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Kristjan's Avatar Kristjan 05:58 PM 01-28-2012
Hi I was wondering if anybody here could help me identifying my cylinder heads.

this is a pair of 18* big chief that come from EPD racing heads
this is what I could read of them.

racing heads



here are two pics
hopefully anybody can help me
thanks Kristjan

mrdragster1970's Avatar mrdragster1970 07:11 PM 01-28-2012

The intake runners aren't spread, do they take a standard intake??
Show the other side.
I have the 18* Pontiac, but mine look a lot different.

Kristjan's Avatar Kristjan 08:53 PM 01-28-2012
No they do not take a standard intake, intake runners are spread
here is another pic.

Shoedoos 09:42 PM 01-28-2012
A ton of work went into those heads.....they were originally 427 castings but the intake side has been "cut, shut, welded and moved" a load to now look like the port configuration you see in Dart Big Chiefs. You'll also note how much meat has been milled from everywhere on the heads. Ed from Ed-vanced Engines (RIP) had a database of the EPD numbers, unfortunately, I would believe they probably went with him....

Here's some standard 427 castings to compare

And here's a couple of pics of the Pontiac versus Dart versions of the Big Chief intake gaskets

NPS Nova's Avatar NPS Nova 11:49 PM 01-28-2012
What do you want to know?
star393's Avatar star393 02:55 AM 01-29-2012
unmoslested xxxx427 pontica pro stock head

mrdragster1970's Avatar mrdragster1970 08:59 AM 01-29-2012

Yours are like mine and do not take a standard Big Chief intake.
Which sucks, damn near every part needs to be custom made.
Piston, sheet metal intake, rocker stands, gaskets etc.
Great heads at the time, mine were from a nhra Pro-Stock team and have been rolled to 14.5*.
As shown, mine did not come spread either, but they made them like that after hundreds of hours welding, epoxying and machining.
Mine are oval port, and you can definitely see all the welding & machining.

star393's Avatar star393 12:41 PM 01-29-2012
I talke3d to Ed Advanved for many years before he died God blesss his sole.

Iam making my own stands still no time and moving push rod past intake port wall as these came with no P/R holes drilled.
They can do all they want to intake port and thell gaim alittle but this exh port flows tits. untill they spreaded the bore centerline of the blocks these heads are still supreme. Mine are still at 18 degrees and at the time track testing prove them. For my under 600 cube motors these heads are the best for the money.

EPD did a great job making up valve train and welding the straps together after rolling valves over and theres alot of them out there. I think we talk about this subject onece before. Lee Shepard started a great thing. The term Big Chief has been dragged around along time and these heads have been dubed Big Chief when in fact they are not, they are pro stock pontic heads . Dart got sent a copy of GM,s plans unplanned and dart went to work and spreaded the ports. still the pro stock head is far better on the exhaust side. Out of the box these heads are hard to beat and by today not by much. The valve train by far is hard on the pocket for these heads but at todays collection of mass producted jesel and t7d stuff not to far away. Theres plenty of used stuff to fit these heads you just have to be creative. Nothing special about the pistons except you have to pay anyway for 10 but the closed chamber bbc piston is a good start with a mill. 92 CC,s nice flat dome for flame travel and still have the compression,. I hear the nitros guys like these heads also.
star393's Avatar star393 01:30 PM 01-29-2012
Originally Posted by NPS Nova View Post
What do you want to know?

Do you use the steam hole vents system or plug it up
Kristjan's Avatar Kristjan 06:14 PM 01-29-2012
Thanks guys for this great info these heads come of a 632ci bbc engine that I recently bought and there is a port matched sheet metal intake that was on top.
I was freshin it up and was curious where these heads come from I had never seen this type before. obviously a lot of hours have bin spent in them, a lot of epoxy and welding work, looks like it has bin created also a new area where they bolt the rocker stands for the intake valves, very nice job that has bin done to them

were they only making this type of heads for the nhra pro stock teams or?
and when where they made what years?

someone eager to learn

thanks Kristjan
star393's Avatar star393 12:08 AM 01-30-2012

Thats my sheetmetal intake
Kristjan's Avatar Kristjan 05:52 AM 01-30-2012
looks a lot different then mine.

here is a pic

Packersfan's Avatar Packersfan 09:20 AM 01-30-2012
Years ago ('91) I had a Steve Schmidt 458" "Pontiac" with these heads in my dragster to run as an A/D. The motor originally was an Iaconio 500" P/S piece that was reworked for Comp. The owner of the motor had run it in his B/A Ness Trans Am and wanted to team up and see what it'd do in a dragster. The heads were heavily welded with things moved around, and the stands were braced together as has been mentioned. Back in the day it was a pretty stout piece making 1053 hp.
NPS Nova's Avatar NPS Nova 11:03 AM 01-30-2012
Originally Posted by star393 View Post
Do you use the steam hole vents system or plug it up

From what I gather from the engine guys, mine are plugged up. At the present, we are also looking at running THREE water lines from the heads. Did have 2, front and back of each head now also looking at putting another line in the head between the middle cylinders to help out. I've heard they get hot there and don't move the water around well in that location.

Also, there are no gaskets made for these that I know of. We make our own. The Big Chief style have the intake bolts in the wrong place.
Shoedoos 05:49 PM 01-30-2012
Star393 - what did you mean by the following comment? "Theres plenty of used stuff to fit these heads you just have to be creative."
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