one more!!!
  4289. McCain New running Mate
  4290. Well look at this! The next NObamantion INCREDIBLE REMARK!
  4291. Iran
  4292. Oil Company profits steered toward investors
  4293. News Flash from La La Land . . .
  4294. Zoinks! Enquirer Finally Outs John Edwards, His Mistress, and Their Love Child!
  4295. "Obama Wants To Be Absolutely Clear on Who Is Israel's Friend"
  4296. A McCain volunteer gives McCain some advice for this campaign staff.......watch video
  4297. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Blasts Obama for ‘Fake Interviews’
  4298. What the BLEEP by Chuch Norris
  4299. What does NObama do when he gets to Afghanistan???
  4300. Mistakes Pile Up on Messiah Tour
  4301. The Messi-Uh Press Conference: "Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh"
  4302. Wachovia loses $8.9 Billion 2nd Qtr
  4303. Talk show host Micheal Savage really pissed off some parents of autistic children.
  4304. Does Roy want to give Obama a blowjob?
  4305. Obama's Birth And Citizenship - Youtube questions answered!
  4306. Why Democrats don't want to lower gas prices
  4307. Political Cartoons
  4308. Russian bases welcome
  4309. FOX has better news
  4310. Zionists
  4311. What about Bob Barr?
  4312. Whiners?
  4313. Who do you blame?
  4314. Interesting - Gas Mileage and Flex Fuel Cars From The Past
  4315. Readers and Advertisers Rule!!!
  4316. going in circles? its back to supply, demand
  4317. Windfall Tax ...Nancy Peloski plan geez get her out!
  4318. The best "Obama for President" ad...
  4319. Who needs them
  4320. the State of California uses
  4321. Talk about me, talk about me, PLEASE!!
  4322. Thomas Sowell on Government
  4323. Oil at $124 and Headed South
  4324. McCain, the surge, the Sunni Awakening and the curb in violence
  4325. According to polls...
  4326. Where's the OBAMA Bounce???
  4327. Glenn Beck
  4328. Obama losing support among blacks
  4329. OK Boys and Girls here's my call on this
  4330. Robert Wexler gettin Hammered
  4331. another NEW WEBSITE!!!
  4332. OIL
  4333. My Dream is over
  4334. Edwards Story back on Drudge
  4335. Rangel Files Complaint
  4336. national enquirer got scooped...
  4337. Accidental editing???
  4338. extraterrestrial neocons
  4339. fox protested...
  4340. BREAKING Obama News 5:30am
  4341. Robert Wexler should be in Jail
  4342. Presidential mandate
  4343. Arnold threatens minimum wage for State workers
  4344. American Dream
  4345. OH WOW Obama is a Jew Now
  4346. Obama reversal with Latino Americans
  4347. Young republicans worry about McCain's appeal
  4348. Minimum wage is now up to $6.55
  4349. Obama preaching in Berlin!
  4350. Obama talks to Germans in Germany...
  4351. Why does Obama feel the need to lie?????
  4352. DNC host's tax-free gas evaporates
  4353. GOP scuttles oil from the reserves
  4354. Obviously a pampered little turd....
  4355. Fixing the "broken" immigration system
  4356. Looks like it's going to go down between "Staying the Course" and "Shifting Course"
  4357. Richest Americans see their income share rise...
  4358. He ventured forth to bring light to the world
  4359. Double Standard?
  4360. WHERE'S THE BEEF??? .... AH I mean Bounce??
  4361. Light at the end of the economic tunnel
  4362. At least someone gets it right
  4363. No bias? Just follow the money....
  4364. Along with the good, you have to post the bad
  4365. The CHOSEN One
  4366. Global Warming.....
  4367. Is McCain old and confused?
  4369. Moon-walker Dr Edgar Mitchell Claims Alien Contact Cover-up
  4370. 200,000 or 20,000 in Berlin? Depends....
  4371. Ron Paul ~ The Mother of all Bailouts!
  4372. Did any of you guys watch the san diego firefighter burn himself up in a boat tonight
  4373. OMG, NObama's mother of all cash giveaways could be coming!
  4374. Hey Roy
  4375. The cost of war
  4376. Commander in Disgrace
  4377. Unintended consequences
  4378. Greater Mexico?
  4379. Anybody catch this series on ID channel?
  4380. More Good News From Iraq
  4381. General Electric and Al Gore Scheme to Undermine Domestic Oil Drilling
  4382. Pride Clouds NObama's Vision!
  4383. fox news a mouthpiece for bush...say it aint so...
  4384. Seems to me some forgot!
  4385. Main stream media bias
  4386. Fed takes over two more Banks
  4388. Louisiana's finest at work
  4389. Government actually gives $$$$ back to people
  4390. Record deficits for next President
  4391. **NOTICE** Costco
  4392. McCain on Larry King tonight
  4393. Upset at the liberals?
  4394. Cheney and the injured vets
  4395. Obama economic summit
  4396. Police: Church shooting suspect angry with job search and liberals.........
  4397. Any Farsi translators out there?
  4398. Now this is a Shock!
  4399. Bill vs Scott
  4400. The biggest Natural Gas find in the USA
  4401. Meat packing.... jobs Americans won't take?
  4402. Maryland's Finest at Work
  4403. Bush to leave a record budget deficit
  4404. Polls
  4405. Independence from foreign oil
  4406. Look at this crap....... LIBERALS Never stop
  4407. WTF?????
  4408. Politics and religion
  4409. Oh oh!!
  4410. The Plastic Bag Police
  4411. At least it wasn't a BJ......
  4412. Border patrol agent assaulted
  4413. McClain pulls ahead
  4415. Is Anything Sacred? (The New Republic) Israel Paper Confirmed Obama Leaked His Prayer
  4416. i bet bush would like to veto this...
  4417. Sheehan Hits Signature Goal To Run Vs Pelosi
  4418. Setting the path for a payout
  4419. Congressional Hall of Shame inductees:
  4420. McCain to raise taxes afterall?
  4421. Protection straight from Mohammed
  4422. Time to turn off the spigot
  4423. Time to toss those bibles
  4424. In the middle of earthquake, they come up with this.
  4425. It can't get any worse?
  4426. Obama gains coveted Phil Spector endorsement
  4427. three things that just piss me off
  4428. Poor, poor Mexico.
  4429. Calling all Atheists and Agnostics.... let's talk religion
  4430. Calling All Cali Members...
  4431. Algore News
  4432. New Obama Song
  4433. Something I have noted
  4434. Brilliant new immagration policy
  4435. OK O'Reilly HATERS
  4436. Hunt for NObama's LOVE CHILD!
  4437. And the mud slinging begins.
  4438. Government workers with fraudulent (fake as a $3 bill) degrees?
  4439. Dems attack Sen. Coburn for delivering babies for free
  4440. Court: Christian fraternity must be recognized
  4441. Obamanomics Is a Recipe for Recession
  4442. Mass. democratic state senator charged with groping woman
  4443. UN ends Eritrea-Ethiopia peacekeeping mission
  4444. Dead Monster Washes Ashore in Montauk
  4445. Obama Energy Plan
  4446. Exxon Mobil breaks own profit record
  4447. Hmmmmm, T. Boone the Messiah.....
  4448. Mortgage bail out. ??????
  4449. 11% Drop
  4450. Thanks for the Loan Roy!!
  4451. U.S. Legislators Barney Frank & Ron Paul Introduce Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana
  4452. At least someone is buying new cars.
  4453. Mark Today on the Calender
  4454. The John Edwards cover-up and the IRS (updated)
  4455. Aide to U.S. Senator Jim Webb found dead from apparent gunshot wound!
  4456. The Hilderbeast officially OUT of the V.P. chase!
  4457. Country's mood at historic low
  4458. *Breaking* NObama hides Indonesian Identity: Fake Birth Certificate Explained!
  4459. judge rules congress can subpoena bush aides
  4460. Sad News....Jamie Walker.......
  4461. Reasons to vote for McCain
  4462. Reasons to vote for Obama
  4463. Why would be awesome is Ron Paul was an option...
  4464. Another MONSTER, this time from China!
  4465. Walmart against OBAMA
  4466. Here's the real OBAMA
  4467. Pot Meet Kettle
  4468. Translation....... We're bombin these Phuckers before your Election
  4469. Unemployment figures
  4470. August 1, 1998 An Air borne phenomenon began.
  4471. i bet heres one illegal who wishes he stayed his ass in mexico
  4472. Jan Schandkoski D- Ill gets outted
  4473. Blacks protest at Obama speech
  4474. Obama the patriot
  4475. republicans lead revolt against pelosi
  4476. 2 guards
  4477. lick finger-put in the air-change mind
  4478. Obama's Energy plan
  4479. FLIP FLOP CITY, Obama shifts, says he may back offshore drilling!!!
  4480. Virgin Time ! ! !
  4481. The Religion of Peace is at it again!
  4482. Want a Burka with your chicken nuggets?
  4483. Calling all Christians....let's talk religion
  4484. Obama says he opposes slavery reparations, ANOTHER FLIP FLOP???
  4485. Make it happen you son of a bitches.
  4486. "Number of democrats in the US declines in July" (Rasmussen)
  4487. Raising Minimum Wage Hurts Vulnerable Workers' Job Prospects Without Reducing Poverty
  4488. Nader appears to be on the ballot in PA!
  4489. Another step towards total control by the NWO?
  4490. another fine example of cops in action
  4491. Your opinion?
  4492. Audacity of Democracy" (10 Minute Teaser of PUMA movie)
  4493. talk about a stab in the back...lol
  4494. Obama throws Pelosi under the bus??
  4495. NObama Flips on Offshore Drilling! Hilarious-- MoveOn is now under the BUS!
  4496. ULTIMATE BELLY FLOP from BammBamm!!!!
  4497. Flyin High in a dream world
  4498. Looks like the lights aren't out on Monday either
  4499. 11pm FNC "Porked" Tonight
  4500. McVoting
  4501. ROTFLMFAO!!! Teresa Simões-Ferreira Heinz-Kerry AIN'T GONNA BE HAPPY!!!!
  4502. This date in 2004
  4503. Will Bill and Hill
  4504. All The Reasons To Vote for Obama
  4505. Lying about voting for president?? Wrong poll results.
  4506. Obama "Walking Eagle"
  4507. This guy is ridiculous...
  4508. Obamas campaign funds
  4509. President 2010
  4510. Oil down another $4
  4511. I have decided to Vote for OBAMA now
  4512. Mondays Flip flop
  4513. A little good news...
  4514. Obama's Energy Plan Tire Gauges Available NOW
  4515. Letter to Tyson Chicken
  4516. Big O' promises 5 million new jobs
  4517. How STUPID can a Presidential Candidate be???
  4518. Looks like our Islamic Extreamist friends don't like Chop Suey
  4519. Fresh reason to boycott Citgo
  4520. The DOT abuses it's authority, again.
  4521. Insanity? This pretty much sums it up.
  4522. Jesse Ventura
  4523. Fact or Ficton??
  4524. Stop OBAMA site
  4525. Draft Ron Paul and Jesse ventura ?
  4526. Obama removes US Flag from his plane
  4527. Anti-Obama Bloggers Say They Were Silenced
  4528. Patriotism vs Open Borders
  4529. Oh'Bama receives Walking Eagle Award
  4530. More great news backing Bush's war efforts, WTF!!
  4531. Saving the Airline Industry
  4532. Why does Paris Hilton get it?
  4533. Mr. Skinner
  4534. Follow the $$$ for CHANGE
  4535. Dick The Vice
  4536. *Breaking* Sister Maya’s Name Uncovered on Phony Obama Birth Certificate!
  4537. Voter registration on the rise in key swing states for which party?
  4538. Obama Bombshell:Barack Obama’s Lost Years - “Hispanic can't expand by taking AA Seats
  4539. Obama Will Name Bayh his VP Choice on Wednesday!
  4540. i love this idea...petition time
  4541. Mexican Execute when appeal denied in Texas!
  4542. Why OBAMA won't Win
  4543. Read this and reply
  4544. American Drug War
  4545. The Little Red Hen
  4546. Some of the Line Up for Denver
  4547. Driver Convicted!!
  4548. ron paul followers pose danger for mccain in west
  4549. Two movie careers are over
  4550. Political lesson from the Barnyard
  4551. Dirty Air Filters Save Gas
  4552. Democracy
  4553. My new Healthcare Plan
  4554. Origins of Known Universe...
  4555. Fundraiser
  4556. Where is Klass???
  4557. How to save the Government Millions
  4558. The Frog Theory
  4559. AH Man this is shapin up to be a DOOZY
  4560. Gov Tim Pawlenty states GOP would do better if adopting positive message like Obama
  4561. Matt Drudge Flash
  4562. I am an immigrant and have approved this message
  4563. kill the money changers......
  4564. OH Baby this may have to be covered by YWN
  4565. I got this EMail on Moveon.org
  4566. Obama site: Jews must be 'burned'
  4567. Listen to what this preacher has to say about Obama and the black man
  4568. No Kidding! Something NEW in the Universe!!!
  4569. $80 billion surplus in Iraq not bad, but.......
  4570. Chavez' people Love him just like Americans
  4571. "Its not Pollution its just a fine mist"
  4572. Mexican Troops Cross Border ???
  4573. If you see Al Gore kick him in the balls for me.
  4574. Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick in jail......finally
  4575. Mexico is mad at us?lol
  4576. Hydrocarbon Emisions
  4578. Puma Pac: How It All Came Undone For Obama
  4579. Pelosi plays HARDBALL with Cindy Sheehan!
  4580. Freddie, Fannie Funded Jesse Jackson’s Pet Projects
  4581. Another Barry-Is-A-Cupcake Story from Washington Post
  4582. Th Cost of One Illegal, in One Hospital, in One State: $1.8 Million!
  4583. Islamist group threatens attacks at China Olympics!
  4584. The Staged Iraq War Speech & More “Creative” Embellishments
  4585. You may be a Taliban if..............
  4586. President Info
  4587. Our new first lady
  4588. New war
  4589. Its OK for these people to Trash Christianity
  4590. Better be careful of what you say about......
  4592. Where is Lou?!?!?!
  4593. Russia just went to war with Georgia
  4594. Another reason illegals need to be deported
  4595. Oil Down $5 Today
  4596. Tyson Plant Reinstates Labor Day
  4598. Another true patriot.....Keela carr
  4599. Obama or McCain, which candidate is more likeable?
  4600. Georgia calls for America to help her with WAR with Russia!
  4601. Chairman Pelosi talks about the NEW WORLD ORDER Plan!
  4602. Obama Supports Global Tax From United Nations!!!
  4603. good message
  4604. Just another right wing lie AAY????
  4605. Just to show you Dumbocrats and Liberals I have a sense of humor.......
  4606. John Edwards calling the Cheat Team
  4607. Today in 1945...
  4608. Global warming?
  4609. Mexico Sucks
  4610. You know where it is, and what's going on.........
  4612. Can I get an amen?
  4613. Appology last week, Reparations this week
  4614. Jeremy J you'll like this
  4615. Boycott the new stiller movie, not me!
  4616. Pelosi on Larry King tonight!
  4617. Inquiry in Ohio Could Hurt Obama Vote
  4618. this makes sense to me
  4619. Cat Fight Coming
  4620. Everybody here should see the humor in this.
  4622. Obama's Impending Pearl Harbor!
  4623. I want a list of countries...
  4624. Obamanations LEAD foreign policy expert!
  4625. Zbigniew Brzezinski to be the real power behind an Obama throne!
  4626. Rev. Jeremiah Wright has 'October surprise' for Obama!
  4627. OBAMA Wins ......YB Gone
  4628. The world is going to end!!!
  4629. Pickens, Pelosi plan environmental pocket picking
  4630. Plame's Suit Against Top Officials Dismissed!
  4631. Newest Russian Weapon of War?
  4632. The Dollar.....which way is it going?
  4633. Ark. Dem. Die's
  4634. 'Gitmo On The Platte' Set As Holding Cell For DNC
  4635. DNC Convention Schedule
  4636. Obama Lied About Abortion Record!
  4637. Georgian War.........the real deal
  4638. Time to Enforce Immigration Laws NOW
  4639. Inflation Surges
  4640. BHO no muslim, for Real Dog!
  4641. Native Americans Against Obama-The DNC & The Trail
  4642. Obama's family
  4643. WTF!!!!! MORE BUSHIT....
  4644. U.S. and Poland set missile deal!
  4645. And who does the Kremlin WANT as the next U.S. President????
  4646. Isn't Denver going to be the home of the DNC Convention? Hmmmm.........
  4647. Russo-Georgian Conflict Originates With Soros Subversion
  4648. Jack Cafferty helps unite the Democratic party????????
  4649. Nancy Pelosi helps unite the Democratic Party??????
  4650. I'm not a democrat but I think it is BULLSHIT!!
  4651. Russia threatens Nuclear over Poland.
  4652. Kremlin going nuts....
  4653. Abortion and Politics
  4654. Good stuff from across the pond.....
  4655. Take the Test
  4656. Explain the Edwards situation to me...
  4657. the "TEAM"
  4658. Obama's Birth Certificate
  4659. Obama Tax Facts
  4660. vote democrat.......
  4661. Obama a homosexual drug user
  4662. Obama a cannibal-He ate his college roommate !!!
  4663. Imperial Presidency Destroying America?
  4664. Arctic ice refuses to melt as ordered!
  4665. McCain.... No better than Edwards...
  4666. Obama says pointed abortion query “above his pay grade”!
  4667. MORE on NObama's birth eligibility for POTUS!
  4668. A little more trouble for NObama!
  4669. Another thrown under the bus ~ Obama to General Wesley Clark Your Services Not Needed
  4670. Lou Dobbs "Bitch Slaps" Howard Dean!
  4671. Question for Obama
  4672. "Seeing Tougher Race, Allies Ask Obama to Make ‘Hope’ Specific" NYTimes
  4673. War is Heck
  4674. Who are the three wisest people you know?
  4675. The "Saddleback Church" Debate!
  4676. Saddleback Church ~ Who would you NOT have appointed to SCOTUS? Quite telling!
  4677. Pelosi starting to cave on more drilling??
  4678. Did I miss anything important?
  4679. Good look at Global Warming
  4680. Daily Kos ~ McCain WON!
  4681. APB on ProTruck70
  4682. Sorry guys, its over, Obama is going to win.
  4683. Another Obama LIE comes to the surface!
  4684. Obama's childhood records vindicate Corsi book
  4685. Pakistan leader stepping down...
  4686. Irish Perspective on Election
  4687. Republicans Steal Another Election
  4688. Roseanne Slams Angelina Jolie for thinking of supporting mccain!
  4689. "President of Georgia calls Pastor Rick Warren and Thanks Him"
  4690. Oh My, more goodies! "Obama-Ayers records blocked at U of I Chicago"
  4691. please visit my site
  4692. Welcome Barry
  4693. Trouble brewing...PA Governor Rendell supposedly voting for Hillary on first ballot!
  4694. Save some tax dollars
  4695. Iraq spends billions for US weapons
  4696. I didn't think Democrats believed in GOD, especially the way they made FUN of Bush!!!
  4697. Obamatoons
  4698. McCaintoons
  4699. OBAMA Announces Running Mate
  4700. How to save the taxpayers 5 mil.
  4701. Big Oil makes $1400 a minute
  4702. Physics and Rap
  4703. Obama's Mentor Comunist Party Member
  4704. NATO & Russia
  4705. DO nothing Democrat Congress passes fewest bills in 2 decades!!!!
  4706. An Apology
  4707. Teddy 1907
  4708. Redford/Hazzard county connection
  4709. Inflation - Clear and Present Danger
  4710. Lookin to be Biden
  4711. Pelosi Hints at Lieberman Chairmanship Demotion For Criticizing Obama!
  4712. KILL and DESTROY...... Part of the BO story!
  4713. Is the anointed one about to blow his chance to make history?
  4714. HOT TOPIC ~ Ron Paul, 35 Reasons Why I Do NOT Support Obama
  4715. Obama lied about his stance on Iraq!
  4716. Looking for Mohamed
  4717. Wow this homeland security..
  4718. Who will be captured first?
  4719. IT'S OFFICIAL! Fred Thompson named McCain's VP!
  4720. Why aren't we seeing this all over the news?
  4721. Publisher pulls book on Muhammad's child bride
  4722. Georgia 'will join NATO': Merkel
  4723. NATO freezes Russian ties over Georgia
  4724. Should the motto "In God We Trust" be removed from our currency?
  4725. Too funny.........
  4726. Labor Day getting close....... left wing media changing
  4727. OK Then I'll tell him ...... a PHUCKIN LIER
  4728. McCain takes lead over Obama among likely voters
  4729. What the deal with Biden?
  4730. The Middle East Imperative
  4731. Rodam Family & Clan Meeting with McCain Camp
  4732. California mulls probing senator Schumer over IndyMac crash!
  4733. Gaming the System.....
  4734. A few speculators dominate vast oil market
  4735. Obamalujah!
  4736. Microchips and mind control
  4737. Wasting $$$
  4738. Search: in This year so far coolest for at least 5 years: WMO
  4739. Better late than never...
  4740. Offshore drilling
  4741. I find this hilarious
  4742. Out of touch or just plain ole dementia?
  4743. Obama Spent More In July Than McCain Spent on Election
  4744. She ain't lookin' to good going forward.......
  4745. 2nd Amendment
  4746. Coca Cola joins Tyson foods....
  4747. This job must really suck...
  4748. More Americans want church and politics separate...
  4749. The Second American Revolution
  4750. McCain offices evacuated after threats
  4751. McCain, Obama agree to three debates
  4752. How many times in the Time???
  4753. Elephants f***, grass gets crushed.
  4754. Foul Language in this section
  4755. Buffett says class action suit against Edwards has merit
  4756. It was only a little lie
  4757. Obama never even considered Hillary
  4758. McCain THE ADULTERER!!!!
  4759. questions for the Messiah
  4760. Waht a piece of work . .
  4761. This is for you Roy!
  4762. Did anybody go see I.O.U.S.A. Live Thursday?
  4763. OBAMA DRAMA....... from Matt Drudge
  4764. Hillary waitin for Text Message
  4765. More on OBAMA **BREAKING**
  4766. **BREAKING**Jimmy Biggs on Location!!!!
  4767. This is nauseating!!!
  4768. Another Reason to Defeat Muslims & Terrorists
  4769. Here is one for Jimmy
  4770. FOX NEWS BREAKING ~ Joe Biden NObama's V.P. nominee!
  4771. IT'S OFFICIAL!!
  4772. GEE, I ALMOST missed this one!!!!!!
  4774. Who's the bigger low-life?
  4775. Obama Supports
  4776. Obama is being sued as constitutionally ineligilbe for presidency
  4777. Lil bit 'O Ireland
  4778. I thought this guy was aa"Christian"?
  4779. Just to refresh your memory
  4780. Face it, Hillary got hosed
  4781. 3am Text Message Slap at Hillary??
  4782. Obama Live on CNN
  4783. Indian Americans Better Hide If Obama/Biden Take Office
  4784. The New Cheney???
  4785. Joe Biden: "I am a Zionist"
  4786. Scott Rasmussen speaks
  4787. JoJoBigs disses his wife........ Hillary women TICKED OFF!!!!
  4788. List of JoJoBigs Gaffs about the obomatang!
  4789. Neocons, please enlighten me.....
  4790. If you want something you never had, then you have to do something you've never done
  4791. LETS GET READY TO..... R U M B L E
  4792. JoJoBigs on GUN CONTROL.......
  4793. Lets take a look at American Black Leaders
  4794. Nancy Pelosi and Natural Gas
  4795. Who Makes This Stuff Up???
  4796. ENERGY
  4797. P U M A in Full Force and ready in Denver
  4798. It couldn't be FUNNIER
  4799. Why do we need a Repub or a Dem for pres?
  4800. McCain Veep
  4801. Hey Doofus
  4802. Lead Based Paint in Kids Stuff
  4803. Why this section is here
  4804. The Feds finally get Roy...
  4805. Tornado in Denver-God is a Republican
  4806. JoJoBigs son, Beau Biden, was the one who got Larry Sinclair arrested a few weeks ago
  4807. Radio recording Attorney Interview about Obama lawsuit ineligible to be PRESIDENT!
  4808. Was BHO's political career jumpstarted by domestic terrorists?
  4809. Sticky? Why are Sticky's not Sticky?
  4810. A Heart Warming Story
  4811. The next crisis
  4812. DNC Chairman Howard Dean
  4813. Some DNC breaking News from Denver! Lots od P.O. women!!!!!
  4814. NAFTA
  4815. First American's
  4816. another reason to vote McCain
  4817. Poll: More than half of Clinton backers still not sold on Obama
  4818. Those Wacky Muslims
  4819. another way to stop the Border Fence
  4820. UNIFIED
  4821. Biden Bounce
  4822. Rendell on OBAMA Coverage
  4823. DNC Convention FNC Streaming LIVE
  4824. Kind of funny in a way
  4825. Look at what Big Oil and other Major Industries are spending to lobby our gov't......
  4826. What's next ?????
  4827. What goes around
  4828. Obama The Hypocrit
  4829. Searching for John
  4830. Democratic mantra - one house, one spouse
  4831. Blood sport
  4832. John McCain on economics
  4833. I thought an ex-POW would support the troops.....
  4834. Know what Nancy Pelosi reminds me of?
  4835. UNIFIED
  4836. Rush might have a new customer
  4837. "I'm Hillary Clinton
  4838. OBAMA Assination Attempt Stopped
  4839. Michelle Obama is pregnant?
  4840. DNC convention day one
  4841. McCain on LENO Tonight
  4842. WCAU NBC-10 Philidelphia FCC Complaint
  4843. Democrat's finest! OMFG
  4844. Repub caught with prostitute!
  4845. Protesters Pepper Sprayed..... shades of 1968!
  4846. Note to Democrats ...... easy on the Booze
  4847. CHANGE
  4848. They know without Her they can't Win!
  4849. So You Want Change
  4850. The "Transparent" Democrats
  4851. Awww what a shame
  4852. I like Obama...
  4853. Is GW Bush a conservative?
  4854. Excellent look at our society....
  4855. Voter Turnout
  4856. Democrat (Liberal) or Republican (Conservative)
  4857. Hey Nicky
  4858. Republican or Democrat???-Oldie but a goodie
  4859. MIRA helping to break down our law
  4860. What qualities make someone fit to lead?
  4861. Deal or NO DEAL Kicks Ass
  4862. Latest Gallup Poll has McCain up 2pts...
  4863. The Chosen One Without His Telepromter
  4864. Would you agree with this?
  4865. Well what ya think of the Hil Speech ???
  4866. Monday Night Ratings
  4867. Clinton's back to the White House!!!!
  4868. DNC convention day 2
  4869. Jimmy, will you make up your mind?
  4870. McCain's VP Weekend Rollout
  4871. OH NO ....... OBAMA Bad News
  4872. To Haunt the White House...
  4873. 18 Million Voices Marching
  4874. Even MORE BAD NEWS for NObama!
  4875. $3 Bills Pulled
  4876. Credit Where Credit Is Due.
  4877. Some funny video
  4878. Trouble in Paradise........ stilll
  4879. McCain VP choice??
  4880. Will this Fly or Crash and Burn???
  4881. Thank you Roy....
  4882. Vote OBAMA to save the World
  4883. Read this (entirely)and tell us what you think
  4884. Faith Questions I would like Anwsered.
  4885. What will happen if Gustav hits during the RNC?
  4886. Baghdad plans to build giant Ferris wheel
  4887. Look at this crap
  4888. Hillary RELEASES ALL her delegates!
  4889. Brother can you spare a Dime!
  4890. Why the non-religious have a right to bitch!!
  4891. Monty Mikho for President!!
  4892. Can you believe!!!!
  4893. Yes We Can!
  4894. Yes We Can (look inside)
  4895. Proof ethics not required in politics...
  4896. LMAO @ Chris Matthews
  4897. Columbus vs Hitler
  4898. a Post from another site of someone that figured it out
  4899. Green Movement- Ass backwards.....
  4900. The REZKO Ticket!!!!
  4901. How about the "Green" DNC Convention
  4902. McCain has his VP
  4903. Pres. Clinton
  4904. Right to Work States
  4905. Obama's convention (temple) stage?
  4907. OK Time for everyone to get onboard
  4908. Howard Dean is a freakin idiot
  4909. Democrats Attempt To Use Justice Department to Silence Free Speech
  4910. Bitem talking now, already mentioned .......
  4911. Cant We All Just get Along......................................Not !!!!!!
  4912. DNC Convention day 3
  4913. Freudian Slip..........
  4914. Switzerland: We should talk to Osama
  4915. An EXAMPLE off one of the PUMA sites!
  4916. Who is truely more concerned with CHANGE??
  4917. Anyone else notice.....
  4918. Déjà vu.............?????
  4919. Did I call it about McCain or what
  4920. Here is more on the Ayers ongoing Scandal
  4921. Peggy Noonan on the Convention
  4922. Good old Democratic Convention
  4923. Big 3 Bailout?
  4924. Remember Spinal Tap???
  4925. DNC Schedule of Events
  4926. 2029 Headlines
  4927. Do you Believe in God!
  4928. What was it that Biden said about Obama????
  4929. More anti-free speech Obama
  4930. What the 'problem bank' list doesn't say
  4931. Interesting poll on healthcare
  4932. Biden's speech
  4933. The "religious" in America...
  4934. Two strikes!
  4936. Supreme Court on camera tickets.
  4937. Talk about a gentleman.......
  4938. What time is the coronation?
  4939. I will be in Christian camp this weekend!!
  4940. More crap on Columbus- and Why I agree he committed genocide on Native Americans.
  4941. Vote Now
  4942. Jury ACQUITS former Marine of killing Iraqi's
  4943. Obama calls out McCain @ Convention
  4944. Bob Barron Glenn Beck CNN Headline News 12:00 EST
  4945. Gore Compares BHO to Lincoln
  4946. Palin VP?
  4947. Sorry, I missed the speech....
  4948. Who Chose Biden for Vice Pres?
  4949. Obama Left/Right Economics
  4950. IT'S OFFICIAL just on FOX ~ SARAH PALIN V.P. For Republicans!
  4951. AND what do just SOME of those DEMOCRAT WOMEN think about SARAH PALIN?????
  4952. Email I sent to Glenn Beck
  4953. What the Hillary sites are saying about Palin
  4954. McCain New running Mate
  4955. hmmmmmmmmm
  4956. I can't wait......
  4957. "Loose Cannon"
  4958. Baltic Sea
  4959. At first it was veterens against Kerry, now Vietnam veterens against McCain
  4960. For Those Right to Lifers
  4961. "This could Be Ballgame Over" by CNN's Jack Cafferty
  4962. Where's Biggs and Roy with their precious polls?
  4963. One thing McCain took away from you Democrats
  4964. Huckabee statements
  4965. Constructive ideas only!
  4966. The Economy and the Blame game? Where should it be?
  4967. A question for supporters of liberals
  4968. Bank Failure Friday: No. 10 in the books...
  4969. Whats not to like?
  4971. Buddies
  4972. Yellowbullet has been invaded!!!!!!!!
  4973. The Law
  4974. Ron Paul Convention
  4975. Here is a "precious" poll for ya
  4976. Obama vs. Palin
  4977. Who was the greatest president of all time?
  4978. Stay classy, Barack
  4979. I am voting for Obama
  4980. Latest ZOGBY Poll McLame/Sarah +2%!!!!!!
  4982. "McCain is Desperate" - POLITICO
  4983. wonder who will blame pres
  4984. Change! Here is some BHO's plans for Americans
  4985. National Polls Find Palin Gains Less Support From Women
  4986. Bush/Cheney NOT going to RNC...........
  4987. goofus is cool
  4988. Here's the way I see it, take it for what it's worth....
  4989. Drav TV
  4990. Israel not keeping their plans a secret
  4991. Obamas Gun Plan
  4992. NEWSLINE YELLOW BULLET..Hurricane Gustav
  4993. Red State Update
  4994. More Taxes?
  4995. what about Florida???????
  4996. OK, who got my phone number???
  4997. Did you know.....
  4998. So how much experience is needed to be Prez?
  4999. Palin as a sportscaster....
  5000. Here's the way I see it. Take it for what it's worth.
  5001. Yet another example of how disgusting liberals are
  5002. Sexist Joe Biden at it again
  5003. The biggest lie the Liberals continue to repeat
  5004. Obama
  5005. Palin caught handing out citizenships to immigrants!!
  5006. "I don't even know if dere are any black people in Alaska!"
  5007. Joe Biden used 5 deferments to keep out of Vietnam!!
  5008. A dose of reality about the great NObama.
  5009. Did you know Biden wants MORE WAR????
  5010. "Sen. Palin's lack of experience not an issue, she will appeal to Clinton supporters
  5011. NObama Attacks On Biden
  5012. The truth behind McCains VP choice
  5013. Happy Labor Day ndmp40 & RICK55FLA
  5014. It's Labor Day, some fitting questions
  5015. Palin's daughter pregnant
  5016. Diddy says "lower gas prices so I can fly my private jet."
  5017. Splain something to me!
  5018. McCain's V.P.
  5019. Congratulations to our brave soldiers!
  5020. Bush not going
  5021. breaking news: on Palin
  5022. Laura Bush: Live on MSNBc
  5023. Rally for the Republic LIVE tomorrow on C-SPAN
  5024. Palin
  5025. Where were the Anarchist's in Denver ??
  5026. Scary RNC Protesters "Veterans for Peace"!
  5027. "Evangelicals rally behind Palin after pregnancy news"
  5028. HUH????????
  5029. DaveH
  5030. Not much stranger then this.....
  5031. The Face of Evil
  5032. NBC News and NObama...
  5033. Why our presidential candidates
  5034. RNC Convention?
  5035. Anybody Watching the RNC?
  5036. My BK Raided ............ Finally
  5037. what hapens if JM croakes??
  5038. What if Palin had
  5039. More Dangerous Old People at the RNC
  5040. Federal earmarks
  5041. Mindless Protesters
  5042. The same old game...
  5043. So are the LIBERALS Worried??
  5044. OH Crap another DNC talking point slipping away
  5045. Democrats savior
  5046. A link from the Drudge Report
  5047. Can anyone pass the "GK" test?
  5048. Boy those Palin's like to...........
  5049. interesting email
  5050. The Body on Larry King tonight
  5051. Joe Biden's Son & Brother await indictment on FRAUD, Joe COULD testify!!!!
  5052. The picture alone tells an interesting story
  5053. One for you Dems
  5055. Polls are in
  5056. It's really cool to see the libs posting in the political forums!
  5057. Bristol's baby daddy...
  5058. BREAKING: Democrats Release Sarah Palin's Social Security Number!!!
  5059. Millions of Hillary Voters that Palin Can Win Over!
  5060. Obama’s Fear of a Woman; Thoughts on a Liar and a Leader!
  5061. Joe Lieberman Explains Why He is Voting for John McCain!
  5062. October Surprize
  5063. AOL POLL ~ Do you know enough about Sarah Palin to make an informed vote!
  5064. Obama’s answer on experience: But I’m such a great campaigner!
  5065. Is this a convention or a concert???
  5066. The GAFFS just keep coming!!!JoJoB and the shoe in the mouth disease!!!
  5067. Newt Gingrich "NAILS IT" on O'Reilly!
  5068. NObama to appear on Bill O'Reilly's show this Thursday
  5069. Sarah Palin: Deeply Threatening to the Left?
  5070. TROOPER GATE, Palin faces questions this month in ethics inquiry
  5071. Ignore the Chauvinists. Palin Has Real Experience.
  5072. Go George Go
  5073. ATTACKS = FEAR
  5075. Roy's threads make me more likely to vote for.....
  5076. LMAO!! Fred says they balanced the budget!
  5077. Fred Thompson
  5078. AWW Crap a Democrat is speaking
  5079. Joe Lieberman for president!
  5080. Ron Allen vs Newt
  5081. OK So you get elected President
  5082. OK Real TV is coming on
  5083. heres a different take
  5084. Did Palin really say "no" to funding for BTN?
  5085. Biden the Expert???
  5086. Larry King
  5087. D.L. Hughley
  5088. The Tone
  5089. WTF!!
  5090. George W. Bush
  5091. A Better Country....Thanks Bill
  5092. Wonder why I couldn't
  5093. Gallop poll- Obama now leads McCain 50%-42% since Palin vp nod
  5094. God wants an Alaskan pipeline...
  5095. here is the video on Ron Allen getting put in his place by Newt...LOL
  5097. Who is Barack Obama?
  5098. Woman's organizations, normally a Democratic bastion, are seriously MAD!
  5099. Biden Voted NO on the Alaska Pipeline
  5100. Palin vetting
  5101. Africa hardest hit by climate change, deserves greater share of carbon market benefit
  5102. This just in from Jimmy Biggs...
  5103. Fred's speech from last night....If he had had this much energy when running.........
  5104. Media on Sarah in 07 (when she wasn't running for VP)
  5105. OBAMA Can't close the deal
  5106. Media Bias???
  5107. Backlash Starting.........
  5108. I told you LIBERALS it was coming
  5109. OBAMA Meeting with FNC
  5110. OH NO the UK Chimes in
  5111. It's a good thing Palin's daughter...
  5112. More on the Media
  5113. The REAL FACE of Nobama's leftist supporters!
  5114. Anyone know anything about this story?
  5115. Oh, look who's giving money away now???
  5116. More economic good news...
  5117. GOP Convention
  5118. WE LOVE PALIN!!!
  5119. **ONLY Works if your a LIBERAL**
  5120. How to make big money in this depressed economy
  5121. I wish I had the time..
  5122. My Gal Sarah
  5123. NObama has a new FOOD STAMP PROGRAM.............
  5124. The EXCEEDINGLY HOT Megyn Kelly BLASTS US WEEKLY over its covers!
  5125. http://www.ustreas.gov/tic/mfh.txt
  5126. great Huckabee line
  5127. Romney's RNC speech, a GRAND SLAM!!!!
  5128. AR Tourism tax.......
  5129. True class acts....
  5130. the other Love of my Life Speaks
  5132. No matter what party your from
  5133. Ouch - She is killin Obama
  5134. I just saw Chuck L at the Convention
  5135. SLAM DUNK
  5136. SARAH BARRACUDA...........
  5137. Lets Talk November
  5138. YB Political Section Record
  5139. ALMOST made my HEART STOP!!!!!!!!!
  5140. Be careful
  5141. Leadership!
  5142. Even BJ Clinton is DOWN with SARAH!!!!!
  5143. The Race Card (please no stupid shit in this thread)
  5144. Newt Gingrich SMACKS DOWN OLBERMAN!!!
  5145. Obama lead in 2 out of 3 key states
  5146. I can admit when Im wrong
  5147. A GREAT READ ~ Some of the GIRLS from the Hillary Clinton Forum,
  5148. You think the Jihardists don't have a horse in this election?
  5150. **HOLLY CRAPPOLLI**Biden Busted by my Local Paper
  5151. FACT CHECK- aligning Palin's speech with the truth
  5152. blk93
  5153. OPEN MIC- GOP strategist caught saying"It's Over" for the republicans! lol
  5154. Boston LIBERAL bash at Sarah
  5155. BIDEN Talking out of both sides on F&F now
  5156. Sarah wear
  5157. Sarah Cuda - The new Iron Lady
  5158. the Ugly Nags are Starting
  5159. McCain had criticized earmarks from Palin
  5160. Palin bought the governor vote
  5161. Obama's "Non Voting" record
  5162. DNC sound bites....
  5163. Change
  5164. Sarah Palin Milf or Not
  5165. Change
  5166. quotes from Palin's speech
  5167. Hells Angels Leader Shot and Killed
  5168. Obama on O'Reilly tonight
  5169. McCain wins DEMOCRATIC nomination
  5170. Biden Family Scandal
  5171. Am I the only one...
  5172. Glenn Beck's thoughts on PDiddy...
  5173. Jesse Jackson Hospitalized after Sarah's Speech
  5174. Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick pleads guilty, resigns
  5175. Obama's Accomplishments????
  5176. Where can I find the real campaing finance statistics for both candidates?
  5177. According to the Drudge Report....
  5179. 37,244,000 Palin~24,029,000 Biden
  5180. Good Family Video
  5181. Democratic Presidential Selection
  5182. Jimmy, why no updates on polls?
  5183. The Biggest Racist I Have seen
  5184. BREAKING...... Chuck L
  5185. Palin is in the big leagues now...
  5186. Here's an intersting link
  5187. Barry Obama
  5188. Giuliani
  5189. Obama Video
  5191. New Polls coming in
  5192. Thanks PDiddy!
  5193. New OBAMA Stance on the Surge
  5194. Palin's home town newspaper...
  5195. McCain Finished Hollywood Speaks
  5196. Lets take a look at OBAMA and Sarah
  5197. Democrats say: George Bush killed our economy
  5198. THINK!!!
  5199. McCain will be an AWESOME president
  5200. Obama will make an AWESOME president
  5201. O'Reilly to OBAMA
  5202. For Obama and those who follow him...
  5203. Questions the media should ask Obama
  5204. Interview on Iranian television
  5205. McCain~OBAMA and your wallet
  5206. 30 minutes!!!
  5207. McCain's speech
  5208. Flip-Flop McCain
  5209. Rove on Palin and Kaine..... Oh the hypocrisy!!!!
  5210. Iraq is safer than Chi-twon for Americans
  5212. From the PUMAS on Hillarys Website
  5213. Funny how things happen
  5214. Help me with this answer
  5215. Did Palin even mention
  5216. Sarah Palin's Strange eBay Exaggeration
  5217. American IS BROKEN.
  5218. New TV Ratings out Sarah beats out OBAMA
  5219. Rasmussen ......................
  5220. Pretty funny blog about Obama
  5221. Poll 10 to 1 Media is trying to hurt Sarah
  5222. What would your record be?
  5223. Rasmussen: Sarah higher rated then OBAMA & McCain
  5224. Obama McCain comparo
  5225. The backlash over Palin's speech
  5226. Oprah Not Woman's Woman After All
  5227. BREAKING: McCain Speech Beats Obama Viewer Numbers
  5228. One more reason to respect Senator McCain and his wife Cindy: Bridget McCain.....
  5229. Another pillar of ethics, Chucky Rangel
  5230. America doing Just fine this month
  5231. Hope we don't see these coming the other way.
  5232. Jon Stewart on Palin
  5233. PALIN Question
  5234. A historic event?
  5235. Oprah is Racist and Biased!
  5236. Oil prices?
  5237. Here comes the "No Blacks" in the RNC talk
  5238. Special interest lobby at conventions.
  5239. Malkin on OBAMA
  5240. Trooper in Palin probe tells his side
  5241. Job Fields that hiring
  5242. Fact Check on ABC~Palin Coverage
  5243. OBAMA's words coming back again
  5244. TV Critics striking back at Oprah
  5245. Well Chuckster the real numbers are in
  5246. the Democrats are in Trouble
  5247. OBAMA sending out the Women
  5248. Major Beoch Slap or a Slap to the BEoches
  5249. Obama, McCain, whoever...
  5250. Obama Abortion Ad
  5251. Meghan McCain
  5252. Hypothetical question we should all consider...
  5253. Jimmy Biggs please help a dumbol kountryboy
  5254. Seriously NON partisan thinking!!!
  5255. Can someone point out for me...
  5256. Top 7 Lies about Sarah
  5257. Hey Jimmy Biggs.. sorry to break your heart..
  5258. Michelle Obama's Boot Camps For Radicals
  5259. Turning Point
  5260. The YB.com voting poll
  5261. Obama & DNC Both Served: The Legal Documents Pertaining to Berg vs. Obama
  5262. Rush Limbaugh" OBama Dispatches Hillary to Florida
  5263. U.S. Rescue Seen at Hand for 2 Mortgage Giants
  5264. Larry Sinclair on internet radio NOW
  5265. OPEC Engineered NObama's Harvard Admission!
  5266. US Magazine Hit Hard by Canceling Subscribers After Palin Attack
  5267. The NUGE on Glen Beck Now!!!
  5268. I think BHO is Bi pole smoker . . .
  5269. Its funny..
  5270. Barry's TEMPLE!
  5271. The Real McCain
  5272. McCains lies!!
  5273. Anybody read this book?
  5274. Palin = John Ashcroft in a skirt ???
  5275. I think I've got it figured out....and it's really sad...
  5276. Levi Johnson should fit in perfect with the Repubs
  5277. Michael Moore, what an ASS
  5278. Jimmy here's your answer
  5279. The Ultimate Sleeper Cel
  5280. A political question...
  5281. The Truth About Sarah Palin
  5282. Nobama on Guns and the 2nd amendment
  5283. Here's the real McCain ticket.
  5284. The difference between a Democrat and a Republican
  5285. Oprah and Sarah
  5286. a good read from Walter Williams on Race
  5287. Tell US Why
  5288. 12,000 DISCARDED AMERICAN flags, thrown out at the DNC in Denver.....
  5289. Affirmative Action
  5290. Barack Obama — Magna Cum Saudi?
  5292. Gas Price Rumors
  5293. Roy sent me this to post
  5294. Global warming scam over? LOL
  5295. SARAH on 8pm and 12am
  5296. Come November
  5297. NEW ZOGBY POLL JUST IN........
  5298. "Small-town residents boo media with McCain"
  5299. Hey Barack, who are you running against?
  5300. ID channel @ 12:00 and 1:00AM
  5301. "WHITEY TAPES" from the Hillary Clinton Forum......
  5302. The Audacity of Plagiarism - Chuck L gets owned
  5303. News Busters
  5304. Help! I'm Obsessed with Sarah Palin!!
  5305. DEATH THREATS from Leftist OBOMABOTS!!!
  5306. CNN specials..McCain and Obama
  5307. The OBAMA File (Updated Daily)
  5308. The Obama Flag Salute Lie
  5309. Here's what the UN wants to do
  5310. Since I'm so good
  5312. Democrats on an escalator.
  5313. Andy Mc Cain and the now closed Silver State Bank
  5315. ZOGBY ~ SARAH/McCain +4% Sunday 9/7
  5316. Gallup ~ SARAH/McCain +3% Sunday 9/7
  5317. I watched a movie last night...
  5318. I know, both sides have buddies.....
  5319. BHO states he's a muzzie to Stephanopoulos
  5321. SARAH annoys the POO out Whoopi, Joyless Bahar, and BAWA Walters!
  5322. Frontline:Iraq
  5323. If McCain wins.......
  5324. "Meet the DEPRESSED" with JoJoBigs interview......
  5325. HEADLINES DAILY KOOKS ~ I am Totally Discouraged!
  5326. "When Barack's Berserkers Lost the Plot" (UK Guardian)- Left Hatred Boomerangs!
  5327. "Obama doubles down on dishonesty"
  5328. "McCain: My Rich aides may work for $1 a year" (Politico)
  5329. Smacking Down the SCUM of the left on Sarah's baby!
  5330. With no other way to counter McCain's Military Service: Obama Says thought about it!
  5331. Gays, Feminists voting for McCain / Palin. This is one interesting election
  5332. "Palin floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee" - By Willie Brown
  5333. "Obama Law Firm Got Millions for ACORN from Predatory Lender, Famous Dope, Inc. Bank
  5335. Hillary "Clinton limits Palin criticism while campaigning" (AP REPORT)
  5336. John McCain Has a Tax Plan To Create Jobs!
  5337. BTW, Remember to Register to Vote! Here's Why . . .
  5338. The Real Obama Life!
  5339. New USA Today/Gallup Poll - release date 9/8 (tomorrow) - Mcain + 10%!!!!!!
  5340. Hmmm Somebody's Gettin Bitch Slapped
  5341. Bush 3
  5343. Sarah on CSPAN NOW.....
  5344. OUCH, that's going to hurt!
  5345. "Whoopi Goldberg: Palin Sounds Pro-Nazi, Wants to 'Succeed' From U.S." (NewsBuster) W
  5346. "Obama's verbal slip fuels his critics" (Washington Times) - his slip is creating a s
  5347. Two New Obama Secrets Revealed-Explosive Read and Pictures!
  5348. Oh My God, not another one!
  5349. MC Jim - a man of few smart words
  5350. Latest poll numbers
  5351. www.palininvestigation.com It's gonna get ugly for the neo-cons
  5352. The Boston Herald assassinating Palin and her daughter character?
  5353. All The Liberal People
  5354. check out the obama file...
  5355. Palin Punditry and Prose You Won’t See in the Papers or on the TV News
  5356. UPDATE ~ Berg Vs. NObama lawsuit!
  5357. "Candidate Obama is not qualified" (Miami Herald)
  5358. I watch this and I think to myself....
  5359. Feds now in the mortgage business..
  5360. My Muslim Faith
  5361. McCain takes 4-point lead over Obama in poll
  5362. Beware the "change" !
  5364. Separating SARAH Fact from SARAH Fiction!!!!
  5365. The LATEST Daily KOOKS smear and a DISCLAIMER!!!!
  5366. "Obama LIES-Selective Service Requirement Did Not Exist When Obama Says He Registered
  5368. Obama: McCain has suggested that ! Then Admitted McCain Never Talked about it!
  5370. OH Geeze
  5371. Obama Should Have Picked Hillary
  5372. The Other Guy
  5373. OBAMA; I am putting out a trial baloon
  5374. This Might Be Another Flip/Flop For Nobama
  5375. BREAKING**1st OJ Simpson Jurers Selected
  5376. Olbermann and Matthews get benched at MSNBC
  5377. Where is the party for us?
  5378. What used to be the difference between Democrats and Republicans
  5379. HELP Obama's brother move out of his hut
  5380. HUGE McCain Rally
  5381. Obama/McCain Tax Plan Differences
  5382. Muslim 'Religion of Peace' Demonstration
  5383. Ya coulda knocked me over with a feather
  5384. Why do I find this so funny?
  5385. "Women for McCain" doubles
  5386. And the POLLS say.........
  5387. IS THIS GUY NUTS??? NObama: Terror groups have 'legitimate claims'!!!!
  5388. Preparing for a loss?
  5389. McCain Campaign Releases New Ad Titled ‘Original Mavericks’
  5390. Catchy little tune!!
  5391. New York Times.....
  5392. O'Reilly just owned OBAMA
  5393. Palin beats Obama on experience!
  5394. OUTRAGEOUS!!! CNN Anchor Alina Cho upset over Sarah Palin's rise
  5395. Both Obama and Biden voted for Bridge to Nowhere!!!!
  5396. The Top Ten Ways Sarah Palin Has Shaken Up the Race!
  5397. Gallup video explaining the polling.......
  5398. Sarah Palin Turned Into Action Figure!!!!
  5399. From Palin's Own Mouth
  5400. Peaceful Muslims. Ask Londoners.
  5401. How is it not about race?
  5402. "Why the Dems Lost Me This Year" (Freethinker) From A PUMA site!
  5403. Things Bush has done for America!!!
  5404. Palin church promotes gay-conversion event
  5405. An observation about polls
  5406. Bribery scandal rocks Big Oil
  5407. Newsweek on Palin
  5408. Charlie Gibson with Palin for (2) days with no "Rules" unlike
  5409. Thank you MTV!!!!
  5410. Federal deficit to soar to $407 billion
  5411. Fannie & Freddie: Buying friends in D.C.
  5412. BREAKING: Palin's expense reports draw scrutiny
  5413. BREAKING** Kim Jong Ill
  5414. U.S. Treasury Credit-Default Swaps Increase to Record, CMA Says
  5415. A message to Obama
  5416. This is funny........
  5417. Interesting..................
  5418. noboma cartoons funny...
  5419. World Wants Obama.....
  5420. OBAMA stealing others writings???
  5421. escalator stops
  5422. Joe Biden campaining for Sarah
  5423. Joe Biden .... Well I believe this but I voted for Killen em
  5424. "Separation of Church and State"
  5425. And he's a Rick Astley fan...
  5426. Daggon that Clarence Thomas
  5427. American Empire Wilting?
  5428. This election is going to come down to this.
  5429. Identity theft by illegals...
  5430. BREAKING........Ron Paul
  5431. LIBERALS just don't get it
  5432. Palin Investigation Tainted
  5433. Caribou Barbie tried to get Bristol to marry Levi EXCLUSIVE
  5434. OBAMA Sex Ed video
  5435. Democrat Pileon
  5436. North Carolina=Racists
  5437. Obama Campaign People Registering Downtown Voters
  5438. OBAMA the SCUMBAG
  5439. Obama's Mama!! OUCH!
  5440. Joy Bahar is an idiot
  5441. Palin steals from the taxpayers...
  5442. Palin doesn't know Freddy from Fanny...
  5443. Palin hides in the closet...
  5444. Bush doesn't listen to his commanders
  5445. I LOVE Cindy McCain, MY kind of woman!!!
  5446. Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama
  5447. VOTE FOR WHO?
  5448. Presidential Poll
  5449. Presidential selection poll
  5450. Olberdumbs new show? Rachel Maddow ~ Mr. Smiley!
  5451. Mega Shift of Women Towards SARAH/McCain - VIDEO
  5452. More on Women
  5453. Deleted Threads
  5454. Punching the ticket for SARAH
  5455. the world ends tomorrow!
  5456. Dear Mr. Obama.
  5457. Joe did a Whoopsie
  5458. TOP 10 signs your an NObamabat!
  5459. "Fresh blood for the vampire" (Salon) PAGLIA: Sarah Palin, a powerful new feminist
  5460. BREAKING: Biggs keyboard
  5461. **Not Breaking** just stupid
  5462. Lipstick on a Pig
  5463. How do ya deal with this???
  5464. Obama Runs High Fever!!!
  5465. Lipstick Ad
  5466. OBAMA addressing Pig Comment LIVE
  5467. Malkin exposes LIBERAL Working Women
  5468. Europe and the big O
  5469. The Surge (the one in the US)
  5470. Hypocrats
  5471. If I was Palin
  5472. The evil 545 people
  5473. McCain - for better but, not for worse
  5474. LIBERAL Media on the Hillary Screwing
  5475. Should we be surprised by this?
  5476. Tax payers to the rescue....
  5477. Loosing patience?
  5478. Obama's wealth?
  5479. CBS to YouTube;
  5480. It's business as usual
  5481. Did you know SNOPES.COM can get someone to pay their debts? Especially Dem. V.P.'S!!!
  5482. Biden admits to gambling debts
  5483. Biden on the Iraq war
  5484. Obama's speech plagarized from a political cartoon? Yes, it appears so!
  5485. Breaking News: Sex, drugs and oil
  5486. Barack Obama's $1.1 Million Botanical Garden -- Er, $100,000 Gazebo-Graphics Updated
  5487. When Hollywood Attacks
  5488. "McCain Campaign Crowds Grow Exponentially" - (ABC News)
  5490. Someone else in the Obama camp use a lipstick reference yesterday!!!!
  5491. !!!!!Ron Paul -Breaking News!!!!!!
  5492. B.S.
  5493. Ahh yes, the McCain camp is for "change"
  5494. Tax Plan Question---- for OBAMA
  5495. Lipstick on a pig
  5496. I cut and pasted this one..... should be a retraction soon
  5497. intresting poll findings, Kerry received more of the black vote
  5498. NEW----- !!!!!Ron Paul -Breaking News!!!!!!
  5499. Hypocrisy at it's best
  5500. TMZ & McCain
  5501. Even Joe Biden knows Jeremy is wrong about him
  5502. Not bad......not bad......
  5503. New Business Enterprise
  5504. Soldier gives Obama his opinion!
  5505. 5 OBAMA Staff Palin Smears
  5506. So what have I missed?
  5507. Can it Get Any Worse For The Dumbocrats
  5508. What They'll Do To Your Tax Bill
  5509. Hannisy smokes a pro-Obama bookworm
  5510. Sarah is on FNC LIVE from Alaska
  5511. 911 Dispatcher
  5512. Youtube down?
  5513. Hannity snaps
  5514. Lookin at all these threads....
  5515. Alaska Rebate Check Amounts
  5516. Native American's Against Obama ~ No Where
  5517. Rangel in trouble with the IRS........for the THIRD TIME!!!!!
  5518. A Summary of Obama's Palin Smears!
  5519. Obama on Letterman
  5520. O'Really dumbfounded
  5521. Bush 7 Terrorists 0 .... by Ann Coulter
  5522. Words Obama will regret
  5523. "Green Jobs" a good read by John Stossel
  5524. Fixing the economy...
  5525. Suicide Watch
  5526. What Were You Doing
  5527. Bakken Formation? Anyone?
  5529. Party time in Rio!
  5530. Where is Obama This Morning???
  5531. The death of OPEC
  5532. Graveyards
  5533. Which side in the GWOT does this benefit?
  5534. Crocodile Diet...
  5535. Moderators Wanted
  5536. Anybody heard this latest rumor?
  5538. Why does evryone dislike US???
  5539. So let me understand this right...
  5540. Dennis Miller-Bill O on SARAH and Da messiah!!!
  5541. Did Obama Under Estimate McCain?
  5542. Palin Talks About War with Russia
  5543. Don't tell JJ, But Lou Dobbs just said" Biden better hit the books"
  5544. More Shady Obama Cronyism
  5545. ServiceNation Presidential Candidates Forum
  5546. Does this sound like NObama today?
  5547. Rasmussen Gives Obama Less than 50% Chance of Winning
  5548. Palin interview...
  5549. NObama's forgotten People
  5550. Chavez gives US Ambassador 72 hours to leave
  5551. The Consequences of Rejecting Hillary" (Daily Standard)
  5552. Democrats on Capitol Hill fear Obama fallout!
  5553. Obama must respond to Berg Lawsuit by 9-24!
  5554. Pelosi / Dems Flip-Flop on Offshore drilling
  5555. Sarah Palin Naked
  5556. What's the difference between Obama
  5557. Matt Damon vs. Chuck Norris
  5558. the legend of barack obama
  5559. Jury decides that threat of global warming justifies breaking the law
  5560. Politics and YB Members together SUCK!!
  5561. More of Sarah
  5562. Phuckin cocksucker oil companies
  5563. The US Treasury has frozen the assets of two senior Venezuelan officials
  5564. Daily Presidential Tracking ~ Rasmussen
  5565. Drop Your Bottled Water and Put Your Hands Up
  5566. "A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words" - BO tosses a rose, JM lays down a rose
  5567. Dear Obama
  5568. Palin - Commander in Chief and mother of 5
  5569. sex drugs corruption golf
  5570. Michelle Obama's Thesis
  5571. Chavez provides aid to gunrunners and drug dealers
  5572. the media sucks
  5573. Gas Stations Out of Gas???
  5574. More Crap From MSM/ABC
  5575. Replacing / Changing Candidate
  5576. This is what we should be worried about
  5577. Did McCain BOMB on The View or what?
  5580. BRUNO'S VIEW
  5581. more job loss: Vise Grip tools
  5582. Who brought the Car?
  5583. Both sides of the coin
  5584. Palin Flip-Flops on Global Warming
  5585. "Obama campaign is falling apart" (Iowa City Press Citizen)
  5586. "ABC News Edited Out Key Parts of Sarah Palin Interview"
  5587. "Palin is Hillary's Gift to Obama" (RCP)-Hillary Is Now Dem Front Runner for 2012!
  5588. Why McCain Doesn't Send Email
  5589. "Moonbats dropping like flies from PDS [Palin Derangement Syndrome] Epidemic" (Boston
  5590. Even Savage says Obama couldn't get FBI job
  5591. Obama Mama, a Skank
  5592. Attn Bill Burton
  5593. Are there any Independents out there
  5594. NObama's Pakistan Connection!
  5595. The NEXT SARAH SMEAR!! HOW DESPARATE can these scum be? Randi Rhodes need I say more!
  5596. Bitem's son no longer a federal lobbyist
  5597. No question October suprise will be Obama's birth-citizenship ~ PUMA PAC
  5598. "'She's one of us': Palin wins over Obama women" (Times Online)
  5599. Chairman of US Communist Party Endorses and Is Working to Elect NObama!
  5600. Michelle Obama’s Priorities!!! First Lady??? Hardly!
  5602. "ABC News Day 2 with Sarah – The Verdict Is In"
  5603. Obama is like JESUS!!!!!
  5604. Did Obama Mock McCain's Arm Disability? (Video)
  5605. Election is no Longer about OBAMA: Its a Referenedum on Women's Rights!
  5606. Video: Only Obama and Biden Voted Against Money for Katrina Victims!!!
  5607. Our Country Deserves Better - Not Faithful to Our Military!!
  5608. Our Country Deserves Better - Illegal Immigration Policies
  5609. Our Country Deserves Better PAC - High Tax Policies
  5610. Alan Greenspan on taxes and spending
  5611. Guys and gals lets get back on track...
  5612. Swing State Yellow Bullet Members Check In
  5613. More the McSame- From balanced budget to ~$19 million debt under Palin's watch
  5614. Rewinding the clock
  5615. Change!!
  5616. Arnold Swchwarzenegger Likes Sarah Palin
  5617. Obama's Birth Certificate
  5618. OK let me get this right one get banned and other not?
  5619. Median Income
  5621. Is Obama Muslim or Christian?
  5622. In office, Palin hired friends and hit critics
  5623. Palin and Clinton
  5624. When are you Rich?
  5625. If their lips are moving....
  5626. Property taxes are un-American
  5628. Palin's own do not like her!
  5629. ted nugent speaks out about Obama
  5630. What Can You Tell Me About This??????????
  5631. T-Rex's teeth are for shreding plants.
  5632. UK Muzzies threaten to kill Paul McCartney
  5633. Honestly, what is the difference?
  5634. Cindy McCain is a gear head- drifter racer
  5635. Alan Greenspan- Economy in once in a century crisis
  5636. Karl Rove- McCain has gone too far in ads
  5637. Why won't Borat tell who's working for him ????
  5638. Where is Michelle Obama?
  5643. an EMail sent to OBAMA Women supporters
  5644. McCain/Palin take 20 point lead in electoral college
  5645. 5 Reasons why McCain pulled ahead
  5646. Rasmussen has McCain @ 50% (9/14/08)
  5647. F.D.A.O. ????
  5648. Why Obama's losing
  5649. Organizations Funded by George Soros ...... This may open a few eyes
  5650. Florida now falling from OBAMA
  5651. Interesting read on why McCain is passing OBAMA
  5652. Arming Iraq
  5653. "The Palin factor is causing chewed nails" (Knox News)
  5654. Former Mayor Willie Brown: How does President Palin sound?" (San Francisco Chronicle)
  5655. "Charlie Gibson Goes From Most Respected Anchor to Foolish Disgrace" CFP
  5656. CNN and Biden
  5657. Bank of America buying Merrill Lynch
  5658. The Undemocratic Party is close to being broke -- they have 17.5M on hand, the RNC --
  5659. "Obama Partisan Tampers with Palin Subpoena List"
  5660. "Obama Partisan Tampers with Palin Subpoena List"
  5661. DNCReform formally endorses John McCain for President
  5662. John McCain's Lobbyist Friends
  5663. Meet Obama's new Bill Ayers associate
  5664. Sarah Palin Revealed
  5665. Michelle Obama Whitey Tape - New Information
  5666. Wow Alaska receives more earmarks
  5667. The Crystal Ball thread!!
  5668. Can someone tell Palin
  5669. Sarah Palin's pastor
  5670. Sarah Palins cant manage her kids
  5671. A debate Obama cannot win" (Washington Times)
  5672. Biden took 119 Mil in earmarks this year alone!! OH the SHAME!!!!
  5673. "How are the Dems Going to Blow it This Time"
  5674. "Obama's Going to Lose 70% of Undecideds" - Chuck Todd on Meet The Press.
  5675. Monty Mikho can't manage this forum
  5676. This explains alot....
  5677. Its All Supply and Demand!
  5678. "The economy is fundamentally strong"
  5679. What has Obammy done
  5680. Origin of Barack
  5681. OBAMA Scandal ....... developing.... and this guy calls himself an American Patriot
  5682. Flip Flop John
  5683. Can we get some info on Obama?
  5684. I'm giving up on McCain/Palin ...... I've seen the light
  5686. Internet and over 65
  5687. Lincoln was right....
  5688. Lipstick
  5689. Find your own OBAMA Tax Cut here
  5690. Certificate of Lvie Birth vs Birth Certificate
  5691. Why Treehuggers aren't that bright (Originaly posted by Shelton Barrs)
  5692. Want objective proof that BHO is an idiot?
  5693. How strong a student was BHO???
  5694. Advice for Obama...from the American Thinker
  5695. Britain on the Rocks
  5696. How Palin changed the game
  5697. Vewy intewesting!
  5698. Add HP to the scumbag list
  5699. Andrew Cuomo and Fannie and Freddie
  5700. NY Now in Play?????
  5701. Palin economic policy
  5702. Do you really hate the other party/candidate?
  5703. OK Explain this..... Oil under $100
  5704. McCain knows as much about the US economy
  5705. mc-cain
  5706. McCain and Miss Teen SC
  5707. AlGores new Boat
  5708. The John McCain we all know and love!!
  5709. New TV Ad in Michigan
  5710. Check out this Hillary site
  5711. OH GEEZE its Democrat "GOD" Time
  5712. Here's some of the Democrats "Open Government"
  5713. Michigan=RACISTS
  5714. Panic in OBAMALAND
  5715. Palin refuses to release emails involving complaints
  5716. Just got this from a YB Member affraid to post it
  5717. HuffPo Meltdown: "Why Replacing Biden With Hillary Makes Perfect Sense for Obama"
  5718. "McCain Responds to Obama's Reported To Stall Troop Withdrawal"
  5719. Obama Spokesman Tries To Defends the "McCain has no computer skills" Ad
  5720. Found: Birth certificate for Obama in Kenya?
  5721. Obama gives dancing lessons
  5722. The REAL TRUTH About Barack Sr.?
  5723. Sarah Palin, man magnet!!!!!!
  5724. Just watched Todd Palin
  5725. Oprah Winfrey faces boycott over refusal to have Republican VP Nominee Sara Palin!
  5726. Palin Reels In Nearly $1 Million At First Fundraiser!
  5727. Obama Gaffes on ABC's GMA This Morning - My Campaign Is More Negative
  5728. "Biden and Dodd play hooky while D. C. burns"
  5729. Explosive Audio in Palin Investigation!
  5730. Into The Obama Tank For The Final Push"(RCP)-MSM Abandon All Pretense-Win At Any Cost
  5731. Seen this one?
  5732. Did Obama violate the Logan Act?
  5733. Tuesday Toons!
  5734. Good Read from David Limbaugh on Separation of Church & State
  5735. God
  5737. Anybody see the SNL clip with Tina Fey as Caribou Barbie?
  5738. Palin won't meet with 'Troopergate' investigator
  5739. McCain seems lost in confusion.....
  5740. Jimmy wanted me to post this link
  5741. The bubble bursts
  5742. Lost in lies
  5743. The "Lie to Nowhere"
  5744. Don't let the truth........
  5745. Remember Voodoo Economics?
  5746. A message of "change"
  5747. Imagine that...
  5748. Bad news out of Iraq
  5749. McCain's financial advisor
  5750. OBAMA attacks radio station...... again
  5751. OBAMA's economy "GREAT"
  5752. A good one-liner from Biden
  5753. Oil down to $92
  5754. Interesting blog about McCains blog
  5755. McCain wants Investigation
  5756. Now you know the end is near.
  5757. LSU Brings A whole Drum of Whoopass to the Plains
  5758. BHO is the icon of a mentally disabled party
  5759. A question for the libertarians....
  5760. More Dirt on Palin
  5761. You know...this crap is out of hand...long rant
  5762. anyone remember this symbol?
  5763. Mortgage Meltdown. Financial Crisis. Here's the root of it...
  5764. The billion-dollar race for president
  5765. What Obama Has Done
  5766. Obama $3.00 Bill
  5767. Fed rates unchanged
  5768. Don't you just love it?
  5770. Have Teleprompter will travel.........
  5771. Troopergate unraveling.................
  5772. Joe Biden ......... tells it like it is
  5773. Russian Stock Market Crashes.......
  5774. Race War
  5775. Take Barrack Obama test
  5776. The Godfather said...
  5777. ESPN say it aint so
  5778. The case against Barack Obama
  5779. Obama's Experience????
  5780. McCain forsaw the Mortgage Failures with a 2005 bill, only to be blocked by Democrats
  5781. Ratings falling for Caribou Barbie!
  5782. Fannie and Freddie CEO Bonuses
  5783. Breaking Sarah Palin Scandal...........
  5784. Barry to Dirty Harry; No Way Jose
  5785. NJ Poll.......... OBAMA Down (thats a problem)
  5786. the Race Card....... again
  5787. Troopergate ....... Democrats shot themselves in foot
  5788. Charley Rangel ....... Great Guy
  5789. Taxpayers bailout AIG Insurance Co
  5790. I could care less who wins the election...
  5791. Tuesday 10:12pm BREAKING Troopergate
  5792. John Wayne McCain FINALLY tells it like it is!
  5793. Where's Mrs Obama and Chuck L??????
  5794. Daily Kos Photochop Depicts Michelle Obama Being Tortured by Klan Members!
  5795. "CNN's Crowley Admits: Obama Team Wanted 'Horrific' Wall Street Headlines"
  5796. Democrats are in trouble says Former Mayor Willie Brown!
  5797. The 30 Lawyers have found YET ANOTHER DSARAH Scandal!!!!
  5798. Saudi Cleric Says Mickey Mouse Must Die!(Sweetness & Light)
  5799. BREAKING: Prominent Hillary backer Rothschild to endorse McCain
  5800. Do you find it disturbing
  5801. Obama’s Finance Chair, Failed Bank Owner Penny Pritzker & Todays Wall Street Problem!
  5802. Something to think about
  5803. Ideal situation - President 2008
  5804. Very interesting polling skewer.
  5805. "Billions of Social Security money lost...
  5806. Obama sinking
  5808. Soccer Mom's/Gramdma's Flocking to..........
  5809. Suffering from the credit crunch?
  5810. Good luck with THAT......
  5811. Read this about Obama's Executive Experience
  5812. Hollywood by Malkin
  5813. Energy bill in the house.
  5814. More than one way to skin a cat.
  5815. Is common sense coming back?
  5816. Anyone else see this two goofs?
  5817. Anyone else see these two goofs?
  5818. ISLAMIC law has been officially adopted in Britain
  5819. Demo-spin on polar ice
  5820. Drudge-ology 101 ...... good read
  5821. yet another attack on Palin...this one hurts
  5822. Please spare us...
  5823. The bloom is off the rose
  5824. Who will bail out Uncle Sam?
  5825. One thing George and I agree on
  5826. Is this the next step in total control?
  5827. Rasmussin write up
  5828. What a source for advice!!
  5829. Cosby for president
  5830. John Cleese...Funny
  5831. OBAMA supporters going to jail
  5832. OBAMA Stoking Racism
  5833. Getting pretty Bad, It look Like
  5834. One man, one vote. Well, maybe not...
  5835. Cat fight!
  5836. McCain lawyer scrambles to block a Palin ethics inquiry.
  5837. Democrat's drilling bill a BIG SHAM!!!
  5838. Palin used private E-mail for official business.... developing
  5839. jimmy Biggs
  5840. YES..The SKY is falling..
  5841. Shock Poll: Jews Now Favor McCain in New York, 54-32
  5842. Dodd Says the Fed Has Authority to Set Up Debt Fund
  5843. US agrees to sell mini bunker-busters to Israel
  5844. Moscow's financial turmoil keeps spreading
  5845. Obama losing the battle for independent voters
  5846. Lucifer my Homeboy ..... by Ann Coulter
  5847. Karl Rove KILLS Alan Colmes
  5848. Savage Politics ~ Birds of a feather!
  5849. Whites are the only Racist in America!
  5850. Question ~ Did anyone see Senator Clinton or her husband at the WTC anniversary?
  5851. I don’t even celebrate that (expletive). I’m black.”
  5852. What is the relationship here? CAC & Factcheck.org
  5853. Well, WTF???!!! Explosive CEO calling Obama, Dems "Family" of Fannie Mae
  5854. Ralph Nader has finally gone over the deep end!
  5855. Obama-Gates!
  5856. Talk about BALLS ~ Obama: “Stop listening to conservative talk radio.”
  5857. Obama Violation of Logan Act
  5858. Royvet at work
  5859. Greta wire Hacked too
  5860. Fanny Mae video ........ hear it from them
  5861. OBAMA on Gun Control
  5862. New Meaning of "Patriotic"
  5863. Is it me or were they just on Vacation???
  5864. My Grandma (I wish)
  5865. voting records
  5866. Question for Obama supporters
  5867. For Sale: America!
  5868. Is Obama the Worst Thing to Happen to America
  5869. Obama Beats McCain At Spinning (Like we didn't know!)
  5870. Bush Resignation Speech
  5871. Alaska loves Palin
  5872. Too little, too late
  5873. Your Vote
  5874. Oz Political Satire
  5875. Decide for yourself, get the info
  5876. What about men's rights?
  5877. Palin's Qualifications Addressed
  5878. Has anyone noticed?
  5879. The "R-word" is back in Washington
  5880. My Next cars gonna be an Import
  5881. I'm still not convinced........
  5882. Harry Reid Wants Democrats To Lose Congress AND The White House
  5883. BREAKING, Records reveal Palin's push for earmarks
  5884. Anyone feel like they just got laid?
  5885. ATT: Biggs and Roy
  5886. Obama's new strategy......
  5887. CHINA may buy 49% of Moran Stanley!!!
  5888. Russian stock market has lost 64% of it's value!
  5889. National Jewish Democratic Council pressured ...........
  5890. Win a free Jack Daniels cooler
  5891. "Bill Clinton: McCain 'A Great Man'; Praises Wife's, Not Obama's Economic Plan"(ABC)
  5892. 1789 U.S. first loan.....
  5893. Democratic Congress May Adjourn, Leave Crisis to Fed, Treasury
  5894. This MFer needs to have his ass kicked
  5895. NObama Says It Is Patriotic To Pay More In Tax's
  5896. Obama Confesses to Homosexual Encounter
  5898. SARAH says "Thanks Obama"
  5899. That had to leave a mark!!
  5900. A Call For Hearings Into Senator Barack Obama's Violation Of The Logan Act!
  5901. Certificate of live birth to be debunked by Mr. Polarik
  5902. Obama outraged at being accused of not supporting something he doesn't support!
  5904. Charlie Rangel in Even More Tax Trouble!!!
  5905. "McCain Wins Endorsement of Democrat" (WSJ) **NEW LATINO LEADER ENDORSEMENT**
  5906. Man predicts market crash to the day....
  5907. My letter to Senator's Biden & Carper
  5908. Our LIBERAL Schools at work
  5909. a letter for Mr Barrack OBAMA
  5910. Nancy Pelosi ...... a LIBERAL Do Nothing
  5911. Should this guy go to Jail???
  5912. Korea says PHUCK YOU
  5913. support your canidate
  5914. Wall Street debacle
  5916. So Where Do You Stand??? Take The OBAMA TEST!!!
  5917. So Paying higher Taxes means your Patriotic now according to team Obama?
  5918. Too funny
  5919. Obama's Fannie and Freddie Funds
  5920. A short history lesson on Obama
  5921. Why the Muslims are excited about Obama
  5922. I'll vote for Neil Cavuto
  5923. Obamanopoly
  5924. Blacks Against Obama interupt Obama Campaign speech
  5925. Wall street crisis..........
  5926. A little Girl and Obama
  5927. Obamas email
  5928. 95% ???
  5929. Borat phone call
  5931. The Mother of all Bail Outs?
  5932. Moreon Obama ....... the lies keep coming in
  5933. In the DNC's attemp to bring down Sarah... 2 of their own are exposed
  5934. If this were said about Mrs Obama would there be outrage???
  5935. another reason NOT to Vote for OBAMA
  5936. FNC didn't show this but CNN did
  5937. Here's a black callin the kettle pot
  5938. Who said NO GOOD will come outta Wall St
  5939. GOP Smear against Charlie Rangel
  5940. Thursday Cable News Race
  5941. Rupert Murdoch on OBAMA
  5942. FNC sends demand to McCain
  5943. ECONOMIC 911
  5944. Hold on Ohio here comes the "Race Card"
  5946. A good story about BHO, Bill Ayres and consquences of your actions
  5947. HELLO ACLU and Democrats
  5948. Frank Luntz on the Election
  5949. another look at TAX Cuts Wall St
  5950. More bad news for Barry
  5951. Obama 101
  5952. Clearly Defined Comparative Talking Points
  5953. Election 08. The choice is yours.
  5954. Excerpts from McCain's Speech on the Economy This Morning
  5955. Murdoch: Obama's economic policies are 'naive'
  5956. Another SICK Obama Celebrity Supporter!
  5957. Russia Dramatically Increases Defense Spending
  5958. BHO Says We Can't Manage Our Debt But Pledges 50B to Anti-Poverty
  5959. Go Joe not Ohio
  5960. I.O.U.S.A the movie
  5961. I have never seen...
  5962. Korean Nuke deal falling apart
  5963. Truths and Lies!! Sarah Palin
  5964. In memory of GW Bush!!
  5965. Barack Obama's Advisers Wrote Bill that NObama Decries On Campaign Trail
  5966. vote for your choice in president here
  5967. A challenge...
  5968. Obsession -Radical Islam's War against The West
  5969. "The risk of not acting.......
  5970. Here's your "Real American" LIBERAL Company headed overseas
  5971. Here's an Electoral Map
  5972. The Biggest Game in the Nation
  5973. Paid day
  5974. Palin seems a little confused.....
  5975. Gee, here's a surprise...
  5976. Capt. Ziggy calls for more regulations...
  5977. The Obomination wants to give AWAY another 50 BILLION!!!WHAT A POS!!!
  5978. Only a matter of time (NQ) Yet another backflip..Nobama knows how to P.O. Liberals!
  5979. She GETS it, why not the Libs in here?
  5980. Gallup Poll- Obama just regained his post convention bounce over McCain/Palin 50%-44%
  5981. Clarification of Terminology ? Libereal vs Conservative ?
  5982. Oh! Chit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5983. Dims Response to Palin
  5984. Does anyone on here hold office
  5985. Could this be true?? I bet not...
  5986. 1/3 of Democrats hate Blacks...I've been tellin ya this for months
  5988. Mrs Obama ........
  5989. National Debt: Wake up America!!
  5990. Muslims kill their own ..... This is why we gotta kill em first
  5991. For the Republicans
  5992. YouTube, Censorship, and Barack Obama: What's the Connection?
  5993. Please remember to thank a Republican
  5994. Hell lets blame the Democrats for AIDS/HIV donation
  5995. Bush's Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative ???
  5996. America is now safe!!
  5997. Bill Clinton heaps praise on Sarah Palin, John McCain. Barack Obama? Not so much.
  5998. When should I expect ...
  5999. All the Bush ammo anyone ever dreamed of
  6000. Both sides at fault...
  6001. Does anyone REALLY like Obama or McCain
  6003. OK Lets try and look at something without Bashing
  6004. Chuck here's your Michigan polls
  6005. $700,000,000,000
  6006. Sarah has left Alaska
  6007. Should they have to pay it back?
  6008. Race and the Union Vote
  6009. So LIBERALS are worried about the PUMA's now LOL
  6010. Palin's Daughter "Fair Game" Biden's Daughter "Private Family Matter"
  6011. The Media can't help itself, first it was Sexism and Ageism, now it's Alaskism !!!
  6013. Meet the Hacker!
  6014. White Folk's Greed Runs a World In Need
  6015. Hey Obots: Get Your Facts Straight Even If Your Candidate Isn't!
  6016. Can I get an amen?
  6017. stock market
  6018. Proof....
  6019. Is it just me
  6022. the Race Card=6 points.......
  6023. Business question
  6024. Palin, trooper gate and truth
  6025. SEC Has 3 Teams in the Top 5
  6026. the real OBAMA
  6027. Embassy attack in Yemen
  6028. OK lets look at Crowd counts (being it means something to Chuck)
  6029. OBAMA explains Socialism
  6030. McCain = Tree hugger!!!
  6031. Hope, Change, Lies: Orchestrated "Grassroots" Smear Campaigns, People that Run them!
  6032. Barack’s Wall Street Problem is Now America’s!
  6033. Video surfaces of Barack Obama admitting he doesn't understand the Stock Market
  6034. "Dems Threaten Anti-Iran Rally Organizers With IRS Attack if They Let Palin Speak"
  6036. BEST SARAh speech line of the week!!!!
  6037. Lastest Polls: Jimmys and Roys nightmare
  6038. Update: FBI serves search warrant against UT student in Palin case!
  6039. What does "Support our Troops" mean to you?
  6040. Both candidates say they will fix the Economy
  6041. Fact Check: Did Obama vote 94 times for higher taxes?
  6042. Obama's Years at Columbia Are a Mystery
  6044. PMI Insurance
  6045. This is it in a nut shell
  6046. McCain says we need more regulations
  6047. Take a close look at this (if your a car person)
  6048. the Palin Factor
  6049. McCain hooks up with Brazilian hottie
  6050. Our 50 richest congress people
  6051. OBAMA on an Airplane
  6052. Big Labor on the Election
  6053. Tina Fey gets "SARAH" Contract thru 2016
  6054. Likely Women Voters
  6055. Green Bay WI 12:05pm Monday
  6056. NOW McAIN thinks OVERSIGHT is GOOD...
  6058. George Obama and the LIBERAL Media
  6059. Must...have...more...handouts...!
  6060. More false ID idiocy
  6061. BREAKING** OBAMA has Sex with his daughters
  6062. McCain's Gaffes could undercut message on economy and foreign affairs
  6063. Barack Hussien Obama
  6064. Bill Clinton - Hilary Clinton Never Wanted To Be VP
  6065. Oil at $122 and some change.......
  6066. One thing that the candidates agree on
  6067. Ah...Sorry To Bother You, Mr. Obama
  6068. How the Democrats created the financial mess
  6069. 51-41
  6070. 9/22/08 OBAMA 180
  6071. ANTI-Palin "viral" video linked to OBAMA Campain
  6072. another "MYTH" Busted by a Democrat
  6073. OBAMA "Faith Tour" FLOPS
  6074. Al Qaeda plans October Surprize
  6075. You're The Boss-Who Do You Choose?
  6076. John McCain and the Lying Game
  6077. Politics and Racing
  6078. McCain Freefall-7 point Swing in One Week
  6079. McCain Doesn't Know What His Own Committee Does
  6080. Serious Question: Gun Control good or bad?
  6081. Can we please start discussing original thoughts?
  6082. Don't show off........:-D
  6083. The Left would call this a Bushism.....ROTFLMFAO!!!
  6084. Take an Honest look at Troopergate
  6085. ABC Reports on the Truth of Biden's "Helicopter forced down story"
  6086. Saudi's reduce oil production while saying it was increasing
  6087. Off a Hillary Site "Hillary Won Popular Vote" Totals Here
  6088. We gotta "Sit down and talk to these people"
  6089. Sharia banking???
  6090. I "Un-Endorse you"
  6091. Joe Biden Disagrees W/Obama-Biden Dirty Ad Strategy!!!
  6092. McCain case dismissed (Non-Citizen filing in Kalifornia)...
  6093. McCain wins crowd size battle……finally
  6094. UMass officials quash credit-for-campaigning offer!
  6095. "Closing the Whopper Gap" (WaPo)-Obama Resorts to Outright Lying to Win!
  6096. The Girls playing Hardball..."To All Female Sarah Palin Haters" Hillary or Bust.
  6097. FOX News Article on new Ad linking Obama to Chicago...
  6098. "Obama’s Real-Estate Bust"
  6099. Biden Misleads That Al Qaeda Forced His Helicopter Down in Afghanistan. Where's Media
  6100. "Anti-Iran Rally Turns Into Anti-Obama Rally" (WCBS)
  6101. Bill Clinton says he understands Palin's appeal!
  6102. ONLY in KaliPORNIA!!!!
  6103. With all this patriotism going around, is buying a foreign car patriotic?
  6105. Meet Obama's Big Money Corporate Backers
  6106. Obama's Social Security Whopper!
  6107. Bill Ayres and BHO: more lies
  6108. The Pueblo Chieftain
  6109. Is $700 billion enough?
  6110. Is the bailout wording a deal breaker?
  6111. Dupont just names 1st Female CEO
  6112. "O" Canada
  6113. I wonder what bill is thinking?
  6114. Wrestling with understanding Obama supporters
  6115. Please translate this for me
  6116. $700 billion in perspective
  6117. There are good things that come out of a bad economy
  6118. Crack Brained Authorities Meddling
  6119. Race............
  6120. Bush & Cheney's house of cards is going down
  6121. Mid West Vote getter
  6122. Only in America can you screw up and get rich writin a book
  6123. Enough Bubstr
  6124. Voters Guide
  6125. Here's how some country's handle Corporate problems
  6126. Why
  6127. Welcome to the Global Nation, er, I mean economy.
  6128. C.H.A.N.G.E!!!
  6129. This is only the beginning
  6130. Give Them nothing...!!!!
  6131. My big mistake!
  6132. The American taxpayer and Wall Street
  6133. Obama ahead in four key states as voters fret over the economy
  6134. McCain camp criticism rife with errors
  6135. Jerome Corsi's "The Obama Nation" is a mishmash of unsupported conjecture, half-truth
  6136. Is it time to march ? Do we need to have a yellow bullet march in DC ?
  6137. They are LOOTING the treasury...
  6138. Could this happen here?
  6139. 5th Grader gets suspended for wearing "Hate McCain" shirt
  6140. Small Town guys appear to be bored......
  6141. Obama worked closely with terrorist Bill Ayers
  6142. Hey O
  6143. I FOUND PROTRUCK70!!!!
  6144. Where the @!&# is our president?!
  6145. McCan has it wired.......
  6146. S.Palin..Will be taking NO questions!!!
  6147. OOOPSIE Joe
  6148. What would happen if anyone here did this???
  6149. Interesting Obama Stats
  6150. Fraud investigation
  6151. If Ohio polling looks like Chicago, 'thank' Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner
  6152. McCain Fib....
  6153. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! BITEM, Couric interview!!! GAFFE CITY!!!
  6155. FBI Investigators start search for fraud at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers
  6156. Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism On Schools!
  6157. Pentagon budget, disaster aid set to advance (AP)--God Help Us: Pelosi and Reid......
  6158. "Obama Chides Biden for Off-Message Interview" (FOX) Democratic presidential nominee
  6159. Hillary Supporters for Obama: 58% (AP/Yahoo poll - reported on FOXNews)
  6160. Democrats are a joke
  6161. "Biden Slips, Suggests FDR Was President When Market Crashed"!!!!
  6162. Rasmussen has race all tied up 48-48!!!!
  6163. YB members mank their TV debut!!
  6164. How did OBAMA pay for Harvard??? (long read)
  6166. The stock market will be o.k.
  6167. WOW...PALIN
  6168. Should Active Duty Service Members be able to vote for President?
  6169. Story of a man applying for a job
  6170. Will cooler heads prevail?
  6171. Jimmy is gettin' nervous
  6172. Fraud on Wall Street?
  6173. 'D' DAY FOR OBAMA?
  6174. WARNING for Roy (complaints)
  6175. Hollywood Gearing up for Nov Race.
  6177. sir ramble-a-lot
  6178. Illegal Immigration & Wall St ~WOW ~ (must read)
  6179. Is Derivative market failing too?
  6180. McBush Lies.......
  6181. We could get OBAMA as President~Palin as VP
  6182. ABC Poll OBAMA way up
  6183. South Carolina women asks OBAMA 7 questions
  6184. New Jersey OBAMA Flyer
  6185. If it weren't for John McCain....
  6186. McCain Aid works for Fannie and Freddie
  6187. Republicans cheer Terrorist attack!!!
  6188. Biden's Finances
  6189. Here you go JJ
  6190. the Man who never was (good read)
  6191. The KIA store
  6192. What is wrong with people?
  6193. WOW WTF
  6194. Palin going down in flames.....
  6195. How will Obama respond to the citizenship lawsuit vote here!!
  6196. Let's do away with Florida
  6197. Bringing Down Wall Street.........
  6198. BREAKING NEWS***** Remarkable New Statistics.
  6199. McCain suspends campaign
  6200. *BREAKING* OBAMA Debating Himself
  6201. Factcheck And Brady Campaign Share Same Sugar Daddy
  6202. "Dems: Obama needs more white support" (UPI) Leaked From Democrat Leadership Council
  6203. Laura Bush: Palin lacks foreign policy experience
  6204. Wall Street Bailout..Economic extortion
  6205. "Biden's Financial History Disqualifies Him For High Office" (Townhall/Medved)
  6206. "'Nobody Knows Obama's Record on Guns Better Than I Do,'.......
  6207. McCain Trailing
  6208. Yet ANOTHER Obama flip-flop!
  6209. McCain owned !!!
  6210. Catholic Vote 2008 ~ Video
  6211. Barney Frank and Chuck Schumer’s Role in the Fannie Mae Failure
  6212. Anyone Smell a rat? The TIMING of Fannie Mae, Lehman Merrill, AIG?
  6213. VOTE in the current AOL Presidential poll!
  6214. Does this put the bank bailout into perspective? Good damn idea!!
  6215. Obama vs. the American Socialist Party
  6216. Truth is out
  6217. New Oil Cartel Coming!!! America Better Wise Up NOW!!!!
  6218. Reid to McCain Don't Come Back to the Capitol!
  6219. Al Gore spewing carbon out his mouth
  6220. House To Launch Investigation Into Democrat Rep. Rangel
  6221. OBAMA gave in
  6222. Okay, No, Really, Why Would Independents Be Breaking To McCain?
  6223. Bill Clinton: Will respect Jewish holidays, then 'hustle up ... cracker vote' in Flor
  6224. Biden, Obama helped keep 'Bridge to Nowhere' alive!
  6226. RACIST MoFo Democratic Florida congressman points to Palin to rally Jews to Obama!
  6227. Analysis: Democrats absorb a defeat on drilling!!!!!
  6228. If this is true, taxpayers are so screwed
  6229. Just In! Obama Drops Out Of Race
  6230. $1000 to Sterilize Welfare Moms
  6231. President of the World
  6232. Genius!!!!!!!!!!
  6233. China: No lending to US banks...
  6234. For those who missed it.
  6235. Guess who recommended Obama to enter Harvard
  6236. What a joke
  6237. If no Obama McCain Debate Friday
  6238. Time Magazine. Mayor Palin: A Rough Record
  6239. Palin pastor prayed for 'witchcraft' protection
  6240. The October surprise is here..you decide!
  6241. This is how I want to be when I get old...
  6242. Why does Obama
  6243. McCain has TRIED Repeatedly to Avert this economic crisis, But DEMS & BO BLOCKED him
  6244. Collecting dept.
  6245. Massive Train Wreck- Palin ran up err over by massive train and...........
  6246. Reform and the "Bailout" Plan
  6247. China Space launch described before the launch even happened
  6248. Clinton just screwed OBAMA
  6249. Some good reading on why the Wall St Crisis
  6250. Here's the next issue
  6251. Gas sales tax
  6252. Explain this "bailout" to me please
  6253. $900B SHOCK FEARED FOR 2009
  6254. How many here paid cash for their house?
  6255. McCain Campaign Running Alaska While Palin Campaigns
  6256. senatorial payroll
  6257. Noon Today;
  6258. Legit Investigation???
  6259. China banks told to halt lending to US banks-SCMP
  6260. Who's job is it to determine presidential eligibility?
  6261. Is McCain stroking out?
  6262. Muslim Cleric OK's Sex with 9 yo Girls
  6263. So much for those who think this was a political stunt by McCain
  6264. Democratic Chicago
  6265. Zogby Poll: McCain Recovers as Contest Takes Dramatic Turns; McCain 46% - Obama 44%
  6266. The Colonel and Lincoln
  6267. While LIBERALS were bitching Warren Buffet made $743million (2 days)
  6268. Harry Reid BUSTED trying to Screw Ameicans
  6269. You think we have it bad, check out this....
  6270. DEMOCRATS Absorb DEFEAT on Off Shore Drilling
  6271. I didn't do it, it was someone else
  6272. Top Ten George W. Bush Ideas For Fixing the Economy
  6273. OK Democrats where's the Deal you were talkin about at 2pm
  6274. Sarah Spotted on photo op with Obama
  6275. This will finish off OBAMA
  6276. Things will never be the same
  6277. John Zogby Speaks .............................
  6278. David Letterman busts McCain!
  6279. House Republicans Split with Bush on Bailout Plan
  6280. Dims Mixing Kool-Aid
  6281. McCain is not carrying the Repubs
  6282. Win Jack Daniels cooler
  6283. Top 10 Things Overheard From the Democratic National Convention
  6284. Top 10 Things for the John McCain (Suspended) Campaign
  6285. Country First..Before or after the photo-ops and Interviews?
  6286. Palin is such a mean woman!
  6287. NY Times Editorial: An Absence of Leadership
  6288. the Examiner endorces McCain/Palin
  6290. Interesting interview with Cindy McCain
  6291. Murtha being sued for slander
  6292. Biden just can't help himself...
  6293. Fox News Blames Democrats for Financial Crisis, Bill Clinton Agrees!!!!
  6294. WAMU failed today
  6296. USC
  6297. What do you think......Debate.....
  6298. So the $64 Question...
  6299. Reid: No votes Friday night to avoid ‘excuses’!
  6300. This ad is HURTING NObama.....
  6301. NO Surprise- G.W.Bush approval rating falls to 19%
  6302. Palin's Self Described Foreign Policy Experience
  6303. The collapse of the US dollar
  6304. Anyone in here race?
  6305. Obama grant being probed
  6306. Obama files motion to dismiss, DNC motion to dismiss, September 24, 2008
  6307. Dual Citizenship Makes Obama Ineligible Under Article II!!!!
  6308. Obama Law Firm Got Millions for ACORN from Predatory Lender, Famous Dope, Inc. Bank!
  6309. Reid tries to sneak oil shale ban back into legislation!
  6310. Dodd LIES AGAIN!!! McCain Says There 'Never Was A Deal' On Wall Street Bailout!
  6311. Leftwing Blogs Enraged Over Bill Clinton's Defense of McCain Debate Delay Request!!!
  6312. Obama & DNC Hide Behind Legal Issues - Country Headed to a Constitutional Crisis!
  6314. Palin's Bush-like Interview: Foreign Affairs Is Good v. Evil
  6315. Beavers pop Trojans
  6316. I love Joe Biden
  6317. Dow
  6318. What About Global Warming
  6319. This Cartoon sums up the current wall street debacle.
  6320. 500 trades have gone by........
  6321. WaMu stock
  6322. The Following Isn't My Idea, But I Like It Better Than The One Proposed By Congress..
  6323. Advice For Shelton Barrs
  6324. Harry Reid speaking NOW ...... Here's my question
  6325. You want to see where this crisis started
  6326. McCAIN CANT HELP - Follow Up ????
  6327. PALIN CAN'T HELP.......
  6328. So, are we going to have a debate...
  6330. Community Reinvestment Act
  6331. No Incumbents in 08
  6332. I keep hearing the term "crisis"
  6333. OK what happened in the Whitehouse last night??
  6334. Crisis over,,John McCain resumes campaign
  6335. Taxing Health Care taken out of your pay
  6336. http://perotcharts.com/
  6337. Breaking News..Even FOX News calling McCain "silly"
  6338. George Bush...Can we get a refund?
  6339. Hugh Hefner to sack Playboy bunnies amid financial crisis
  6341. An interesting little problem
  6342. Anyone listen to Bob Brinker?
  6344. MONTE'S NEW FLAME???
  6345. On welfare? $1000 to get sterilized!
  6346. Bought My First Gun Today . . .
  6347. Got This Message from Don Garlits Today . . .
  6348. Wachovia Now on Shaky Ground . . .
  6349. What do you think will happen....
  6350. $18M for 3 weeks work...
  6351. Reid's statements about bailout, "patently False"
  6352. Obama campaign urging people to watch debate on CNN!
  6353. Bet ya didn't hear about this...
  6354. Failure To Be Real Capitalists Caused Crisis
  6355. Debate thread for those watching..
  6356. America is over?
  6357. So . . . Who Won the Debate and Why? Post Your Thoughts!
  6358. So which one is feeble minded?
  6359. Wachovia Begins Early Deal Talks with Citi
  6360. Clone of this section
  6361. What the ladies thought about the debate.......
  6362. DRudgereport has a presidential debate poll!
  6363. First AD from the Debate tonight!!!
  6364. Tick tock tick tock
  6365. Tell me why the chimp should be elected
  6366. Who chose you to be....................
  6367. Well we have a debate winner!!!
  6368. McCain blinked
  6369. If Sarah Palin Being One Heartbeat Away "Doesn't Scare The Hell Out Of You, It Should
  6370. Could the "crisis" have been averted?
  6371. Palin comments post-debate
  6372. This video changed my mind...
  6373. Paul Newman Passes away!
  6374. OBAMA TO Sue The NRA
  6375. Is the GOP coming unglued?
  6376. Do you think Illegal Immigrants were a factor in the Banking problem??
  6377. Bailout Bill once 3 pages now 42 ..... are we gettin MORE SCREWED??
  6378. OBAMA Truth Squad video
  6379. Biden busted on McCains health care tax plan
  6380. Something to think about!
  6381. Biden's Foot-in-Mouth Disease! The TRUTH is funny!!!
  6382. Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
  6383. The real John Mccain?
  6384. Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam
  6385. Gov. Blunt Statement on Obama Campaign’s Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement
  6386. WOW..a CEO on Fox right now endorsing the bailout.lol
  6387. Conservative Columnist: Palin must Go
  6388. I don't know who won the debate , but I sure as hell know who the losers are....
  6389. Palin just requestion one of these for the debate....
  6390. LIBERAL site shows how to cheat on polls
  6391. My Favorite Quote so far...lol
  6392. Wouldnt you Candidate being behind in the Polls actually be a plus?
  6393. Desperate HuffPo Blogger: 'Time to Dump Biden,' Replace with Hillary!
  6394. With the Market on the verge of a total collapse...
  6395. What YOU need to know about ACORN! Dems Say.... Bend over and Smile!
  6396. NEW SHOW "Huckabee" on FNC now
  6397. McCain-Obama debate pulls average early rating
  6398. Did yall see and hear?
  6399. NOT BAD... Obama Only Has 7 Major Flip Flops At First Debate
  6400. Look! I have a bracelet too! It's er....Sgt......er......
  6401. USA Today-Obama huge lead in debate poll
  6402. Obama's new spokes woman
  6403. Bailout failure 'will cause US crash’
  6404. Judicial Watch Uncovered Docs which shed light on the NObama's Chicago Connections!
  6405. All Weekend ...... and Democrats came up with a new Tax
  6406. another fine group of young muslim gentlenan
  6407. FYI
  6408. Failed Democratic Congress sends bill to Bush
  6409. NOT FOR LIBERALS to view
  6410. This sums up my thoughts (long read for LIBERALS)
  6411. FO SHIZZLE!!!!!!!
  6412. Deal in DC ???????????????????????????????
  6413. Voter Fraud Question
  6414. Clowns in the Senate and the House !!
  6415. our lawmakers
  6416. Bailout deal finally announced
  6417. All The "Experts" are Busy Bloggin
  6418. A political "solution"
  6419. As the fleecing of the taxpayers continues....keep an eye on this
  6420. Family told Obama NOT to wear son's bracelet
  6421. Family Told Da CHIMP NOT To Wear Soldier Son's Bracelet!!!!!!
  6422. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.........Rezko talked with prosecutors, may aid probe!!!!!!!!!!
  6423. What are the chances of martial law?
  6424. Trust Democrats??? Pelosi Confiscates Staffers' Blackberries to Avoid Leaks !!!
  6425. Frank's fingerprints are all over the financial fiasco!!!
  6426. Kissinger: OBAMA LIED
  6427. The Case Against Barrack Obama
  6428. President OBAMA Stock Market Crash
  6429. Obama Wants NRA Ads Banned...This Guy Is Nuts!!!
  6430. The Republican camapign new talking points..
  6431. The Natives are Restless
  6432. So...... just how bad is it....
  6433. Thanks to all my yellowbullet family
  6434. I'm ready to Vote
  6435. 110 PAGES PEOPLE
  6436. good news for liberals
  6437. Top 10 cities have something in common
  6438. Senior Citizens on OBAMA
  6440. 'Un-American' Bailout, Paulson Should Have Quit, Gingrich Says
  6441. UNBELIEVEABLE!!US House of Representatives approves Nasa buying Russian spacecraft!!!
  6442. Like carburetors to fuel injection
  6443. Bloomberg Analyst: $700 Billion Bailout Could Balloon to $5 Trillion!!!
  6444. Economists Against The Paulson Plan!!!
  6445. another reason not to vote for this guy
  6446. Barack's Bracelet
  6447. AIG bailout solution
  6448. What lenghts?
  6450. How HUD Mortgage Policy Fed the Crisis
  6451. Wachovia bought by Citi
  6452. No cost to you or I?
  6453. Our "broken" immigration system
  6454. Vote on the Bailout
  6455. Republicans are saying hell no...
  6456. The Dem/Rep Finger pointing of the American Public
  6457. Is it just me...
  6458. Ron Paul!
  6459. How Long?
  6460. Nancy Pelosi...
  6461. What is "Affordable Housing"?
  6462. Great quote on the Wall St. bailout....
  6463. could be a repost but this is an intersting Youtube
  6464. Nice try Dems...
  6465. a new era of private space flight has now begun
  6466. Fannie & Freddie - Dems Please Repond
  6467. YB Want Ads** Looking for Rape Victim
  6468. What is the impact of not voting
  6469. Nancy Failed !!!!!!
  6470. House votes DOWN Recovery Bill.......
  6472. Mccain Failed to rally troops!
  6473. How about giving ideas instead of slams
  6474. The Rich Are Staging a Coup This Morning ... A Message From Michael Moore
  6475. Where did the money go today???
  6476. Truth Behind the Mortgage Crisis
  6477. 4.2 trillion $$ loss in the market today
  6478. Why the bailout bill failed
  6479. Mortgage meltdown...we're going to pay twice
  6480. Obama New Campaign Poster
  6481. Pelosi Speech Transcript
  6482. Final vote Roll Call for bailout Bill
  6483. How long will it take to recover the loss.
  6484. This is for sandman658
  6486. Democrats on the payroll
  6487. Now its time for the Whitehouse to release the Video/Transcript
  6488. For you LIBERAL's and Commie Foreigners We do matter in the world
  6489. Larry Sinclair Press Conference
  6490. List of Congress Votes
  6491. Something we can all agree on
  6492. Investigator to probe U.S. attorney firings
  6493. What do you get....
  6494. Washington dose'nt get it...
  6495. Does anyone know where the money was going to.
  6496. Time predicted Credit Default Swap Crisis
  6497. The CHIMP responsible for the ACORN EARMARK in the Bailout Bill!
  6498. Lets change up the subject
  6499. One for the Bush haters
  6500. Anyone else...
  6501. Biden Misses Again
  6502. BRUNO SEZ:
  6503. Sup Kevin... Long time no see. Fire some Bullets. :)
  6504. We Are Under Martial Law!!!!
  6505. Crank it up!!!!
  6506. Some good news barrel of oil $96.36
  6507. More Gun Control.. Is Good!!!
  6508. What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
  6509. Gibson's interview with biden.......they had SEX right after this!!!!
  6510. Bailout Poll
  6511. Who was really questioning regulation of Fannie/Freddie Pelosi?
  6512. Polls Do Not Show Everything
  6513. For or Against bailout - write your Congressman
  6514. For the "Palinbots"
  6515. The real reason why Bush wants the bailout
  6516. I actually agree with Obama on this one
  6517. If it would cost 700 billion to bailout Wall St.
  6518. OK not a trick question
  6519. Just got this EMail....... I think they are gonna help us with the bailout
  6520. Thomas Sowell on the "Bailout"
  6521. A sign of the times
  6522. YB form letter
  6523. Let's have the ABORTION debate
  6524. Will Politicians pass bail out package AFTER election??
  6525. Sarah Palin's Facebook Page
  6526. The CHIMP ~ We're Airraiding villages and killing civilians!
  6527. Should we demand all Fanny & Freddie Exec's
  6528. Great Little Barnyard
  6529. U.S. Heading for Slump, With or Without Bailout (Update1)
  6530. Obsession DVD, Who got one ???
  6531. The CHIMP ~ WORSE!
  6532. Chris Mathews interviews his DAUGHTER...........
  6533. Interesting solution, to AIG problem
  6534. My take on the financial crisis
  6535. Jackie Mason ~ NObama and the Economy
  6536. Brothers in Arms Hit Road to Rally Support for McCain!
  6537. A VERY good read here.....
  6538. Karl Rove on the Bailout Bill.....Democrat leaders voted "NO"!!!!
  6540. More Agenda
  6541. 545 People who are responsible
  6542. Monday while we weren't paying attention
  6543. Got this in a email Today
  6544. New birth certificate development
  6545. 12 Votes Short
  6546. Obama must be desperate...
  6548. Corporate America's widening bailout mindset...
  6549. GOP running Commerical without McCain
  6550. made in America
  6551. Latest email
  6552. A great video regarding the economic situation
  6554. Isn't Barney Frank a PeterPuffer??
  6555. Great read from Chuck Norris
  6556. Media Bias taken from littlegreenfootballs.com
  6557. OBAMA Teleprompter Demands
  6558. More Info on Obama's friends
  6559. Palin unqualified - George Will
  6560. Palin, confused as usual
  6561. Some Fuzzy Math
  6562. Palin, student of the world....
  6563. A little optomism......
  6564. Somebody splain this to me
  6565. Joy Behar finally got one right!
  6567. Media Mum on Barney Frank's Fannie Mae Love Connection!
  6568. Commentary: Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer!
  6569. OH MY!!!!!EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi paid husband with PAC funds!!!!
  6570. Democrats See the Pros and Cons of Letting Biden Be Biden!
  6571. Gretawire: MOD for VP DEBATE WRITING OBAMA BOOK!
  6572. "McCain for president: A certain leader for uncertain times" Boston Herald Endorses!
  6573. Lou Dobbs Poll ~ Liberal medis bias against Palin!
  6574. Biden’s Ties to Pro-Iran Groups Questioned!
  6575. The Diddy retort ~ A young African American gets it right!
  6576. Obama Advisor Pledged $1 Trillion in Sub-Prime Loans As Fannie Mae CEO!
  6577. Obama's Terrorist Bill!
  6578. Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign!
  6579. Dem. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, who is running for re-election, explains........
  6580. Senate set to vote today, what say you YB.......
  6581. Negative ad about Palin that you must look farther down
  6582. WaMu Ceo's payout
  6583. You think Obama is some kind of pillar of change? Think again!!!
  6584. probably a repost..
  6585. Meet our first Muslim President
  6586. Isn't this the right track?
  6587. Economic Models
  6588. Another underhanded aproach to blow 700 billion against the peoples will.
  6589. What is this world comming to?
  6590. OBAMA just promised
  6591. A view from across the pond
  6592. The complete Obama Story Well what we know so far)
  6593. The congressional heath plan
  6594. Bailout now 451 pages
  6595. House Speaker Pelosi Used Political Donations to Pay Husband's Firm
  6596. ACORN
  6597. Can muslims be good americans ???
  6598. whitehouseforsale.org
  6599. Will the revised Sentate version get posted on the internet ?
  6600. 10,000 posts
  6601. Roy must be in agony....
  6602. ohio voting
  6603. If we are going to give Congress/Senate 700+ Billion taxpayer dollars...???
  6604. Manufacturing sector weakens...
  6605. Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that.......
  6606. What happens aafter the bailout...
  6607. Debate Moderator Ifill Faces Bias Charges!
  6608. Fact check: Biden spins a helicopter tale!!!
  6609. Unlike Clinton, Biden Gets Pass for Saying He Was 'Shot At' in Iraq!
  6610. Credit crisis...media hype???
  6611. Ewwwww...
  6612. Police Union Shirt Pokes Fun At DNC Protesters!
  6613. Biden Secret Service Code Name: 'Assassination Insurance'!
  6614. 150 Billion..added to the bailout!!!
  6617. OBAMA Site takes down
  6618. Why I'm voting for OBAMA
  6619. Independant TV AD
  6620. OBAMA Spin-o-Meter
  6621. It would be a Tragety to Elect OBAMA video
  6622. a few EARMARKS so far
  6623. Senate Passes Bailout of Criminal Bankers
  6624. Be sure to thank your Senator....
  6625. BREAKING!!!!Berg v. Obama Ruled Must Turn Over Within 3 Days Vault Copy of ..........
  6626. WOOHOO
  6627. A blast from the past!!!!
  6628. Obama Amazing Audio Surfaces, HE THINKS HE IS OUR SAVIOR!!!!
  6629. Springfield to bill Obama $50,000 for rally!
  6630. It just doesn't stop coming......Biden & Partners
  6631. US Africa command battles sceptics!
  6632. United Socialist States of America (USSA)
  6633. 10 CEO's that cashed in!
  6634. Bailout Bill up to 850 Billion
  6635. Complete Senate Vote list
  6636. Democrat Plan; "Educate the Idiots"
  6637. Democrat in Action Video
  6638. a Must Watch video for Democrats
  6639. No Politics Today ..... LIVE Feed from Cecil County
  6640. Looks like McCain tried to prevent this mortgage collapse twice.
  6641. Page 300
  6642. Change
  6643. Secret, Foreign Money Floods into Obama Campaign
  6644. Can you say "Hitler Youth?"
  6645. Should Weed be legalized?
  6646. bailout........ why not try this?
  6647. Everybody wants a Bailout!!!
  6648. Raising the FDIC limit...
  6649. thank god for the net
  6650. Obama change quote
  6651. Nothing proposed will solve the credit crisis
  6652. You can call your Congressperson..see the sticky!!!
  6654. McCain bails out of Michigan?
  6656. Attending the SEMA show?
  6657. Well all you blow hard Obama fans.... Michigan is no longer McCain
  6658. GEORGE KLASS --- A FAG?
  6659. The Obama / Palin Comparision
  6660. Have you neighbors called..The House votes 9:00am Friday.
  6661. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Contrutes to Housing Crash
  6662. Barack Obama is My Alpha and Omega!
  6665. crazy? I might be...
  6666. Maybe a Obama Repost But Here It Is
  6667. Embarrassed? Not JoJoBigs!!!
  6668. Barney Frank on O'Reilly tonight
  6669. On O'Reilly tonight....B.O calls Barney Frank a COWARD to his face, in interview!!!
  6671. maybe?
  6672. Remember that Hitl....er..NObama youth video? Well, they remade it!
  6673. Sarah Palin and SNL....
  6674. Is Obama "peaking to early"?
  6675. NOBAMA?
  6676. VP Debate thread
  6677. I love Sarah Palin........
  6678. VOTE BRUNO ON OR OFF!!!!!!!!
  6679. Biden v. Palin, 10-02
  6680. BREAKING NEWS - McCain Gives Up On Michigan In A Major Retreat!!!!!
  6681. ACORN hires Democrats!
  6683. An interesting hypocrisy
  6685. Debate Moderator
  6686. Buzz words
  6687. Screw It I'm Moving to Alaska
  6688. GEORGE KLASS --- A FAG? ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
  6689. Bailouts for the banks?
  6690. ooooops
  6692. Interesting New York Times artical
  6693. Interesting 1999 New York Times artical
  6694. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  6695. Biden ...... only 14 Lies last night..... not bad Joe
  6697. the Death of common sense
  6698. WTF are you doing with the money Arnold????
  6699. More Support for OBAMA
  6700. Is Obama on the brink of turning Ohio, Florida and Virginia BLUE too?
  6701. Fanny & Freddie & the Dems.....
  6702. Can't get enough Obama Koolaid?
  6703. For all that act like they care.....
  6705. Islam, Religion of Peace or Sex Crazed Death Cult
  6706. the Bail out and some important Obama Facts
  6707. The big scare,pushes bail out ......
  6708. We have been here before 1802, Thomas Jefferson
  6709. The Economy is fixed!!
  6710. 159,000 jobs lost in Sept...
  6711. The reviews are starting to come in..
  6712. I've got a crush on my V.P.!
  6713. "FOX Tops Cablers With Most Viewers in Network History" MSNBC ? ~ DEAD LAST!
  6714. What the Government did'nt tell you about the urgency of the bailout . .
  6715. McCain and Palin, not on the same page
  6716. Oct. 3 Berg audio tape on Obama Lawsuit, on The Warrroom with Quinn & Rose
  6717. I think this sums it up
  6718. The Precedent Has Been Set
  6719. Opinion polls cover up truth – Gallup veteran
  6720. California approves nurse-assisted suicide!
  6721. Congressman threatened: Martial Law if bailout fails!
  6722. Bet you didn't know THIS was in the BAILOUT BILL!!!!
  6723. Interesting blog; Bookworm is a pretty talented conservative blogger
  6724. Foreign Policy "Expert" Joe Biden
  6726. O.J. Simpson found guilty on all counts!!!!
  6727. Obama must correct this injustice!!!!!!!!!!!
  6729. Class warfare
  6730. Missing in Action, Michelle Obama
  6731. Push to register felons to vote could aid Obama
  6732. And you think the POLLS are accurate????LOL!!!!!
  6733. Rememberhow much of a CRISIS the BAILOUT BILL WAS???.......
  6734. This sums up Obama and Palin for that matter
  6735. Close-to-complete Ideology and Religion
  6736. Sex Education
  6738. How long is the beast allowed to have authority in Revelations?
  6739. GUN RIGHTS
  6740. Book on Cheney
  6741. One remaining video about FANNIE MAE and FREDIE MAC
  6742. Middle Class Palins Give More to Charity Than Upper Crust Bidens!
  6743. NYT's Ayers-Obama Whitewash [Stanley Kurtz]
  6744. How to talk to a NObama Cultist!
  6745. History Geo Klass doesn't like to mention ----- READ THIS
  6746. Obama advisor calls for the invasion of Israel!
  6747. Will Ayers and Obama radicalize our schools?
  6748. NObama: Sub Prime Mortgages that gave houses to people WHO COULDN'T AFFORD THEM......
  6749. All in the family!
  6750. Devastating Video, NObama talks about job Ayers gave him!
  6751. Bruno Johnson Enterprises
  6752. Bruno's news source
  6753. Bruno pushes his buddy Al Franken..
  6754. Interesting Read: Gov't confiscated gold during Great Depression
  6755. Afghanistan War Lost??
  6756. Obama Birth certificate lawsuit gaining some steam!!!
  6757. SNL Debate: Almost as laughable as the original
  6758. Any Genetic Scientist on this Forum??
  6759. To Everyone That Supports The Bailout
  6760. Character Attacks
  6761. RNC: Obama & Acorn Fact Sheet
  6762. The Palin pop....
  6763. Looks like the McCain campaign learned something...
  6764. Bonnie Fag Sucking for Fannie May
  6765. George Bush and the Republicans..
  6766. Obama's Friend, America's Enemy
  6767. solutions for the problems of America
  6768. Karl Rove On Who Will Win The Presidency In November
  6769. Does Obama have NPD?
  6770. The more things change.......
  6771. Why does the military support McCain 68-23 %
  6773. what to do now ?
  6775. I hate to sound negative, but....
  6777. Hannity ~ Obama and Friends....History of Radicalism!
  6778. Foreign donations? To Obama?
  6779. Obama To Hit McCain On Keating Five
  6780. Weathermen: Home-grown US radicals, NObama supporters!!!
  6781. Now Wall Street may shun $700bn bail-out!
  6782. N.Y. Times whitewashes Obama-Ayers connection!
  6783. Shock & Awe: Bi-Partisan Beltway Terrorists Launch Economic 9/11 on American People!
  6784. President of NOW, LA Chapter endorses Gov. Palin!!!!
  6785. My Daughter sang at an Obama / Biden rally today
  6786. Gov. Sarah Palin Rally At Carson City, Calif. Tennis Stadium at Home Depot Center!
  6787. On the Economy...???
  6788. Henry Paulson says....
  6789. It's all in the numbers
  6791. Interesting Business Conferance on C Span 2 NOW
  6792. Dow drops below 10k
  6793. Goodbye to the Eagle?
  6794. A poll that is probably correct!
  6795. Thank you Wall Street
  6796. Keating Four + McCAIN = Current Disaster
  6797. Lehman Bros CEO testifying before Congress now...
  6798. Main Street comments on Wall Street bailout!!
  6799. Is the board acting funny
  6800. THE PALIN 7
  6802. Totally off the subject
  6803. Fun on the hill...
  6804. Blue N.C.? Obama, Hagan expand leads
  6805. Obama/Ayers - an examination
  6806. FOX News/Rasmussen Reports Poll: Obama Widens Lead in Three Battleground States
  6807. Fact Check: Did McCain intervene on behalf of Charles Keating?
  6808. Fact check: What did Obama say about troops in Afghanistan?
  6809. Biden outta Touch
  6810. How Obama and the Joyce Foundation Tried to Destroy the 2nd Amendment
  6811. Global Meltdown?
  6812. Would You Go To The Home of a Renowned & Self Proclaimed Terrorist ???
  6813. Campaign of lies disgraces McCain
  6815. John McCain voted against funding the troops
  6816. WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE??? Obama & DNC file motion for protective order
  6817. Prosecutors move to delay Rezko sentencing
  6818. McCain and the Fact-Checking Fallacy
  6819. So Roy....what will you do if?
  6820. CBS Poll: Presidential Race Tightens
  6821. Obama never liked White People
  6822. Obama's tax plan cuts taxes "for 95 percent of all working families
  6823. Michelle Obama Put Terrorist Ayers on Speakers Panel
  6824. MSNBC'S Morning Joe on Obama's Fraudulent Donations!
  6825. Obama's letters for Rezko!!!
  6826. Obama's letters for Rezko!!!
  6827. "Biden's Fantasy World"
  6828. "The Inevitable 'This Isn't the Bill Ayers I Thought I Knew' Excuse"
  6829. 'Obama the slum lord' radio ad released"
  6830. Thank You Roy...!!!!!
  6831. John McCain wants to "give oil companies another $4-billion" in tax breaks
  6832. I challenge anyone...
  6833. Today at the Feed Store -----
  6834. Republicans Allege McCain Covered Up His Collaboration with the North Vietnamese
  6835. McCain bargained with his Vietnamese captors
  6836. Keating Five Member is Obama Surrogate!
  6837. The Real Obama by Thomas Sowell
  6838. John McCain voted against establishing a national holiday in honor of Dr. King
  6839. Did McCain Turn His Back On POW/MIA's
  6840. Characters Count!
  6841. McCain~Obama Healthcare plans Compared!
  6842. "Democrat Counsel Robert Bennett On John McCain And Keating:
  6843. "Obama and the Attempt to Destroy the 2nd Amendment"
  6844. "Palin rally brings 20,000 to Clearwater"
  6845. Obama Campaign Now Claims Obama Didn't Know About Ayers' Past
  6846. CNN special Investigation Obama~Ayers!!!
  6847. More Bogus Obama Donors Surface
  6848. Royvet Losing It!
  6849. New One Dollar Bill
  6850. McCain linked to group in Iran-Contra case
  6851. McCain on the economy
  6852. I think This Pretty Well Sums It Up!
  6853. Economist: We need to invent new word for situation
  6854. Heartfelt email from a friend
  6855. Population of Alaska
  6856. Sinking like the Titanic
  6857. New Obama Logo
  6858. want to see what Obama is reading these days?
  6859. For those of you looking to blame bush and through him McCain for the mess we're in..
  6860. Lieberman says the passing of the bailout "will be good for John McCain"
  6861. Unlucky pilot or poor judgement?
  6862. Newspaper Commentary
  6863. :)
  6864. Fundamentally
  6865. How big of an Island do you need to put a Drag Strip on??
  6866. the LIBERAL MEDIA asks where's SARAH??? Here she comes
  6867. anybody seen Michelle lately ????
  6868. Unemployment Rates by State
  6869. The other Mrs. McCain
  6870. fox news: palin "killed" the bridge to nowhere...
  6871. What's up with George Bush...???
  6872. Just a few short years ago Today.................
  6873. What Do Osama & Obama Have in Common?
  6874. Maybe we should pull out of Chicago
  6875. AIG execs to resort after bailout
  6876. A Black American Hero
  6877. Ahmed, Meet Allah
  6878. The difinitive statement on the world situation
  6879. CA will require smog testing of diesels in 2010
  6880. John Mccain is no Maverick!
  6881. Understanding World Events and the Credit Crisis
  6882. Whats the difference between Tim McVeigh and Bill Ayres?
  6883. Surfin Bird
  6884. Wheels are starting to come off
  6885. ACORN office raided
  6886. McCain question
  6887. Chase or No Chase??
  6888. Silver Lining.....
  6889. Moment of Truth
  6890. SARAH slaps down a protester HARD in Florida!
  6891. The TRUTH about the bailout! UNBELIEVABLE!
  6892. Tonight's debate...
  6893. new debate drinking game
  6894. what question..........
  6895. a real nice Democrat
  6896. Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER
  6897. Cooper racing, are you a vet or not ?
  6898. why i'm voting Dem....
  6899. Obama says we must give economic support to...
  6900. Fact Check: Did Obama get second-most money from Freddie and Fannie?
  6901. Comment from the Fox Forum
  6902. This should cause some turmoil and it should be in the mainstream media as well.
  6903. Lee County Sheriff Scott's 'Hussein' reference sparks federal probe!
  6904. BIG PRES, DEBATE Who U think won..on YB??
  6905. Presidential debate poll at drudge!
  6906. Zogby, the only poll to get it right in 2004 shows......
  6907. Obama Hides Senior Citizen Penalty in Health Care Plan
  6908. McCain a Maverick, yup! The proof is in the thread!
  6909. World ends in 2012?
  6910. I'm voting Demacratic,,,,
  6911. How long before this is protested
  6912. US cuts interest rates...... the world follows
  6913. Another friendly letter!!
  6914. My Credit Limit.......NO WONDER.....
  6915. Why can Obama do no wrong???
  6916. Democrat Palin Putor Hacker Indicted
  6917. AIG UNREAL!!!!!!!!
  6918. Iceland Bankruptcy looms
  6919. Now this, is funny!!
  6920. November 4th
  6921. Japanese Banking Crisis!!!
  6922. Support for Terrorism
  6923. School Vouchers ~ For or against?
  6924. A question about Value, as in Gold Value
  6925. AIG Party
  6926. Massachusetts can vote on abolishing state income tax?
  6927. do you agree with anthony martin-trigona?
  6928. Despite what the libs and biased pollsters would want you to believe...
  6929. From RedState
  6930. Don't let the truth get in the way...
  6931. My take on the debate
  6932. Halloween is gonna suck this year!!!!
  6933. Repeat after me...
  6934. An Open Letter to Senator John McCain.
  6935. You won't hear about this on Fox News
  6936. An Open Letter to Senator Barak Obama
  6937. "The Magic 60"
  6938. Getting paid
  6939. Conspiracy or coincidence?
  6940. Web Archives Confirm Barack Obama Was Member Of Socialist 'New Party' In 1996
  6941. intrest rates?
  6942. McCain mortgage plan shifts costs to taxpayers
  6943. Dear Mr. Obama.....Who are you? What do you stand for?
  6944. ThatOne08.com
  6946. Fun Clip of the Day
  6947. Repeat after me......
  6948. Amust watch video!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6949. The difference between the Canadates.... from CBS
  6950. Where's Roysvet?
  6951. Jimmy Hoffa's Remains Found
  6952. The Pro-Obama Voter-Fraud Drive
  6953. Goodbye Democrats ~ presented by PUMA and Hillary Democrats for McCain!
  6954. Who Is Buying The White House?
  6955. Sheriff in Ill. county won't evict in foreclosures!
  6956. More Voter Registration Shenanigans: Indianapolis Has 105% Of Population Registered!
  6957. Has anybody seen Mister Puddles?
  6959. Check out this link on the National Debt
  6960. ACORN's voter registrations questioned now in Conn.!
  6961. Wheres Bruno?
  6963. California too big to fail?
  6964. Whats going on here??
  6965. Report: Voter purges in 6 states may violate law ...
  6966. NRA: Hillary Was Right, You Can't Trust Obama With Your Guns
  6967. INDY ..... Voters out number resisidents
  6968. Thought for the day
  6969. No ACORN headlines.
  6970. A.W.N.A.A.
  6971. Liberal Media?
  6972. The Squeeky wheel gets the grease.
  6973. Wachovia, a perfect example...
  6974. People in our hobby who support Democrats....
  6975. Talk to the legislature to get stiffer penalties for this BS
  6976. Letter from my represenative
  6977. NEWS FLASH!!!
  6978. Keep your sheep in line
  6979. My brothers g/f is a lawyer and read throught the bailout.. Very scary!!
  6980. Obama History
  6981. Why does this not surprise me?
  6982. Anybody heard about congressional threats?
  6983. Why is most of the Media Liberal---
  6984. New York Times take on subprime lending
  6985. John McCain and the Keating 5
  6986. OBAMA, AYRES, and intimidation
  6987. Opec worried
  6988. Funny, but all to true
  6989. tax system
  6990. Democratic counsle Robert Bennett exonorated McCain on Keating~ The CHIMP LIES AGAIN!
  6991. I think McCain is losing his mind
  6993. McCain Plan
  6994. Critics: McCain housing plan 'half-baked'
  6995. Great laugh...
  6996. Raising taxes for the "rich".
  6997. GM Declares Banckruptcy
  6998. Dow Jones OMG
  6999. OPEC Emergency Meeting
  7000. If bush had any balls.
  7001. "Guilt by association"
  7002. A reminder for those with a short memory/attention span
  7003. Obama anthem
  7005. Another rant
  7006. OBAMA Economy
  7007. Rumor in Chicago is Patrick Fitzgerald is investigating ACORN and Soetor Obama.....
  7008. Senator Ensign (R-Nevada) has sponsored a cut of Federal funding for ACORN!
  7009. OMG!!!!Louis Farrakhan Calls OBAMA the messiah!
  7010. Obama ENDORSED mudering of Christians for Odinga to win the election.
  7011. Baptist preacher finds pumpkin shaped like John McCains head..
  7012. Zogby: Don’t believe the Dem hype!
  7014. The October Surprise Is No Surprise At All
  7015. Sarah Palin may of supported the secession of Alaska from the Union
  7016. For a campain in the lead they sure are acting strange
  7017. ACORN in Missouri
  7018. I thought this was the only place I'd have to deal w/ politics.....
  7019. How many SPINS is this? Obama on Ayers: 'I assumed that he had been rehabilitated'!!
  7020. On Greta now.....Ohio Sec. of State breaking election law!!!!
  7021. Palin, McBush's "energy expert"
  7022. BREAKING 10pm OHIO
  7023. Jim Cranmer, 2 weeks ago......Buy Wachovia!
  7024. I got a good chuckle from this - Governmentium
  7025. what has to be done?
  7026. world ends, o reilly tells the truth....
  7027. Palin, an embarrasment for McCain
  7028. Connie Chung Interviews Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn
  7029. Remember Axelrod said Obama's kids went to school with Ayers kids??? NO, NO!!!!!
  7030. WASH TIMES Friday: Obama secretly tried to sway Iraqi government to ignore Bush deal!
  7031. The Obama Witch Project
  7032. Obama to amend report on $800,000 in spending! Yeah, right!!!!
  7033. Obama Worked with Terrorist [ref. Rashid Khalidi]
  7034. ACORN should be Obama’s undoing
  7035. Please Think About This
  7036. Palin clears herself
  7038. Lehman Failure May Spark Record Payout for Credit Swap Sellers
  7039. Ya see, I guess I'm not the only one...
  7040. So who is gonna buy heavy???
  7041. For Wall Street traders.......
  7042. Obammi Poetry
  7043. DOW...N
  7044. Billion dollar baby.
  7045. David Brooks, not an Obama fan....
  7046. Jug Head Bush
  7047. Indy has great voter base
  7048. "How to wreck the US Economy"
  7049. Would Hodgi Do It?
  7050. We have all heard about .......
  7051. Where did the money go?
  7052. History channel tonight
  7053. Pakistan Gov't officials said country is broke, needs $6 BILLION now...........
  7055. Were is the money coming from?
  7056. Practice this please
  7057. McCain Mortgage Bailout?
  7058. Dead?...you can still vote.
  7059. Crash Market Crash
  7060. Sign up today
  7061. Hey Ron Paul acolytes...what happened to Gold?
  7062. World Bank Hacked
  7063. Fox News hits the bottom
  7064. Here is why I keep telling you to calm down.
  7065. Obama Ad
  7066. Sideline cash
  7067. Remove (D)s and (R)s from their names?
  7068. How would you like to turn 70 1/2 this week?
  7069. More osmama bs
  7070. Uncut video of Bush discussing the economy..lol
  7071. Polygraphs proposed for Ind. congressional debate
  7072. ..now buying banks....
  7073. Split the ticket?
  7074. We pay for the bail out so they don't lose their lifestyle?
  7075. O who ?????
  7076. panel finds palin abused power...
  7077. Breaking News..Another Republican moral authority going down in scandoulus flames..
  7078. McCain suspending campaign...again
  7079. Taken from the Anti-Christ Himself Obama POS
  7080. McCain may get my vote yet.....
  7081. So the truth comes out.
  7082. Lies you can believe in!
  7083. Proof Obama backed ruthless, foreign thug!
  7084. Obama Crowds call for the Lynching of Palin!!!!
  7085. After revving up his nutcase base, McCain has to shut them down!!
  7086. Is McCain endangering Obama?
  7087. ACORN video
  7088. Two weeks ago I said the GOP
  7089. Fox News reports:
  7090. Welcome to Amnesty Island!
  7091. Geo Klass
  7092. Capitalisim in the "new" America???
  7093. How Democrats win Elections
  7094. Anyone listen to this guy.
  7095. From the Party of FREE SPEECH
  7096. Huckabee brought.......
  7097. Question for the YB family
  7098. An email forwarded to me this morning
  7099. Top GOP strategist: It's Over, Obama Will Win In A Landslide
  7100. another fox news tactic.....
  7101. OBAMA said it...... McCain did it
  7102. More dead people registered to Vote in Texas
  7103. We should do this for all Debates
  7104. More ACORN Voters
  7105. OBAMA Flip Flop...... He lived in the neighborhood to I thought he was rehabilitated
  7106. PA now worried about ACORN Registering Voters
  7107. Democrat Maxine Waters Caught Lying About Fannie Mae Ties on 'Real Time'
  7108. The REAL October surprise????
  7109. McCain Letter Demanded 2006 Action on Fannie and Freddie
  7110. Obama ~ NOT GOOD for Blacks!
  7111. ACORN : It's a BARACK OBAMA scandal !
  7112. Has the "Rightous Right" cost McCain the election...???
  7113. REAL BAD CHANGE!!!
  7114. Quotes from the book of Problama
  7115. Let's Stop the BS and tell me how will the election play out
  7116. Tithing and foreclosure - Draw your own conclusions
  7117. 5 Million Loans to Illegals
  7118. Obama Born in Kenya? (New Information)
  7119. Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans
  7120. Obama and the DNC
  7121. Obama Campaign Involved in More Cover-Ups in ACORN Scandal
  7122. Did you know if pollsters used 04 or 06 numbers mccain would be in the lead?
  7123. "FBI Looking Into Suspect New Mexico Voter Registrations"
  7124. VOTER I.D.
  7125. Is Obama's plan wrong for the economy?
  7126. All That Money The Stock Markets Lost, Where Did It Go?
  7127. Another reason to let in more Mexicans...
  7128. F&F ordered to buy $40B in mortgages / mo.
  7129. "Where the Polls Went Wrong" (Time Magazine) Gallup had Carter +3 pts before his loss
  7131. Clintons File RICO Suit Against Obama - ACORN Stole the Nomination Too!
  7132. petition from pa eastern district court
  7133. As Oil Prices Fall, Obama's Windfall Profits Tax & Energy Policy Falls Apart!"
  7134. watch for these consolidations coming with corporations...
  7135. Dear John
  7136. Hey Mule! 51-21 GO GATORS!!!
  7137. Ya NEVER see Republicans out doing this
  7138. Some Pic's of "Community Organizing"
  7139. McCAIN SAYS..."(Bill) Ayers and Obama ran a radical education foundation together."
  7140. McCain claims to have a perfect record with veterans
  7141. Are you honestly so intent on Change
  7143. Public Place Smoking Bans
  7144. Good sign, or a fluke???
  7145. McCain: Obama trying to 'exploit' financial crisis
  7146. Barack Hussein Obama's Communist Connections
  7147. Obama Meets the Ben Franklin T
  7148. Obama's Mother a Marxist !
  7149. Is Barack Obama A Marxist Mole?
  7150. Barney Frank's boyfriend Fanny Mae Exec???
  7151. Barack Obama And Karl Marx On Education
  7152. Barack Obama would be the most anti-gun president in American history!
  7153. BREAKING NEWS: David Axelrod Talking Regularly with Bill Ayers?
  7154. Who Is David Axelrod – Obama’s Political Advisor?
  7155. The Natives are Restless - AGAIN
  7156. Voters for Omaba
  7157. A Few Cartoons
  7158. Bar Stool Economics
  7159. Obama Speaks
  7160. "Top Investigator In Palin Troopergate Smear Campaign Is Phony Soldier"
  7161. Trans Fat Bans
  7163. Here's your Economic Fix
  7164. ‘Community Organizing’ Deserves to be Ridiculed
  7165. 30,000 Felon Voters in Florida
  7166. Who Wrote this???
  7167. Rightous Right Republicans....
  7168. Fox News reports:
  7169. MSNBC reports: Obama
  7170. Biggest drop of Gas Prices in US History
  7171. OBAMA's buddy Castro speaks
  7172. OBAMA in deep DOO DOO
  7173. Gas Prices
  7174. OOH Now I see why OBAMA is out
  7175. Largest Re-enlistment Ceremony
  7176. "Obama is hit by 'affair' allegations following claims attractive aide banned by wife
  7177. Ross Perot and Reform Party Endorse McCain!
  7178. Where's the MEDIa when this happens?
  7179. ZOGBY Monday
  7180. McCain gives up on Michigan
  7181. OJ voting for OBAMA
  7182. JB..Please create a new poll...
  7183. Obama's Kenya ghosts: Obama's Odinga Connection & Campaign Efforts & Shariah Law
  7184. To my friend Bruno!!
  7185. Hey Roy Ross Perot called and wants you to tell the truth...
  7186. BIDEN Endorces McCain
  7187. CNN's Rick Sanchez Shocked by Black Men Who Don't Support Obama!
  7188. Thomas SOWELL: The real Obama
  7189. Do hockey moms like Caribou Barbie?
  7190. Obama up by 10 points
  7191. October 1929 compared to October 2008?
  7192. Here's one for Roy
  7193. has anyone read The Enemy Unmasked ?
  7194. So much for Fox News...
  7195. Bush approval ratings....
  7196. United Socialist States of America
  7197. How do they come up with these poll numbers?
  7198. Calling All Obamanoids
  7199. The Party of Feminism
  7200. Obama as an FBI agent ?
  7201. Why The Left is so Angry
  7202. OBAMA: Spread the wealth around video
  7203. BREAKING DNC Scandal
  7204. $250k a year BULLCRAP
  7205. Who likes Pie??
  7206. Got Pie?
  7207. Monday Ohio Poll
  7208. This should worry all of us
  7209. The TRUTH
  7210. ABC Monday Poll
  7211. Any one buy stocks on friday?
  7212. Start each day positive........
  7213. John McCain...populist Democrat..?
  7214. Come Join Palins Cult...
  7215. Another fine McCain/Palin event
  7217. Could have not stated it better myself
  7218. BTW I'm Voting For Mccain / Palin ......
  7219. NASCAR Mom
  7220. He was against it before he was for it
  7221. Obama Born In Kenya? His Grandmother Says Yes
  7223. academically relevant??????
  7224. Global regulation of financial markets ??
  7225. Help, I need your Votes
  7226. We Will Attack You From Within
  7227. Another FLIP-FLOP for Obama?
  7228. Obama's acolytes turn it ugly!
  7229. If You Don't Have a Race Card, Invent One!
  7230. Poll on Dragcoverage has McCain ahead by 94%
  7231. Guilt by participation
  7232. Obama Tells Tax-Burdened Plumber the Plan is to ‘Spread the Wealth Around’
  7233. Congressman's $121,000 Payoff to Alleged Mistress
  7234. Who realy wrote Dreams From My Father
  7235. One view from across the pond; still an Obama supporter
  7236. Palin question
  7237. The coming liberal thugocracy
  7238. Schmidt calls for de-funding of ACORN and investigation for violation of RICO Act
  7239. 401k(eg) Plan
  7240. Botox Ad
  7241. Woman wearing "Sarah Palin is a c***" t-shirt is an Obama volunteer.
  7242. Where's the OUTRAGE over NObama???
  7243. Hey Sandman, your Giants Suck
  7244. Tuff Enuff
  7245. We now have retroactive abortion:
  7246. Obama Question
  7247. Has anyone else noticed...
  7248. Anyone see the similarities?
  7249. LMAO @ Mister Puddles....
  7250. China = Your Business Name
  7251. McCain will Tax
  7252. Meltdown
  7253. Obama's Power Base
  7254. Will there be rioting after the election?
  7255. Vote drives defended, despite fake names
  7256. Economy ?
  7257. Mickey Mouse registered to Vote
  7258. 4000 More Bogus ACORN Ohio Voters
  7259. OBAMA now tries to distance himself from ACORN
  7260. I voted
  7261. An interesting Vid about Hussien, Corsi and Kenya
  7262. No kiss for you!
  7263. George Klass' Buddies Start fight over his vote
  7264. Is this true?
  7265. OBAMA Police hard at Work
  7266. Time for some Campaining! Funny
  7267. McCain's NEW Economic Plan #24 ???
  7269. On the street interviews in Harlem
  7270. Ohio executes Richard Cooey at 10:28am today.
  7271. Writing on the walls
  7272. Obammy has a monkey in his pocket!
  7273. Palin is on the Rush show
  7274. 'You Ain't Gonna Like Losing'
  7275. A Very Sobering Video About Our Money!
  7276. Can We Really Take The Chance On O'Bomb 'a
  7277. Ringo Starr
  7279. Biden on Leno/McCain on Letterman
  7280. 3 Men who brought down Wall Street
  7281. Deep thoughts on protectionism
  7282. Now the leftys so called messiah is in text books
  7283. Obama funded extremist Afrocentrists who shared Rev. Wright’s anti-Americanism
  7284. Jessie Jackson's view of the New America under barrack
  7285. Feb. 2008 ACORN ADVERTISED to hire people to get out the vote SPECIFICALLY for NObama
  7286. Ex-FBI Agents Outraged at Obama-Ayers Ties!
  7287. Did you know that EVERYONE that has a current mortgage........
  7288. The TRUTH about Obama's TAX PLAN by DrinkingwithBob!
  7289. Bail out How do you like me so far?
  7290. Iowa Justice
  7291. If I knew for sure that McCain would become president
  7292. NObama's BIRTH CERT. problem, just got a litttle bit more complicated!
  7293. Well This about Sums It All Up!
  7294. Obama shields ACORN from Criminal Prosecution in the Economic Crisis
  7295. Obama gave $1 million to foreign thug's race
  7296. National Security questons
  7297. This is long, but something to think about
  7298. This is just as long, something to think about.
  7299. Breaking: Fed Appeals Court forces Ohio to verify new voters
  7300. Zogy Poll for 10/15/08
  7301. Palin legs pic
  7302. more tax dollars at work
  7303. another "Job Great Job" by our kids
  7304. You can't sue God if you can't serve the papers on him
  7305. Barak Learned Everything He Knows From "The Rock"
  7306. Updated Polls....McCain up by 59 points!
  7307. Chi-town's best and brightest
  7308. Obama legit?
  7309. Robin Hood
  7310. Im lost
  7311. Have you realized......
  7312. Obama Campaign Buys Ads in 18 Video Games
  7313. The Obama Channel
  7314. Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters
  7315. do we need problama...it's our choice,
  7316. General Motors Facing Bankruptcy?!
  7317. Theme for new pron movie
  7318. McCain
  7319. The war of the banks
  7320. Good news for God
  7321. Failure of capitalism?
  7322. Have you noticed that the FEAR team is running out of names..
  7323. Western Penn racists says Murtha
  7324. A new plan!
  7325. The economy taking a crap can be GOOD....
  7326. Palin PBS Poll
  7327. Warning!!!
  7328. acorn paid by the GOP
  7329. How many times will Stutterin Barry say "Uhh" tonight???
  7330. Up to date electoral map
  7331. The voters
  7332. Final debate thread!!!!
  7333. When they ask tonight "Who is this man"...???
  7334. Stock market?
  7335. who wants 5-1 mccain wins the fox poll?
  7336. McCain is getting pissed off?
  7337. Have a good debate
  7338. Obama's Stupidity
  7339. McCain Blew It
  7340. Little news for ya
  7341. You know it's a lost cause when.......
  7342. Do You Value Your Firearm Rights?
  7343. Barack Obama's Involvement with ACORN Unearthed, Missing Article Recovered!
  7344. Great McCain Video
  7345. To my best friend Bruno
  7346. I just got off the phone with the democratic party
  7347. BBC Reporting on the Debate
  7348. Mitt Romney..."it's all John McCain..'...
  7349. Just face it...........
  7350. Ron Paul - The American Power Structure (1988)
  7351. Huckleberry on McCain
  7352. Do I hear crickets?
  7353. Was Jesus Gay?
  7354. AIG...In full party mode again..after bankruptcy and bailout.
  7355. Hi-jacked Iranian ship was a dirty bomb intended for Israel on Yom Kippur
  7356. Gas Prices in your area
  7357. The Constitution
  7358. Did Hodgi get it done>
  7359. Presidential Options?
  7360. This is for Sandman
  7361. McCain kicked ass
  7362. Joe Biden vs. Joe the Plumber
  7363. UPDATE** New Stock Market Terms**
  7364. Ohio Elections Chief Challenges Court Ruling
  7365. Say it ain't so, Joe
  7366. possibly my last thread-starter before the election
  7367. the two recent problems with our economy Mortgage crisis and fuel cost's
  7368. Breaking News
  7369. Polititians remains found
  7370. I'm gonna be livin' large in '09
  7371. Do you agree with Obama's tax policy?
  7372. Do you agree with Obama's healthcare policy?
  7373. Spending freeze
  7374. Palin as president
  7375. Joe Biden truly is a dumbass
  7376. Anybody checked out votesmart.org?
  7377. Lil humor on the dems
  7378. Our justice system
  7379. Gay Vote
  7380. John Hinkley to be released
  7381. Secret Service can’t find anyone to corroborate reporter’s “Kill them” claim!
  7382. Get's your "Wealth Spread" Whiles yous can!
  7383. Obama does not qualify for president
  7384. Did Barack "Spread the Wealth" Obama Just Blow the Election?
  7385. Hank jr. tells it like it is ,,,
  7386. Did Obama Write "Dreams of My Father" or "Audacity of Hope?"
  7387. What's the diff??
  7388. Kenyan insiders say Obama was part of takeover strategy!
  7389. Gallup has it 49% to 47%
  7390. "Senate Intelligence Official: Obama Would Endanger Us"
  7391. Is Obama a US Citizen? by drinkingwithbob
  7393. ARRESTED !!! at the Governor Palin rally!!
  7394. Obama Campaign Withdraws From Two Jewish Debates!
  7395. McCain is suspending his campaign....to go on Letterman..Tonight
  7396. Now the CHIMP'S MEDIA is after Joe, The Plumber!!!
  7397. The dick W/ears thinks he's way to important
  7398. Obama's relationship with ACORN
  7399. reuters: bookmaker paying off early on obama victory
  7400. Joe the Plumber....dosen't care about taxes...he just don't pay them.
  7401. Joe the Plumber....dosen't care about taxes...he just don't pay them.
  7402. McCain at Alfred E. Smith dinner
  7403. Why can't Google just stay out of politics?
  7404. Mentally Challenged Man Forced to Vote for Obama!
  7405. Another lie from McCain
  7406. Palin caught shopping at
  7407. Obamas True Agenda!!
  7408. Damn! chris Matthews sticks it to Obama!!!
  7409. Odd, we already know more about "Joe" the plumber
  7410. McCain - Letterman
  7411. Colin Powell to endorse Obama?
  7412. Obama at Alfred E. Smith dinner
  7413. Breaking News** Plot to Kidnap Obama Uncovered!
  7414. Are You an Obama Supporter, or a Racist?
  7415. Obama Power Base Expands
  7416. What A Liberal Supermajority Will Mean
  7417. Reagan Trailed Carter by 8 Points Just 10 Days Before Election
  7418. McCain in hospital
  7419. So, Joe the plummer was a plant
  7420. How many of you are scared...
  7421. Obama disses plumbers...
  7422. We need to add..
  7423. Kongress cuts AMT threshold
  7424. ACORN steals a page from the dodge boys?
  7425. Glenn Beck going to Fox News
  7426. SCOTUS sides with ACORN!
  7427. Chrysler in talks with Renault and GM
  7428. How to annoy a Liberal !!
  7429. Democrats Win in the Supreme Court
  7430. Heated debate...
  7431. I was SO surprised! NOT
  7432. Mad Bomber Attacks Law Firm
  7433. Wishful thinking
  7434. A Sign of The Times???
  7435. Hawaii's short lived Universal Healthcare...
  7436. What's the difference between a Pitbull w/Lipstick....
  7437. Palin takes a whale of a hit
  7438. who is going to win the election...?
  7439. Democrat Platform or ???
  7441. Hey George K. whats your strategy?
  7442. Comparing America to Monopoly
  7443. Washington Post endorses Obama for president
  7444. LA Times Endorses Obama
  7445. national enquirer endorses.......
  7446. Chicago Tribune endorses Obama
  7447. Overtaxed American corporations ...Don't believe the hype..
  7448. Gov Healthcare,,the DMV
  7449. Are we going to let the Frogs??
  7450. "Army Times Poll on Presidential Race: Bye Bye Bama"
  7451. Obama Supporter Assaults Middle Aged Woman McCain Volunteer in New York!
  7452. Who's Playing the Race Card?
  7453. Should the U.S. pull out of.......Chicago??
  7454. This deserves it's own post...!
  7455. Hey Sarah
  7456. US communists say their time has come
  7457. what happend to america?
  7458. "Pro-America" by Sarah
  7459. a really good write-up but it may be to late for people to wake-up
  7460. Highway 61!
  7461. Jim Webb in 2012?
  7462. Ayers speech cancelled
  7463. Canadian Journalist - "Obama's Pals Stink"
  7464. More Obama unqualified for Pres- this time from African Press International
  7465. Hawaii ending universal child health care
  7466. the tax break for 95%, by the numbers...
  7467. cindy mccain
  7468. Christian Voting-Support
  7469. 100,000 People at Obama Rally
  7470. SAVE Joe, The Plumber Fund!!!!!
  7471. I AM JOE!
  7472. Undecided and Independent VOTERS, Stand Up and Fight with Me!
  7473. I guess the messiah and his wife DON'T eat at McDonalds!
  7474. I’m Young, Black and Hispanic and Voting for John McCain. Here’s Why.....
  7475. Jan. 21 2008 ~ Patriots favored by 13 vs. Giants in Superbowl
  7476. Cuba has WMD- we must invade now...
  7477. So, now that Obama will be our next President....
  7478. BAD NEWS - Recap
  7479. Republicans file new lawsuit against Brunner
  7480. I can't wait for this shit to be over....
  7481. Ted Nugent Takes Aim at Supreme Court, Obama in Gun-Crazy Rant
  7482. Obama Hawaii investigation moves into high gear with lawsuit seeking release of......
  7483. Prophet Yahweh Predicts Spaceships Will Appear Oct. 31st in Support of Senator Obama!
  7484. Penn and Teller on the messiah's TAX PLAN!
  7485. Obama's lead slips to 3 points in latest Zogby/Yahoo News poll!
  7486. Another view: McCain the stronger candidate
  7487. Ed Schultz storms off FOX and Friends! ROTFLMFAO!!!!
  7488. The First Dude is out Campaigning!
  7489. Is Obama A Natural Born Citizen? Phil Berg UPDATE VIDEO!
  7490. NObama's 50 LIES video's!
  7491. Joe the Plumber and NObama's TAX problems!
  7492. Some Middle East leaders believe NObama is a Muslim!!!!!
  7493. Obama is MABUS, so says Nostradamus!!!!
  7494. McCain at Sunset
  7495. It's Official - Colin Powell Endorses Obama For President
  7496. I haven't seen these ads???
  7498. Wall Street Journal article
  7499. Our Kids Are Smarter....
  7500. Obama's attitude towards Joe
  7501. China - the next superpower?
  7502. Obammy or Scarface
  7503. 200,000 attend
  7504. Obammy's Homie, Odinga
  7505. Joe The Plumber's Populism Is Bad For Barack Obama.
  7506. Another Important Endorsement
  7507. Newspaper BONANZA!!!! Endorsements coming out TODAY!
  7508. ZOGBY now down to 2.7% difference.....
  7509. This is what can happen when you elect the wrong person!!
  7510. ACORN was Co-founded by William Ayres???
  7511. I can hear the cop haters now
  7512. The Barack backlash!
  7514. Iraq wins right to prosecute crimes by US troops
  7515. Archbishop criticizes Obama, Catholic allies
  7516. Surprise contestants on next weeks "Dancing with the Stars!"
  7517. Is this why Roy doesn't post about Gallup?
  7519. BOTH sides still guilty in F&F debacle...
  7520. Want RRRAAAYYY2 off the Political Corner???
  7521. Federalist Papers General Introduction (FEDERALIST. No. 1
  7522. Colin Powell voting for Obama
  7523. Why is the McCain campaign ..all about Obama..?
  7524. A Plan For Keeping America In The Hands Of Americans
  7525. Well, well, well, looky what we have....
  7526. 7 1/2 years of George Bush
  7527. Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama on Evolution
  7528. Blueprint for the New "New World Order"
  7529. US Communist Insider's Chilling Strategic View
  7530. Barack Obama's Marxist Mentor
  7531. Muslim outrage! Jihad Dirka Dirka!
  7532. Sara Palin protecting national interests
  7533. Obomites attack Joe the Plumber!
  7534. WTF?
  7535. Remember "Dewey Beats Truman" Headlines???
  7536. Charles Krauthammer - Joe The Plumber "It's socialism"
  7537. Powell Lied To The World About Iraq Now Lies About Obama
  7538. Paulson Panics As UK, Germany Find Own Solution!
  7539. Limbaugh: Where are the inexperienced, white liberals Powell has endorsed?
  7540. McCain: Obama cash will lead to scandal
  7541. Culture of Corruption in Democrat Party
  7542. Correct me if I am wrong...
  7543. Michelle Obama tape to be released today from API!!!
  7544. Sorry to keep bringing this up but...
  7545. Joe the plummer, pissed at the media
  7546. intresting reading about Obama
  7547. For those that love Ann Coulter....
  7548. Gas for $2.23!!!
  7549. Amy Poehler "rocked it" on SNL rappin..........
  7550. Here comes Obamanomics!
  7551. News You Wont Get Elsewhere
  7552. How important is religion in selecting...
  7553. Obammy or Scarface
  7554. Fukk Sen. John McCain
  7555. you decide
  7556. 20/20 - Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics
  7557. Making Palin Look Like Thomas Jefferson
  7558. Never seen wiggle like this... The birth certificate saga continues....
  7559. Sounds like Michelle's big mouth got her again
  7560. Biden Guarantees an International Crisis in Six Months if Obama Wins
  7562. What pro-illegal groups really want...
  7563. Google CEO endorces....Obama
  7564. What would Obama be like....
  7565. Amazing Ayers Audio Unearthed from Same Week Obama worked with him.....
  7566. Conservate talkshow host Michael Smerconish (R) endorses Obama
  7567. Rush's Message to the Media
  7568. Obama - Soros - South American Socialism
  7569. A liberal super majority and the future or racing
  7570. BREAKING McCain ahead in polls
  7571. Congressman Murtha Says Western Pa. Was 'Really Redneck'
  7572. Cindy Sheehan claims her campaign against Pelosi being sabotaged!
  7573. Obama: Powell could have a role in administration!
  7574. Drag Racing/ Just what it will be in the Liberal Age
  7575. Joe should be telling the media
  7576. Reality Checking "Joe The Plumber"
  7577. pick your fight
  7579. Obama's affiliations in the 90s
  7580. "America is yelling for change"
  7581. Why are we still there?
  7582. Obama admits he's not ready for the presidency!
  7583. Palin on SNL
  7584. Palin's Falin' What is it she stands for? After seven weeks, we don't know.
  7585. Robocalls!
  7586. What the different between
  7587. Last Month America Lost
  7588. Joe the Plumber for Congress?
  7589. McCain supporter vs McCain supporter
  7590. Berg: Due to Procedure, Obama and DNC Admit all Allegations
  7591. Bear Hunting
  7592. The Difference
  7593. Palin's college career
  7594. The The fundamentals of our economy are strong!
  7595. Spreading the wealth
  7596. Stealh Socialism
  7597. Vote for Little Johnny
  7598. Clean Sweep Coming.
  7599. Presidential Character
  7600. Here is what's coming
  7601. What will you be doing on 11/5
  7602. Political Compass "Take the test"
  7603. Political Supporters: reasoning
  7604. Race Fans for Change
  7605. OPEC urges oil production cuts
  7606. Why McCain Is In Trouble
  7607. Will the last corporation to get........
  7608. Palin Says VP Runs The Senate
  7609. NewsBusted
  7611. Talk about B.S.
  7612. Just another corrupt polititian
  7613. What's your criteria?
  7615. Federal Sales Tax
  7616. "Its the economy stupid"
  7617. All You Chumps Drinking The Obama-Aid
  7618. Obama joke
  7619. All you young people
  7620. Bite'em on Heroin
  7621. The Diddy Retort
  7622. NCIS
  7623. //Is any one still on the fence as to who there voting for??
  7625. Obama Theme
  7626. The Minority Caused Housing Crash Lie
  7627. Scary info about the CHIMP
  7628. Bamanoids attack Palin Motorcade
  7629. McCain Palin signs = Free Pizza
  7630. Obammy's Scrapbook
  7631. One for Hodgi
  7632. Bar Stool Economics
  7633. Barney Fag...er...Frank ~ We's got to raise them taxes!!!!
  7634. Hints NObama to reintroduce the DRAFT!!!!
  7635. Would you vote for this guy.....
  7636. Phil Berg Obamacrimes.com Obama Admits Kenyan Born by Failure to Respond to Requests
  7637. Some of RoysVets' best quotes:
  7638. Where is Biggs???
  7639. does "joe six pack" have a $150,000 wardrobe?
  7640. McCain says NObama's policies sound like Socialism! Take the AOL Poll!
  7641. Most small businesses won't be subject to Obama's tax increases
  7642. Dan Rather, "If Sarah Palin had said this......."
  7643. Dead bear covered with Obama signs found at school
  7644. TV ad targets Obamas ties to Kenyan Radical
  7645. Here's where your spending has gone
  7646. Freedom of speech
  7647. October Surprise
  7648. BREAKING: Crazy Protester Interrupts Palin Interview
  7649. Honest Question...
  7650. Letter from a black man
  7651. Age ,Gender and Race ?
  7652. Police Prepare for Unrest
  7653. Odd things
  7654. Popular vote/ Electorial College?
  7655. Dramatic developments in Obama citizenship suits
  7657. Typical White Woman
  7658. Another one of those pesky polls.
  7659. 9/11 widows
  7660. vote for change dot com
  7661. Why is race fuel STILL high.
  7662. 13 Days....
  7663. AIG Ex CEO's have their salaries frozen........
  7664. GOLD $721.50.......
  7665. WTF is this palin video
  7666. Obama as president news cast (from the future!!)
  7667. Hey George, How about this POLL?
  7668. can you belive this
  7669. Hey Dummy...here's your desparation
  7670. Our current REPUBLICAN president is
  7671. Petition in support of Ayers
  7672. Practical Excerise in Redistribution of Wealth
  7673. We get what we deserve. We are hypocrites.
  7674. Socialism At Work ?
  7675. Why is FOX news turning on John McCain..
  7676. Petition is suppoer of Book banning...
  7677. Petition supporting the banning of witches...
  7678. Petition for the support of swift-boat politics
  7679. "Caribou Barbie" or Paris Hilton???...
  7680. New political golf balls for sale.
  7681. What are the fundamentals of the economy?
  7682. Barack Obama Is Not Barack Obama
  7683. Last honest reporter, turn out the lights
  7684. Al Qaeda supports McCain
  7685. Political Humor
  7686. Glenn Beck to FNC
  7687. When Iarnian caviar tastes like crow!
  7688. Another Obama Lie DEBUNKED
  7689. Words of a socialist
  7690. A New Low
  7691. Smears" against Obama are true
  7693. What if Obama attacks Pakistan?
  7694. Iran wants Obama for POTUS
  7695. "GOTTA EAT: OBAMA CAMP SPENDS $437,144 ON FOOD... $21,500,862 ON POLLING"
  7696. "Obama Buys the Election, Most Media Are Silent"
  7697. Obama’s 95 Percent Tax Cut? 100 Percent Not True
  7698. Oops!!!
  7699. France releases McCain POW video
  7700. Obama Wants 12 Million Illegals to Get Citizenship
  7701. Black Leaders Support John McCain" One is Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr
  7702. 100% of us get a Tax Increase
  7703. Obama Responds to Biden's "Crisis" Prophecy
  7704. Biden's Bungles: A Blatant Bias Post Asks Why Palin is Called Clueless..............
  7705. Obama should not be elected!
  7706. how the Media Worships Barack Obama and the Atrocious Ways he uses the Women.........
  7707. Al-Jazeera for Obama!
  7708. Top Iranian Officials Recommend Preemptive Strike Against Israel
  7709. Keith Olbermann MUZZLED??!!
  7710. Obama ‘Lies’ For His Wall Street Handlers
  7711. Obama = Hitler?
  7712. Racist thought
  7713. Bailout application
  7714. Here we go...: Judge bans Mongols from wearing trademark logo
  7715. "The Federal Mafia" banned from circulation as fraudulent commercial speech
  7716. My thughts on a new ad for McCain
  7717. The trickle down theory for homeowners
  7718. Indiana
  7719. ATTN Networks You Lie You Die
  7720. OOOPS ....... Jews woke up
  7721. The GOP blame game is starting
  7722. Whooo I thought the truth squad got Yellow Bullet!!!
  7723. Bet you never seen this on TV -
  7724. Wealth Redistribution - Read and Learn
  7725. Military polls
  7726. Polls warn Palin may cost McCain the Election....
  7727. Holy Crap
  7728. Palin and the Pope
  7729. This is pretty funny
  7730. Obamafest: Election Night In Grant Park: Construction Begins!
  7731. nutcase or ?????
  7732. Breaking: New poll shows Russell over Murtha, 48-35%!
  7733. More Buttwipe OBAMA Supporters ..... Drudge Headline
  7734. Not Feeling The Love
  7735. If Obama is President ~ Video
  7736. Oprah Winfrey could be US ambassador to Britain, claims former diplomat!
  7737. What has happened to the OIL CRISIS???
  7738. OBAMA Hiding Documents
  7739. Really going to suck getting home on election night....
  7740. where obama is getting his money.
  7741. "Biden of Asbestos: The tort bar's new love affair with Delaware"
  7742. Sarah on being a RED NECK WOMAN!
  7743. You people REALLY need to make up your rhetorical minds!
  7744. Freight rates
  7745. Dirty Sarah...you need to tell the Truth
  7746. Biden routes campaign cash to family, their firms!
  7747. 2004 most accurate pollster
  7748. OBAMA outsourcing overseas is OK for him I guess
  7749. Obama wins over the KKK......
  7750. More Buttwipe OBAMA Supporters
  7752. Breaking Jimmy Biggs Caught on Camera
  7753. Palin seems a little confused about what a terrorist is...
  7754. Obama endorses...
  7755. How To Rig An Election
  7756. Palin praises Obama......
  7757. McCain endorses......
  7758. So, what YB member is getting all these loans?
  7759. obama and taxes...............BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!
  7760. Gun Control !!!
  7761. Is it OK to bring up the Keating Five now?
  7762. Obama's Fraud Continues!
  7763. 1995 Obama Bizarre, Race Baiting Interview Found!
  7764. Is this what we are dealing with with the Socialists supporters?
  7765. scott mcclellan back in the news...
  7766. Fact Check: Did Obama change his tax plan just days before the election?
  7767. Over 300 Economists Sign Statement In Support Of John Mccain’s Economic Plan
  7768. No Time for Obama's on-the-Job Training
  7769. Would Obama, Dems Kill 401(k) Plans?
  7770. Intelligence Official: Obama Would Endanger Us
  7771. Pollster: Media Polls Biased Against Republicans
  7772. A Chilling Proposal by Barack Obama ~ The START of Fascism???
  7773. Sarah Palin Rally Line Las Vegas 10/21/08
  7774. Ayers' role in Obama's 'Dreams' poised to break out
  7775. Liberal media have too much influence
  7776. hard to believe, but they found somebody dumber...
  7778. McCain boosted by Cincinnati crowd, AP-GfK poll
  7779. U.S. needs McCain’s experience!
  7780. GOP says Obama 'soft on crime'
  7781. The Obama Question is Now One of Ideology not Poor Judgment!
  7782. The Elephant in Ayers' Living Room!
  7783. Why Barack Obama Scares Me!
  7784. Obama's violent pal in Africa!
  7785. The Ayers relationship can’t be undone!
  7786. Ayers and telling the truth!
  7787. McCain may be MIA on Election Night...
  7788. Palin distancing herself from McCain sparks world rumors..
  7789. Palin blames Hillary for $150,000 clothing scandal...
  7790. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics files complaint against Palin......
  7791. 300,000 Plumbers say Joe is wrong.....
  7792. John McCain ...turns on President Bush.....some call it politics as usual
  7793. Is McCain retreating from Wisconsin?....
  7794. It's the Economy...It's always the Economy....
  7795. It's the Economy...It's always the Economy....
  7796. 35,000 in Indiana ..say the real hope is Obama....
  7797. Roy's Hometown Newspaper..says choice was easy!!!
  7798. Our allies around the world..unanimous support for Obama....
  7799. The "redistribute the wealth" criticism turns out to be a fairy tale.....
  7800. 10 Top un-truths of the Presidential race....
  7801. Plumbers say 15 years without a license...makes you joe the scab...
  7802. Palin ...better suited for a hollywood reality show........
  7803. Palin divides the country and her own party....
  7804. BUSH Administration breaks promise to finish Border Fence....
  7805. Palin "Explains" Charging Taxpayers For Family Travel: I Sold The Governor's Jet
  7806. Palin rewards campaign donors in Alaska.....
  7807. Joe the CEO..that's who McCains tax plan benefits.......
  7808. McCain .Biggest Donors..Surprise it's "JOE the Hedge fund manager".......
  7809. Palin crusades for "Joe six pack" in $75,000 worth of Nieman Marcus clothes
  7810. Voter Intimidation, Machine Malfunctions ..........
  7811. Economic troubles spread worldwide...
  7812. World stocks tumble to 5-year low, dollar jumps
  7813. New "Palin" video released........
  7814. ...Another Republican for Obama....
  7815. unethical but not yet Illegal..deposition demanded Palin to appear today....
  7816. Chat
  7817. Father’s Tough Life an Inspiration for Biden
  7818. The Ax moves through Wall Street......
  7819. His proposed tax cuts again go mostly to the Top 1 percent..not to the middle class
  7820. Well..even at 3 letters Joe Biden was still talking more specifics than most....
  7821. No one with a political antenna was working on this..lol
  7822. This one is for my fellow Irishman.....
  7823. First time ever.......
  7824. RUNS IN THE FAMILY!!!!
  7825. Rkfdspeed & Roysvet
  7826. I pray this guy is just nuts *Video*
  7827. a couple of thought provokers in there
  7828. Did the village idiot get into the crystal meth last night?
  7829. OBAMA Panic
  7830. Wall Street Chiefs were warned..........
  7831. It's not about Ayers, it's about jobs
  7832. RKF's Dream Girl
  7833. Feisty Obama Supporters
  7834. Too Close To Call
  7835. Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Michael Williams
  7836. I Just tried Obama's policy..not good
  7837. There is no law that will stop him (Obama) from becoming the president!”
  7838. And the hits, just keep on commin'....
  7839. Police say Pittsburgh Attack a HOAX
  7840. just so you know don't believe everything posted on the bullet...
  7841. Webster's Dictionary: Moderator
  7842. Larry Flint's Nailin Palin XXX Video Clip NWS
  7843. A funny read...
  7844. Oboma ssupporter taught about redistribution of wealth
  7845. Obama Supporter Beats Up McCain Supporter/ Man Beats Women with a stick Media Silent
  7846. Chris Matthews Praises John McCain-Obama Ignores The Common Man!!
  7847. And this is a McCain volunteer??
  7848. Anyone find it ODD that.......
  7850. So much for the Obama supporter beating up a McCain supporter
  7851. Let's Pretend to Kill Sarah Palin
  7852. The 8th wonder of the World
  7853. Public aid
  7854. Liberals let loose on Palin and Joe the Plumber
  7855. Something Conservative to make you feel safe and secure
  7856. Another great industry that has left...
  7857. Should we Pull out of Chicago?
  7858. Business Finally Fights Back!
  7859. I don't care No MORE!
  7860. Obama Birth Certificate: Obama Citizenship Lawsuits Spread to Eight States!
  7861. Welfare or the Military
  7862. BOREDOM
  7863. Anyone notice when Jimmy leaves town so does
  7864. Bill Ayres on O'Reilly now
  7865. Did you know? Do you want to compare VP to President Candidate?
  7866. Holloween Politics
  7867. BHO
  7868. If the AP is correct, Barack Obama’s base problem is very serious
  7869. the Washington Insider that made OBAMA Rich
  7870. Joe the Plumber says he is scarred for the country
  7871. Newest North Carolina Poll: McCain 50%, Obama 48%
  7872. Thank you Sydney Australia
  7873. sign
  7874. message to Obama supporters
  7875. a Message from my Girlfriend
  7876. health care
  7877. Letter to Obama, sent to me (long)
  7878. Example of CHANGE we will see (H.R. 808 Bill)
  7879. Where does Obama plan to get all this money...
  7880. Obama crimes
  7881. Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber!
  7882. Kenya readies for Obama tourist boom
  7883. Legal Fight Over Obama's Citizenship Boils
  7884. Obama's Hiwaiian trip about Birth Certificate, not grandma?
  7885. Thug threats and intimidation
  7886. Angry Joe's VS The Media!
  7887. Christian Right intensifies attacks on Obama...
  7888. McCain Campaign fed the Hoax Racist Assault Story to the media!
  7889. ublicans clash over VP pick......
  7890. McCain Pal Gets 54 Months For Fraud
  7891. Is the attack campaign running out of targets....?
  7892. Corsi Debunked By His Own Employer
  7893. Palin refused to acknowledged Right wing terrorist exist!
  7894. Newt's Big advice to McCain is to scare Americans
  7895. Palin Betrays Base On Immigration Amnesty
  7896. McCain: Washington D.C. and NYC = Fake America
  7897. 33 Minutes of Fearmongering.........who is really behind it...
  7898. Barack Obama in Richmond, VA: "There are no 'real' parts of the country and 'fake' pa
  7899. Does McCain blame Palin for his swirling toilet of a campaign?
  7900. McCains's Acorns......
  7901. How Sarah Palin Lost It.....
  7902. I couldn't agree more you're all racists!
  7903. McCain is a "socialist", too...
  7904. Steal Back Your Vote!
  7905. OH voting machines contain critical vote-dropping glitch
  7906. McCain Letter Asks Russian Envoy For Money
  7907. Anti Semitic pastor speak at Sarah Palin's church
  7908. church??? Sarah Palin: 1984 beauty pageant swimsuit competition video!
  7909. The McCain Plan for Health Insecurity
  7910. Can You Hear Me Now? The McCains' Gift Of Cellular Coverage
  7911. John McCain Using Same RoboCall Firm That Smeared Him In 2000
  7912. Now Palin bashes Bush..Ronald Reagan must be rolling in his grave...
  7913. Polls Show Obama Gaining Among Bush Voters
  7914. SEE what Democrats did to Joe the Plumber
  7915. Barney Frank's new idea for our Military
  7916. You know it's over when.....
  7917. Forget about the economy...
  7918. Christian right intensifies attacks on Obama
  7919. Rkfdspeed Take it easy man!!!
  7920. This about sums it up.........
  7921. Prepare for Irony in Election
  7922. Obama Refuses to Answer Birth Certificate Lawsuits (newsmax articel)
  7924. Bush, Palin, & McCain
  7925. OBAMA Staffers=SCUM
  7926. att rkfdspeed
  7927. Commander and chief?
  7928. Who is surprised?
  7930. Suggestion - "Put Up or Shut Up" bet between Rkfdspeed and Roy
  7931. More B.S. from Palin
  7932. AP Presidential Poll: Race Tightens in Final Weeks
  7933. Chicago Tribune
  7934. Splain somethin' to me....
  7935. (Something Different) Fuel Price
  7936. ....just watched the latest McCain speech.......
  7937. So the Republicans feel
  7938. Why are you voting Obama?
  7939. Barry Obama's idea of halloween
  7940. Berg's suit was dismissed.
  7941. funny pictures
  7942. Social Security for Illegals
  7943. Biden Video
  7945. Support the Jerry Lewis Telethon
  7946. How about something positive
  7947. why John McCain makes me feel safe...
  7948. See for yourself
  7949. Big news story developing...
  7950. GOP challenge to new voters dealt a setback...
  7951. Is it on the FOXNetwork yet?
  7952. News Conference @ 12:00 am est.
  7953. It's coming over the AP wire now....
  7954. Palin's "Going Rogue" McCain Aide Says
  7955. This news could change the election..Breaking story!
  7956. a new wardrobe
  7957. Is everybody on crack tonight??
  7958. Don't ask the hard questions...
  7959. Dont ask the easy questions
  7960. This guy speaks the truth!!!
  7961. Glenn Beck presents the Obama National Anthem
  7962. Caribou Barbie toons
  7963. Obama camp doesn't like tough questions
  7964. MSM favoritism to BHO
  7965. USA = United Socialists of America
  7966. Lets compair Joe the Plumber to Ourselves
  7967. Roy you ready for Round 2?
  7968. 300 genrals and admirals!
  7969. Spy Photo
  7970. OK so the last month I've been talking to
  7971. Active Military and Veterans
  7972. McCain/ Obama tax plans debunked
  7974. fox news: alaska's biggest paper backs obama...
  7975. obama 1-1/2 years ago
  7976. Syria: US choppers attack village near Iraq border
  7977. Is BHO panicing the markets?
  7978. Obama Bans TV Station over Biden Questions
  7979. Obama’s Hawaii Trips Cost More Than Palin’s Clothes
  7980. John McCain sppech.."give them a new mortgage"...
  7981. As president I would
  7982. George Bush voting absentee.......
  7983. The sinking ship
  7984. The sinking ship, part 2
  7985. "60 minutes" credit default swap..the source of the market collapse.
  7986. Ex Bush aids abondan the sinking ship
  7987. another great reason NOT to Vote for OBAMA
  7988. PUMA President Parody
  7989. California early voting
  7990. Voter Disenfranchisement
  7991. What Made the Great Depression So Great?
  7992. Took this off a DNC message board
  7993. Obama and abortion
  7994. Hannitys program(Fox) on Obama
  7995. First time voters
  7996. Question for the Vets
  7997. Jmatt: Round 2
  7998. Bruno Johnson Found
  7999. any one seen or heard about this???
  8000. News--that even will have the right laughing..
  8001. another funny Obama ad
  8002. John Mc Cain a Muslim...
  8003. WHAT IF
  8004. DrudgeReport ~ Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered
  8005. Almost Everyone Would Do Better Under the McCain Health Plan
  8006. I did'nt want to say I told ya so...But I told ya so!!
  8007. This election get funnier everyday...
  8008. The straight talk express....
  8009. Favorite Military Movie??
  8010. Early Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered
  8011. Obammy's Communist, Terrorist, Race War
  8012. Judge rejects lawyer's bid to have Obama removed from ballot
  8013. And the Marxist crap just keeps surfacing!!
  8014. Why People Vote for Obammy
  8015. CNN Hits a Home Run
  8016. Obama Quotes
  8017. Obammy Supporters' Enthusiasm
  8018. Be honest please
  8019. The "be honest please" poll redone
  8020. Trade from the other persepective
  8021. BHO states that the constitution is fundamentally flawed.
  8023. Does Goob need a lesson in computer literacy?
  8024. Wayne Huizenga wants to sell Dolphins before Barack Obama raises tax
  8025. Random thoughts on leadership and...
  8026. The Progression of Democracy
  8027. Lee Iacocca Is *Pissed*
  8028. joe the plumber attacked by the msm again
  8031. BREAKING NEWS!! Rednecks plot broken up to assassinate Obama!!
  8032. The TAX plan
  8033. The National Debt ...........
  8034. Megin Kelly just handed Bill Burton (OBAMA Campain head) his ass
  8035. DNC Anounces Free Fried Chicken
  8036. UPDATED: Obama Sued Citibank Under CRA to Force it to Make Bad Loans
  8037. UAW Pissed About
  8038. useless government dept??
  8039. Politics explained
  8040. Just Heard on Cavuto.
  8041. shiatsu!
  8042. wheres the poll?
  8043. Is Yellowbullet divided? Who's going to be the next president?
  8044. job market
  8045. Did you see this about Obama's Wife?
  8046. The REAL (super secret squirrel) Obammy Tax Plan
  8047. Recovering America
  8048. Why Im Anti-America
  8049. A Challenge From The Talkmaster
  8050. Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson Issues Open Lette
  8052. BREAKING ~ Biden bans a second TV station for asking those hard questions!!!
  8053. U.S. Tax System Explained in Beer
  8054. Sarah Palin's mannequin HUNG in West Hollywood.....What if it was Obama's figure????
  8055. Huffington Post asks...McCain says Obama's policies are Socialist! Your thoughts....
  8056. The L.A. Times Suppresses Obama’s Khalidi Bash Tape!
  8057. Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis!
  8058. Democrat candidate offers driver's licenses, Social Security benefits to non-citizens
  8059. So what do you think of the Government taking over your 401k
  8060. What's the difference?
  8061. A Timely Fable
  8062. Obama ~ The Teflon President?
  8063. If this doesn't scare you, I don't know what will!
  8064. Maybe this is the kind of interview Caribou Barbie could handle.
  8065. France considers Obama's foreign policy as as "utterly immature"
  8066. Acorn owes tons of back taxes
  8067. Obama camp lashes out over 2001 radio interview
  8068. Howard stern video
  8069. this ones for whitey
  8070. Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama!!
  8071. And you think Bush has a bad approval rating....
  8072. New YB shirt ???'s
  8073. Red states vs. Blue states
  8074. This ones for you, Roy
  8075. Illegal Imagration, why is it not a topic in this Election?
  8076. WTF is predeortained?
  8077. Foxnews vs. MSNBC
  8078. I am Voting for Obama...
  8079. How many have seen this?
  8080. Palin - Obama as kids.....
  8081. The Dems and your 401(k)
  8082. We're doomed!
  8083. +901.85.........
  8084. Lobster for Lunch anyone???
  8085. Funny
  8086. Obama's Moving Tax Threshold: $250,000? $200,000? $150,000? What Next?
  8087. The FIX is in! Ohio voters get the finger!
  8088. Breaking news on FOX Naacp sueing for voter suppresion
  8089. Rush on liberal smears of Orlando reporter
  8090. Sound Familar... Will History Repeat
  8091. Obama on Obama
  8092. Barack Obama Wants SCOTUS To “Break-Free” From Constitution
  8093. Obama throws 13th amendment under the bus!
  8094. Palin called a "whack job" by top McCain advisor
  8095. Redistribution of Wealth
  8096. Obama plans to ban Yellow Bullet!!!
  8097. Obammy's Grand Plan
  8098. Obama Compared America to Nazi Germany
  8099. Very surprised..
  8100. Socialism in disguise: Obama's Third-World radicalism
  8101. Check out the betting Odds for Presidential election..
  8102. Executive Power
  8103. Max Donor to Obama Approved Search on Joe Wurzelbacher
  8104. Investors Flee From 'Change' Obama Hypes
  8105. A closet Republican says the next president will be tested.... just like Biden said
  8106. What dont you like about your candidate?
  8107. For my Liberal friends, you'll love it ~ Obama be thy Name!
  8108. A very worthwhile 27 minutes
  8109. Do You Want Change???
  8110. Interesting
  8111. Frontline-Afghanistan on now
  8112. anybody see this latest BS nobammy commercial
  8113. I voted...I think?????
  8114. Isn't $150,000 in clothing a bit too much
  8115. Uh Oh, Gallup only at 2 points for Obama
  8116. A campaign of lies,deception,and rumors
  8117. Palin is a whack job
  8118. Sources: Sarkozy views Obama stance on Iran as 'utterly immature'!
  8119. Was Ronald Reagan a Socialist?
  8120. Check Out This Newspaper Headline
  8121. How long before Obama finds a cure for Cancer?
  8122. The National Debt....how should we divide up the bill?
  8123. Great presidential moments in History.......
  8124. Is Afghanistan...our Vietnam ???
  8125. Gonna watch the chosen one's 1/2 hr ad tonight?
  8126. Notice to all Employees
  8127. I'm voting for McCain
  8128. To those on the fence....
  8129. Obama Says Take Tuesday Off From Your Job
  8130. Voter turnout
  8131. America, Freedom to Fascism
  8132. Gov't is building bigger banks that could hang the taxpayers.......
  8134. And the hits keep coming!!!
  8135. The Future of Motorsports under Obama???
  8136. Friendly voting tip from the obama campaign
  8137. Obama lies.... NOT!
  8138. Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago?
  8139. Why the economy is falling..
  8140. Wassup 2008
  8141. McCain tio tax health insurance?
  8142. Obama - NOT
  8143. "The Best of What the Black Church Has to Offer!”
  8144. Clunker Laws.... How many more cars are we going to see crushed
  8145. Is Obama The Antichrist?
  8146. more funny!
  8147. Now New York and Jersey are asking for Bailouts??
  8148. Cartoon of the day
  8149. Barak Obama??????????
  8150. no wonder the smears don't stick.....
  8151. are they afraid to tell the truth...McCain has...
  8152. well well well.....deliberate deception..
  8153. Funny..the smears keep disappearing as they are debunked as desperation
  8154. No faith in McCain...that's why Republicans call him a RINO
  8155. Obama given keys to the "Straight talk express"
  8156. Stop Spamming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8157. Top Republicans are abandoning their posts........
  8158. McCain supported Khalidi also...smell the last days of desperation..
  8159. Twas the Night Before Election
  8160. Obama in a statistical dead heat w/ McCain in ARIZONA!
  8161. Phuck This Election
  8162. STOP ACTING LIKE A HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8163. Never saw a racist that said he was!!!!
  8164. I'm exhausted
  8165. If Palin is a Whacko???
  8166. And yes there was all kinds of out rage....
  8167. Newt Gingrich
  8168. Newt for President!!!
  8169. OK a non election political thread
  8170. NEWS: First Time and lapsed voters
  8171. Rise of the United Socialist States of America
  8172. No more threads from "Speed".....
  8173. White slavery/indentured servants how come we never hear about this ?
  8174. Fucking A Obama get off my fucking TV with your BULLSHIT!
  8175. I wont help my country but I have no problems helping the world
  8176. New Obama tie to ACORN revealed
  8177. Q3 GDP number out tomorrow. What say you?
  8178. Where in the world is Oliver North now!
  8180. Hidin' Biden: Reining In a Voluble No. 2
  8181. CLINTON IS ON!!!!
  8182. Bush blamed for higher gas prices, does he get credit for these lower numbers?
  8183. Have you applied for your bailout $$$?
  8184. Thank You Roy
  8185. Bush Trying To Pardon Himself
  8186. Obama's infomercial
  8187. What if Joe wanted to buy
  8188. Elections
  8189. Seen at Obama rally
  8190. A letter from Corey Miller Drilling
  8191. Women and the draft. It could be a reallity
  8192. McCain Live
  8193. John McCain has a cold
  8194. Stunner!
  8195. Grace Jones says she 'can't stand' Palin
  8196. McCain Will Be Impeached
  8197. Huffington Post Lesbian
  8198. Global Warming Hits Peak
  8199. Vice President Gore returns to Florida for Obama
  8200. Bammy's Mammy, er uh Auntee
  8201. Has anyone else heard about this sort of thing?
  8202. Election 2008: State of the Race
  8203. Left Hiprocracy
  8204. This Cant Be Right
  8205. Straw That Broke The Camel's Back
  8206. 23% of Texans think Obama is Muslim
  8207. Obama's Spin...
  8208. Funny letter
  8209. Joe the plummer, MIA
  8210. McCain supporter apparently thinks he had an interview on FOX
  8211. Bush resigns
  8212. Bush verses gas prices
  8213. Who is voting for Hussein?
  8214. Who is voting for Sidney???
  8215. Charitable Donations... Money? Time? You compared to the politician you support
  8216. The Vatican and the priests
  8217. Shocking campaign sign!!!!!!!
  8218. Break from Politics
  8219. Really?
  8220. priests dying words.....
  8221. Iraq Votes for McCain
  8222. Check this out on Yahoo
  8223. First exit poll of actual American votes from Israel shows big McCain win.
  8224. How about that..........
  8225. I just got robbed by my bank
  8226. Milfy Goodness, With A Good Left Hook
  8227. Air Force: Nuke missile silo fire went undetected
  8228. Milfy Goodness, With A Good Left Hook
  8229. Obama's Infomercial a Flop?
  8230. Dems Consider Taxing 401(k)s
  8231. Is It Just Me
  8232. Voting for Obama - republican
  8233. Bumper sticker idea
  8234. Gun owners:
  8235. Obama leads McCain in donations from troops
  8236. Why I Won’t Vote For John McCain
  8237. Pawnpro = Toddy
  8238. An open letter to John McCain
  8239. MULEE STOP SPAMMING THE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8240. fox's sheppard smith puts joe the plumber in his place..
  8241. fox breaking news, polls tightening....
  8242. Gold coins in short supply, command 50% premium!
  8243. Obama's Campaign Expeditures
  8244. Your bailout money at work ~ Goldman Sachs to give out 14 BILLION in salary and bonus
  8245. Obama FINALLY produced his CERTIFIED Birth Certificate!
  8246. New gun sales
  8247. The Color of News - Fox vs MSNBC
  8248. Can someone verify these.....
  8249. Fake Donors, Phony Pledge
  8250. Arm the tankers?
  8252. Twas the night before the elections
  8253. Obama infomercial tops network ratings
  8254. Earn under $100,000? Obama plan cuts taxes
  8255. Poll shows Palin increasingly hurting McCain
  8256. NYT: Support for Obama among Bush backers
  8257. Joe Biden-Pretty funny
  8258. Red State Socialism
  8259. McCain's bad choices burden
  8260. Obama is routing McCain in student election
  8261. Unbiased summary of how the media is covering the candidates!!
  8262. Daily Tracking Poll: Bush Effect Impedes McCain; Fewer Than Half See 'New Direction'
  8263. Just what we expected
  8264. All those billions, down the tubes?
  8265. Obama told Daily Kos he wants to purge MODERATES from the Democrat party!
  8266. Brother Barack: Why Not “Spread the Wealth” Among Family"?
  8267. Obama where he says he supports banning "assault weapons" and also federally banning
  8268. What's the caption to this photo?
  8269. McCain
  8270. November 5th
  8271. Dreams of Obammy supporters after Nov. 4!
  8272. The Ballad of Dag
  8273. Lawrence Eagleburger on Palin
  8274. Our Founding Fathers.........
  8275. Check this article out about Obama's plans!!
  8276. Chuck L.
  8277. Holloween Scary
  8278. Hail to the Redskins..Nobama is doomed
  8279. The "REAL" Change we need. Right here!
  8280. Fair is fair, right?
  8281. Liberal appeal...
  8282. I Told You She Was a Skank
  8284. McCain's feelings on Pledge the Alegience
  8285. The TRUTH IS coming out!....Richardson lowers Obama's definition of rich ........
  8286. An article from a former Obama staffer!!
  8287. From the COMMENTS section of the N.Y. Post!
  8288. 4 days to go
  8289. Erica, Erica, Why Ya Buggin?
  8290. Hey Bush-bashers
  8291. review an earlier statement
  8292. Protruck
  8293. paging Dog
  8296. Six Degrees to Obammy
  8297. Hey Speed where are you?
  8298. Calling Mopar agnostics/atheists...
  8299. Hussein should probably not plan that party just yet
  8300. 2012
  8301. Could this be the end of GM
  8302. AP poll shows Obama backers gleeful, McCain's glum
  8303. "O's" Auntie living here illegally
  8304. 3 days to go
  8305. Not wanting to pay more taxes and spreading the wealth is.....
  8306. An ode to BHO
  8307. West looking to China, Middle East to solve $$$ crunch
  8308. Who's best, Obama or McCain's tax plan
  8309. Not what you know, it's who you know
  8310. What does Vegas think ?
  8311. Obama spent nearly $700,000 for stage, lights in Berlin!
  8312. This Just In
  8313. Is FOX NEWS Bias??........
  8314. No Respect for Obama's mama
  8315. LOL!!!!!'08 Democrat Suggests Taxing Those Who Make More Than $97,000 Per Year!!
  8316. Who do we vote for??????????
  8317. Obama's idea to give UN our guns
  8318. What do you liberals think of this guy?
  8319. Election Fraud- Exploitation of existing laws
  8320. Just hard-working...
  8321. Howard Stern vs. stupid Obama voters
  8322. Twas the night before elections:
  8323. obamas ILLEGAL relatives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8324. Anyone hear any news about the messiah DEATHLY SICK Granny?????........
  8325. "Breaking: FBI Investigating Obama Chair Wexler For Fraud"
  8326. Sarah Palin gets PUNKED
  8327. Here comes the goon squad!
  8328. Obama Picture on Currency
  8329. Another reason to keep the dems out of office
  8330. McCain on SNL
  8331. I Wonder if Darwin has a Theory.
  8332. From the second most popular governor in the US of A
  8333. McCain's letter to John Hinckley
  8334. Fox News
  8335. Goodbye National Anthem
  8336. Al-Qaida sites show support for Obama
  8337. Iranian Nuke Scientist: Weekend Quake was a Nuclear Test!
  8338. What many of Obama's supporters heard!
  8339. Electoral vote projector Nov1: 2004 , Kerry 298 Bush 231
  8340. Who do you trust?
  8341. Obama: 'I Will Change The World'!
  8342. Barack Obama 'could worsen crisis': Rupert Murdoch
  8343. Biden promises a bipartisan spirit in White House
  8344. Oh Great Obamessiah!!!!
  8345. Hank Williams Jr and McCain Song
  8346. The Jesse Jackson Show
  8347. Well here you go you Obama supporting idiots.
  8348. Lurch is on Meet the CommiePress
  8349. The Cigar Store
  8350. Hillary's Campaign debt
  8351. Obama’s Grandmother is a Lying Bitch
  8352. How's Monty Miss This
  8353. Haven't seen this on here....
  8354. Columbus Dispatch has McCain trailing in Ohio
  8355. Check out this lady's campaign tactic....and she lives in my neck of the woods lol