Post Important information for all 11.50 Index racers.

To All Index 10.0 & 11.50 Racers:

In reference to 10.0 & 11.50 from April 22nd: We are going to run two races on August 27th and if they are not completed they will continue onto Sunday August 28th. This will be an open field. Qualifying from April 22nd will not count towards this event.

8.50, 10.0 & 11.50 Index
Qualifying will be random pairing however run cards will be issued at tech. One (1) qualifying session in each lane---Courtesy staging is recommended but not mandatory.

Run Order for June 11th race:
Top Dragster
Top Sportsman
Outlaw 10.5
Pro Mods
Drag Radial 275

Thank you,
Atco Raceway