Thanks to our current YB.com Nationals sponsors

YellowBullet.com would like to thank Mickey Thompson, RacePak, Probe Industries, Induction Solutions, SpeedWire Systems and Davis Technologies as returning sponsors of the 2011 YellowBullet.com Nationals.

We would also like to thank and welcome Moran Motorsports and Pro Torque Converters as our newest sponsors for this event.

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2011 YellowBullet.com Nationals

YellowBullet.com along with Cecil County Dragway is proud to announce the 2nd Annual YellowBullet.com Nationals. After a successful first event, which brought close to 400 racers and 1000’s of fans to Rising Sun, Maryland, our decision to have a second event was made easy. Spectator turnout was the largest Cecil County Dragway had seen in many years. Additionally, the feedback from racers, fans and manufactures has been positive and we look forward to continuing this successful format for the racing community and our sponsors. This high energy, entertaining event will once again be held at Cecil Country Dragway, Rising Sun, Maryland on September 2rd – 4th (Labor Day Weekend). This event has captured the attention of racers, fans and manufacturers from around the world. In addition, the event will provide a fair-like atmosphere for all who attend, from racers to children of all ages, all weekend long.

YellowBullet.com traffic tops 525,000 unique IP's and over 24 million page views each month. With statistics like these it's not hard to figure out the exposure level and benefits our sponsors receive. We are proud say the majority of our sponsors from 2010 will return for the 2011 event!

With that said, we would like to offer you the opportunity to be a part of this exceptional event. Sponsorship of the YellowBullet.com Nationals provides a great marketing prospect for your company. In addition there will be a large spectator presence and on-site media attention throughout this event. This is a great opportunity for your company to gain positive exposure to many new customers. This event will attract thousands of spectators over the course of the event. Additionally, we host this event using live streaming video which will reach thousands of fans and potential customers worldwide. The video feed will be hosted free of charge to viewers around the world so our sponsors gain maximum exposure internationally. If you’re interested in sponsoring the 2011 YellowBullet.com Nationals, please e-mail Monty@yellowbullet.com

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