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Default Re: 4150 -vs- 4500

Originally Posted by 69camaro434 View Post
You guys talk about Braswell & CFM are they no comparison to ProSystems?
a CFM carb with spacer was worth 25hp on my buddies combo over a PRO SYSTEMS
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BSE Power
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Default Re: 4150 -vs- 4500

Braswell Carburetion needs introduction, no endorsement from anyone posting here. Their accomplishments in Nascar, NHRA, IHRA and others are well know and documented. In addition, Dave Braswell is creditted with having created the HP carb for Holley the first of which was the 950.

Thanks Cortaro Dave for all you have done.

Cleaver again, huh.

So how about it Dave, answer the op's question.
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Ben Mens
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Default Re: 4150 -vs- 4500

Hey, I think there may be a few "holes" in those links you listed for Pro Systems "Baddest of the Bad" year end adds. I know for a fact that 2007 add may have went to print a bit prematurely.

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Default Re: 4150 -vs- 4500

Yeah ...what he said !

Originally Posted by BSE Power View Post
only if you don't want a "holley based carb" but one that is clearly a holley designed carb, only if you want a 4150 style Holley carb cause apparently this custom carb builder, "the only custom carb builder and the best" can't build a 4500 carb for a run of the mill 1000+hp big block chevy bracket engine and only if you don't get bradley on the phone, who goes by 4-SPEED here cause his employer "braswell does not endorse" his thoughts, comments, advice.
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Default Re: 4150 -vs- 4500

If for example a Braswell carburetor is not rated by flow numbers & are done by measurement, then what is the measurement?
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Default Re: 4150 -vs- 4500

Hey, I am in that 2007 list ! LOL
TRZ Dealer
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Thanks Curtis @ RFD Heads and Intakes
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Default Re: 4150 -vs- 4500

For example . I think the 1000 HP is 1.54V X 1.75 T/B ....the 1.54V X 1.75T/B is the constant .It measures the same all the time. If you gave that carb to 10 people to flow you would naturally end up with 10 seperate flow numbers .

I have some photos for you to look at . These are all B-Series units from Braswell .

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Warp Speed
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Default Re: 4150 -vs- 4500

Wow..........what a thread!
Power was out so I read it on my phone out of boredom!! LOL

As far as the 4150 vs 4500 debate goes, It's like everything, it's combo specific. I do know we had a 415ci small block that made over 970hp @9300 with a Nascar legal 830/cast intake that wasn't even close to fitting the ports. So a 4150 will support good power.

Then there is the carb builder debate! Can't let that go without an opinion! LOL

There are many good builders out there that sell good carbs at a pretty good price. With that being said, if you have the money, or even if you don't have the money but race in a heads up class were they are legal, Brasswell is a must!
I haven't ran any of their new stuff (although I do know many at the top of their class that do), but back when they still did Holley stuff Late 90's-early 00's), I ran ALLLOT of them, and NOTHING came close to both their craftsmanship or performance.....at ANY price.
I have a set of PS dominator's on my BBC drag boat, but if the coin was there, I would have some stuff with a B on it for sure!!!

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Chris Uratchko
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Default Re: 4150 -vs- 4500

Originally Posted by 4-SPEED View Post
This thread was never about who's the best custom carb builder.

That is funny as "Braswell" is the only CUSTOM carb builder , everyone else just buys generic parts and puts a sticker on it !Carbs dont get made till the order hits the floor at Braswell .Every part is designed here in house. Braswell himself does every Pro Stock and Pro Mod tune-up . Not one carb on the shelf waiting for someone to order it . The argument of 4150 vs. 4500 is weak anyway .B4760 B4825 B7395 B7390 B7520 Braswell Carburetors Rule Open Competition .Hands Down .
Your post here is very generic, and very inaccurate. It's also an insult to many good guys out there who build carbs for a living.

I happen to agree that Braswell builds awesome stuff, but I disagree that 'everyone else' just puts stickers on generic parts.

This thread could have been a great discussion. But it's stuffed with BS. It didn't have to be that way. It didn't have to look like grade school mentality.

I'm closing the thread. It does a disservice to those who care to discuss this with dignity and honesty to have to muddle their way through the garbage... especially any lurking carb guys.
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