Default Re: welding the tops of a funny car cage

I'm glad I don't have or need a funny car cage but for me it would be easy. Take out the t-tops and there's all the access required.

When I put my cage in, I took out the T-tops, the Lexan windshield and the Lexan rear window. Made welding access very easy.

How specific are the rules for the funny car front hoop? When I installed my cage, I used some 1-5/8" tubing as a roof diagonal then did a mock up with another piece of 1-5/8" tubing as part of the front hoop just to see how it would work. On the other side of the roof diagonal or at least at the junction point would be the rest of the front hoop with more 1-5/8" bent tubing going down to a mount point. Would this be acceptable?