News Item: Yukon Gear and Axle
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Posted by MontyMikho
Sunday 12 June 2011 - 15:44:07


    The Ford 9” has long been a staple in drag racing, known for its strength and versatility, but the factory dropout leaves much to be desired. Once you start making real power, the factory dropout can begin to deflect, or break completely. A solution to this problem is to replace the factory dropout with an aftermarket nodular iron or aluminum dropout. Yukon nodular iron dropouts feature forged caps, 5/8” cap bolts, and an increased amount of material, giving you the strength to hold big power at the track. The aluminum dropouts from Yukon feature a through-bolt design for the caps, solving the issues that plague many aluminum designs. Both the nodular iron and aluminum designs are also available with load-bolts, to keep gear deflection down in very high horsepower applications.....  Click here to read more

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