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First off let me take a minute to thank Chris, if he says he is going to do something he does it! I appreciate him going out of his way to work with me and get me a killer deal on a wing for my Notch.
Chris is a stand up guy and he deserves positive feedback without a doubt. His product is 2nd to none and his customer support is 2nd to none as well. He was texting back and forth with me at 9:30 PM on a Friday night to make sure I got everything properly installed. His communication is top notch, every time I called or emailed he promptly got back to me and his responses were educated and well said. He took the constructive criticism I gave him and is taking the ball and running with it. You just donít find people like him anymore.
Thank you so much Chris! If you have anything else that I can help with please keep me in mind!!!
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Big thanks to:
Paul Jesionowski at SCS Performance Carburetor
Dan Quinn at Quinn Motorsports and Powdercoating
Derek Forkel at a Touch of Class tinting and wraps
Frank and Charlie at C&F Race Cars
Dave, and the folks at Team Z